Radio Star Recap: Episode 500

Radio Star Recap: Episode 500
Episode 500: November 9, 2016

It’s a milestone 500th episode for <Radio Star>, so it starts off with a Star Wars crawl detailing the show’s start from May 2007, back when it was just a minor segment on <Golden Fishery>.

To commemorate the occasion, the MCs all get presents and letters from the production crew.

The present boxes are so big that Kim Gura jokes that Kang Su-ji is hiding in one of them. They’re never gonna let this down are they?


Kim Gook-jin’s letter says, “Thank you to the big brother who’s never caused any scandals. We look forward to hearing some joyous news from you.” He gets 500 servings of noodles. It’s a humongous roll that’ll take him years to finish.

Yoon Jong-shin gets praised for never being late for a recording. “Please be the attendance king until the 1,000th episode.” He gets 500 restaurant coupons for the MBC restaurant. They’re worth 2 million won (~2,000 USD). Kim Gura complains how unfair it is that Kim Gook-jin got such a cheap present.

Kim Gura’s letter says, “Thank you for taking on the role of Radio Star’s bad guy. Please continue with your bitter words and disses.” He gets 500 powder puffs since he often wipes his sweat with a handkerchief during recordings. They’re worth 4,000 won each (~4 USD), so Kim Gura’s pretty happy about that. He’s feeling generous and even hands over a few to the other MCs.

Kyuhyun: “You endured 5 years of abuse from the older MCs. Have a good time in the army.” He gets a box full of hardtack snacks which are common in the army.


Today’s Guests: The Guests Who Helped Us Get to 500 Episodes
  • Kim Heechul – the guy who covered for us after “Mr. S*” left, the savior of <Radio Star> who lost his spot to Kyuhyun
  • Lee Soo-geun – decided to go all in on comedy after cleaning up his gambling scandal, 16 programs this year, a genius ad libber who now only has 4 programs, the expert at getting shows cancelled
  • Yoo Se-yoon – filled in for Kim Gura and helped save <Radio Star’s> ratings
  • Woo Seung-min – debuted with <Knee Drop Guru’s> logo song and three years after <Knee Drop Guru> ended, is still practically an unknown except as the blue tracksuit guy next to Kang Ho-dong.

(*Mr S = Shin Jung-hwan. I don’t know why they don’t just say his name since plenty of other celebrities who got caught gambling, including Lee Soo-geun, are still on TV. Maybe they’re doing it to be funny?)

Lee Soo-geun brings in congratulatory wreathes from Kang Ho-dong and “Mr. S.”


Kang Ho-dong also recorded a congratulatory video and reminds them of the time each of them guested on <Knee Drop Guru>.

He says he wanted to be a guest on the 500th episode of <Radio Star>, but he can’t since he’s on a competing show that airs in the same time slot.


They all looked so young and tacky back then. Kim Gook-jin worried about his love life, Kim Gura wanted to get on more shows, and Yoon Jong-shin was worried about his label’s failing artist Harim.

Yoo Se-yoon

Yoo Se-yoon saved the show when it was in danger of flopping due to Kim Gura’s meanness? He says he had a lot of fun back then, and really liked Kyuhyun.

Yoo Se-yoon has an “arrogant profile” prepared for <Radio Star> which was an old segment on <Knee Drop Guru>.

Woo Seung-min’s Knee Drop Guru

The MCs ask Woo Seung-min to make a logo song for <Radio Star>. It’s pretty cute, but he has a lisp, so he pronounces his “s” as “th.”


For a long time, Woo Seung-min made a decent living off of doing jingles for commercials. He even did the jingles for Kang Ho-dong’s BBQ restaurants.

Now, he’s quit doing variety shows and just does lifestyle shows. The MCs say he’s like the Yoo Jae-suk of lifestyle shows. Woo Seung-min, “No, I’m not at Yoo Jae-suk’s level, maybe just Kim Gook-jin.” LOL at the backhanded diss.


He says that lifestyle shows are tough because they always have to act happy. Even if the food they eat is bad, they have to pretend it’s delicious because of all the hard work the participants put towards making it.

Kyuhyun’s Replacement

Yoon Jong-shin asks Kim Heechul who he thinks should be Kyuhyun’s replacement once he goes to the army. He says only Mr. S can replace him.

Yoo Se-yoon adds, “Since <Radio Star> is such as tough show, they should go with someone with experience.” Yoo Se-yoon recommends himself. Lee Soo-geun volunteers as well.

Kim Gura, “We can talk about this later. Not in front of Kyuhyun.” Aw.

Lee Soo-geun’s Time off in Gangwon Province

After his gambling scandal broke out, Lee Soo-geun went into hiding into a rural area of Gangwon Province. He was touched when Kang Ho-dong came to have a drink with him.

Kim Gura also went to go see him, and Lee Soo-geun was really surprised, especially since they had a long talk, as opposed to just a short visit.


The others add that Kim Gura is not as bad a guy as he seems on TV. Same for MC Lee Hwi-jae. It’s kind of random how they mention Lee Hwi-jae, but Lee Soo-geun shares that Lee Hwi-jae gave him a few million won when he was having a hard time.

Kim Gura vs. Tak Jae-hoon

Lee Soo-geun shares a story about a time when Kim Gura got yelled at by Tak Jae-hoon. There were working on a new variety show when the producers told the MCs that they had to go into a gas chamber for a segment.

All the MCs agreed with each other that they would refuse to do it, but when it came time to do it, Kim Gura just went along to the gas chamber.

Tak Jae-hoon was so mad that he called all the MCs including Kim Gura and Lee Soo-geun to stand in a line and yell at them.


Lee Soo-geun imitates how Kim Gura stood with his hands folded in front of him, like a kid gettingyelled at. Yoon Jong-shin notes that must mean that Tak Jae-hoon must be above Kim Gura. However, Kim Gura keeps insisting that he didn’t fold his hands while getting yelled at, he just stood there.

Yoo Se-yoon’s Mom vs Dad Poll

Yoo Se-yoon put up a poll on his social media page asking, “Do you like your mom or dad better?” The results were

  • Mom: 801 votes
  • Dad: 118 votes
  • Both: 24 votes

Kim Gura comments that little kids like their moms, but the older they get, the more they like their dads. His son used to not care whether or not Kim Gura stayed out late, but these days he’ll call him if he’s not home at night.

Kyuhyun says that it’s because his son must have wanted to have a party at night.


Yoo Se-yoon shares a time when his son got in trouble at school for dancing when the kids in front of him fell during a relay race.

Woo Seung-min’s Family Life

Woo Seung-min says when he doesn’t have work he takes care of his daughter, makes her breakfast, and is in charge of taking her to daycare. He does all the housework too like the laundry and dishes. He says it’s because it’s his wife’s first child, so she doesn’t know how to do things. The MCs ask, “Isn’t this your first child too?”


Woo Seung-min’s sister-in-law is the tennis player Kim So-jung. She once played tennis with Yoon Jong-shin, and lost. She said it was because he was so yappy that she couldn’t concentrate.

She’s not married yet, so Lee Soo-geun comments that his older brother isn’t married yet. Woo Seung-min just laughs. He’s way too old for his sister-in-law. He’s fifteen years older.

The MCs all ask about Kim Gura’s dating life. Kim Gura says the writers have been asking him and Seo Jang-hoon about doing dating shows. It’s too soon now, but he’ll think about it for next year.

Kim Hee-chul’s Car

Kim Hee-chul says that he recently gave his car to his parents, so that others can’t talk about him behind his back. (It’s a veiled reference to Kangin’s drunk driving.) There are only four currently active Super Junior members, so he has to do his best to stay out of trouble. FYI those four are Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, Yesung, and Kyuhyun. However, Shindong and Sungmin are going to be back from the army soon.


Kim Heechul, “Ah! Shindong should join Radio Star.”

Kim Gura, “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Kim Gook-jin, “Don’t you need a car for when you’re dating?”

Kim Heechul, “It’s been a while since I had a girlfriend.”

Lee Soo-geun and Kang Ho-dong

Lee Soo-geun says that a lot of netizens have been complaining about Kang Ho-dong hitting him too hard on variety shows. Lee Soo-geun says that he’s just good at slapstick reactions, it doesn’t actually really hurt.


He has Kim Hee-chul and Yoo Se-yoon hit him, so he can show off his reactions. It’s all about jumping in pain and limping towards the camera. He also teaches Kyukyun how to do reactions properly since he’ll be working with Kang Ho-dong on “New Journey to the West 3.”

Yoo Se-yoon’s Impressions

Yoo Se-yoon does an impression of rapper Flowsik from <Show Me the Money 5> which just sounds like a dog growling. He does rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae’s infamous high chested walk as well.


Lee Soo-geun’s Failed Pilot with Actress Lee Young-ae

Apparently Yoon Jung-shin and Lee Young-ae were once good friends. Lee Soo-geun asked her about it when he did a pilot show with her recently. She says she doesn’t really remember him.

Lee Soo-geun and Lee Seung-gi

Lee Soo-geun recently went to see Lee Seung-gi who’s doing his military service in Chungcheon Province. He says he’s become completely masculine with tan skin. These days, visitors can go inside the military compounds and see how the soldiers are living. Lee Soo-geun saw that Lee Seung-gi he had a picture of AOA’s Seolhyun hanging on his locker.


Lee Soo-geun brought him signed girl group CDs for Lee Seung-gi to share with his superiors. They all went to eat when one of the leaders asked for the CDs. Lee Seung-gi had left him in his room which led to a high level operation to get them to him right away.

Karaoke Time

Singer Ha Dong-geun makes a special appearance since it’s the 500th episode. He sings a song narrating the history of the show and their notable guests.

Kyuhyun’s Last Single

Kyuhyun recently released his final single before going to the army, so Yoon Jong-shin asks Ha Dong-geun for advice on how to get a hit song. His song is titled, “Blah blah.” Unfortunately, Ha Dong-geun says he doesn’t really have much advice because he’s pretty new at it himself too.

Kyuhyun says that he got the song from Yoon Jong-shin and sings a bit for us. The MCs (excluding Yoon Jong-shin) complain about why they have to listen to it.


This episode ends with a music video of Kyuhyun’s new somg. That’s pretty kind of the production team to play it for him.





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