New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 5

New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 5
Episode 5:  Isn’t This New Journey to the West? Na PD Gets a Mental Shock:  January 6, 2017

*Note: Season 2.5 is the preshow that aired right before Season 3 officially started. It aired online on Naver TVCast for a total of seven episodes between Thursday, January 5th and Friday, January 6th. Each episode is 8-15 minutes long.

The crew just finished eating ten packs of ramen. Kyuhyun, Ahn Jae-hyun, and Song Min-ho brush their teeth while the three older guys don’t care for it.

We finally find out who’s studio apartment they’ve been in. This is scriptwriter Lee Woo-jung’s workroom. She’s the mastermind behind the <Grandpas Before Flowers> and the <Reply> series. I’ve been wondering whose place this was. 

Kang Ho-dong finds a mini-bat and baseball and tries to paddle it ten times in a row. If he succeeds, writer Lee Woo-jung will let him cameo on the next <Reply> series. Ah! so there is going to be another one! He gets to seven and yells at Lee Soo-geun for counting out loud and distracting him. 

He tries again. This time Eun Ji-won taps on the table with a red bat to mess with Ho-dong’s sense of rhythm. He fails again. Kang Ho-dong tries a third time with an even bigger baseball. This one has a bunch of signatures on it. Is it okay for him to play with it like that? This time Kang Ho-dong offers, “If I fail to hit it ten times, I will be Lee Woo-jung’s for life.” She protest that she doesn’t want him anyways. He gets about twenty.

For the fourth try, Na PD says that if Ahn Jae-hyun gets ten, he’ll end the filming for the day.

Na PD says he’s been doing variety for such a long time that he can tell how many each cast member will get. He predicts that Ahn Jae-hyun will get three and Kyuhyun will get four. He’s unsure of the youngest, Song Min-ho, but it won’t be that many.

Eun Jiwon offers that if the three youngest cast members can get 20 combined or more, they will end filming. Na PD counters that if they get 20 or more, he will give them 10,000 won for each hit. If they get less than 20, they have to jump in the water as soon as they arrive in the US.

24 year variety veteran Kang Ho-dong says that’s a good idea because jumping into water is like a variety rite of passage. Then, Na PD clarifies that all six of them would have to jump. Kang Ho-dong changes his mind. Pft.

Everyone’s worried about Ahn Jae-hyun. He’s not the most coordinated. There’s a montage of his time from season two failing at hackysack. He gets five, but just barely because he hits the ball all over the place.

Kyuhyun starts to stretch his legs. Eun Jiwon, “Why are you stretching your legs? Stretch out your hands.” Kyuhyun gets 47 by himself. Everyone’s like,” No way! Kang Ho-dong, “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One of the younger PDs grabs Na PD’s collar, “What are we supposed to do now.”

End of filming. Fade to black.

Then in the darkness, Eun Jiwon asks,”What about the money?” Song Min-ho gets his turn to hit the ball, so that they can figure out how much money they’ll get. He gets eleven times, hitting the ball all around the room. 

The production staff is in a state of emergency. They had already rented out a place in “Texas,” as a training session before they go to China for Season 3. Meanwhile, the cast members are excited and get an envelope full of cash. The caption reads, “This is really the end.” Fade to black.

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