Newlyweds Diary Recap: Episode 5

Newlyweds Diary Recap: Episode 5
Episode 5 –  Yet, Why We Live Together – March 3, 2017

It’s a fall day in Yecheon County. The newlyweds are at Ku Hye-sun’s parents house. Ku Hye-sun shows off the home to her husband. There’s a makeshift sauna and a chicken coop that her dad built himself. 

In an interview, Ahn Jae-hyun admits that he tries to talk more with his father-in-law and be closer to him, so his mother-in-law might feel upset about that. 

Ahn Jae-hyun and his father-in-law go picking persimmons. Ku Hye-sun hangs back, letting the two spend time together. The two men talk about the weather like three times. I guess they’re still a bit awkward. Ku Hye-sun then joins them saying she watched them from a distance, and they seemed to get along well. 

Then, the mother joins them too, and they have a family day plucking persimmons. I’ve never seen persimmon trees in person, so it’s mildly interesting. Ku Hye-sun picks up a few rotten ones on the ground to use for fuel. 

Ahn Jae-hyun pushes a wheelbarrow full of persimmons with Ku Hye-sun carries home a bucket. 

There’s an apple orchard nearby too. Ku Hye-sun decides to pick a few. Ku Hye-sun isn’t very good at choosing apples and says she accidentally plucked a bad one. Her dad is like, “That happens sometimes.” Ku Hye-sun laments, “But I did it three times!” 

I thought they were just going to get just a few, but they end up with a whole bucket of apples. Ahn Jae-hyun is working hard transporting the buckets of apples. Ku Hye-sun yells out, “Why are you doing that by yourself?” Ahn Jae-hyun, “Because I want to be loved.” He needs to impress his in-laws.

They arrive back at the parents’ house, and Ku Hye-sun’s mother gives them loads of dried persimmons to take home. Ku Hye-sun feels bad that they’re giving her so many, but I’m sure her parents are happier seeing their children eat than eating it themselves. 

And now we’re back to the winter. It’s some time after moving into the countryside house. It’s 4 am.

Ahn Jae-hyun is standing outside and tells the cameras that his manager will come at 6 am to pick him up for the airport. He’s going to Hong Kong for work and won’t be back until 9-10 pm the next day. It’s an overnight trip. 

Ahn Jae-hyun was up early making some beef kimbap. He made two rolls for his wife and left it on the table for her to find later. He adds a little note. 

Ahn Jae-hyun kisses his wife goodbye and heads out, “I’m going out honey. Sleep tight~.” It’s still dark outside. 

It’s now 9:30 AM. Ku Hye-sun gets up and checks on the dogs. She then finds the kimbap and takes a bite. She says she heard her husband doing something at night, and knew he must have been preparing something. 

In an interview, Ku Hye-sun says she had been telling her husband that she wanted to have some kimbap. Ku Hye-sun mumbles to the dogs that they need to try some. 

She then feeds the dogs. It looks like the dogs understand a few commands like “wait” and “eat.” It’s cute how the three dogs do it in unison. 

Ku Hye-sun has some time alone. She works on some crafts, wrapping a canvas in some twine. Several hours pass.

She also practices the piano. She plays one of her own compositions titled, “Cotton Candy.” Ku Hye-sun then goes back to working on her twine canvas piece while listening to a recording of herself play. I was skeptical at first, but it looks pretty decent. I like it better than her last art piece with the red twine. 

Ku Hye-sun then tries to hang it, and we get a few antics of her failing and the canvas falling on her head repeatedly while she tries to hang it up. Finally, she decides to hang it somewhere low. I guess there’s not much else she can do about it since her tall husband is away.

There’s nothing to eat at home, so she calls a Chinese takeout place, but they don’t deliver that far out. She’ll have to make due with what’s in the fridge. Ku Hye-sun makes some “rabokki” which is ramen + tteokbokki. She adds some red pepper paste, ketchup, sugar, frozen beef, and noodles. She tastes it and says it’s terrible because she added too much ketchup. I knew it. 

Ku Hye-sun decides to just eat the contents without the soup. 

Ku Hye-sun calls husband while eating. She tells him she made rabokki, but but called because she’s so flustered. She says when they cook together, he advises her about the mix of ingredients, so she doesn’t put in things that are too weird. She decides not to finish her food, because it might make her sick. 

It’s a cold night. Ku Hye-sun lights the fireplace by herself and goes to bed at 10:30 PM. She’s tired because she was up late last night talking with her husband. 

In the dark, she calls her husband asking if he’s busy. It’s the last night of 2016. Ahn Jae-hyun says there are just 14 minutes left until 2017. Ku Hye-sun doesn’t really seem to care about the new year though. Ku Hye-sun says, “Oh really? I don’t care about that kind of thing since I’m alone. Honey~ See you next year. I love you.”

I can’t believe how long ago this was filmed. Korean shows usually have a quickly turnaround, so it’s pretty rare for footage filmed over three months ago to be airing just now. 

It’s now January 1, 2017. It’s a bright, clear morning. 

Ku Hye-sun gets dressed while the dogs keep watch. 

She does some laundry. It’s a good thing they have a laundry machine because a lot of rural houses don’t have them. She washes some socks, towels, clothes, but not underwear because Ahn Jae-hyun doesn’t want her to see his. He’s thinks it’s embarrassing. She doesn’t understand why though because they’re just plain black ones, she’s like *shrugs*

Ku Hye-sun then takes a break and drinks some Cantata coffee. It’s funny how tvN shows always have some kind of super obvious beverage product placement. Ku Hye-sun then takes out the laundry and hangs it out to dry in the dining area. The clothing line falls though. She then tries hanging it outdoors. It’s been 1 hour and 30 minutes since she started doing laundry.

Time for brunch. Ku Hye-sun makes kimchi stew, or rather kimchi boiled in water with bits of seaweed thrown in. Bleh. She says it’s delicious though. 

She sounds like a rabbit munching on that kimchi. 

Ku Hye-sun then goes out to buy groceries. She puts on her husband’s jacket and tells dogs not to pee using her best Ahn Jae-hyun impersonation. 

Ku Hye-sun says she likes wandering around without a destination. She just starts to drive. The car is so shaky. I’m worried for her because she lives in the mountains, and there are a lot of cliffs she could easily swerve off of. 

She misses a turn, and the GPS tells her to make a U-turn in 10 km?!? She finally arrives at a tiny butcher shop. The shopkeeper asks if she came alone today. Ku Hye-sun must already be a regular there.

Ku Hye-sun walks out, and a fan calls out, “Nuna, you’re so pretty.” Ku Hye-sun mutters half to herself, “Don’t call me nuna, I’m an ajumma. If I married my first love, I’d have a kid your age.”

Ku Hye-sun arrives home safely and decides to have some makgeolli and knit. 

It’s 8:40 PM. Ahn Jae-hyun still isn’t back yet. Ku Hye-sun wonders where he is. She says to herself she’ll just wait ten more minutes then go to sleep.

She finishes her knitting project pretty quickly. It’s a black and red placeholder, and she puts out some raw steak and writes a note saying, “deungshimi” which is the name for that cut of meat but also a homonym for idiot. 

Ahn Jae-hyun arrives home and runs inside. It’s so cute how he even skips. He gives Ku Hye-sun a kiss and asks, “What were you doing by yourself?” Ku Hye-sun replies, “I just waited for you,” He looks at the knitting on the table next to him and asks if it’s a scarf. Ku Hye-sun replies, “No, it’s a placeholder for the deungshimi.”

He brought her some groceries including red bean buns, ramen, and milk. He gives Ku Hye-sun another kiss her on the head. Aw.

Meanwhile, in the living room Ahnju the cat goes into the fireplace. The silly humans forgot to close the door!

The white cat turns into a black and white cat. Huh? The captions said he got a sexy tan and “Sexy Back” plays in the background. 

Good night silly cat~

It’s morning.

Ku Hye-sun has a work event today. Maybe it’s something to do with her upcoming drama.  

Ahn Jae-hyun also wakes up at the alarm sound. He watches Ku Hye-sun leave and then goes back to bed. 

In an interview, Ahn Jae-hyun says when he’s alone, he just eats whatever and watches TV. He’s lazy when he’s alone.

A few hours later, Ahn Jae-hyun finally gets back up. 

Ahn Jae-hyun’s solo life starts. 

He gives the pets food and nibbles on a red bean bun. He goes on his laptop then watches The Lonely Shining Goblin while eating potato chips.

Ahn Jae-hyun gets a call from his wife. She asks him to move the firewood to under the house. 

Ahn Jae-hyun goes outside and take piles and piles of wood a little bit at a time. I guess he didn’t notice the wheelbarrow in the front yard.

Ahn Jae-hyun then goes grocery shopping. He makes beef pancakes and rice cake soup. He’s really good at cooking. I can tell because of how thinly he’s able to slice his julienne eggs. 

Ku Hye-sun arrives just in time for dinner. Ahn Jae-hyun runs out to greet her. Ku Hye-sun looks so pretty today. She must have gotten her makeup done professionally. Meanwhile, she notes that her husband suddenly got old looking. Ahn Jae-hyun says it’s because of the firewood. He didn’t realize there was a wheelbarrow, so he had to suffer a lot of manual labor. 

They go inside to eat. Ahn Jae-hyun hasn’t had a meal all day. He’s starving, and the food looks delicious. He must have made rice cake soup because it’s a traditional Korean food for the new year. 

They then go to the bed area to rest. Ku Hye-sun says she’s so so tired and might take a nap. Ahn Jae-hyun gives her a pat on the back and a hug and tells her she must have overworked herself. 

Ku Hye-sun tries to fake cry for sympathy, but Ahn Jae-hyun calls her out on it. Ku Hye-sun then pouts, “I’m not crying.” She opens the window to look outside. She says, “When we moved all the stuff here and had an empty home, I think I feel like that right now. We won’t have a reason to come back here right?” 

She likes how the window is low, so she can look out while lying down. She wants her own house like that. As she looks out at the clear blue sky, Ku Hye-sun laments they never get a chance to check out the area behind their house. 

She says that Seoul has too many cars. It’s too busy. She likes how she doesn’t have to worry about other people here. 

It gets dark as the two talk quietly about their musings. Ku Hye-sun adds, “When I leave, I’m going to forget this place.” She then breaks the gloomy  mood by telling her “fatty” husband to get off of her because he’s too heavy.

Ku Hye-sun then goes to the bathroom. Ahn Jae-hyun follows her there and knocks on the door. 

Ku Hye-sun yells out, “Don’t bother me,”

Ahn Jae-hyun replies, “It wasn’t me. It was Gamja.” He makes barking noises and taps some more on the door. He then pretends to say to Gamja, “Don’t do that. Bark Bark! Gamja, why are you doing that? Woof Woof!”

Ku Hye-sun says, “Honey! You seems completely crazy right now.”

She plots her revenge while her husband is in the bathroom. She sits down low so that he can’t see her. Then when he walks out of the bathroom, she suddenly stands in in front of him, scaring him. Ha!

Ku Hye-sun then notes they’ve never played ping pong at the house. They send the dogs into the other room (because they might eat the ping pong ball) and play a match using their dining table. They’ll be playing to decide who does the dishes. 

Ahn Jae-hyun is having fun because he’s winning. Ku Hye-sun says this was just a warm-up and now they’re playing for real. The score quickly goes up to 8 – 0. It’s out of 15 points.  Ku Hye-sun is getting frustrated and takes off her shoes. She throws her paddle when she loses another point. 

Of course Ku Hye-sun loses. She asks Ahn Jae-hyun to do dishes anyways. She’ll even give him a kiss if he does. Ahn Jae-hyun says, “Then, I want a deep kiss for five seconds.” He doesn’t actually take her up on the offer though, and counters that for a five second kiss, he’ll give her a chance at a rematch. 

Ku Hye-sun jokes that he lost his chance. She says she’ll give him another if he takes up the original offer before she puts her shoes back on. 

Ahn Jae-hyun haggles that he’ll wash one spoon for one kiss. He’ll wash one bowl for two kisses. 

He gets three kisses. Ku Hye-sun says that means he has to wash a pot too. 

Ahn Jae-hyun then says they should just do the dishes together. Ku Hye-sun pouts, “Then what about the kisses I already gave you?”

Ahn Jae-hyun, “I’ll return them.” Heh. 

It gets late. It’s their last night there in the countryside house, and they decide to put off packing until tomorrow. 

Ku Hye-sun says this place made her realize how she wants to live. She wants to live in the countryside, but in some place with some more neighbors, so they can hang out and have drinks once in a while. 

Ahn Jae-hyun says, “Let’s live in all sorts of places. I’ll go with you to where you want to go.” 

Ku Hye-sun says to her cameras that that in the end, when it comes to important things, her husband always follow her wishes. 

Ahn Jae-hyun says he wants the person he likes to be happy, so that’s why he married her (and decided to follow her).

Ku Hye-sun says she’s grown fond of the house and definitely wants to live in the countryside. She’s even gotten used to the night, so she’s not scared. 

Ahn Jae-hyun says it’s too much work, so he loses himself, but if he has to live in the countryside, he probably could adjust.

It’s morning. The last day at the countryside house. 

Ku Hye-sun gets up early takes out the trash and recycling, cleans out their car, cleans dog poop, and collects their valuables. She then checks the fridge for breakfast ingredients, but it’s pretty empty except for bottles of Cantata coffee on the inside door. She wanted to make soybean soup, but there’s no soybean paste left. She then heads to the cupboards and finds the beans they had harvested in the fall. She uses them to makes bean sprout soup. 

Ahn Jae-hyun gets up.

Ku Hye-sun notes during their two weeks there, they spent 300,000 won (~300 USD). Ahn Jae-hyun says 70,000 won of that was on gas.

They’re interviewed about finances. Ku Hye-sun says they both add 1,000,000 to a joint account. She says when she lived alone, she spent 400,000-500,000 won per month. However, living together, they spend a lot, so they have to budget if they want to have money to travel. 

The two have their final meal at the house. There are boiled eggs and beansprout soup. 

There’s an interview asking who cooks. Ahn Jae-hyun says they usually order food, but this experience made him realize they should make more home cooked meals. 

While eating, Ku Hye-sun says, “You’re going alone. I’m going live here. Call me once in a while.”

Ahn Jae-hyun and Ku Hye-sun narrate, “Thus, our two weeks of countryside living ended. Although there were many fights due to personality differences, isn’t newlywed life all about learning how to live together? It’s been just 10 months. We are still newlyweds.”

A caption reads, “Thus, they left the house with the red roof.”

I’m so sad that this show is already over. I can’t believe how short it is. The other day, I was surfing naver news and saw an article with the title, “Newlyweds Diary, Only 5 episodes, Because of Conflicts with the Newlyweds or Na PD’s Own Decision?” I clicked on the article and it just had a paragraph summarizing episode four and didn’t mention anything about the reason for the super short season. I hate click bait titles like that. I’m still curious why there were only a few episodes. 

Next Week: Previously unaired footage and interactions with the production team



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