Radio Star Recap: Episode 501

Radio Star Recap: Episode 501
Episode 501: November 16, 2016

Today’s guests are people who might answer “TT” when asked, “What’s your name?”

They are

  • Shim Hyung-tak: a 14 year veteran actor known more for being a Doraimon fan and his Minion dance
  • Song Jae-hee: criticized for being Lim Shi-hwan’s adult version on <Moon Embracing the Sun>
  • Jeongyeon: Kim Gura’s favorite Twice Member, Girl Crush
  • Sana: Twice’s Sha Sha Sha
  • Lee Sang-jun: 11 years veteran comedian known for his toad and squid personas
Shim Hyung-tak Introduction

Last time Shim Hyung-tak was on <Radio Star>, he shocked viewers when he said he never buys underwear. Now, he has enough underwear because he’s a brand model for Bodyguard. Kim Gura asks him if he’s wearing that brand now. Shim Hyung-tak, “I wore them all so much they’re in the laundry.”


He’s best friends with actor Lee Sang-woo, but he didn’t find out he was dating Kim Soo-yeon until he saw it in the news. Shim Hyung-tak says he’s going to get revenge by not telling him about his next girlfriend.

Song Jae-hee Introduction

Song Jae-hee asks to do his self introduction as a rap. He was on <Tribe of Hip Hop 2>, so he’s practiced rapping a lot.

He was also recently on <Happy Together 3> and Kim Gura wonders if he has anything new to talk about. Song Jae-hee, “No I do. They’re very different shows. This one is a program with a message. I’m confident. Look forward to me. YEAH!”

He’s been trying to be on <Radio Star> for the past 8 months. He says he’s achieved a dream by being on <Radio Star> because he has a “message” to spread. He made a “Robot Fighting Club,” and feels like the world is being taken over by robots.

He’s from the 2G generation, so he’s used to memorizing everyone’s phone numbers, but now the “robots” are attacking our brains. Also, in the past, when his friends immigrated to the US, he couldn’t see them for years, but now because of SNS he knows everything. How is this is a bad thing?

He wants to spread the message, “If we don’t control them, robots will take over.”


Kyuhyun asks what he thinks of Shim Hyung-tak who owns 5 tablet PCs and over 30 game consoles. Shim Hyung-tak, “We only live once, so we need to enjoy all the good technologies that we can.”

Song Jae-hee, “Maybe you’re getting weak-minded because of Doraimon. Can you live without Doraimon?”

Shim Hyung-tak, “No, of course not.”

Song Jae-hee, says he tried to take a comedian exam.

Professional comedian Lee Sang-jun says he’s interesting, so he would have passed the first round, but towards the end, his talk lacks direction.

Song Jae-hee says after his appearance on <Happy Together> he wanted to keep going on variety shows to spread his message about robots, but his agency would only let him act. That’s why he tried to be a comedian? This plan doesn’t really make sense, but then again this guy seems to be lacking a few screws.

Jeongyeon and Sana Introduction

Kyuhyun can do a 2 x speed version of Twice’s “Cheer Up” dance since he practiced it for a concert. Jeongyeon and Sana try a 3 x speed version as well.


Sana’s original lyrics in “Cheer Up” were, “Shy Shy Shy” but she can’t pronounce it properly, so it ended up being “Sha Sha Sha.” She thought people were making fun of her pronunciation. I also thought this whole time that “Sha Sha Sha” was the original lyrics.

Jeongyeon’s older sister is actress Gong Seungyeon whose ideal man is Kyuhyun. This was back when Gong Seungyeon used to be an SM trainee. The MCs ask why she liked Kyuhyun so much. Jeongyeon doesn’t seem to really care about it, “I don’t’ know.”

Kyuhyun, “Ah I’m Shy Shy Shy. Why didn’t’ she say anything?” Jeongyeon, “Not anymore. It was a long time ago.”

Lee Sang-jun Introduction

Best friends Park Na-rae, Yang Se-chan, and Yang Se-hyung did well during their <Radio Star> appearances. However, Lee Sang-jun thought they weren’t that funny. Kim Gura says Lee Sang-jun isn’t the same kind of comedic genre as Park Na-rae, so he doesn’t expect much.


Lee Sang-jun doesn’t want to end up like comedian Hwang Jae-sung who became infamous for being so unfunny during his appearance, so Lee Sang-jun decided that he has to reveal one of his fatal secrets.

He got a hair implant and the hospital told him they would sponsor it if he would just record a promotional video. He said he’d have to film his surgery, so he decided to just pay the 5 million won (~5,000 USD) himself.

Shim Hyung-tak’s Dating Ban

Shim Hyung-tak is almost 40 years old, but his entertainment agency put on a dating ban. He’s been with the agency for 10 years, and it’s only now that he got famous that they banned dating.

MC, “How long is the ban?” Shim Hyung-tak, “Until I get married.”

Twice mentions that they also have a three year dating ban.

Kyuhyun says boy bands don’t have dating bans in SM.

Shim Hyung-tak’s Baby Dance

While on <Real Men>, Shim Hyung-tak became famous for another shocking dance. An acquaintance sent him a video of his son dancing. It made him so happy and since people lose a lot of innocence as they grow up, he learned the dance to remind himself of when he was a child.


Shim Hyung-tak is the first actor to have two hit dances.

Lee Sang-min & Jo Jung-suk

Jo Jung-suk was two years Lee Sang-min’s junior in college even though Jo Jung-suk is older. While Lee Sang-min was doing a sketch comedy show, he’d often stop by to see Jo Jung-suk in the musical where Jo Jung-suk would bow 90 degrees. This made Lee Sang-min uncomfortable since he’s younger, so Lee Sang-min started to avoid him.

After Jo Jung-suk made it big in <Introduction to Architecture>, Lee Sang-min wanted to get back in touch with him, but didn’t have his number, so he went to his SNS. Jo Jung-suk responded informally. Lee Sang-min, “Wait, why did I avoid him all these years?”

Song Jae-hee says he saw Lee Sang-min 13 years ago since they went to the same university, but they were different majors so they didn’t know each other well.

Song Jae-hee and the Truman Show

His mother sometimes looks pretty and sometimes looks ugly. He thinks it’s because it’s hard for one actress to play his mom 24/7, so the director of the supposed Truman Show must have picked 3 or 4 actresses who look similar.


He’s scared easily, so when he’s in scary places like parking lots, he always looks out for people trying to kill him? He has to move around like a ninja not to get caught.


A person nicknamed “875” sent in a message saying he/she lived with Song Jae-hee 16 years ago. He said he’d contact him if he made it big, but he didn’t.

Song Jae-hee is confused at first, then realizes it must have been someone from when he was in the army. The MCs ask why he’s standing in the middle of the photo. Song Jae-hee, “It’s because I’m the main character (of the Truman Show.)”

Jeongyeon’s Chubby Past

Jeongyeon only has a couple of elementary school photos revealed to the public. She says she was really fat back then, so she threw away most of her old photos.


Kim Gura asks what she liked to eat.

Yoon Jong-Shin, “Beef-bone soup.” (It’s a reference to Choi Soon-shil who’s also chubby.)

Karaoke Time

Shim Hyung-tak sings the Doraimon theme song.

Song Jae-hee sings a Shin Sung-woo song, “Toward Tomorrow.”

Lee Sang-jun does Outsider’s “Loner.”




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