The Man Who Leapt Charts Recap: Episode 14

The Man Who Leapt Charts Recap: Episode 14
Episode 14: 2017 Best Boy Group Center: February 4, 2017

*Note: KBS N usually takes a while to upload <The Man Who Leapt Charts>, so this recap as well as any other future recaps of this show are going to be a few weeks off as well. 

This week’s episode looks at the best centers of male groups from the past year. “The Man Who Leapt Charts” used a poll through their SNS to come up with this lists. 

#12 – Got7’s Jackson

His Korean sounds perfect when rapping, but his actual Korean skills often lead to hilarious situations. He was a professional fencer and was even accepted by Stanford University, but gave it up to be a singer. Fans love him for his truthful personality. 

#11 – VIXX’s Leo

Not only is he the center, but he’s also the group’s main vocal. He’s quiet to the point that it once led to a behavior controversy. He almost always has the same blank facial expression, but it’s actually just because he’s shy. 

He has a beautiful voice and can go up to five octaves.

#10 – Shinee’s Onew

Onew is known as a tofu like idol with his tofu white skin. He has a clumsy charm and loves making dad jokes.

He also has a bunch of made for variety skills like his ability to open bottles with any surface and his super strong finger flicking skills. 

#9 – Infinite’s L

A talented singer and dancer who’s both tall and good looking. He has a perfect V line. Fans also love his tall nose which they refer to as an L line. He’s also known for his attractive eyes. 

Fellow group mate Sung-kyu once confessed on “Happy Together” that during their debut Sung-kyu was the center because he was the main vocal, but after watching a few of their performances, their CEO made him switch with L. 

L is obsessed with wearing fedora hats and black clothes. He becomes obsessed with people and things easily, and even ate kimchi stew every day for one year. 

#8 – Sechs Kies – Kang Sung-hoon

He debuted in 1997 as the lead vocal of Sechs Kies, but has fans born much later as well. He has clean vocals that he’s taken good care of all these years.

He’s known for being good to his fans.

#7 – Block B’s Zico

Zico wrote over 100 songs by the age of 25. At 182 cm tall, he has a sexy image with his sharp eyes and lips. Even men find him sexy, so his lipsticks sell out.

He was an international student studying in Canada, China, and Japan.

He’s good at drawing too.

#6 – EXO’s Kai

Even out of the 12 member boy band, Kai stands out as the group’s main dancer. He studied ballet from a young age. Is known for having a face that is both sexy and cute.

#5 – Big Bang’s GD

A trend leader in both music and fashion. He’s good at making aegyo filled facial expressions. He has a girlish charm when he laughs while covering his mouth with his hands. 

He’s like a cute kid, but is serious and charismatic when working. 

#4 – Seventeen’s Mingyu

Seventeen is a talented group that even produces their own songs. They’ve been praised for their MR performances too. At 185 cm tall, Mingyu has a golden ratio.

He has a cute smile where you can see his molars when laughing. The group’s leader dubbed his “aegyo lump.”

#3 – B1A4’s Jinyoung

Jinyoung’s face looks like he’d be an aristocrat or a wealthy family’s son. Women have a heart attack when they see his dandy boyfriend fashion. He’s also known among fans for his kindness.

He has music in his blood as his maternal grandfather wrote Joo Hyeon-mi’s “Tangeumdae Story.”

#2 – BTS’s V

V has such a bright personality that he’s been dubbed the beagle idol. He can’t stay still. He’s a flower boy who doesn’t even have any bad photos from before his debut.

He’s good friends with Yook Seungjae, and his 4D personality helped him get casted in “Hwarang.”

#1 – BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae

Was recently in the drama “The Lonely Shining Goblin” where his handsome looks rivaled Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook’s. Like his friend V, he also has a bright, wacky personality. 

He loves fishing, and was even on a fishing program. 


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