Radio Star Recap: Episode 499

Radio Star Recap: Episode 499

Episode 499: November 2, 2016

Today’s theme is red cheeked, adult puberty. Basically, it’s about immature adults.


Today’s guests are

  • Park Joon-hyung – the oldest Korean idol, a man at an age where he should be facing menopause, but is instead looking forward to his first child (48)
  • Park Jaebum – Swag hip hopper, AOMG CEO, and girl group groupie (30)
  • Lee Guk-joo – a voracious eater, with some “pink light” with Sleepy (31)
  • Sleepy (Untouchable) – got famous off his ex-girlfriend, famous off his military stint on <Real Men>, but then suddenly fell off the grid (35)

Park Joon-hyung walks in hi-fiving all the MCs. He’s so loud and upbeat that even Lee Guk-joo is embarrassed.

The MCs ask Park Joon-hyung if he’s facing menopause. Park Joon-hyung doesn’t even know what that is. (His Korean is not good.)

Park Jae-bum’s Women

Park Jae-bum says he doesn’t like sexy women anymore, he prefers cute ones like Girlfriend. A few years ago, a guy he knows was watching A Pink videos, and he didn’t understand the appeal, but now he finds himself watching girl group videos all the time.

The MCs ask him specifically which girl groups he likes. He likes, “A Pink, Black Pink…”

Park Joon-hyung, “He just likes all the pink ones. There’s a pink over there.” (*points at Lee Guk-joo who’s wearing a pink sweater.*)


Kim Gura randomly comments about how Wondergirl’s Hyerim has gotten really pretty.

Lee Guk-joo’s Dance Time

Lee Guk-joo had a filming last night, but she still prepared two dances for Park Jae-bum, Twice’s “Cheer Up” and Hyuna’s, “How’s this?” She said she prepared the Hyuna song because Park Jae-bum used to like sexy girl groups, and the Twice song is because she found out before hand that he now likes cute ones.


Park Jae-bum says he was surprised at how good she is, but she’s got a different feeling from Twice. *snickers.*

Lee Guk-joo says she never turns on AOMG music on her radio show because of Loco and DJ Pumkin. She won’t even turn on Lady Jane music because she dated Simon Dominic.

When Lee Guk-joo had just started doing radio, Loco said his label-mate DJ Pumkin really liked her, so the writers called him on air. They asked him if he would date her, and he said “NO!” without giving even thinking about it. It was an open recording with a live audience, not even a studio recording, so she was extremely embarrassed.

Lee Guk-joo looked up his photo the next day, and was like “No, thank you.”

Lee Guk-joo <3 Sleepy

Lee Guk-joo and Sleepy are on these days with a love line. Two years ago Lee Guk-joo was drinking with trot singer Hong Jin-young. Hong Jin-young called Sleepy even though they didn’t know him well. Sleepy got drunk that day and kept making passes at Lee Guk-joo.

Sleepy said that was his first time drinking with celebrities and he only met Hong Jin-young through his second <Radio Star> appearance, so he was just excited that day about meeting celebrities.


Sleepy told the <Radio Star> writers in their pre-show interview that Lee Guk-joo is a woman who changed him. She told him, “Don’t live your life like that.” Most of his friends are lazy like him, so they never said anything about his messy house or lazy habits.


Lee Guk-joo, “And he didn’t just buy one, he bought enough for the whole production staff.”

Kim Gura, “Ah…now I see why he did it. He wanted to look good to the production staff.”

Sleepy says he even waited at a famous burger place for one hour just to get her a hamburger. (He must be talking about Shake Shack which recently opened up in Gangnam.)

Kim Gura, “Are you sure you did this for real? It wasn’t part of a broadcast? Not even an internet broadcast?”

He bought burgers for the whole production team.


Sleepy also gifted Lee Guk-joo some shoes. They’re worth about 1 millino won (~1,000 USD) (btw Lee Guk-joo wears 270 mm and Sleepy wears 265 mm.)

But Lee Guk-joo rarely wore them, so she felt bad, so she gave him the shoes back, which he wore today. Sleepy thought she didn’t like them so she bought her pink ones as replacements. Lee Guk-joo, “You want me to give you those back too?”

Park Joon-hyung’s Snoring

Park Joon-hyung says he and his wife sleep in separate rooms because of his snoring. Park Joon-hyung simulates how loud his snores are and Lee Guk-joo says, “NO! No, it’s a lot louder.” They were both on , so Lee Guk-joo would know how loudly he sleeps.


Park Joon-hyung goes on a long rant about how painful surgery was for snoring.

Sleepy’s Sponsors

Sleepy has SNS Direct Message sponsors. A lot of housewives gave him their extra plates, gas stove, etc, just home goods and furniture that they don’t use, since he’s so poor.

However, Sleepy drives a luxury car since a friend he knows well gave him a Porsche to borrow.

Yoon Jong-shin, “What kind of guy who can’t afford a gas stove, but drives a Porsche?”

Sleepy says he got a lot of hate comments about him pretending to be poor.

Kim Gura, “Only teenagers think you’re rich, adults can tell you still look poor.”

Sleepy, “I’ll be rich soon, if not, I’ll go on <Show Me the Money>.”

Sleepy says he has over ten albums, so he’s almost there. He just needs one hit song and he’ll be rich.

He does impressions of Simon Dominic’s car commercial narration, then Bewhy’s telecommunications commercials. That one’s slightly better, but still bad pretty. Eric Nam’s hotel commercial impression is decent though.

Park Joon-hyung’s stint on <Finding Genius> Show

Basically during this part, the MCs make fun of Park Joon-hyung’s Korean skills.

Park Jae-bum’s Korean Skills

At least Park Joon-hyung is better than Park Jae-bum at Korean. He explains the difference between the Korean words for credit and debit to Park Jae-bum.


AOMG Hierarchy

Back when Simon Dominic guested on <Radio Star>, he said he wasn’t sure about his position in AOMG.

Park Jae-bum says they’re both CEOs.

Simon Dominic recruits a lot of rappers.

Kyuhyun called Park Jaebum out of the blue, just because he wanted to work with Gray, who’s under AOMG records.

Sleepy also wanted a Gray song, so he went directly to their office. He wanted a song from him for 2-3 years. He said he’d give him a song, and then cut off contact. Then finally recently, Sleepy got a call from Gray, “I’ll send you a few songs tomorrow.” Then next day he said he was busy, and never sent them.

Later on, rapper G2 was hanging out at the AOMG studio and called Sleepy to come over and hang out. Sleepy said Gray would feel awkward, if he went but G2 told him to come anyways.

But Sleepy said he understands that a lot of people want Gray songs, so he’s really busy, and doesn’t take it personally.

Kyuhyun, on the other hand, just assumed that Gray must have lost his phone, and that’s why he wasn’t contacting him.


Park Jaebum concludes by saying they’re all nice guys at AOMG.

Sleepy’s SNS Followers

Sleepy says he wants to be good friends with Park Jae-bum so that he can get more Instagram followers. If he takes a photo with him, he’ll get 1,000-2,000 more followers. If Park Jae-bum follows him, he’s predicting 5,000.

Sleepy says if the takes a photo with Kyuhyun that’ll get him 200 followers.

Kim Gura – 50 followers

Kim Gura + MC Gree – 100 followers

Yoon Jong-shin – 100 followers

Kim Kook-gin – 50 followers

Sleepy says he took photos with Black Pink, but YG management told him not to upload it online.

He also says that he’s really good music chart analyst, and can tell how long a song will stay on the charts by looking at that artist’s SNS.

Kim Gura, “Then you must know your rankings beforehand. How sad.”

Sleepy the Actor

Film Director Jang Jin’s office is located right above Sleepy’s record label’s office. Sleepy asks him every time he sees him about a movie role.


Sleepy says you never know so he’s prepared two monologue, a beggar and a gangster.

Kim Gura, “You already showed us a beggar.”

Sleepy tries to do his gangster monologue, but he laughs and fails. Sleepy, “I think I’ll just stick to music.”

Park Joon-hyung Heartwarming SNS Message


Back in 2014, when Kim Gura took a break from all his shows for treatment for his depression and anxiety, Park Joon-hyung uploaded a motivating message on his SNS.

Sleepy unfollowed comedian Kim Young-hee recently. Sleepy, “She was the only celebrity who publicly stated that she liked me.”

Lee Gook-joo, “Huh? She doesn’t like you, she likes his D.Action.”

GOD’s Hawaii Vacation

Right before their contract renewals, Park Jun-hyung, Kim Tae-woo, and Son Ho-young went on a vacation in Hawaii. They rented a convertible, and Kim Tae-woo was a little drunk, so he stood in the car and lifted his top. Park Jun-hyung was driving and got pulled over by the cops.


Cops, “Do you know why I pulled you over? Tell your lady to stay down.”

They thought he was a woman because of his moobs.

Song Time

Lee Gook-joo goes for Lexy’s “Let Me Dance” since Sleepy can do Teddy’s rap part.

Park Jae-bum does his song, “All I Wanna Do (K).”






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      I’m not sure of the exact episode, but Sleepy was on episodes 172-181 of “I Live Alone.”


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