Produce 101 Season 2 Recap: Episode 4

Episode 4: April 28, 2017

Today’s episode of “Produce 101” begins with some scary music, kinda like in that creepy sound effect from the American TV show “Lost.” A caption reads “Voting Ends” with a countdown to when voting for the first round of eliminations ends. There’s just under twelve hours left.

Flashback to BoA informing the Produce 101 trainees about the group battle mission. Two groups will battle while performing the same song, and the audience will vote for the trainee they like best out of each set. The team with the highest total score will get an additional 3,000 votes, and after the end of the fourth episode, the trainees from rank 61-98 will be eliminated from the show permanently.

BoA also adds that even though it might seem like groups with more trainees have an unfair advantage, it’s not true because in the first season of Produce 101, there was a four person group that beat out a five person group. Sure . . . way to address the criticism Mnet . . . that makes things completely makes it fair. /s

We then see Kim Chan pick Lee Yoo-jin’s group to battle because of the remaining groups, his had the least well known trainees. This segways into some scenes at the dorms where the trainees talk amongst themselves about how harsh the battle is for those with no recognition and how desperate they are for the 3,000 votes.

Then the midi piano version of “Me, It’s Me” plays with the trainees practicing for the group battle. Aw Mnet, you sure know how to make my heart hurt don’t you. This may be the last TV performance for some one these guys and to drive that point home even more, Mnet includes a quote from Big Bang’s Taeyang, “I’m okay even if this is my last performance, just help me do all that I can. ”

Group Battles – Performance Day – Part Two

Now we go back to the performances which we first saw in last week’s episode. It’s D-day . . . again.

SHINee’s “Replay”

Team 1 is “Nuna, It’s Me” with Choi Min-ki, Lee Kwang-hyun, Justin, Jung Jung, Lee Kun-hee, and Yeo Hwan-woong.

Team 2 is “Come Here Nuna” with Choi Tae-woong, Lee Joon-woo, Yoo Ho-yeon, Kim Sang-kyun, Kim Jae-hwan, and Yoo Jin-won.

During Team 1’s rehearsals, center Justin says he thinks they can win because the other team isn’t exactly cute. Vocal Coach Shin Yoo-mi drops her pen, and Justin skips over to pick it up. Team 2’s center Kim Sang-kyun isn’t impressed though saying, “He’s overreacting.” Everyone, but Kim Sang-kyun, seems to think Justin is a great center.

Meanwhile, Team 1’s main vocal Lee Kun-hee is having trouble hitting the high parts. He’s injured his throat or something. Coach Shin Yoo-min tells him to keep trying and chastises him for not having confidence in himself. I bet Lee Kun-hee got teased a lot growing up . . . that’s why you shouldn’t name your kid after a famous person . . . they end up with low esteem. Well maybe not always, but often. Lee Kun-hee continues to worry that he’s going to ruin things for his team

During the actual performance, I have to admit, team 1 is pretty darn cute. Justin does a good job at being the center. He look especially cute with his cap snapped backwards. Lee Kun-hee manages to hit all his notes. Overall, it’s a good performance. They fit the song really well, and the ending poses were all cute.

Now for Team 2, aka the not cute team everyone on the team really wanted to avoid, “Replay” because they know it’s not a good fit for them. During practices, dance Coach Kahi compliments Team 1 then tells Team 2’s center Kim Sang-kyung that he looks greasy and needs to relax more. Kahi is like, “This song is about seducing older women, and you guys look like you’d be even better at it than Team 1 especially Sang-kyung” LOL. Sang-kyun blushes.

Later, Kim Sang-kyun is really stressed about it, and even hits a shelf to release his frustration.

During their performance, Kim Sang-kyun tries to make up for his lack of cuteness by pulling up his shirt and showing off his barely there abs. The group cute, they probably would have fit a 2PM song better, but at least they look cohesive.

Team 1: “Nuna, It’s Me”

  • main vocal – Lee Kun-hee – 94
  • sub vocal 1 – Choi Min-ki – 157
  • sub vocal 2 – Lee Kwang-hyun – 39
  • sub vocal 3 – Yeo Hwan-woong – 52
  • sub vocal 4 – Jung Jung – 19
  • rapper 1 – Justin (center) – 106
  • total – 467

Team 2: “Come Here Nuna”

  • main vocal –  Kim Jae-han – 37
  • sub vocal 1 –  Yoo Jin-won – 123
  • sub vocal 2 – Kim Sang-kyun (center) – 109
  • sub vocal 3 – Choi Tae-woong – 24
  • sub vocal 4 – Yoo Ho-yeon – 16
  • rapper 1 – Lee Joon-woo – 82
  • total – 391

Lee Kun-hee says he’s really grateful for his score, meanwhile Kim Sang-kyun says he accepts the results, but they’re quite bitter.

Seventeen’s “Mansae”

Team 1 is “Proteen <3” with Park Woo-dam, Joo Won-tak, Kim Tae-dong, Woo Jin-young, and Kim Yeon-kook.

Team 2 is “Reversal at the End” with Cho Kyu-min, Jo Sung-wook, Choi Ha-don, Kim Chan-yool, Kim Yong-jin, and Jung Joong-ji.

In team 1, the coaches applaud main vocal Park Woo-dam for his singing. Don Mills says its really refreshing listening to him. It looks like this team has good teamwork and is doing really good during rehearsals, hopefully that momentum will carry over to the performance.

Suddenly, Coach Shin Yoo-mi announces that Yoon-sung will be dropping out of “Produce 101” due to health reasons. He was sub-vocal 2, so Team 1 has to redistribute the parts with just two days left. That means Park Woo-dam is going to have to take over. He’s feeling the stress and starts to cry in front of his teammates. They give him a hug, not sure if that’s enough though as he makes a lot of mistakes during the rehearsals.

Their actual performance is pretty clean, although half of them seem slightly nervous. Not super nervous, but just a teeny bit and I wish they had better facial expressions. I like this team a lot though, they seem really close with each other. Park Woo-dam’s vocals are amazing too and backstage all the other trainees cheer as he hits the high notes.

On the other hand, the coaches are worried about Team 2 which is the team made up of leftovers, the ones no one picked for their team. Coach Shin Yoo-mi chastises the team for being so down. “If I didn’t get picked like you guys, I’d do everything to prove myself. But aren’t you just proving why you didn’t get picked? Are you here to announce that you suck? No one’s going to pick you if you’re like that.”

Then during Coach Kahi’s dance lessons, Jo Gyu-min tells her they’re not prepared. Jo Gyu-min is really feeling the pressure as the only D out of a group of Fs. After hearing. Kahi is pissed though at their no can do attitude. She’s like “What do you expect me to do? Why are you telling me that? Why are you even here? Do you think you can do it tomorrow? What about the day after? What about in two days? In three days? In four days? Do you think you can do it after practicing for a year? What do you expect to accomplish with that attitude.” Kahi is so scary when she’s angry. I admire her though as sometimes tough love is what these trainees need.

After hearing Kahi’s harsh words, Choi Ha-don tries to motivate his group to work harder.

Team 2 does manage to rally and come up with a decent performance. They lack cohesiveness, but at least they hit all the right beats in their singing and dancing and most of them seem like they’re giving it 200%, especially the now blond, Jo Gyu-min.

Team 1 manages to win by a landslide even though they have one less person.

Team 1: “Proteen”

  • main vocal – Park Woo-dam – 270
  • sub vocal 1 –  Joo Won-tak – 103
  • sub vocal 2 – (dropped out of Produce 101)
  • sub vocal 3 – Kim Yeon-kook – 7
  • rapper 1 – Woo Jin-young – 64
  • rapper 2 – Kim Tae-dong (center) – 180
  • total – 624

Team 2: “Reversal at the End”

  • main vocal – Kim Yong-jin – 22
  • sub vocal 1 –  Kim Chan-yool – 7
  • sub vocal 2 – Jo Sung-wook – 51
  • sub vocal 3 – Jung Joong-ji – 13
  • rapper 1 – Choi Ha-don 51
  • rapper 2 – Jo Gyu-min (center) – 7
  • total – 151

Park Woo-dam is shocked and even tears up at his score. He thought the fans would only like the good looking trainees.

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry”

Team 1 is “Super Mario” with Kim Nam-hyung, Jo Yong-geun, Kwon Hyeop, Choi Dong-ha, Yoo Seon-ho, and Ha Min-ho.

Team 2 is “This Stop is Sorry Station” with Kim Jong-hyun, Kang Daniel, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Sung-woo, Hwang Min-hyun, and Kwon Hyun-bin.

In Team 1, rappers Kim Nam-hyung and Ha Min-ho wrote a rap. Coach Lee Seok-hoon is like “Uh . . .why?” He thinks it’ll be confusing because the two teams need to compete while doing the same thing. I think it’s a good idea since it’ll help set them apart, but ultimately, Coach Lee Seok-hoon shuts them down.

He also calls Ha Min-ho out for talking arrogantly against Kang Daniel saying it’s unfair that he got a chance to rap for the show, while he didn’t.

Coach Cheetah then walks into the practice room. What good timing. She adds that they shouldn’t rap because it’s unfair to the other team but she’ll give him a chance during practice. Ha Min-ho chokes up a bit and does his rap, but Cheetah says the rap doesn’t even fit the song. womp womp. After being turned down by two coaches, Ha Min-ho says he’ll focus instead on doing his best during the dance.

Maybe I got tired from the rap drama, but their performance feels a bit forgettable? Even the jumping part was just so so for me. Not sure why.

Team 2 has a mix of everyone from A to F. Of course Kwon Hyun-bin is a terrible dancer because he’s a model and not an idol trainee. Kim Jae-hwan is pretty bad too, but I think it’s because he’s a singer and not a dancer.

Coach Kwon Jae-seung asks Kwon Hyun-bin if he truly did his best when practicing. We don’t hear his response, but we see clips of him napping and hiding from practices.

Leader Kim Jong-hyun (JR) of NU’EST is confident he can help his teammates improve and keeps trying to motivate them to practice more. He says that Kwon Hyun-bin sleeps too much. He practices for one hour, and then rest for one hour. Even softie Kang Daniel is starting to look pissed and says something needs to happen for Hyun-bin to get his head on straight. Kim Jong-hyun yells, “Hyun-bin! I didn’t say you could rest.” Kwon Hyun-bin replies, “I’m sorry.” Jong-hyun then continues to lecture him saying he’s not working hard enough, but in his interview, Jong-hyun says he’ll make Kwon Hyun-bin work hard to show everyone that Kwon Hyun-bin can dance. He’s a really kind leader.

Team 2 just exudes coolness in their sleek suits. I’d say they’re the best group so far. They have a lot of charisma and Kwon Hyun-bin manages to not stick out. The fact that everyone else is as tall as him helps him blend in a bit. The vocals are really good in this team too especially lead vocal Kim Jae-hwan. Also, Kang Daniel is one of my faves, so I’m a bit biased.

After the performance, Kwon Hyun-bin says, “Hello, I’m Kwon Hyun-bin, a trainee from YGKPlus. I really wanted to use this time to say something. I came here because only want to be a singer and truly want to debut. I gave everything up to come here. My hyungs are the same, so I’ll work hard. I want to see you again.”

Um . . . what a strange thing for one of the seemingly laziest guys on the show to say. Hm . . . I don’t know what else to say.

Team 1: “Super Mario”

  • main vocal – Choi Dong-ha – 40
  • sub vocal 1 – Kwon Hyeop (center) – 27
  • sub vocal 2 – Yoo Seon-ho – 93
  • sub vocal 3 – Jo Young-geun – 7
  • sub vocal 4 -Kim Nam-hyung – 10
  • sub vocal 5 – Ha Min-ho – 31
  • total – 208

Team 2: “This Stop is Sorry Station”

  • main vocal – Kim Jae-hwan – 75
  • sub vocal 1 –  Hwang Min-hyun – 108
  • sub vocal 2 – Kang Daniel – 33
  • sub vocal 3 – Kwon Hyun-bin – 142
  • sub vocal 4 – Ong Sung-woo (center) – 97
  • sub vocal 5 – Kim Jong-hyung – 67
  • total – 522

Ong Sung-woo jokes, “What did Hyun-bin do to deserve that score?” Kwon Hyun-bin jokes back by doing some stiff robot dance moves. He says, “Jong-min hyung, you suffered a lot because of me.” Kim Jong-hyun praises his teammates for working hard and tells them he hopes he can see them all in the top 11.

Beast’s “Shock”

Team 1 is “First” with Wang Min-hyuk, Jung Hyo-joon, Choi Seung-hyuk, Son Dong-myung, Seo Sung-hyuk, and Kim Do-hyun.

Team 2 is “24.5” Park hee-seok, Jo Jin-hyung, Lee Ki-won, Yoo Kyung-mok, Im Woo-hyuk, and Jung Dong-soo.

Team 1 had trouble memorizing the choreography. On top of that, Son Dong-myung broke his leg while dancing and is in a cast. Things definitely aren’t looking up for this group. Seo Sung-hyuk keeps comparing his team with Team 2 and already feel like they’re going to lose. He says they’re really desperate because no one on their team is well known, so losing the 3,000 votes is pretty much a death sentence for them.

During the performance, I’m really impressed Son Dong-myeon still participated and danced with his upper body despite his leg cast. It must have been hard for his teammates though to have to figure out a new choreography.

Team 2 is full of vocals. Coach Shin Yoo-mi is impressed with Jo Jin-hyung and Lee Ki-won particularly. On the other hand, Jung Dong-soo is upset he didn’t get a good part and instead sacrificed himself to take the rap part since he has a sore neck anyways, and his voice tone doesn’t fit the song. Don Mills doesn’t like his rap though. His dancing skills are lacking too. Uh Oh. At least he practices a lot. I like him, I hope he does well.

Their performance is really high energy which is really important is a song like “Shock.” I think it’s their attitude that gives them the win, because even though Team 2 has better vocals, this song is more about the performance than singing skills.

Team 1: “First”

  • main vocal – Wang Min-hyuk – 15
  • sub vocal 1 – Seo Sung-hyuk – 23
  • sub vocal 2 – Song Dong-myog – 105
  • sub vocal 3 – Choi Seung-hyuk (center) – 61
  • rapper 1 – Kim Do-hyeon – 22
  • rapper 2 – Jung Hyo-joon – 54
  • total – 280

Team 2: “24.5”

  • main vocal – Jo Jin-hyun – 68
  • sub vocal 1 –  Lee Ki-won – 112
  • sub vocal 2 – Yoo Kyung-mok (center) – 93
  • sub vocal 3 – Park Hee-seok – 5
  • rapper 1 – Lim Woo-hyuk – 61
  • rapper 2 – Jung Dong-soo – 45
  • total – 384

Park Hee-seok cries about his score saying, “I don’t know what to do.”

Infinite’s “Be Mine”

Team 1 is “BCF II” with Choi Jae-woo, Kim Ye-hyun, Lee Ji-han, Choi Hee-soo, Kim Chan, and Yoo Hoe-seung.

Team 2 is “Can’t I be Yours” with Lee Woo-jin, Jung Se-woon, Lee Woo-jin, Takada Kenta, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Sung-woo, and Lim Young-min. Looks like they have the oldest and youngest with Park Sung-woo and Lee Woo-jin.

Team 1 has another injury with Kim Ye-hyeon who decides to dance anyways. Not sure if that was the best decision. He needs to be thinking about his long term health and career.

Yoo Hoe-seung is a good singer and I like how he pronounces all the words really accurately. It helps get the message of the song across. The team overall is a bit lacking in energy though.

Team 2’s Park Sung-woo is uh . . . let’s say it’s even worse than Jang Moon-bok’s like a lot worse. Kahi says, “This is really serious.” To make it worse, his group chose him as the center because he’s the most well-known of their group. Coach Kwon Jae-seung screams at them during rehearsals for their sloppy formations.

During the performance, Baby Woo-jin is just the cutest thing on this show and even attempts his try at the ending wink. I love how mama bear Kang Daniel smiles at him from the backstage.

Team 1: “BCF II”

  • main vocal – Yoo Hoe-seung – 37
  • sub vocal 1 – Kim Chan – 96
  • sub vocal 2 – Choi Hee-soo – 28
  • sub vocal 3 – Lee Ji-han (center) – 39
  • rapper 1 – Choi Jae-woo – 99
  • rapper 2 – Kim Ye-hyun – 31
  • total – 330

Team 2: “Can’t I Be Yours”

  • main vocal – Lee Woo-jin – 87
  • sub vocal 1 –  Kim Dong-hyun – 45
  • sub vocal 2 – Jung Se-woon – 46
  • sub vocal 3 – Park Sung-woo – 76
  • rapper 1 – Im Young-min – 33
  • rapper 2 – Lee Yoo-jin -18
  • rapper 3 – Takada Kenta – 133
  • total – 438

Park Sung-woo feels thankful and sorry to Im Young-min because he got a higher score than him, even though Im Young-min put in so much effort teaching him to dance. Im Young-min is wise enough though to know that the team win is more important than an individual win if it means the team loses.

BTS’s “Boy in Luv”

Team 1 is “Manly Guy before Flowers” with Kim Samuel, Lee Dae-hwi, Lee UI-woong, Park Ji-hoon, Joo Hak-hyeon, Bae Jin-young, and Ha Sung-woon.

Team 2 is “The Manly Guy” with Kim Sang-bin, Lee Gun-min, Lai Kuan Lin, Lee In-soo, Kim Yong-gook, and Kang Dong-ho.

Coach Shin Yoo-mi yells at Team 1 aka “The Avengers” because their singing skills are subpar. She’s disappointed, but that’s what happens when you pick based on popularity and not talent. She says they have to do well because expectations are high for this group and so if they do poorly, it reflect poorly on the entirety of Produce 101.

They seem to have improved a bit during rehearsals. Lee Dae-hwi says, “We were always confident that we were the Avengers but the reality is different from our confidence.”

They look good during their performance though and the fire backdrop is on point. The girls in the audience are screaming and covering their mouths with their fan placards. Lee Ui-woong shows off his abs, Kim Samuel shows of his jumping skills, and Park Ji-hoon does another one of his winks pretty much sealing their win.

I’m a little disappointed with the singing, but oh well. It’s good enough.

Team 2 has a lot more manly looking guys like Kang Dong-ho (Baekho) of NU’EST so perhaps they have a chance with this song. Coach Shin Yoo-min think’s they’re better singers than Team 1.

During the performance, the dancing is a bit messier than Team 1, but their singing is much better. It’s a shame they got stuck against the Avengers because they probably could have won against another team.

Team 1: “Manly Guy before Flowers”

  • main rapper – Lee Ui-woong – 44
  • sub rapper 1 – Kim Samuel – 34
  • sub rapper 2 –  Joo Hak-nyeon – 93
  • vocal 1 – Ha Sung-woon – 39
  • vocal 2 – Lee Dae-hwi – 105
  • vocal 3 – Bae Jin-young – 66
  • vocal 4 – Park Ji-hoon (center) – ??? (it’s blurred out but it’s something high based on the reactions)
  • total – ???

Team 2: “The Manly Guy”

  • main rapper – Kim Sang-bin – 6
  • sub rapper 1 –  Lai Kuan Lin – 79
  • sub rapper 2 – Lee In-soo (center) – 27
  • vocal 1 – Kang Dong-ho – 86
  • vocal 2 – Kim Yong-kook – 15
  • vocal 3 – Lee Gun-min 30
  • total – 243

All 16 teams have gone now and BoA reveals which team had the highest total score. It was Manse’s Team 1 with 624 points, and as a prize for winning, they get to go on M Countdown one more time.

BoA then announces the 1-98 ranks. Here are the scores excluding the extra 3,000 vote boost.

1. Park Woo-dam: 270

2. Kim Tae-dong: 180

3. Ahn Hyeong-seop: 163

4. Choi Min-ki: 157

5. Kwon Hyun-bin: 142

6. Takada Kenta: 133

7. Yoo Jin-won: 123

8. Jang Moon-bok: 123

9. Yoon Hee-seok: 121

10. Park Ji-hoon: 113

11. Lee Ki-won: 112

12. Kim Sang-kyun: 109

13. Hwang Min-hyun: 108

14. Justin: 106

15. Son Dong-myeong: 105

16. Lee Dae-hwi: 105

17. Joo Won-tak: 103

18. Byun Hyun-min: 100

19. Jang Dae-hyeon: 100

20. Choi Jae-woo: 99

21. Ong Seong-woo: 97

22. Kim Chan: 96

23. Lee Kun-hee: 94

24. Joo Hak-nyeon: 93

25. Yoo Seon-ho: 93

26. Yoo Kyoung-mok: 93

27. Lee Woojin: 87

28. Kang Dong-ho: 86

29. Kim Tae-woo: 85

30. Lee Jun-woo: 82

31. Lai Kuan Lin: 79

32. Kim Dong-bin: 79

33. Kim Dong-han: 76

34. Park Sung-woo: 76

35. Kim Jae-hwan: 75

36. Kim Tae-min: 72

37. Joo Jin-woo: 70

38. Cho Jin-hyung: 68

39. Kim Jong-hyun: 67

40. Yoon Ji-sung: 66

41. Bae Jin-young: 66

42. Woo Jin-young: 64

43. Choi Seung-hyeok: 61

44. Im Woo-hyuk: 61

45. Kim Hyeon-woo: 58

46. Jeong Hyo-jun: 54

47. Yeo Hwa-nung: 52

48. Yoon Jae-chan: 51

49. Jo Sung-wook: 51

50. Choi Ha-don: 51

51. Jung Se-woon: 46

52. Kim Dong-hyun: 45

53. Jeong Dong-su: 45

54. Lee Eui-woong: 44

55. Han Min-ho: 42

56. Choi Dong-ha: 40

57. Lee Gwang-hyun: 39

58. Lee Ji-han: 39

59. Ha Sung-woon: 39

60. Kim Jae-han: 37

61. Yoo Hoe-seung: 37

62. Hong Eun-ki: 34

63. Kim Samuel: 34

64. Lim Young-min: 33

65. Kang Daniel: 33

66. Park Woo-jin: 31

67. Lee Seo-kyu: 31

68. Jeong Si-hyun: 31

69. Kim Ye-hyeon: 31

70. Ha Min-ho: 31

71. Lee Gun-min: 30

72. Choi Jun-young: 28

73. Choi Hee-soo: 28

74. Noh Tae-hyun: 27

75. Kwon Hyeop: 27

76. Lee In-soo: 27

77. Lee Hoo-lim: 25

78. Choi Tae-woong: 24

79. Kim Seong-lee: 24

80. Seo Sung-hyuk: 23

81. Kim Yong-jin: 22

82. Kim Do-hyun: 22

83. Seong Hyu-nwoo: 21

84. Zhu Zheng Ting: 19

85. Yoon Yong-bin: 18

86. Lee You-jin: 18

87. Ryu Ho-yeon: 17

88. Jeong Won-cheol: 15

89. Wang Min-hyeok: 15

90. Jin Long Guo: 15

91. Jung Joong-ji: 13

92. Kim Nam-hyung: 10

93. Kim Yeon-kuk: 7

94. Jo Gyu-min: 7

95. Kim Chan-yul: 7

96. Jo Yong-geun 7

97. Kim Sang-been: 6

98. Park Hee-seok: 5

After the winning points are added, the current rank is as below and will be added to the online votes.

1. Park Woo-dam: 3270

2. Kim Tae-dong: 3180

3. Ahn Hyeong-seop: 3163

4. Choi Min-ki: 3157

5. Kwon Hyun-bin: 3142

6. Takada Kenta: 3133

7. Jang Moon-bok: 3123

8. Yoon Hee-seok: 3121

9. Park Ji-hoon: 3113

10. Lee Ki-won: 3112

11. Hwang Min-hyun: 3108

12. Justin: 3106

13. Lee Dae-hwi: 3105

14. Joo Won-tak: 3103

15. Byun Hyun-min: 3100

16. Ong Seong-woo: 3097

17. Lee Kun-hee: 3094

18. Joo Hak-nyeon: 3093

19. Yoo Kyoung-mok: 3093

20. Lee Woo-jin: 3087

21. Kim Dong-han: 3076

22. Park Sung-woo: 3076

23. Kim Jae-hwan: 3075

24. Cho Jin-hyung: 3068

25. Kim Jong-hyun: 3067

26. Bae Jin-young: 3066

27. Woo Jin-young: 3064

28. Im Woo-hyuk: 3061

29. Yeo Hwa-nung: 3052

30. Jung Se-woon: 3046

31. Kim Dong-hyun: 3045

32. Jeong Dong-su: 3045

33. Lee Eui-woong: 3044

34. Lee Gwang-hyun: 3039

35. Ha Sung-woon: 3039

36. Hong Eun-ki: 3034

37. Kim Samuel: 3034

38. Lim Young-min: 3033

39. Kang Daniel: 3033

40. Park Woo-jin: 3031

41. Choi Jun-young: 3028

42. Noh Tae-hyun: 3027

43. Kim Seong-lee: 3024

44. Seong Hyun-woo: 3021

45. Zhu Zheng Ting: 3019

46. Yoon Yong-bin: 3018

47. Lee Yoo-jin: 3018

48. Jeong Won-cheol: 3015

49. Park Hee-seok: 3005

50. Yoo Jin-won: 123

51. Kim Sang-kyun: 109

52. Son Dong-myeong: 105

53. Jang Dae-hyeon: 100

54. Choi Jae-woo: 99

55. Kim Chan: 96

56. Yoo Seon-ho: 93

57. Kang Dong-ho: 86

58. Kim Tae-woo: 85

59. Lee Jun-woo: 82

60. Lai Kuan Lin: 79

61. Kim Dong-bin: 79

62. Kim Tae-min: 72

63. Joo Jin-woo: 70

64. Yoon Ji-sung: 66

65. Choi Seung-hyeok: 61

66. Kim Hyeon-woo: 58

67. Jeong Hyo-jun: 54

68. Yoon Jae-chan: 51

69. Jo Sung-wook: 51

70. Choi Ha-don: 51

71. Han Min-ho: 42

72. Choi Dong-ha: 40

73. Lee Ji-han: 39

74. Kim Jae-han: 37

75. Yoo Hoe-seung: 37

76. Lee Seo-kyu: 31

77. Jeong Si-hyun: 31

78. Kim Ye-hyeon: 31

79. Ha Min-ho: 31

80. Lee Gun-min: 30

81. Choi Hee-soo: 28

82. Kwon Hyeop: 27

83. Lee In-soo: 27

84. Lee Hoo-lim: 25

85. Choi Tae-woong: 24

86. Seo Sung-hyuk: 23

87. Kim Yong-jin: 22

88. Kim Do-hyun: 22

89. Ryu Ho-yeon: 17

90. Wang Min-hyeok: 15

91. Jin Long Guo: 15

92. Jeong Joong-ji: 13

93. Kim Nam-hyung: 10

94. Kim Yeon-kook: 7

95. Jo Gyu-min: 7

96. Kim Chan-yul: 7

97. Jo Yong-geun 7

98. Kim Sang-bin: 6

Voting will end on April 29 at 11 AM and the ranks will be announced at the start of episode five.

Next Week: Eliminations for ranks #61-98 and more tears.



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    Woaaa its already here thanks for the recappp!! Gonna marking my calendar for next week, so gonna check your blog before watch the raw me too me too im kang daniel super fanssssss too bad that time he not so famous like now, when Produce paired him and wink boy on the preview for this episode i tough that he get a lot votes, thats way im kinda shock when i know he only get 33 , and its kinda heart break for those who only get 5/6/7 (?) and didnt get the 3000 additional mark, ottokeee ,,,

  3. karie

    Thanks for your hard work!!

  4. Noah

    Be Mine Team 2 always had Kenta as the center… You could see he had the sticker on his shirt all along. They chose Park Sungwoo as the last member of the team because he had the most public recognition.


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