Newlyweds Diary Recap: Episode 1

Newlyweds Diary Recap: Episode 1
Episode 1 – Why Are We Here? – February 3, 2017

I’ve been looking forward to this show because I’ve enjoyed everything that Na Young-seok PD has put out so far. Also, I think February is going to be a good month for variety shows because there are so many new ones coming out this month. Yay!

The show starts off with a really cute opening credit scene. There’s a cartoon version of our newlywed couple with them dating, doing a proposal, getting married, and moving to the countryside. It reminds me of a credit scene for a movie or drama more than one for a variety show, which I guess is fitting given how this show is about a couple of actors. 

The credits end and we see that it’s winter. We’re deep in the mountains, in an area covered with snow. The scene is complete with some heavy wind sound effects. This must have been filmed pretty recently.

There are some dogs barking as we hear Ahn Jae-hyun call out sweetly, “Honey~” Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun are now living in Inje County of Gangwon Province. They’re calling 411, while trying to find a branch of “S” Bank, but there isn’t one nearby, so they consider opening an account for a local bank instead. 

It’s been seven months since they’ve become husband and wife.

During his individual interview, Ahn Jae-hyun says he saw his wife for the first time during the TV drama <Blood> cast meeting and fell for her at first sight. He says his eyes were “hot” for her? or maybe he says “heart?” It’s sometimes hard to figure out what they’re saying when they use Konglish.

Meanwhile, Ku Hye-sun says she thought he was a baby, at least ten years younger than her. (He’s actually just three years younger.) She noticed he kept staring at her, but Ku Hye-sun’s manager kept blocking his view on purpose because he thought Ahn Jae-hyun was being weird. She was disappointed that she had such a hard-working manager. LOL. Afterall, why would it be a bad thing for a good looking guy to stare?

They also talk about their first kiss which was in Ku Hye-sun’s car, right before they had a kiss scene on camera. Ku Hye-sun was the one who initiated it, and Ahn Jae-hyun said it felt like a dream. 

Ku Hye-sun really wanted to live in a minimalist house in the countryside with animals while Ahn Jae-hyun wanted to live in the city, so this house in Inje County is like a trial house for them. They started preparing to live here in the fall and plan to live there for the entirety of the winter.

In the fall, they harvested some food, like squirrels storing up acorns for the winter. There’s a cute montage of them harvesting crops, picking fruit, drying food, and setting up their house. It’s a lot of manual labor, but the two of them make it look so romantic.

Then winter came. 

Moving Day

There are eight residents in the little countryside house with the red roof. In addition to the two humans, there are

  • Gamja (potato)- 6 years old – friendly to all including robbers
  • Soondae (blood sausage) – 8 years old – big watchdog, white fur near eyes
  • Gunbam (roasted chestnut)- 4 years old – little watchdog, yellow fur near eyes
  • Ahnju (side dish) – 3 years old – a chic kitty
  • Mango (mango) – 4 years old – agile cat
  • Ssamie (wrap) – 5 years old – loner cat

It’s a little chilly, and Ku Hye-sun injures her foot a bit while moving around furniture, so Ahn Jae-hyun moves it for her. I’m so jealous of the house. All the furniture there looks so pretty. I wonder if they picked it out themselves or if it’s part of the set. 

After moving their stuff in, they get ready to have some lunch. Ahn Jae-hyun is in charge of the kitchen and Ku Hye-sun is in charge of the floor? She seems to like sleeping on the floor and spends a surprisingly large amount of time placing blankets all over all sorts of floors. How strange.

Ku Hye-sun prepared an event for her husband since he like snacks so much. She says that she knew it’d hard to buy potato chips and stuff like that in the countryside, so she filled up their car truck with snacks and hit them all under a blanket. She then goes out to the car and takes the blanket away so that her husband can find the snacks. She prepared this as a nod to the way he proposed to her by setting up flowers in his car trunk.

Meanwhile, Ahn Jae-hyun is making some sujebi (hand torn noodle soup) for lunch, but Ku Hye-sun tells him to stop cooking right now and come out to the car to help her move some stuff. Ahn Jae-hyun wants to finish making the noodle batter. Ku Hye-sun fail. 

She tries again to get Ahn Jae-hyun to the car. She starts folding some origami and comments about needing some tape. 

Ahn Jae-hyun is too busy slicing the kimchi to pay attention. Ku Hye-sun says again, “Honey~ Get me some tape from the car trunk.” Ahn Jae-hyun wants to cook the soup first, so that it doesn’t burn. He says he’ll get the tape after making the soup. Ku Hye-sun fail again. She’s starting to get frustrated.

Ahn Jae-hyun offers some citrus tea since he’s boiled water anyways. Finally he heads out to the trunk, and finds the snacks. Ahn Jae-hyun, “Why are there snacks here?” Ku Hye-sun, “hehehe.” He takes out a couple that he wants to eat and brings them back into the house. 

He comes back laughing. “Are these presents?” Ku Hye-sun replies, “A Christmas present.” Aw.

Ahn Jae-hyun seems to be a good cook. He does the dishes too while Ku Hye-sun keeps him company. 

The sun sets. It’s night time. I still can’t believe how beautiful the house is. At night time, it looks like a scene from a Christmas card.

They have snacks together and Gamja even steals a chip that Ahn Jae-hyun tries to feed his wife. There are so many cute shots of the animals. The show has such a lovely tone, different from the loud, energetic atmosphere of most of Na PD’s shows, but you can still tell that this is his handiwork because of the emphasis on the cooking and the animals.

At night, Ahn Jae-hyun plays the piano. Ku Hye-sun taught him the basics. He keeps making mistakes though, so she teaches him a simpler song. 

During another round of individual interviews, Ku Hye-sun says she began farting in front of Ahn Jae-hyun from when they started dating, but Ahn Jae-hyun still goes to the bathroom. Back in the house, Ku Hye-sun convinces her husband to stop trying to hold it in. He finally farts in front of her, but it’s so long that Ku Hye-sun jokes that he might as well just poop. 

Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun then tidy up the house before bed. More scenes of the pets being cute again. They have some dried persimmon walnut wraps, and then go to bed.

It’s morning. The air seems so fresh and clear there. It’s no wonder so many people are leaving Seoul these days. Ku Hye-sun wakes up at 7:10 AM to shower. When she gets out, she notices that her dog Gamja peed on the living room floor. Ku Hye-sun gets busy taking care of the pets. Ahn Jae-hyun gets up too, and is cold. Ku Hye-sun is wearing a padded jacket. 

Two hours pass and Ku Hye-sun starts to make breakfast. 

Ahn Jae-hyun admits that her cooking style didn’t exactly fit his taste. She cooks roughly and makes too much. He says it’s weird at first, but is delicious once you get used to it. All the food looks so beautiful. I wonder if Na PD does cooking auditions for his reality shows because everyone seems to cook so well on his shows. 

Ku Hye-sun’s food is actually pretty weird. She just misses random foods together, but she plates everything so beautifully that it at least looks good. She makes three radish side dishes. Ahn Jae-hyun says it’s delicious, like fusion food. It’s a taste he’s never tried before.  

They decide to play rocks-paper-scissors. It’s best out of five to see who has to do the dishes. It’s ties at two wins each, then Ku Hye-sun gets the last win. 

Ku Hye-sun writes a shopping list for Ahn Jae-hyun to buy some groceries, and gives him 30,000 won (~30 USD). Ku Hye-sun says she and her husband try to divide up the housework. She’s in charge of cleanup while Ahn Jae-hyun does most of the cooking. 

Ahn Jae-hyun drives out. It’s a long way to the downtown area, which really isn’t much anyways. He goes to a small supermarket and sighs at the food prices. Aren’t these guys rich? He spends 17,710 won (~17 USD), then goes back to return 1,980 won worth of vegetables. He thinks a bit and also returns the eggs for an extra 4,100 won. why? He needs to fill up on gas, but only has enough for 7,000 won worth of gas. 

Ahn Jae-hyun returns home and tells his wife that he spent all 30,000 won. He failed to get a lot of items on her shopping list like the eggs, ramen, pickles, radishes, and cucumbers. She punches him. She needed the eggs because she wanted to make some sandwiches.

Ahn Jae-hyun decides to toast some bread for lunch. He cuts some onions, and fries them in some oil with some pepper.

Ahn Jae-hyun cuts his finger while chopping some food. Ku Hye-sun, “You want to go to the hospital?” Ku Hye-sun finishes up the sandwiches and worries that her husband won’t be able to play video games. 

She puts some strawberry jam, mayonnaise, and ketchup with some lettuce and tuna? Augh! I hate how Korean sandwiches always have random assortments of too much sauces, yet they both exclaim how delicious it is. They repeat it over and over, “Delicious. So delicious.” I was kind of thinking they were joking because they kept insisting it was delicious, but both finish their sandwiches, so I guess they really were tasty. 

They then play some badminton to decide who does the dishes. Ku Hye-sun wins. They play a bonus round to decide who does the next round of dishes too. If this were <New Journey to the West> there would be so many more hijinks, but the two just play a simple game of badminton, yet it’s somehow entertaining to watch. 

Ku Hye-sun says they were very similar while dating, but found they were different after getting married. But it’s okay, because that’s fun. 

Ahn Jae-hyun says he wanted to get married quickly so he could live their love story out sooner. 

This show is just so pretty and full of beautiful, beautiful cinematography. It’s a slow show without much action or humor, but there’s certainly a charm to bring you in. I guess it’s true what they say about how for good looking people, life is like a movie.

I’m used to watching Na PD’s <Three Meals a Day> type shows where the cast members are grumpy and constantly fighting the elements of a countryside lifestyle, but in <Newlywed Diary>, it’s a similar house in the countryside, yet everything is lovely and peaceful. I’m going to have to keep watching this for the eye candy.

Next Week: The newlyweds fight!



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