My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 8

My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 8

Episode 8: October 21, 2016

This week’s episode once again starts with some pre-show chatter between the MCs and the moms. Among the topics discussed are how pretty MC Han Hye-jin is, how nervous the moms are to be on TV, how popular the show is abroad, etc.

While the other moms are busy talking to each other, Tony Ahn’s mom gets bored and talks to the cameramen. She just can’t keep her mouth closed.


Shin Dong-yup asks the moms for some secrets like whether their sons are currently dating. Seo Jang-hoon teases that they need to know so that they don’t accidentally talk about it on air. Shin Dong-yup prods Park Soo-hong’s mom about his ex-celebrity girlfriend, but she doesn’t take the bait, “What ex-celebrity girlfriend?”


The topic of today’s first set of footage is “my son’s past,” so Kim Gun-mo’s mom talks about a time when Kim Gun-mo was in college. He would get flustered every time the phone rang and try to talk secretly on the phone. This happened for about six months, and Kim Gun-mo’s mom became extremely worried about him.

Eventually, a guy came to Kim Gun-mo’s mom and told him that Kim Gun-mo broke his brother’s guitar and needed to pay for it. It was 170,000 won (~170 USD) which was a lot of money back then, but Kim Gun-mo’s mother paid for it in full. After he found out that his mother paid for his debt, Kim Gun-mo came home thinking he’d be in trouble, but she just told him to come to her right away the next time he’s in trouble.

The MCs give her the side eye as the story drags on, especially when she gets to the point of the story which is that Kim Gun-mo was so touched that he now trusts his mom more than anyone.

Shin Dong-yup, “You’re supposed to tell us about your son’s dark secrets, but you’re just bragging.” Kim Gun-mo’s Mom, ” It is a dark secret. He wouldn’t want people to know about such a stressful time.” Heh. After the MCs insist that it’s just her bragging about her relationship with her son, Kim Gun-mo’s mom replies, “So what if I brag a little!” Haha. She’s definitely still my favourite mom.


Cut to Kim Gun-mo’s studio. He gets a visitor, and asks for the password and gets “group date.” Kim Gun-mo swears. He goes to grab the mosquito catcher before opening the door for Kim Jong-min who’s practically a fixed guest on this show.

Kim Gun-mo asks about “#2.” Kim Jong-min feigns ignorance, but Kim Gun-mo insists that Kim Jong-min smells like woman #2 (from last episode’s group date). Kim Jong-min swears that he was too busy to meet up with her though.


Kim Gun-mo and Kim Jong-min talk about some of Kim Gun-mo’s hit songs, and the conversation naturally flows to the women he wrote those songs about. There’s one woman that he dated for a long time, but she’s gotten married since. Back then, Kim Gun-mo’s management company told him to chose his career or his girlfriend, so he told them he’d choose her career, and dated his girlfriend in secret, but that meant that they couldn’t meet often, so they ended up breaking up.


He met her through Park Jin-young, and the “featuring J-Y-P” sound bite plays in the background. Kim Jong-min wonders whether he ever called her drunk after breaking up. Kim Gun-mo, “No, she was Japanese, and I couldn’t afford the long distance calls.” LOL.

Kim Gun-mo has a new album coming out and his first single is about an old couple that worked hard all their lives, and are now empty nesters. He plays the song for the first time on air, and some of the mothers cry reminiscing about their own lives.


The next set of footage is “my son’s cleaning techniques.” Tony Ahn’s mom correctly guesses that they’re talking about her son. Since the last time we saw him, roommate Kim Jaeduk has cleaned up their fridge, but the rest of the house is still a mess. Tony Ahn ponders about why he appears so dirty on air, when he’s actually pretty normal. Psh. Sure.


Cue the horror music while the camera zooms in on all the dust and grime in his room. Tony Ahn’s mom looks like she’s in pain.

Tony Ahn tries to clean up, but doesn’t know where to start, so he just jumps into one corner of his room and starts sorting items one by one, but every time he picks up an item, he just shoves it into another area of his room. Eventually, he ends up “cleaning his room,” by moving all his junk to the living room.


Tony Ahn’s mom, “Being overly clean is an illness too . . .” It’s a weak attempt at defending her son.

Tony Ahn’s problem is that he just doesn’t know how to clean. Han Hye-jin recommends that Heo Ji-woong go help clean. Heo Ji-woong’s mom, “Don’t make my son suffer. Send Seo Jang-hoon!”

The Tony Ahn segment is pretty boring. I think the producers are having a hard time trying to fit him into the <My Ugly Duckling> frame because he doesn’t really seem like a relationship lost cause. He’s so much younger than Kim Gun-mo and Park Soo-hong, and it’s not like he’s divorced like Heo Ji-woong. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got replaced soon.

The <My Ugly Duckling> staff did a survey on who is most likely to get married first. Park Soo-hong, was voted first and Park Soo-hong’s mom gets excited, until she hears the rest of the results. “Park Soo-hong is most likely to get married at 63 years old.”

Kim Gun-mo comes in last at 72 years old. Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “No, no, I think he’ll get married next year.” Han Hye-jin, “What?!” Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “There’s no such things as impossible.”


The show goes from super dirty to super clean as Heo Ji-woong relaxes in his 100% dust-free living room. He calls a mysterious woman and asks what she likes. She says, “lamb skewers.” It’s kind of a weird thing to eat for a first date, but I gues beggars can’t be choosers.


It’s 1:20 pm when Heo Ji-woong calls his date, so it looks like he spends the next four hours or so getting ready for dinner. About 30 minutes of that is spent waxing his hair.

He arrives at the restaurant first. His mom looks on anxiously.


The woman is an interpreter and she’s just one year younger than Heo Ji-woong. They are awkward, and I’m sure the cameras made it even more so. Neither really know what to talk about, so Heo Ji-woong keeps blabbing about his ex-wife. Yeah, that’s definitely not the best topic for a first date. I think he probably just wanted to get the “I’m divorced” talk over with, but he talks about his ex-wife at least three different times.

Heo Ji-woong asks her about kids, and she replies that it’s not really necessary to have kids since a lot of couples live fun, leisurely lives without children. Uh oh. Heo Ji-woong really wanted to have a child. In fact,  he even looked into adoption, but unfortunately single parents cannot adopt in Korea.


Back in the studio, the moms discuss when it’s okay for divorcees to start dating again. Everyone says three years after the divorce except for Kim Gun-mo’s mom who answers five. All the moms stare at Seo Jang-hoon, and Tony Ahn’s mom breaks the awkward silence and ask, “How long ago  did you get divorced?” Seo Jang-hoon, “Five years ago.” Heh. Maybe we’ve found Tony Ahn’s replacement.


The show shifts back to Kim Gun-mo who gets some pre-seasoned BBQ chicken delivered. All he has to do is cook it. Han Hye-jin notes that Kim Gun-mo often cooks for his friends, which is a plus when it comes to potential husbands.

Kim Gun-mo and Kim Jong-min have a quiet meal and if you look carefully, you can see Kim Gun-mo’s two ipads in the back. Kim Gun-mo says he’s lonely and if Kim Jong-min introduces him to someone he likes, he’ll buy him a sports car.


Kim Gun-mo asks Kim Jong-min if he still keeps in touch with Han Hyo-joo. Kim Jong-min, “Are you interested in her?” Kim Gun-mo tries to play it cool, “She’s okay.” Kim Gun-mo insits that Kim Jong-min call her, but he says he can’t because he hasn’t talked to her since the time she appeared on <2 Days, 1 Night>.


He calls and hangs up a couple times out of nervousness. Instead of a phone call, Kim Jong-min sends her a group Kakao message. He writes, “Hey Hyo-joo~ Kim Gun-mo says he’s a fan. Do you like BBQ chicken? From Chuncheon.” The top of the screen says the group chat includes Han Hyo-joo, Kim Jong-min, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jun-ho, DefConn, and Yoon Shi-yoon.

Everyone reads the message except for one person. Did Han Hyo-joo read the message? I don’t think we’ll ever find out.

Next Week: Park Soo-hong tries waxing and Kim Gun-mo leaves home.



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