Produce 101 Season 2 Recap: Episode 3

Episode 3: April 21, 2017

It’s early dawn. The hardest working trainees are still dancing in the practice rooms or memorizing lyrics in their dorms.

The sun rises, and now all the trainees are practicing with their same rank trainees. There’s a long montage of them training with narration by various trainees talking about how hard they plan to work to get that A Rank.

Re-evaluation Scores

We then cut to the re-evaluation score reveal from the end of episode two.

First, we find out who’s in F Rank. A bunch of D’s and C’s move down to F. There’s Pledis’ Choi Min-ki, Cube’s Lai Guan Lin who can’t dance at all, and C9’s Bae Jin-young who just kept looking at the ground while dancing.

Now for D Rank. Yuehua Entertainment’s Jung Jung, Justin, and Lee Ui-woong as well as Pledis’ Hwang Min-hyun all move down from C.

Who’s moved to C Ranks? Jang Moon-bok’s goal is to move to C, but unfortunately he just stays in F. It looks like a lot of F’s moved up including K-Tiger’s Byun Hyun-min.

As for B Rank . . . Takada Kenta moves up from C. He’s memorized the lyrics well despite his language handicap. Maroo Entertainment’s winking boy Park Ji-hoon also moved up from C. His dance was good, but the coaches note his singing is a bit lacking for A. Pledis’ Kim Jong-hyun moves up all the way from from D. The coaches praise his perfect jumping skills. No one was able to jump as high as him. He isn’t too happy about it though because fellow his NU’EST teammates are doing so poorly.

Now, who made it into A? HF Music Company’s Woo Jin-young moved up from C. He couldn’t help smiling when he saw his evaluation card. Then Ahn Hyeong-seop runs from the Rank D practice room into the Rank A practice room. He runs so fast that he hits his head on the door. Silly boy. Boa just nods her head like, “Okay, I get that you’re excited.” Ahn Hyeong-seop was the guy that vocal trainer Lee Seok-hoon said had absolutely no talent in singing. He must have practiced a lot.

There’s even an F Rank who moved up. It’s the Vibe Label’s Kim Tae-dong. He had just quietly practiced in the back. Independent trainee Kim Sang-bin, C2K’s Kim Sung-ri, Brand New’s Im Young-min, Baby Lee Woo-jin, and his bestie MMO’s Kang Daniel all move from B to A. That’s nine in total who did I miss?

The A Ranks are getting nervous, too many people are moving in, so that means how many A ranks are moving down? It’s time to reveal how many A Ranks leveled down. So far all of the A Ranks are getting cards that say they can stay.

Brave Brothers’ Kim Samuel gets ??? It’s blurred out. His dancing is great, but singing was not up to par. Luckily, his card is revealed to be A.

Fantagio’s Ong Sung-woo is also worried he’s moving down because his dance skills are lacking, but he manages to stay in A.

It turns out that no one from Rank A moved down, meaning there are now 16 trainees in Rank A. Good for them!

The First Battle for the Center

It’s another day. The trainees are waiting on a set, then Boa walks in to give them a mission. They’ll be picking the first center for the upcoming M Countdown performance that already aired on March 9th. FYI, season one’s first center was Choi Yoo-jung which obviously gave her a tremendous boost as she made it to the final 11.

Boa gives each of the Rank A trainees one hour to practice their own choreography for a one minute performance of “Me, It’s Me.” It’ll just be the 16 A ranks competing, and everyone else is just here to watch and vote.

Kang Daniel is up first. He wrote his own lyrics, but says he has to look at them because he hasn’t memorized them yet. That’s a big no no for a serious rapper. Baby Lee Woo-jin just claps enthusiastically though. The bromance between these two is so cute and unexpected given the age gap. Daniel is 22 in Korean age and Woo-jin is 15.

Brand New’s Park Woo-jin is up next. LOL at how someone refers to him as, “That kid from Brand New who’s not Lee Dae-hwi.” It seems like he’s really quiet and doesn’t interact much with the other trainees. He’s a great dancer though and he managed to memorize his own rap. His performance is so powerful and even finishes it off with a back flip. The other trainees stare with their mouths open. He gets my vote for center.

Im Young-min was the guy from Brand New who originally got B Rank. He moved up to A though. He raps around the stage, but there’s not much dancing though. It’s obvious he was nervous.

Then we get some more rap focused performances from Kim Sang-bin, Kim Nam-hyung, and Woo Jin-young. The first two are forgettable, but Woo Jin-young is decent, albeit a bit cocky. He raps, “I’m the center! I am”

Ahn Hyeong-seop calls himself the endorphine and energy, but you can tell he’s nervous, and can’t wait to get off that stage fast enough.

Next up is Kim Tae-dong, the guy who came up from from F, and he just completely flounders, missing the beat and then not being able to get his step back. He just jumps around and flops his arms, trying to remember the choreography. He sits back down and can’t lift his head up for a while.

Baby Lee Woo-jin spent a good chunk of his his practice time trying to untangle his earphones. LOL. Then he spent 10 minutes just watching the hyungs practice. He’s super nervous, but cutely says, “I think I’m going crazy,” and the hyungs just smile warmly at the baby. He gives the dancing his all though. I’d say he’s good enough to be a contender for the center, although not the actual center.

Then, Ha Sung-woon and Kim Sung-ro each give vocal focused performances.

Ong Sung-woo and No Tae-hyun dance their hearts out.

The two aces, Lee Dae-hwi and Kim Samuel, are the last to go. During practice Lee Dae-hwi practiced far away from everyone else, at the top of the stairs, because he didn’t want anyone to see, but he’s okay with spying on everyone else’s practice including Kim Samuel’s.

Kim Samuel is a little off with his rapping? His dancing is good, but a bit boring. It might be bad camera angles though.

Lee Dae-hwi does the season one “Pick Me” dance and song to the background of the season two.

Now all the trainees get to vote. The votes are down to Lee Dae-hwi and Baby Lee Woo-jin. Kim Samuel nods his head like in the background, “Yeah, I guess I didn’t do so great this time.”

Who got the center spot?

The Infamous March 9th M Countdown Performance

Fast forward to the M Countdown performance of “Me, It’s Me” which we get to see for like the twentieth time. The center is of course Lee Dae-hwi who a lot of trainees voted for because of his bright personality and performance.

Everyone who’s not Rank A is jealous of the cool moving triangle stage that the A Ranks get. There’s a huge gap between the amount of screen time As and Bs get even though it’s just a one rank difference.

The coaches watch the performance from below. Coach Cheetah gets best comment of the day when of she remarks that Takada Kenta looks like Joo Won. Boa’s like, “Joo Won? Which Joo Won, you talking about my Joo Won?” LOL

After the performance, Boa thanks the trainees for their hard work and the other coaches have words of encouragement as well. Dance coach Kwon Jae-seung, says, “I’m still thirsty, guys” Cheetah notes, “I heard the F Ranks cried yesterday.” Boa tells them that they needed the F Ranks for this performance and that eventually their hard work will pay off.”

Group Battle – Second Evaluation

It’s another day, another battle. The trainees are gathered in an auditorium when Queen Boa walks in with today’s mission. There will be a team battle with 16 different teams with 8 songs to master. That means the two groups with the same song will be battling each other. Last season, the winning teams got 1,000 extra votes, but they’ll be upping the ante this season to 3,000 votes. Yikes! That’s a death sentence for those who lose.

Also, the team with the most votes gets to go on M Countdown one more time. Meanwhile, Ranks 61-101 will get kicked out.

The eight songs are

  • 2PM’s “10 out of 10”
  • Beast’s “Shock”
  • BTS’s “Boy in Luv”
  • EXO’s “Call Me Baby”
  • Infinite’s “Be Mine”
  • Seventeen’s “Mansae”
  • Shinee’s “Replay”
  • Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry”

The team leaders will be chosen kind of randomly. The trainees groan.

As the center, Lee Dae-hwi gets to choose his teammates first. He goes with Rank A’s Ha sung-woon and Kim Samuel. Rank B’s Park Ji-hoon. Rank F’s Joo Hak-nyeon and Bae Jin-young and Rank D’s Lee Ui-woong. He’s a smart kid, picking all the issue makers. He calls his team the “Avengers.”

Meme boss Yoon Ji-sung sarcastically responds, “Okay Dae-hwi, you just take first place then” and sticks his thumb up.

Lee Dae-hwi then picks the next team leader randomly from a box of names.

It’s Hwang Min-hyeon. Fast forward to teams being chosen.

A bunch of F and D Ranks who don’t get picked are put into the final team.

The teams get to choose their songs by picking one team member to race towards their song, but there’s a twist. There are only eight song stands, so half of them won’t get their first pick. The eight teams that get the songs first get to choose which team they want to battle.

1st place was Kim Young-guk and he gets to choose first. Of course he goes for the team that got picked last which is Jeong Joong-ji’s.

Now that the groups and song are chosen it’s practice. practice. practice. They have one week.

Highlights from the practice scenes include

  • the trainees wondering whether Jang Moon-bok will be an asset for his popularity or a liability because of his non existent dancing skills.
  • Ong Sung-woo becoming the center of the “Sorry Sorry” team because he claims he has a “sorry looking” face.
  • Park Sung-wong being traumatized by the word “wave” as the infamous “abs” scene from the first episode still haunts him two episodes later
  • Rank A Kim Sang-bin refusing to let Lee Dae-hwi name their team the Avengers because they’re not worthy. He says their team may look big like bags of snacks, but inside, it’s just full of air.
  • Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Samuel, and former child actor Park Ji-hoon battling it out for center. It of course goes to the most good looking guy . . . wink boy Park Ji-hoon.

Group Battle – Performance Day

It’s D-day. There are 1,000 audience members who get to vote for the trainee they like best. They will only be able to vote for one trainee per song. If they don’t like anyone, abstaining is allowed. The team with the higher total score wins and gets 3,000 votes.

2PM’s “10 out of 10”

The “10 out of 10” teams are up first.

But first, we get to see them rehearse. It looks like the two groups practiced together a bit. Dance trainer Kwon Jae-seung yells at center Yoon Jae-chan for being terrible and tells their team to change center to Yoon Ji-sung. The teammates agree. It’s a good choice because during the performance, Yoon Ji-sung makes a lot of cute facial expressions.

Both teams have a lot of energy and I’d say they’re pretty much evenly matched. Hyun-min’s acrobatics are a plus for the All Back Team. His landing is spot on.

Results time.

Hyung Hyung Saek Saek Team

  • main vocal – Yoon Jae-chan – 51
  • sub vocal 1 – Lee Hoo-rin – 25
  • sub vocal 2 – Kim Hyun-woo – 58
  • sub vocal 3 – Yoon Ji-sung (center) – 66
  • sub vocal 4 –
  • rapper 1 – Kim Tae-woo – 85
  • rapper 2 – Kim Tae-min -72
  • total – 357

All Back Team

  • main vocal – No Tae-hyun – 27
  • sub vocal 1 –  Yoon Yong-bin – 18
  • sub vocal 2 – Hong Eun-ki (center) – 34
  • sub vocal 3 – Byun Hyun-min – 100
  • sub vocal 4 – Ahn Hyeong-seop – 163
  • rapper 1 – Park Woo-jin – 31
  • rapper 2 – Choi Joon-young – 28
  • total – 401

All Back Team wins . . . but that seems pretty unfair because they had one more trainee. Shouldn’t they be averaging the scores?

Exo’s “Call Me Baby”

Seeing everyone standing in a line, it’s shocking to see how short Jang Moon-bok is. Maybe some of the others are wearing lifts?

During rehearsals Coach Kahi calls out center Sung Hyun-woo for lacking impact. She wants Kim Dong-han to be the center instead. It’s supposed to be a sexy song, but Hyun-woo is just tough looking and not sexy. sob sob sob. A little crying is okay, but I hate when they spend more time crying than actually working hard.

During performances, I really like the Sung Hyun-woo and Jang Moon-bok’s rap combo. Their piggyback ride is hilariously awesome and their ending poses are cute too. The first group has a lot of great stage presence, but then again they are made up of mostly As and Bs.

The second group is okay, especially given how that have so many Fs, but Han Min-ho stands out as a talented dancer.

It’s results time.

  • main vocal – Kim Sung-ri – 24
  • sub vocal 1 – Yoon Hee-seok – 121
  • sub vocal 2 – Jung Won-chul – 15
  • sub vocal 3 – Kim Dong-han (center) – 76
  • rapper 1 – Jang Moon-bok – 123
  • rapper 2 – Sung Hyun-woo – 21
  • total – 380
  • main vocal – Joo Jin-woo – 70
  • sub vocal 1 – Lee Seo-gyu – 31
  • sub vocal 2 – Jung Shi-hyun – 31
  • sub vocal 3 – Kim Dong-bin – 79
  • rapper 1 – Jang Dae-hyun – 100
  • rapper 2 – Han Min-ho (center) – 42
  • total – 353

BTS’s “Boy in Luv”

We get just a tease of the first group’s performance, and the full performance and results get pushed over to the next episode.

Rankings from the End of Episode 3

1. Park Ji-hoon (Maroo)

2. Lee Dae-hwi (Brand New Music) ▲1

3. Kim Samuel (Brave Brothers) ▼1

4. Ong Seong-woo (Fantagio)

5. Ahn Hyeong-seop (Yuehua) ▲2

6. Ju Hak-nyeon (Cre.Ker) ▲2

7. Lai Guan Lin (CUBE) ▼1

8. Jang Moon-bok (ONO) ▼3

9. Yoon Ji-sung (MMO) ▲10

10. Bae Jin-young (C9) ▲2

11. Jung Se-woon (Starship) ▲6

12. Kang Daniel (MMO) ▲11

13. Kim Jong-hyun (Pledis) ▼2

14. Lee Eui-woong (Yuehua) ▼4

15. Yu Seon-ho (CUBE) ▲1

16. Hwang Min-hyun (Pledis) ▼7

17. Park Sung-woo (HIM) ▼4

18. Kim Jae-hwan (-)

19. Choi Min-ki (Pledis) ▼4

20. Kang Dong-ho (Pledis) ▼6

21. Lee Woo-jin (Media Line) ▲1

22. Kwon Hyun-bin (YGKplus) ▼2

23. Ha Sung-woon (Ardor & Able) ▲5

24. Roh Tae-hyun (Ardor & Able) ▲24

25. Kim Dong-bin (Kiwi Media) ▲12

26. Justin (Yuehua) ▼5

27. Lee Keon-hee (RBW) ▼3

28. Kim Tae-dong (The VIBE) ▲17

29. Takada Kenta (Star Road) ▼4

30. Kim Tae-min (Hanahreum) ▲3

31. Im Young-min (Brand New Music) ▼4

32. Yu Hee-seok (Jellyfish) ▼6

33. Lee Jun-woo (F ENT) ▲3

34. Kim Ye-hyeon (Widmay) ▲59

35. Kim Dong-hyeon (Brand New Music) ▲11

36. Jeong Dongsu (SHOW) ▲16

37. Jin Long guo (Chun) ▲12

38. Park Woo-jin (Brand New Music) ▲37

39. Yeo Hwanung (RBW) ▼7

40. Lee Gwang-hyun (Starship) ▲7

41. Hong Eun-ki (GON) ▼10

42. Zhu Zheng Ting (Yuehua) ▼13

43. Lee In-soo (-) ▼13

44. Kim Tae-woo (Narda) ▼10

45. Woo Jin-young (HF) ▲5

46. Kim Nam-hyung (SHOW) ▲12

47. Kim Sang-kyun (Hunus) ▼9

48. Lee You-jin (Namoo Actors) ▼6

49. Yoo Hoe-seung (FNC) ▼10

50. Lee Seo-kyu (IT) ▼7

51. Choi Dong-ha (-) ▼16

52. Kwon Hyeop (Maroo) ▼11

53. Kim Seong-lee (C2K) ▲7

54. Jeong Hyo-jun (YGKplus) ▼10

55. Kim Sang-bin (-) ▼4

56. Kim Chan (-) ▼16

57. Im Woo-hyuk (Blessing) ▼4

58. Lee Kiwon (2Y) ▲7

59. Jeong Joong-ji (Wayz) ▲18

60. Yoon Jae-chan (The VIBE) ▼5

61. Kim Yong-jin (Wings) ▲23

62. Jeong Si-hyun (GNi) ▼6

63. Ha Min-ho (The VIBE)

64. Choi Seung-hyeok (Yuehua) ▲12

65. Choi Tae-woong (MMO) ▲6

66. Jang Dae-hyeon (Oui) ▼12

67. Yoon Yong-bin (Banana) ▲6

68. Park Woo-dam (HF) ▼11

69. Son Dong-myeong (RBW) ▼8

70. Yu Jin-won (Blessing) ▲17

71. Jo Yong-geun (HF) ▼12

72. Kim Jae-han (MMO) ▼8

73. Byun Hyun-min (K-Tigers) ▼2

74. Yoo Kyoung-mok (Total Set) ▼12

75. Jo Jin-hyung (CS) ▲17

76. Lee Hoo-lim (YGKplus) ▼8

77. Joo Jin-woo (MMO) ▲3

78. Kim Dong-han (Oui)

79. Choi Hee-soo (I.One)

80. Choi Jae-woo (RBW) ▲14

81. Choi Jun-young (STL) ▲17

82. Han Min-ho (IT) ▲14

83. Lee Gun-min (RBW) ▼2

84. Seong Hyun-woo (The VIBE) ▼17

85. Jeong Won-cheol (HF) ▼13

86. Kim Do-hyeon (Gini Stars) ▼17

87. Park Hee-seok (Gini Stars) ▼21

88. Lee Ji-han (Pan) ▼14

89. Kim Hyeon-woo (YGKplus) ▼7

90. Jo Sung-wook (Oui) ▲7

91. Choi Ha-don (Jackie Chan Group Korea) ▼5

92. Kim Yeon-guk (I.One) ▼1

93. Ryu Ho-yeon (I.One) ▲2

94. Ju Won-tak (2able) ▼11

95. Seo Sung-hyuk (WH Creative) ▼7

96. Kim Chan-yul (Jackie Chan Group Korea) ▼6

97. Jo Gyu-min (IMX) ▼8

98. Hwang Min-hyeok (Gini Stars) ▼13

OUT: Nam Yoon-sung (I.ONE) (left the show for health reasons)

OUT: Kim Shi-hyun (Chun) (left the show for health reasons)

OUT: Han Jong-yeon (Maroo) (left the show due to a bullying scandal)

Next Week: the rest of the battle performances.




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