New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 7

New Journey to the West 2.5 Recap: Episode 7
Episode 7:  Eun Jiwon, We’re Going to Meet Up With You Now:  January 6, 2017

*Note: Season 2.5 is the preshow that aired right before Season 3 officially started. It aired online on Naver TVCast for a total of seven episodes between Thursday, January 5th and Friday, January 6th. Each episode is 8-15 minutes long.

The caption reads, “Filming officially ended and the cast members left for home. The staff members finished their work, and returned the filming equipment, so the following events were taken through cell phone cameras. We apologize for the lack in quality. Special thanks to the CCTV footage from Hongbanjang Restaurant in Sangam District.” 

The title caption then appears as New Journey to the West 2.8: And Nothing Happened Part Two

Kyuhyun decides to have a drink with Na PD’s crew while waiting for his manager. Lee Soo-geun stops by too since he lives nearby. Kang Ho-dong comes back as well. They then call Ahn Jae-hyun and Song Min-ho to come. The other cast members arrive quickly too since they’re free for the day anyways. Meanwhile, the team leader of SM Entertainment has a pep talk with Kyuhyun about the bet that he won which caused Na PD to end filming. 

Everyone’s at the restaurant except Eun Jiwon. Lee Soo-geun calls him to come over. Eun Jiwon, “Go HOME! Don’t you want to go home?” He swears at the other cast members for going back to work. Lee Soo-geun responds, “Don’t swear. You never know if they’re filming or not.”

Eun Jiwon calls Song Min-ho to scold him and ask why he went back to “work.” Song Min-ho, “Um . . . I just wanted to see what the hyungs were up to.” We can’t hear what Eun Jiwon is saying, but Song Min-ho narrates, “He said this is the last time he’ll ever be calling me.” Eun Jiwon is super pissed because he’s in the middle of playing a computer game.

Eun Jiwon’s manager calls to see if everyone really is gathered in together. Lee Soo-geun explains that he came back because Kyuhyun didn’t have a way to leave and came back for mental support. 

Na PD tries to convince them to go back to “Texas” as they had originally planned. 

Kang Ho-dong asks Song Min-ho whether they should just end things with their little dinner or go back to filming as according to plan. Way to put pressure on the rookie.

Kyuhyun takes a selfie to send to Eun Jiwon. They decide not to continue the trip to Ganghwa Island as they were supposed to, and as a compromise just film one last scene at Eun Jiwon’s place and then end filming there for the day. Song Min-ho says, “That would be hip-hop.” 

It seems like the same age friends are a little tipsy. Ahn Jae-hyun compliments Kyuhyun on his singing abilities. Kyuhyun thinks for a bit and then responds, “Well you have a pretty wife.” Ahn Jae-hyun is confused and disappointed that he didn’t compliment his acting skills. Kyuhyun backtracks, “Well that’s only because everyone already knows that you’re good at acting.” Ahn Jae-hyun  😈 

Everyone gets on a bus to head to Eun Ji-won’s house. While on the bus, Ahn Jae-hyun gets a call from his wife. He hems and haws saying that he has to stay out a little bit longer. As a fellow married man, Kang Ho-dong knows how he feels. 

They arrive outside Eun Ji-won’s house in Yeoido District and Kyuhyun calls him all polite like, “Hello sunbae-nim where are you?” He’s at his house. The cast members wait in the cold. He’s taking so long that they wonder if he was lying about being home to trick them, but Eun Jiwon really does come out.

The guys are like, “Let’s go.” Eun Jiwon, “Where? To China?” He even brought out his passport and a travel bag. He was suspicious that they’d kidnap him to take to Ganghwa Island which was the original plan for the day.

However, they instead just do a cheer and then declare that they’re all headed back home, leaving Eun Jiwon confused. He really thought that they were here to kidnap him because he saw it happen on <Youth Over Flowers.>

They take one last group photo and that’s the end of New Journey to the West Season 2.5.

Flashback to earlier that day at the coffee shop where PD Na Young-Seok read his fortune from the toy that Song Min-ho brought. It read, “Words said without evidence will bring you headache. It may cause misunderstanding, so it’s best to keep quiet.”

Stay tuned for the Season 3 recaps. 

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