My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 7

My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 7
Episode 7: October 14, 2016


This episode starts off with a behind the scenes look at the cast interacting with each other five minutes before filming officially starts, and it’s nice to see that the moms have gotten comfortable with each other. My favorite, Kim Gun-mo’s mom brags, “I’ve become a star overnight, so I need to take care of my appearance now.”

Tony Ahn’s mom, ever the one-upper, counters that she too is a star in Gangwon Province, and then also apologizes to Seo Jang-hoon for calling him out for being divorced a few episodes back. Good job to whichever PD told her to apologize because Tony Ahn’s mom needed to do some damage control. Ever since she came on the show, it seemed like she was trying to be witty like Kim Gun-mo’s mom, but comes out snarky instead.


Kim Gun Mo

We get to see “585 month old” Kim Gun-mo’s life first. He gets a visit from a friend bringing in freshly caught squid and cue the Game of Thrones theme as the friend calls for some epic homemade stew, but Kim Gun-mo just reaches for the ramen. The two bicker about cooking such an expensive species of squid in cheap ramen, and to top it off, Kim Gun-mo adds in organic pine mushrooms that his mom brought for him all the way from the coastal city of Sokcho.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom bursts out, “Aigoo!” Ever the ahjussi, Shin Dong-yup guffaws and sighs about wasting such precious ingredients in ramen. Next, Kim Gun-mo adds live abalone, and even I want to reach into the screen and shake some sense into Kim Gun-mo.

The theme song to the Kdrama “Jewel in the Palace” plays in the background while Kim Gun-mo adds each precious ingredient to his ramen. Kim Gun-mo even adds snow crab legs. This is just too much.


But once the results are in, both Kim Gun-mo and his friend are happy with the food. Watching them slurp their ramen makes me want to go cook some too, but I probably won’t be adding $500 worth of seafood in mine. Kim Gun-mo claims his special ramen makes his skin healthier, while the friend calls for some soju, but Kim Gun-mo shockingly declines? He’s got a concert coming up, so he asks for an empty shot glass and pitifully gulps down air.

Back in the studio, Shin Dong-yup, the ahjussi, goes on a monologue on how to properly cook organic pine mushrooms. Kim Gun-moo’s mom zones out due to boredom. Ha.

The conversation drags on about health foods especially since Han Hye-jin is married to a former soccer player and Seo Jang-hoon was a former basketball player and athletes, at least in Korea, are known for their excessive health rituals. Seo Jang-hoon says he’s had thousands of snakes over his lifetime, back before they were regulated.

Park Soo-hong

Park Soo-hong’s segment opens with eerie background music. He walks in with a friend into an empty house? Or at least it looks empty until the two walk into a bedroom. Flashback to three hours earlier where Park Soo-hong is attending singer Ju Yeong-hun’s daughter’s first birthday party. Ju Yeong-hun is only one year younger than Park Soo-hong, so of course Park Soo-hong’s mom looks on sadly at the family her son is missing out on.

On the way home, Park Soo-hong’s friend proposes that they go to get their fortunes told. Park Soo-hong protests saying his family is Christian. In fact, his uncle is a pastor, so he doesn’t believe in that hocus pocus stuff, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


The shaman reads the friend’s fortune first and says if he works hard now and then gets married in three years, he will live happily with his wife. The shaman then asks Park Soo-hong for his address. Park Soo-hong obediently answers the shaman while simultaneously protesting that he is Christian. She also asks for his age, and Park Soo-hong replies that he’s 46 in western age. The shaman replies back, “So that means you’re actually 47.” Ha.

The shaman concludes that it’s going to be hard for Park Soo-hong to get married while he’s in his forties. He’s not proactive enough and is the type to just go with the flow. Park Soo-hong gets surprisingly open and honest with her, talking about how he’s kind of given up on marriage. Aw.

He continues asking about his relationship with his mom, his health, his fellow cast members, etc. I thought this guy didn’t believe in this stuff? He asks the shaman who will get married first between him and Kim Gun-mo and does a victory cheer when the shaman predicts Park Soo-hong.


Heo Ji-woong

“442 month old” Heo Ji-woong is once again cleaning up his house. It looks like he’s happiest when cleaning. He’s preparing for a house party, and I am extremely worried for him. How is he going to deal with people spilling drinks and dropping crumbs all over his house?

The house guests are film director Byeon Young-ju, film director/writer Lee Hae-young, and graphic designer Park Si-young, aka the guy who spilled crumbs all over Heo Ji-woong’s car when they went on a road trip to Yangyang a few episodes back which resulted in Heo Ji-woong selling his car due to it getting too “dirty.” The friends bring up a portable stove and BBQ ingredients to a house that doesn’t even have gas installed because Heo Ji-woong can’t stand the smell of food permeating his home.


The friends tease Heo Ji-woong about their plans to spill food on the floor, until he finally breaks down and pulls out vinyl sheets to cover his sofa and the entire floor of his living room. This of course only leads to more teasing from the guests, and them plotting on how to ruin the floor even with the vinyl sheet protectors. Poor Heo Ji-woong, but then again, it’s good to have friends like that because you know they only tease you because they love you.

Back at the studio, Seo Jang-hoon informs Heo Ji-woong’s mom about a false rumor that Heo Ji-woong was once dating film director Byeon Young-ju. She is thirteen years his senior. The panel asks Heo Ji-woong’s mom how she would feel if her son dated someone that much older. Tony Ahn’s mom says, “If that’s what the son wants…” and Heo Ji-woong’s mom quickly interrupts, “Ah! Don’t say such things.”

Tony Ahn’s mom stands her ground, so she gets asked, “So if 38 year old Tony Ahn wanted to marry a 51 one year old…?” Tony Ahn’s mom, “That would never happen,” and everyone laughs at her hypocrisy.


Back at Heo Ji-woong’s house, the conversation turns to his ex-wife. All of his friends thought his ex-wife was really great and his life went down the drain once they divorced. Heo Ji-woong admits that she was a good person, after all, he did decide to marry her. Sooooo many people on this show keep talking about how wonderful his ex-wife was, and I’m so curious about why they got divorced.

Even the MCs ask Heo Ji-woong’s mom why they got divorced, and she says she doesn’t know. She guesses they just didn’t get along, which of course is a common reason to get divorced, but it’s also like the vaguest reason ever.


Kim Gun-mo: Part Two

Back to Kim Gun-mo who is once again wearing his superhero shirt while on his way to a mysterious meeting? There are about a dozen men with name tags waiting at a restaurant. Kim Gun-mo’s mom guesses that its a cycling club, but it turns out to be a Clash of Clans guild meeting. LOL.

It’s mostly a bunch of middle aged men, but there’s one woman, a 31 year old pianist, and the moms approve. I have to admit that I play this game too, but I’m a much more casual player, so I’m getting some good Clash of Clans tips while watching this segment. Kim Gun-mo whips out his two ipads, and I think the whole group starts a clan war.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom asks if this is a “healthy” activity, since she doesn’t know much about mobile games. She thinks that gaming = gambling. LOL.

Next week on <My Ugly Duckling>, Kim Gun-mo works on his next album and Heo Ji-woong goes on a blind date.


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