Newlyweds Diary Recap: Episode 6

Newlyweds Diary Recap: Episode 6
Episode 6 (Final Episode)–  How Long Does the Newlywed Phase Last? – March 10, 2017

This episode is a compilation of previously unaired footage. It starts with a montage of highlights from the past season including the couple playing piano together, eating delicious meals, playing badminton, running in the snow, and even fighting over the chore distribution. 

After the highlights end, the captions read “We picked out the flyingest? out of countless fragments of memories. They start now!”

There’s another round of interviews after the couple returns to the city.

Ahn Jae-hyun says they watched the show together. It was fascinating watching and recalling the conversations they had had. He hadn’t realized until then how often he called for his “Honey~” He says it seemed like he started off all his conversations with “Honey~” He complains they used Ku Hye-sun’s interviews more than his so they should just film her instead. 

Ku Hye-sun is sitting off to the side listening to Ahn Jae-hyun do his interview. She then joins him noting he had a village idiot haircut, but it’s grown out and he looks like a real celebrity now.

Q: How did you feel after watching the broadcast?

Ku Hye-sun says she was embarrassed about showing her personal life like the farting parts.

Q: Did anything change after the broadcast?

Ku Hye-sun says she started to feel bad for her husband. Ahn Jae-hyun says he felt the same way about his wife. Hye-sun says she used to worry that he would meet another woman, but after watching the show and showing off his grossness, she’s worried that he wouldn’t be able to anyways because women won’t like him anymore. 

Ahn Jae-hyun adds that his mother was happy because she could see how much Ku Hye-sun cared for him and told him that he needs to treat her better. His mother was teary eyed out of gratitude to her daughter-in-law.

Q: How long do you think the newlywed period lasts?

Both joke that they don’t know what that term means. They make some wordplay jokes trying to guess what “newlywed” means. Does it mean spicy? (In Korean, “shin” can mean new or spicy.)

Suddenly, Ku Hye-sun says she needs to watch her words. Ahn Jae-hyun says, “I don’t think I can say anything.” Ku Hye-sun replies, “So sue me then.” The two start to jokingly bicker? The captions read, “Will these two be okay today?” Huh? That editing was weird. 

Cut to the opening credit scene which reads, “Final Episode: How Long Does the Newlywed Phase Last?”

Q: What were your first thoughts at seeing the house with the red roof?

Ku Hye-sun replies, “My husband will hate it. My husband will be really cold.”

Ahn Jae-hyun says he had no thoughts. 

Flashback to last fall. It’s the first day Ku Hye-sun saw the house.

It was a windy day, and Ku Hye-sun walks towards the house alone. As soon as she sees it, she says she likes it. She checks out all the rooms exclaiming how pretty they are each time she enters a new room. There’s a big bed, and Ku Hye-sun explains that the bed is taking up too much space. She doesn’t spend any time in bed except for when she’s asleep, so asks if they can just use blankets to free up the space during the day. Where’s the husband? Maybe he’s away filming something else?

Ku Hye-sun says she really likes environmental sounds and hangs up a bell.

Back at the interview in Seoul, Ahn Jae-hyun says he had no thoughts when he first saw the house. Ku Hye-sun defends the house saying it’s better than the lodgings in “New Journey to the West.” 

Another flashback. This time, it’s the first time Ahn Jae-hyun saw the house. He says it’s pretty good. He thought it’d be scary. Ahn Jae-hyun pulls a cart with some cardboard boxes and bags. Ku Hye-sun carries a bucket of stuff. It must be their first batch of personal belongings to move into the house.

Ku Hye-sun is the tour guide since she’s been there before. Ahn Jae-hyun likes it and says it’s much better than expected. Ku Hye-sun shows off some origami flowers and jars of jams that she made. She also made some flowers out of metal wires. 

Ahn Jae-hyun says about the metal flowers, “Oh! This one’s prettier than the other one.” Ku Hye-sun glares. Ahn Jae-hyun backtracks, “Uh . . . they’re both pretty. I can’t decide which one’s prettier.”

They then decorate the bathroom and put up a yellow shower curtain? That’s actually really weird because Koreans don’t generally use shower curtains. Maybe they were afraid of the cameras. They also make a metal frame for the fireplace. It’s safety first! Of course, they need to remember to keep it closed because the cats played in there. 

Ahn Jae-hyun adds a shutter to the bottom of the bathroom door. They close the door to make sure it works properly, but Ku Hye-sun holds the door closed with her foot while Ahn Jae-hyun is stuck inside. He can’t get out. Ku Hye-sun asks innocently, “What’s wrong? Why won’t it open? I’ll open it.” She opens it easily of course. She then asks to check the door again, and holds the door shut with her foot, so Ahn Jae-hyun can’t get out again. He catches on though and realizes that she must be playing a trick on him. 

Later, Ku Hye-sun notices there’s some water on his face. Ahn Jae-hyun didn’t dry his face properly after washing it, but he jokes instead, “I cried because you were mean to me.” Ku Hye-sun says she’ll wipe his face, but it just looks like she’s smacking him in the eye. 

Q: What was the most memorable of the things you made?

Ahn Jae-hyun replies, “The string frame that Ku-nim made. It was really impressive. The color was so pretty, and I wanted to use the pattern to make clothes.” 

Flashback to the first night Ku Hye-sun spent alone at the countryside house. She spent it making various arts and crafts project including a brown and black string frame. She’s also in the dining area hanging some black string with push tacks. It looks like she’s making a spider web decoration. Huh? It’s really strange looking. What a quirky woman. 

Q: How do you feel with your husband away?

Ku Hye-sun responds that there’s a unique kind of fun when her husband is away. Last time when he went to get groceries alone, she was antsy waiting for him to get back, but this time since he’s not gone for just 1-2 hours, she accepted it and says she became like a kid drawing on walls. 

It’s the morning of the second day alone. Ku Hye-sun takes a paintbrush and a tube of black and yellow paint to color some rocks. This project is actually quite cute. I like it. She continues with the arts and crafts and takes a little picture frame and cuts some scrap paper to make a hanging sock portrait. There’s more and more. So many craft projects. Omg even more! Just how many things did she make? 

In an old interview, Ahn Jae-hyun says they never ran out of sweet potatoes because they stocked up on them. They like the smell of sweet potatoes roasting at night.

Ku Hye-sun makes some sweet potato dumplings. She fries them and they come out looking like mini pancakes. They’re not cooked fully though, so on her second attempt, Ku Hye-sun tries steaming them. She opens the lid up a moment later and finds that they’ve all ripped apart. Fail. 

In an interview, she says steams sweet potatoes are delicious, steamed flour is delicious, and grain syrup is sweet, so she had high expectations for the sweet potato dumplings, but the reality wasn’t so good. 

Ku Hye-sun continues to wait for her husband. She even “makes” earmuffs for Gamja the dog out of two balls of yarn. OMG so cute!.

Q: How did you come to raise Gamja?

Ku Hye-sun, “One day, an acquaintance just gave him to me. I got him so unexpectedly without a plan, so I just let him to grow up himself, and he did.”

The interviewer notes that she seems to have a special relationship with Gamja. Ku Hye-sun says his gaze is different because he’s so much taller. She feels like they have a stronger connection because of that. Gamja seems to love playing with Ahn Jae-hyun though, and Ku Hye-sun complains to Gamaj that she thought their relationship was special, and kicks him playfully out of jealousy. 

Meanwhile, the cats fool around and cause trouble.

Q: Do the cats have a pecking order?

Ahn Jae-hyun says, “Of course. Ssammie is first. Ahnju second. Mango is third.”

There’s a montage of the cats interacting with each other. 

There’s even a clip of Mango and Ahnju punching each other while Ku Hye-sun is too busy talking on the phone to notice. They make-up later though. We get more cute photos of the animals from the newlywed’s phones. 

Q: There was explosive response regarding your creative cooking, but  . . . ?

Ku Hye-sun interrupts, “But don’t most people eat like that?”

Ahn Jae-hyun says, “It’s so funny. I was watching the show “I’m a Natural Person” and they cook just like my Ku-nim, and their lifestyle is similar too.” (note* “I’m a Natural Person” is a lifestyle show that shows the lives of people living alone in the mountains.)

There’s a bonus of Ku Hye-sun’s creative cooking. She makes some onion pancakes which Jae-hyun is skeptical about because the flour will be too sticky. Ku Hye-sun also makes some seaweed mixed with soy sauce? I’m not really sure what that’s suppoed to be.

The pancakes are done. Ku Hye-sun takes a bite and tells her husband to try it. Ku Hye-sun, “Don’t say anything until you chew it thoroughly.” Ahn Jae-hyun laughs then says, “It’s really good. It really is. 100 points.” He even takes some of the seaweed dish outside to share with the camera crew. 

Ahn Jae-hyun says he actually does like her food. He’s not pretending. He really likes cooking together and is thankful to her for sharing his hobby.

There’s a second bonus clip of the “creative” cooking. This time it’s breakfast food. The menu is

  1. radish water kimchi noodles
  2. stir fried kimchi pork belly 
  3. seasoned acorn jelly 

While slicing some onions, the noodles on the stove catch on fire. I have never seen that happen. Luckily, Ku Hye-sun notices and puts out the fire before it gets too big.

Professional complimentor Ahn Jae-hyun then enters the kitchen and helps. Ku Hye-sun of course adds some sesame seeds to finish off her dishes, and there’s a rap montage of all the dishes that she put sesame seeds. The “kekekekekekkeke” sound playing in the background is just “ke” repeated over and over. Ke means sesame seed in Korean

For their next reality show adventure, I want to see Ku Hye-sun on a cooking show where she gets taught by a professional, like the one Park Soo-jin was on with a cuisine researcher titled, “Oksu District Student.” I think it’ll be hilarious.  

Q: What about the household chores which were a big issue?

Ku Hye-sun said her husband hated doing the dishes, so she offered to do them. Ahn Jae-hyun thought he was lucky to have a wife who liked doing the dishes. Little did he know that she hates doing it. Ku Hye-sun says, “I only said that to make you fall for me.”

Ku Hye-sun says she’s working now so she doesn’t have time to do housework. Ahn Jae-hyun does most of it and even made a chore chart. Ku Hye-sun says he’s good at organizing. 

Q: Is there something you remember most?

Ku Hye-sun says she has a bad memory and often forgets things the next day. Ahn Jae-hyun shuts her down, “No. You have a really good memory.” Ku Hye-sun retorts, “Only when it comes to your past.” They start to bicker. I think this is where the bickering at the beginning of the episode came from.

Cut to a dinner with the staff from November of last year. Ku Hye-sun mentions she saw a photo of her husband’s ex-girlfriend on his camera. At the time, she then said she wanted to be alone and went home. Ahn Jae-hyun waited for her for four hours at a playground near her house. He says he purposely didn’t put his hands in his pockets so they would be cold (and she would pity him.)

Ku Hye-sun adds that she was cleaning his house and found a big, fluffy hat. It wasn’t a man’s hat, and then she found a picture of his ex-girlfriend wearing that hat in the photo. Ku Hye-sun had also asked her mother-in-law about the hat, and the mother-in-law responded, “Oh, that’s mine.” So cute how she tried to cover for her son. 

Ku Hye-sun says, “I should show them the photo” and shows an ugly picture of her husband on her phone.

Ahn Jae-hyun then shows an ugly video of his wife. 

Ku Hye-sun tops that with a silly Ahn Jae-hyun dancing video. 

Back at the interview in the city, Ahn Jae-hyun says they got married because they were comfortable enough to be like kids around each other. He says he looked comfortable when watching himself of the show. 

There are then a series of clips of the two playing like kids. They play doctor as Ku Hye-sun cleans his nose with wet wipes pretending she’s sanitizing him in preparation for surgery. Another time, Ahn Jae-hyun lies on the dining table like it’s an operating table while Ku Hye-sun performs surgery. 

Ku Hye-sun complains she trusted the production team too much. She assumed they’d edit out the gross stuff like farting, but she was tricked. They showed her farting from the very first episode. More farting scenes. 

Ahn Jae-hyun said he’d kiss her every time she farts as a sort of encouragement that it’s okay to fart in front of him. 

Ku Hye-sun says, “But I don’t do it as much anymore, I just go to the bathroom quietly.”

Q: Is there a reason you do bets so much?

Ku Hye-sun answers, “It’s so we don’t fight over minor things.”

Montage of their games including one we didn’t see previously. They play badminton, table tennis, bingo, etc. They take these games seriously.

The bingo one goes on a long, long time. Ku Hye-sun even teases him that there’s a secret trick to winning. 

Later, in an interview, Ku Hye-sun admits that there was no trick, she just said it to mess with him. Pft!

We then see them pack up their things to move back to the city. It takes a bit of effort because the pets don’t want to go. They leave a lot of furniture behind. I wonder what happened to this fully furnished house after filming wrapped up. 

Q: How Long Does the Newlywed Phase Last?

This is the same clip from earlier in the episode. They joke that they don’t know what newlywed means and then Ahn Jae-hyun jokes, “It means exciting married life.” (It’s a wordplay joke).

Ku Hye-sun says, “If we live thinking we’re in it together, there are happy days and unhappy days, but understanding those days as is, I think that is marriage.”

Ahn Jae-hyun, “If Ku-nim is red and I’m blue, marriage is living without compromising those colors and when those two colors are mixed, there’s a pretty color too. That’s important too. I would be happy if all three colors coexist.”

There’s a final montage of the empty countryside house.

And that’s a wrap. So short and sweet, but I guess they can’t stay in the countryside forever  because they have to work, or at least Ku Hye-sun has to work on her new TV show.

Stay tuned for another Na PD production in this same time slot. This time, it’s the return of Seojinnie in “Yoon’s Kitchen.”



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