Please Take Care of My Refrigerator Recap: Episode 104

Please Take Care of My Refrigerator Recap: Episode 104
Episode 104: November 8, 2016

*Note: I’ve added a new show to my lineup. This one is a bit tricky for me to recap, so it ended up being short. Once I get more used to recapping cooking shows, I’ll make these recaps more detailed.


Today’s chefs are

  • Mihal Ashminov
  • Oh Se-deuk
  • Raymond Kim (special guest)
  • Choi Hyun-seok
  • Sam Kim
  • Lee Yeon-bok
  • Jung Ho-young
  • Kim Poong


The guests are rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae and actor Cha Tae-hyun.

Son Yeon-jae says she doesn’t get to eat a lot of delicious food, so she watched often in order to get second hand satisfaction.

This is Son Yeon-jae’s Korean fridge. Her dad mostly lives by himself in Korea while Son Yeon-jae and her mom go back and forth between Russia and Korea.


The fridge is emptier than I’d expected. Son Yeon-jae says it’s because her dad mostly eats out.

She has a lot of oriental medicine in her fridge. The chefs all try some abalone that Son Yeon-jae’s mom made. It’s delicious but a little bland because Son Yeon-jae doesn’t like salty foods. It makes her feel bloated while she works out. She has a fair amount of fruits and vegetables.

The freezer has pork, beef, shrimp, mixed seafood, and tons of dumplings.

She also has a baguette and some strawberry jam.

The categories for today’s competition are Son Yeon-jae’s Western Competition and Son Yeon-jae’s Desert Competition. She says she eats a lot of western food, so she wants to try something unique.

The competition line up is

  • Choi Hyun-seok (25 stars)
  • Mihal Ashminov (22 stars)
  • Kim Poong (21 stars)
  • Oh Se-deuk (12 stars)


For the Western Competition, Oh Se-deuk’s dish is called “Rhythm Vegetables” while Choi Hyun-seok’s dish is called “Six Sense.”


They have fifteen minutes to cook. Both chefs wait until the last few seconds to finish cooking, with Oh Se-deuk ringing the bell first.



Oh Se-deuk made a salad with a focus on paprika with garlic, balsamic oil, ketchup, mixed grain flour, and olive oil as seasoning. Son Yeon-jae really likes the cabbage.

Sam Kim says the sauce reminds him of sweet potato pizzas which are common in Korea.

Choi Hyun-seok made six visually pleasing bruschettas. There a tomato one, cream shrimp, webfoot octopus, avocado, beef and apples, and another shrimp.

Cha Tae-hyun says the bruschettas taste very fresh.

Son Yeon-jae chooses Oh Se-deuk for the win because it was lighter (fewer calories) and she’d feel less stress about eating it.



For the Dessert Competition, Kim Poong’s dish is called “Meringue Doong Doong” which is a type of Ile Flottante while Mihal Ashminov’s dish is called “Trust Oppa This One Time.”



Kim Poong’s food is up first. Son Yeon-jae says the grapefruit is a bit sour. It tastes so different depending on which part she eats.

The chefs give him points for making such a difficult dish in such a short amount of time.


For Mihal Ashminov’s dish Son Yeon-jae was worried that it wouldn’t taste like a desert but it does.

Son Yeon-jae chooses Mihal Ashminov’s dish because it’s fresh and sweet.


Next Week: Cha Tae-hyun’s wife’s side dishes.


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