New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 2

New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 2
Episode 2: The Monster’s Field Training: January 5, 2017

*Note: Season 2.5 is the preshow that aired right before Season 3 officially started. It aired online on Naver TVCast for a total of seven episodes between Thursday, January 5th and Friday, January 6th. Each episode is 8-15 minutes long.

Original Intention

This episode takes place one week after episode one, on October 24, 2016. Everyone’s supposed to meet up for their second team meeting by 10 AM at a cafe in Sangam District, Seoul. It’s 9:30 AM and Song Min-ho arrives first. On the way to the cafe, he runs into Park Tae-hyun, one of the directors at SM Entertainment. Na PD jokes that he’s there scouting Song Min-ho for SM Entertainment. 

Ahn Jae-hyun gets dropped off next and sees Kyuhyun’s van nearby. They’re already good friends now. It looks like they’ve sorted their age issue out and decided to be equals. Kang Ho-dong enters wearing his Jade Snow Mountain sweatshirt. Lee Soo-geun walks in as well. All four of them enter the cafe together as poor Song Min-ho is by himself in the cafe playing with a fortune telling toy.

Everyone except Eun Jiwon is there on time. 

20 minutes pass.

They wonder if this means that Eun Jiwon secretly quit the show. He finally arrives at 10:30 AM. Kang Ho-dong says to him, “You came earlier than I expected.” Eun Jiwon says he had to walk because he sold his car. Lee Soo-geun criticizes him and asks what time he got up that morning. Eun Ji-won quips back, “I got up at the same time as everyone else.” He adds that he was very worried on the way here because he knew he’d be scolded. He kept asking his manager, “Are they all there yet? Are they already there yet?”

Na PD tells them that they’ve gathered today to do some field training. They will be going to the US. Cut to scenes of a vacation house in Texas. Ahn Jae-hyun guesses that they’ll be going to Itaewon. Kyuhyun wonders if they’ll be eating Shake Shack burgers which just opened up for the first time in Korea in Gangnam. That’s what his phone told him when he asked it “how to experience the US in Korea.”

Kang Ho-dong wonders if they’re going to Hawaii. Kyuhyun asks Eun Jiwon if he’s good at Japanese since he lived in Hawaii. This is quite a random tangent. 

Writer Wang tells the MCs that they’ll be doing individual interviews.

Kang Ho-dong is up first. He goes downstairs to find an English teacher named Lynda Behk. She’s from New York, and will do an English level test for each of the six cast members. The will get a grade from A-F and a shirt with that grade on it. Just like on <Produce 101>!

Kang Ho-dong keeps trying to get the English teacher to converse with him in Korean. She insists though, “Only English.” Kang Ho-dong says he went to New York “long, long time ago.” His favorite food is “gogi.” Kang Ho-dong adds, “I can’t express myself very well in English.” He must have memorized that phrase since it’s grammatically correct. At the end of the level test, Kang Ho-dong is proud of himself for trying hard and getting a few sentences out in English. He did better than he thought he would.

He gets a C. Lynda says was going to give him a D, but he was kind and tried hard, so she decided to give him extra points. 

Lee Soo-geun is next and tells Lynda Behk that his English name is Bruce Lee. Linda asks over and over what he did last weekend. It takes him a while to understand what she’s asking. He then replies, “Only house.” Lynda then asks for a funny story or joke. Lee Soo-geun reenacts a zombie which doesn’t actually require any English speaking skills. He’s trying to reference the film <Train to Busan>. Next, he bites an apple and asks, “What apple? Pineapple.” 

Lee Soo-geun really wants to beat Kang Ho-dong. He thinks Ahn Jae-hyun at least will for sure be worse than him. He gets a C too. 

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