Produce 101 Season 2 Recap: Episode 2

Episode 2: April 14, 2017

Today’s filming takes place inside an auditorium at the CJ E&M headquarters in Sangam District, Seoul. All the Produce 101 trainees are gathered to watch episode one together. The trainees laugh at MMO’s hilarious reaction shots, cheer at Jang Moon-bok’s scenes, and cringe at Park Sung-woo pulling up his shirt while doing his best Rain impersonation. They also tear up while watching interviews where they each talk about trainee life.

At the end of the episode, the trainees see their first round of rankings from audience votes. Wink boy Park Ji-hoon is in 1st place and says he feels like he’s going to fly. 2nd place Jang Moon-bok thanks viewers and notes that if he keeps showing his positive side, he might be able to make it into top 11.

More A-F Level Evaluation Tests

We then flash back to the A-F Level Evaluations that started in last week’s episode.

First up in today’s episode is Lee Woo-jin who is just 15 years old and has trained for two years with Media Line Entertainment. He’s the youngest trainee here and was born in 2003. Also, he was on “The Voice – Kids Korea” back in 2013.

He does Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which is a pretty appropriate song choice. He has a really high voice and a bit of a lisp when he talks in Korean, but he has a cute singing voice. After he’s done, he asks for some water and Rap Coach Cheetah is like, “come here~” to the wittle baby. He’s 166 cm tall which is pretty tall for his age, but Boa’s like “Don’t make him dance too much, or he won’t grow like me!” Aw poor Boa. I bet she barely got to sleep as a kid.

  • Lee Woo-jin → B

It’s time for the supermodels from YGKPlus which is the label for actor/models Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. LOL how they play the soundtrack from “The Lonely Shining Goblin” every time the walk somewhere. Kwon Hyun-bin admits they didn’t actually get trained by the official YG staff because they’re just a subsidiary. They do “Our House,” and all four of them are pretty stiff dancers. Boa just laughs like, “This is not what I was expecting.” Cheetah laughs in embarrassment, but she’s still enjoying the eye candy.

After the performance, Kwon Hyun-bin does an extra rap, but he stutters and sounds like a robot. Cheetah cuts him off because they can barely understand what he’s saying anyways. Womp womp. I don’t think any of these guys will make it into the top 11. They’ve got the right looks for Produce 101, but I don’t think any of them are 100% dedicated to becoming an idol, and in this industry, even 100% is usually not enough.

  • Kwon Hyun-bin → F
  • Lee Hoo-rim → D
  • Jung Hyo-joon → F
  • Kim Hyun-woo → F

Then there’s a relay of good looking guys. There’s Bae Jin-young, Yoon Young-bin, Joo Hak-nyeon, and Yoo Jin-hwan. In his interview, Young-bin brags about being all natural, and even does makes a pig nose to prove his nose is real. They’re the F4 of Produce 101 .

Meanwhile, Kim Nam-hyung and Jung Dong-soo lack confidence in their looks, but they look fine to me. They aren’t the typical flower boys, but they have their charms. They’re from S House Entertainment and do a pretty powerful hip hop performance. I’ll take charisma over looks any day, so I’ll be cheering for these two.

  • Kim Nam-hyung → A
  • Jung Dong-soo → B

Then in the judges’ seat, Don Mills asks Cheetah what the criteria is for judging rappers. Cheetah replies that “Produce 101” isn’t “Show Me the Money” or “Unpretty Rapstar,” so they’re looking for people with potential as idol rappers. Hm . . not sure exactly what she means by that. A good rapper is a good rapper regardless of musical genre no?

Cue a montage of rappers. There’s Woo Jin-young, Lim Woo-hyuk, Lee In-soo, Choi Tae-woong, Yoo Ho-yeon, Choi Joon-young, and more. After his performance, Lee In-soo asks if he can do another rap, but Cheetah just cuts him off saying, “I think we’ve already heard enough.” Poor guy. Cheetah is scary . . . probably even scarier than Don Mills because you can tell he’s one of those guy’s who looks tough but is soft on the inside.

  • Choi Joon-young → B
  • Lee In-soo → C
  • Kim Sang-bin → B
  • Lim Woo-hyuk → C
  • Woo Jin-young → C

Then Jung Joon-ji comes in wearing his high school uniform. He says he practiced a lot for this audition, but then who hasn’t right? There’s a clip of him practicing EXO’s “Growl” over the past 30 days featuring his little brother. He’s really terrible though, and his voice is so bad, like he’s sing talking but can’t even manage to do that properly. Everyone laughs at how cute/terrible he is, and Jung Joon-ji is just happy that he managed to make the legendary Boa laugh. Boa says, “We’re laughing now, but if you’re like this again next time, you won’t be laughing because you’ll be eliminated.” oof.

  • Jung Joon-ji → F

Everyone’s getting tired and falling asleep now, even Boa is yawning. I wonder how long it took for all 101 trainees to perform. I read somewhere that they first round of filming took over 20 hours which seems about right if you assume that it took about 15 minutes per group.

Next, two trainees walk onto the stage. It’s Ha Sung-woon and No Tae-hyun. They’ve debuted before as Hotshot and were active for 1.5 years until 2016. They do “Very Good” which is another explosive performance. Lots of theatrics too. The performance truly is “very good.” They are leagues better than everyone else so far, and I’ll be adding these two to my vote list. Boa’s like, “Why didn’t they succeed when they’re this talented?” Kahi notes they must have really missed being on the stage. Boa turns on a random song to watch more of No Tae-hyun’s krumping.

  • Ha Sung-woon → A
  • No Tae-hyun → A

No Tae-hyun then cries in his interview saying he was emotional after finally getting recognition for his skills.

Before the first day of official filming began, Kim Dong-bin of Kiwi Media Group told the producers he was confident he could get an A, but now he’s sitting with his mouth wide open as he watches so many trainees get F Rank. By the time it’s his turn, he’s too shell shocked to perform properly. He does “Chewing Gum” and stops in the middle of his performance and just apologizes. What’s going on? Is he too nervous? Oh it looks like he mistakenly thought Dance Coach Kwon Jae-seung put his hand up, telling him to stop, but he was just taking his earphone out. LOL. The coaches tell him to go again, but he begins hyperventillating. He’s crying with his back turned. Poor kid. Boa tells him to yell out, “I can do it” three times. The crowd yells with him and cheers him on. It’s good to see that the trainees are all so friendly and haven’t gotten to the cutthroat competitive stage . . .yet. Kim Don-bin starts over. He’s smiling now, and Dance Coach Kwon Jae-sung has his arms firmly linked this time around.

  • Kim Dong-bin → F

Even thought he did poorly, the crowd cheers for him at the end of his song. Boa says there were times when she was scared too. Backstage, Kim Dong-bin cries even more and says he’s even grateful for the F because he thinks he did even worse than that. I can see this guy getting a lot of fans as the next Sohye.

Major Entertainment Labels – Cube, FNC, Jellyfish, Starship, Brand New

Of course expectations are high for the trainees from major labels.

There’s FNC’s Yoo Hwa-seung and Jellyfish’s Yoon Hee-suk. They definitely didn’t meet expectations.

  • Yoo Hwa-seung → D
  • Yoon Hee-suk → F

Next up is Starships’ Lee Kwang-hyun and Jung Se-hoon. Jugn Se-hoon was on K-pop Star and made top 10. He was a singer-songwriter and changed goals to being an idol. He reminds me of Lee Seung-gi. They look alike and both are not exactly the most flexible dancers. Since he was popular on K-pop Star for his writing ability, Boa asks Jung Se-hoon for a self composition. He breaks out the guitar and of course plays something beautiful. Boa then asks him if he wants to be an idol or a singer. Jung Se-hoon cleverly replies, “I just wanted to do music at first, but my dream now is to become an entertainment agency CEO.” *Coaches giggle*

  • Jung Se-hoon → B
  • Lee Kwang-hyun → B

There’s a quick flashforward through performances of GNI’s Jung Shi-hyun, C2K’s Kim Sung-ri, and The Bible Label’s Sung Hyun-woo, Yoon Jae-chan, Ha Min-ho, and Kim Tae-dong. There’s also GON’s Hong Eun-ki, RBW’s Son Dong-myeong, Yeo Hwan-woong, Lee Gun-min, Lee Gun-hee, and Choi Jae-woo. K Tigers’s Byun Hyun-min is there too.

Then finally, it’s time for the Hip Hop President. There’s one more flashback to his “Superstar K 2” audition. The PD asks again, “What if you become a laughing stock again?” Jang Moon-bok replies, “Even if I become a laughing stock, I applied because I have nothing left to lose.” Jang Moon-bok does “Boy in Luv.” His dancing skills are not good, and his rapping is so so. I’d say his saving grace is that he’s really bright and happy looking while he performs. He really enjoys being there. Boa says, “I can tell you definitely have talent, but you didn’t have a guide to show you the right way. I will help you find the right path.” She adds that he has a lot to learn, but a lot of potential.

  • Jang Moon-bok → F

Jang Moon-bok says, “Many people have a bias thinking Jang Moon-bok is a joke rapper, but I will work hard to change this bias through this program and show that I can rap as well as other idols.” I hope your wish comes true Moon-bok~

Next up is Brand New Music. My expectations are high based on previews. There are four of them and Lee Dae-hwi is getting on my nerves already. He’s way too whiny and I want to hit something every time he pouts. He reminds me of Scrappy-Doo.

The four of them perform “Hollywood.” Their dancing is clean and they have stable voices too. Lee Dae-hwi says he wrote the track and melody to “Hollywood” himself. He lived in the US and played piano/composed since then. He’s written 35 songs so far. Meanwhile, Park Woo-jin came up with the choreography. It seems like they’re pretty talented, so I’ll take back what I said about Lee Dae-hwi so now. There’s more of a leeway to be annoying if he’s that talented. The Brand New Trainees say they’re happy because their CEO Rhymer told them he’d kill them if didn’t get A’s or B’s.

  • Lee Dae-hwi → A
  • Lim Young-min → B
  • Park Woo-jin → A
  • Kim Dong-hyun → B
Level Test Results

The final results are seven A’s, seventeen B’s, twenty-one C’s, twenty-five D’s and thirty-one F’s. Can’t believe how few A’s there are.

Then the coaches reveal the title song, “Me, It’s Me (Pick Me).” I like this song much better than the girls’ version. It’s much less annoying to listen to. The choreography is really tough though. Boa tells them about performing the song on M Countdown, and of course A Rank will be in the center. B, C, D Ranks will play sub roles and F Rank will just be back up. They will have re-evaluations in three days, so they better work hard at practicing the song. The center trainee will also have the benefit of a solo part.

Training Officially Begins

Everyone moves into the dorms and gets their colored shirts with the A-F ranks. A lot of them are jealous of the pink A shirts, but Jang Moon-bok is like, “I like gray anyways.”

Also, the rules of the dormitory are that if they accumulate -10 points, they have to take a break from training. There are ten things to watch out for while at the Produce 101 dormitory.

  1. Being late for class   -3 points
  2.  Not completing or losing practice logs   -3 points
  3. Damaging or losing items that belong to the training center
  4. Making loud noises at night   -3 points
  5. Drinking or smoking in the training center   -5 points
  6. Using violence   -5 points
  7. Leaving without permission  -5 points
  8. Using cellphones or other electronic communication devices  -5 points
  9. Having a personal schedule that interferes with the Produce 101 schedule   -5 points
  10. Uploading spoilers on SNS -10 points

They also each get a clipboard with a mini-light, which means they’re expected to stay up late memorizing lyrics.

Everyone then gathers at the CJ E&M Deungcheon District Studio to practice their title song. They practice in groups according to rank. A Rank of course brings their A-game while F rank is sloppy.

Classes Begin

Vocal Coach Lee Seok-hoon meets up with the A Rank Team. He asks them to sing one at a time. Lee Dae-hwi whines that he has a really short range. His mouth is wide open as he gapes at some of the others hitting the high notes. Park Woo-jin and Nam-hyun are rappers, so they can’t hit the notes at all. Kim Samuel is surprisingly poor at singing too.

Dance Coach Kwon Jae-seung then walks in. Lee Dae-hwi is a good dancer. He’s really clean and quick to pick up the choreography. Lee Dae-hwi and Samuel dance together since they outclass everyone else in A Rank. Ong Sung-woo is surprisingly not good at leaning choreography even though he got picked for his dance skills. I guess he’s more of a freestyler.

Meanwhile, Kahi meets with D Rank Team. NU’EST is doing poorly and can’t keep up with the dance. Kahi yells at Kim Dong-ho (Baekho) for being slow. She tells Kim Jong-hyun (JR) it’s been five years since he debuted, but he’s worse than the kids who haven’t debuted yet. Kahi then asks if he feels motivated by watching those yet to debut. Jong-hyun replies, “Yes.” Cube’s Lai Guan Lin cries because he can’t keep up, especially because his Korean isn’t all there yet.

C Rank Team practices with Vocal Coach Shin Yoo-mi, and it looks like some of the kids are crushing on her. She’s not going to go easy on them thouh. She has the trainees sing one at a time. She yells at rapper Sung-hyun for lacking rhythm, “Are you going to sing like that?” Bae Jin-young can’t hit the high notes either. Coach Shin Yoo-mi then claps the beat roboticly like an angry robot. She’s making everyone in the room nervous.

The B Rank Team practices with Vocal Coach Lee Seok-hoon who yells at the rappers a bit. Ha Min-ho was embarrassed because he’s so bad at singing. Kang Daniel is a rapper too, but he’s a decent singer. Lee Seok-hoon reminds the rappers that they can’t succeed here if they don’t want to sing. Baby Lee Woo-jin is of course good at the high parts. Coach Lee Seok-hoon tells everyone to applaud after Woo-jin sings. Phew. I was nervous for the baby.

D rank is with Vocal Coach Lee Seok-hoon. He just yells at a bunch of them.

Dance Coach Kwon Jae-sung then meets with B Rank Team and tells them a lot of them are going to move down. He asks if there’s anyone who can do do choreography. Kang Daniel raises his hand and shows off his skills. He gets praised. Kim Jae-hwan, the “Skyfall” guy, is unsurprisingly terrible at dancing and Coach tells him he need to move down in rank.

F Rank Class. Jang Moon-bok doesn’t seem to get tired, he’s just really happy to be there. Or it might just be that Mnet if finally giving him the good edit. Dance Coach Kwon Jae-sung tells them it’s okay to make mistakes . . . why is he so super nice all of a sudden? He’s so friendly and smiling all the time. I guess he’s just tough on the talented kids and babies the bad ones.

There’s more shots of the trainees practicing in the dorms and calling their families. I love the midi version of the “Me, It’s Me” song playing in the background. It sounds so sad, like a desperate plea for hope.

Second Round of  Level Tests

For the re-evaluation, everyone performs the “Me, It’s Me” song in front of a camera for the judges to watch together later.

A Rank – Lee Dae-hwi is the best. I hate listening to him talk, but love watching him sing and dance. Kim Samuel dances well too, but his voice cracks mid song.

B Rank – Kim Sang-bin is decent. Yoon Jae-chan fails.

C Rank – Justin is cute but not good. Hwang Min-hyeon (NU’EST) is good at singing and dancing, but messes up during his performance.

D Rank – Kang Dong-ho (NU’EST) sure is getting a lot of screen time. His dance skills are poor though. Lee Gun-hee’s voice falters.

F Rank – Jang Moon-bok is not a good singer. He looks really pitiful dancing. Kwon Hyun-bin just stops in the middle of his and looks down at the floor. Everyone’s like wtf just happened. He goes sits down and cries. Oh man, F group is just a sob story.

The coaches then gather to watch the videos. Most of them do worse than expected, but a few do well. It’s a bit emotional watching some of the kids try really hard. The coaches then meet up with the trainees and give them evaluation cards one at a time.

This episode ends with another clip of the performance of the M Countdown with the A Ranks and Lee Dae-hwi in the center.

The Produce 101 Live Rankings from the End of Episode 2
  1. Park Ji-hoon (Maroo)
  2. Kim Samuel (Brave) ▲4
  3. Lee Dae-hwi (Brand New Music)
  4. Ong Seong-woo (Fantagio) ▲4
  5. Jang Moon-bok (ONO) ▼3
  6. Lai Guan Lin (CUBE) ▲4
  7. Ahn Hyeong-seop (Yuehua)
  8. Joo Hak-nyeon (Cre.Ker) ▼4
  9. Hwang Min-hyun (Pledis) ▲2
  10. Lee Eui-woong (Yuehua) ▼1
  11. Kim Jong-hyeon (Pledis) ▲4
  12. Bae Jin-young (C9) ▼7
  13. Park Sung-woo (HIM) ▼1
  14. Kang Dong-ho (Pledis) ▲5
  15. Choi Min-ki (Pledis) ▼1
  16. Yoo Seon-ho (CUBE)
  17. Jung Se-woon (Starship) ▼4
  18. Kim Jae-hwan (-) ▲9
  19. Yoon Ji-sung (MMO) ▲16
  20. Kwon Hyun-bin (YGKplus) ▼4
  21. Justin (Yuehua) ▼3
  22. Lee Woo-jin (Media Line) ▼2
  23. Kang Daniel (MMO)
  24. Lee Gun-hee (RBW) ▼7
  25. Takada Kenta (Star Road) ▼4
  26. Yoon Hee-seok (Jellyfish) ▼1
  27. Im Young-min (Brand New Music) ▼3
  28. Ha Sung-woon (Ardor & Able) ▲6
  29. Zhu Zheng Ting (Yuehua) ▲2
  30. Lee In-soo (-) ▲3
  31. Hong Eun-ki (GON) ▼2
  32. Yeo Hwa-nung (RBW)
  33. Kim Tae-min (Hanahreum) ▼7
  34. Kim Tae-woo (Narda) ▼6
  35. Choi Dong-ha (-) ▲3
  36. Lee Jun-woo (F ENT) ▼8
  37. Kim Dong-bin (Kiwi Media) ▲3
  38. Kim Sang-kyun (Hunus) ▲9
  39. Yoo Hoe-seung (FNC) ▲4
  40. Kim Chan (-) ▼1
  41. Kwon Hyeop (Maroo)
  42. Lee Yoo-jin (Namoo Actors) ▲16
  43. Lee Seo-kyu (IT) ▲48
  44. Jung Hyo-jun (YGKplus) ▼8
  45. Kim Tae-dong (The Vibe) ▼8
  46. Kim Dong-hyun (Brand New Music) ▼4
  47. Lee Gwang-hyun (Starship) ▼1
  48. Roh Tae-hyun (Ardor & Able) ▲13
  49. Jin Long-guo (Chun) ▼5
  50. Woo Jin-young (HF) ▲5
  51. Kim Sang-been (-) ▼5
  52. Jeong Dong-su (SHOW) ▲8
  53. Im Woo-hyuk (Blessing) ▼4
  54. Jang Dae-hyeon (Oui) ▼3
  55. Yoon Jae-chan (The Vibe) ▲12
  56. Jeong Si-hyun (GNi) ▼8
  57. Park Woo-dam (HF) ▲2
  58. Kim Nam-hyung (SHOW) ▲17
  59. Jo Yong-geun (HF) ▲6
  60. Kim Seong-lee (C2K) ▲9
  61. Son Dong-myeong (RBW) ▼8
  62. Yoo Kyoun-gmok (Total Set) ▲16
  63. Ha Min-ho (The Vibe) ▼13
  64. Kim Jae-han (MMO) ▲19
  65. Lee Ki-won (2Y) ▼2
  66. Park Hee-seok (Gini Stars) ▲23
  67. Seong Hyun-woo (The Vibe) ▼13
  68. Lee Hoo-lim (YGKplus) ▼6
  69. Kim Do-hyun (Gini Stars) ▲17
  70. Byun Hyun-min (K-Tigers) ▼18
  71. Choi Tae-woong (MMO) ▲5
  72. Jung Won-cheol (HF) ▲9
  73. Yoon Yong-bin (Banana) ▲7
  74. Lee Ji-han (Pan) ▲16
  75. Park Woo-jin (Brand New Music) ▼3
  76. Choi Seung-hyeok (Yuehua) ▼6
  77. Jung Joong-ji (Wayz) ▼13
  78. Kim Dong-han (Oui) ▼21
  79. Choi Hee-soo (I.One) ▼11
  80. Joo Jin-woo (MMO) ▼3
  81. Lee Gun-min (RBW) ▼25
  82. Kim Hyeon-woo (YGKplus) ▼16
  83. Ju Won-tak (2able) ▲9
  84. Kim Yong-jin (Wings) ▲4
  85. Hwang Min-hyeok (Gini Stars) ▲13
  86. Choi Ha-don (Jackie Chan Group Korea) ▼13
  87. Yoo Jin-won (Blessing) ▼8
  88. Seo Sung-hyuk (WH Creative) ▲7
  89. Jo Kyu-min (IMX) ▲5
  90. Kim Chan-yul (Jackie Chan Group Korea) ▲3
  91. Kim Yeong-guk (I.One) ▲6
  92. Jo Jin-hyung (CS) ▼7
  93. Kim Ye-hyeon (Widmay) ▼22
  94. Choi Jae-woo (RBW) ▼20
  95. Ryu Ho-yeon (I.One) ▲1
  96. Han Min-ho (IT) ▼12
  97. Jo Sung-wook (Oui) ▼10
  98. Choi Jun-young (STL) ▼16
  • OUT: Nam Yoon-sung (I.ONE) (left the show for health reasons)
  • OUT: Kim Shi-hyun (Chun) (left the show for health reasons)
  • OUT: Han Jong-yeon (Maroo) (left the show due to a bullying scandal)

Next Week: team battles



  1. Anonymous

    Cant believe jang moon bok fell down to fifth

  2. Anonymous

    I have the same notion with you in regards to Daehwi. I feel he’s too extra (no, this is not about a boy being too much, it’s about someone being too much), but yeah, he’s talented alright.

    • Drey

      SInce daehwi’s getting a lot of fan for being talented (this, I admit) and “cute”, I thought I was the only who didn’t like him. To me he over-react too much and there’s just this pretentious vibe in him 😐

      • Annisa Rakhmawati

        For me, he reminds me of annoying version of Infinite Sungjong. The way they speak and react almost same to me, but Daehwi is way whinier. But boy definitely has talent.


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