New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 1

New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 1
Episode 1: Welcome New Monsters!  January 5, 2017

*Note: Season 2.5 is the preshow that aired right before Season 3 officially started. It aired online on Naver TVCast for a total of seven episodes between Thursday, January 5th and Friday, January 6th. Each episode is 8-15 minutes long.

New Blood: Song Min-ho and Kyuhyun

<New Journey to the West> is back with a new season. The original members are getting old, so Na PD decided to bring in some new blood.

We get a 10 second highlight reel of the first new cast member, Song Min-ho of Winner and <Show Me the Money> fame. He meets with Na PD and the writers in someone’s kitchen? He says he watched a few episodes of the first two seasons.

When asked what he likes to eat, he says, “Some . . something? Uh  . . . Dim sum.” His manager looks embarrassed. Na PD asks him if he studied much in school. He didn’t. Does he speak English? No? He just uses Naver Translations to write his English lyrics.

He also brags about not being physically strong, not having much endurance, and hating hiking. Na PD laughs that he’s useless. He lacks the three things all variety stars need to lack. No intelligence, no physical strength, and no shame.

The next new blood is Kyuhyun of Super Junior. Kyuhyun says he was shocked to get picked because Kim Gura told him that Na PD doesn’t use variety stars. He makes them out of actors or singers. Na PD is worried because Kyuhyun’s worked in China a lot, so he might gather too many fans who’d interfere with the filming. Kyuhyun agrees and adds that he’s worried about his Chinese skills. Na PD, “No one cares about your Chinese skills.” Yeah Na PD loves when people can’t communicate anyways.

Kyuhyun also humble brags saying, “You might not believe this, but Super Junior used to be as popular as EXO.” Na PD, “I KNOW!”

Na PD wanted to surprise the old members with the new guests, but the news already broke out, so they decided to just introduce them through a standard welcome BBQ dinner. 

I don’t think the cast members know they’re being filmed, so the cameras are at awkward angles.

Ahn Jae-hyun arrives first. He’s tall as ever. Na PD tells him that he’s probably sick of his newlywed life already, so he’ll take him away to China. Ahn Jae-hyun denies it and talks about all the cutesy things he does with his wife like reading books and linking arms while sleeping.

Kang Ho-dong arrives right after his <Let’s Eat Dinner Together> filming, followed by Lee Soo-geun.

Kyuhyun is an early 1988er and and Ahn Jae-hyun was born in 1987, so they have to decide if they’re going to be equals. This is an issue because Ahn Jae-hyun is friends with Lee Seung-gi who’s born in early 1987. If Kyuhyun and Ahn Jae-hyun are equals, then through the Transitive Property of Equality Kyuhyun is on the same level as Lee Seung-gi which is definitely a no-no. Kyuhyun insists that all of his friends are 1987ers. He doesn’t have a single 1988 friend. 

Song Min-ho arrives in the middle of this important conversation. Lee Soo-geun jokes asking Min-ho if he’s born in 1988 or 1987. Luckily, he’s born way later in 1993, so this is a non-issue for him. Everyone at the table continues to debate whether Ahn Jae-hyun is Kyuhyun’s hyung or his equal.

Kang Ho-dong asks Song Min-ho how well he drinks, but Min-ho can’t understand his thick rural accent and thinks he’s asking for his phone. Song Min-ho also admits that he only just watched the show after he found out he got casted. He’s worried that Kang Ho-dong will be scary. The flashforward shows that he’s going to cry, but for now, the scary member offers him some soju and they take a love shot.

Everyone’s worried about Kang Ho-dong’s snoring. Kyuhyun also told Na PD that he was worried about his own snoring, but Na PD says he doesn’t have to worry at all because the other cast members will be worse. Kyuhun’s second concern is that he wonders if it’s okay to wear earplugs. Lee Soo-geun says he’s welcome to because then he won’t wake up for the morning missions, which would give everyone else an advantage.

Kang Ho-dong’s <Let’s Eat Dinner Together> comes on. This is my first time watching the opening which shows Kang Ho-dong’s wedding. Kang Ho-dong gets upset at how revealing his wife’s wedding dress is in the back. He hadn’t noticed until now, and shouts for it to be mosaiced. 

All the cast members are getting along well. Na PD notes that the good looking guys always get along quickly. Drunken Na PD says he wants to go to a club with Song Min-ho becayse then the bouncers will let him in. He asks to see his swag aka hand gestures. Especially the one where he pretends to wipe his nose? Because that is swag?

Everyone tries their hand at rapping when Eun Ji-won suddenly notes that Kang Ho-dong is on the TV playing in the back of the restaurant. The show’s been playing for an hour at that point. 

The dinner ends with a toast by Kyuhyun saying, “Let’s have some ratings together in 2016!”

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