New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 4

New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 4
Episode 4: Legendary  Teacher Kang Ho-dong! 10 Ramen Challenge!  January 5, 2017

*Note: Season 2.5 is the preshow that aired right before Season 3 officially started. It aired online on Naver TVCast for a total of seven episodes between Thursday, January 5th and Friday, January 6th. Each episode is 8-15 minutes long.

Song Min-ho is super worried about his English level test. English teacher Lynda Behk asks for a self-introduction rap. He says,”Hello. My name is Min-ho. Amigo. *laughs* Sorry. Sorry.” Where’s the dibidibidi? She asks if he’s been to New York. He went two years ago for a music video. He liked “Shik Shik burger.

His favorite rappers are Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, and Lil’ Uzi Vert. She asks about his hobby. He likes painting. He says he does “Everything. Animal. People’s face.” Lynda tells him that he did a very good job because he didn’t seem nervous or uncomfortable, he was confident. 

Song Min-ho walks out of the testing booth looking exhausted. He explains that he has a fear of English, but still manages to get an A. Lynda says, “His intonation and pronunciation were good. Eun Ji-won was better, but he’s second.”

Upstairs, the others can hear him yelling, so they think that he flunked. Song Min-ho’s actually yelling out in happiness.  

The three teams end up being divided pretty well. There’s the hip hoppers (A), the same age team (B), and the comedian team (C).

Lee Soo-geun complains that he’s hungry. He and Kang Ho-dong wants some ramen. Kang Ho-dong keeps talking about ramen, ramen, ramen until finally Na PD gives in.

They take a break from the meeting and walk into a convenience store to buy some ramen. Kyuhyun is embarrassed walking out in public with their bright shirts. Ahn Jae-hyun is jealous of the hip hoppers’ pink shirts.

Due to Kang Ho-dong’s instance, they purchase ten packs of Ahnseongtangmyeons which is one of the cheapest brands of ramen. It’s still delicious though. They go back to that same studio apartment from the preliminary interviews where Na PD interviewed Song Min-ho and Kyuhyun. 

Kang Ho-dong gets out a pot, but the others protest that it’s too small and can only fit two packs of ramen, not ten. Kang Ho-dong decides to cut down on the soup even though the brand of ramen they bought is famous for it’s soup flavor. It even has the word soup in its name. While everyone’s busy with the ramen, Eun Ji-won notices some bananas and snatches one up.

Kang Ho-dong somehow manages to fit in all the ramen in the small pot by stuffing them in with the lid. The others look on incredulously. There’s no spare room for eggs, but Kang Ho-dong tries anyways. Eun Jiwon is worried because Kang Ho-dong always accidentally gets a few eggshells in. The soup starts to bubble over. Ahn Jae-hyun tells the others not to watch. It’ll be tastier if they don’t know what Kang Ho-dong does to the food. Ignorance is bliss.

Kang Ho-dong opens the lid. It looks good. Kang Ho-dong insists it tastes good too. Song Min-ho says it’s delicious, but Eun Ji-won says the noodles are soggy like porridge. He can afford to be honest since he’s not a rookie like Song Min-ho. Kyuhyun bites into some egg shells. 😕 Eun Ji-won says that the ramen Kang Ho-dong made him in China was the best ramen he had in his life. That’s why this one tastes so bad in comparison. 

Na PD tries some ramen too. 

Eun Ji-won adds that this seems like grandma food. It’s so soggy that it’s for those who have no teeth. Kang Ho-dong complains that the food on <Three Meals a Day> only tastes good because they eat it outside after a hard day at work.

Kang Ho-dong eats his bowl clean, and says he’s still hungry. Lee Soo-eun tells him to stop pretending that it’s good. 

The guys whistle when they’re done, as if this is a mission where they have to eat ever last bit of ramen and whistle to prove that they’re done and not just hiding food in their mouths. 

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