Radio Star Recap: Episode 504

Radio Star Recap: Episode 504
Episode 504: Heavy Mental Special: December 7, 2016

Today’s guests are

  • Seo Ji-hye: A 15 year veteran who still gets street casting. An actor that Kim Gura really likes.
  • Tony Ahn: H.O.T. fans thought he only drank dew and didn’t even go to the bathroom, but was recently exposed as a dirty man.
  • Moon Hee-jun: A rocker with a million anti-fans. Life roller-coaster. Yo-yo dieter.
  • Seo Yu-ri: Known as the gamer’s goddess. The second Kim Ga-yeon.
  • Irene: Red Velvet’s visual member. The oldest SM debut.


Kim Gura comments on how pretty Seo Ji-hye is. She was born in 1984. Seo Yu-ri adds, “I was born in 1985.” Kim Gura, “You don’t need to tell us that.” Everyone comments on how Seo Ji-hye and Irene look alike. Seo Yu-ri, “I look like Hee-jun Oppa.” I like how hard she’s trying to get screetime, she seems like a hardworker. She says she’s gained some weight recently. Moon Hee-jun tells her she looks good, but to not gain any more or she’ll look like him when he was fat.

Kyuhyun shouts, “Fatty!” Moon Hee-jun gets a mental  shock, but then recovers, “Without me, you wouldn’t exist!!!”

Seo Ji-hye Introduction

Seo Ji-hye gained a bit of attention for her “swearing character” in the drama <Jealousy Incarnate>. She offers to say a few lines from the show. Kim Gura, “Do I get to be Jo Jeong-suk?” She just says a few short swears at Kim Gura. He seems a bit shocked.


Kyuhyun explains that her sixth grade dream was to be Tony Ahn’s wife and that he’s her ideal type, so she really wanted to meet him. Tony Ahn looks pretty happy to hear that, but Kyuhyun misread the script. Seo Ji-hye corrects him that she doesn’t like him anymore. Only the part about liking him in elementary school was correct.

Kyuhyun apologizes to Seo Ji-hye. Tony Ahn, “NO! You need to apologize to me.” LOL.

Seo Yu-ri says she was Kangta’s “wife”. Every girl back then wanted to be an H.O.T. member’s wife. Moon Hee-jun, “I’ll have a real wife very soon.” heh.

Moon Hee-jun Introduction


The <Radio Star> writers prepared some photos of Moon Hee-jun when he was fat and were worried that they were too harsh. Kim Gura told the writers that Moon Hee-jun would be okay with it for the sake of entertainment. Moon Hee-jun, “What?!?!? NO! It’s not okay!”  Kim Gura reveals the pictures anyways. Moon Hee-jun, “When I gain weight, I better not smile.”


Kim Gura then says he’ll show a photo of Moon Hee-jun in his prime. He accidentally takes out the wrong photo which is young Seo Yu-ri. She screams out and runs into the waiting area. They do kind of look alike.

Kim Gura then takes out the proper photo of Moon Hee-jun back during his H.O.T. days. Moon Hee-jun says he just needs to lose 7 kg to go back to that period. He’s lost 14 kg so far. He was 58 kg when he debuted, and 59 kg after he got out of the army.

The MCs take another look at Seo Yu-ri’s past photo. It’s from her second year of middle school. She was fatter back then and was into cosplaying, hence the strange hairstyle. The MCs tell her she looks like a Japanese idol member. Moon Hee-jun is so shocked at the second photo of her that he tells her not to say she looks like him anymore.

Tony Ahn Introduction

This is his first <Radio Star> appearance in four years. He’s anxious about filming in studios. He was also a bit uncomfortable about being on with Moon Hee-jun. He used to get yelled at by him often, and even though he knew he was just scolding him for fun, it was stressful. Moon Hee-jun, “No I wasn’t joking. I was really scolding you.”

Moon Hee-jun chides him about the time they did radio, and how bad Tony Ahn was at the opening comments. The MCs tell Tony Ahn to say something, pretending he’s on the radio. Tony sounds normal. Moon Hee-jun, “He must have improved.” pfft.


Tony Ahn admits he’s not the cleanest person. He’s on <My Ugly Duckling> which shows just how dirty his room is. Moon Hee-jun nods his head. They lived together in a dormitory back when they were in H.O.T. Moon Heejun,”Jang Woo-hyuk was really clean, but Tony’s room smelled like my maternal grandfather. It was good when I missed my grandfather.”

Seo Ji-hye says she’s seen <My Ugly Duckling>, “I really hope he meets someone good soon.”

There’s been a lot of news about a possible H.O.T. reunion, but Moon Hee-jun put a stop to the rumors because he felt bad to the fans who were anxiously awaiting. They got 90% of the way there, but the plans fell through.

Seo Yu-ri Introduction

Seo Yu-ri is from Daegu. The first place she went when she came to in Seoul was Ohgeum District which is Kangta’s hometown. She just walked around and smelled the air. She’s never seen Kangta in person before. The MCs tell her not to because she’ll be disappointed. He’s been balding.


She tells of a time when she coincidentally ran into Kyuhyun while backpacking in Spain. They were at a Korean Bed & Breakfast and drank wine together.

Kyuhyun gets flustered and says it wasn’t like that. He was hanging out by himself, when some guy asked him if he wanted to drink with everyone in the B&B which included Seo Yu-ri.

Seo Yu-ri says she thought he’d be at some luxurious hotel, and was quite surprised to find him at a B&B. She could hear him singing in the shower.

Irene Introduction

Irene is known for looking like Seo Ji-hye. Seo ji-hye acknowledges that she looks like her when she was younger, maybe a little prettier.  Kim Gura calls them both unrivaled beauties. Seo Yu-ri says she wants to be called pretty too. The MCs call her “unrivaled Hee-jun.” LOL.


Kim Gura says Irene’s the first idol to be this quiet since Sohee of Wondergirls. Kim Gura, “Haven’t you thought of trying to do something to promote yourself?” Irene, “I don’t usually talk.” Kyuhyun says this is the most he’s ever heard her talk.

Kim Gura, ‘TALK! I wan’t to hear your voice.”

Irene went to see Kyuhyun’s concert with the other Red Velvet members. Kyuhyun said he’d take good care of her, so she wasn’t worried about the <Radio Star> appearance. Yoon Jong-shin, “What have you don’t for her so far?” Kyuhyun, “I’m going to start now.” I don’t think Irene is going to get much screen time today.

Seo Ji-hye the Hot Headed Model Citizen

It’s story time. Seo Ji-hye was on her way back to Seoul by train after filming in the countryside. She was waiting at the train station when she saw some woman was fighting with a drunk man. She went to see what was going on. The woman told her that the guy kept following her after asking for directions, so Seo Ji-hye told her to sit with her. However, the man continued following her, so she yelled at the man to go away. The MCs say she should get an award for being a brave citizen.


Another story. Two foreign men were watching <Harry Potter> at the movie theaters. They were talking loudly during Dumbledore’s death scene. Seo Ji-hye was so mad that she told them to be quiet. They just said “What?” because they didn’t understand Korean, so she yelled, “SHUT UP!”

Her third story is about Choi Siwon. She was wearing a Korean hanbok dress during the filming of <Legend of Hyang Dan>. It was so hot, that she took off her top jacket which basically made her look like she was wearing a sleeveless dress. Choi Si-won yelled at her to put her clothes back on.

Kim Gura suggests that it’s because Choi Siwon likes her, and thus was being overprotective.

Kim Gook-jin, “Or he thought your shoulders were ugly.”

H.O.T. Reunion

Kim Gook-jin asks about the time Tony Ahn was drunk in front of Lee Soo-man while under discussion for an H.O.T. reunion. Moon Hee-jun narrates that they were drinking lots of wine that Lee Soo-man personally made. Tony Ahn drank so much that he was black out drunk. Tony then held Moon Hee-jun’s hands and asked, “Sir, give me SM.” Embarrassed, Moon Hee-jun blocked his mouth. Lee Soo-man just played it off as a joke, but Tony Ahn just kept going, “Will you give it to me if I get down on my knees?”

The next day, Tony Ahn didn’t remember what happened and was shocked when he heard what he did, so he went a text message to Lee Soo-man, but never got a response.


Another time, Tony Ahn got so drunk he couldn’t get home. He couldn’t remember his pass-code, so he called his roommates. Tony seems to get drunk often.

Tony and Moon Hee-jun do the Random Play Dance segment from <Weekly Idol>. They say they haven’t done their dances in years. Moon Hee-jun was in charge of the choreography, so he might remember it.


Moon Hee-jun is really good. He pretty much remembers all of the dances, while Tony just watches and tries to follow along.

The songs are “Happiness,” “We are the Future,” and “Warrior Descendants.”

Seo Yu-ri also does the random play since she was such a huge fan. Seo Yu-ri, “I’m really bad at dancing. Hm . . . she wasn’t kidding. She tries her best, though and even falls backwards. Luckily, Kyuhyun catches her.

She dances to “Candy” and “We are the Future.”

Irene Time

The MCs note that Irene’s the grandma of Red Velvet because she like sikhye and walking around in acupressure slippers.


The talk shifts to everyone else who talks about how they’ve gotten old. Tony Ahn and Moon Hee-jun make fun of each other for being old. Irene really doesn’t talk much. After a long time, the conversation shifts back to Irene.

Seo Yu-ri asks Irene what young people like.

Irene, “Um. yeah. I’m the same. What is there?”

Kim Gura asks if she’s always this quiet.

Irene, “I’m talkative with people I’m close with.”

Kim Gura, “Pretend you’re friends with me.”

Irene, “ㅠㅠ”

Seo Ji-hye’s Bad Temper

Seo Ji-hye attended Sungkyunkwan University. She was voted number 1 among her classmates for looks, but number 3 when including personality.

She also randomly talks about how she used to go to the clubs occasionally but her friends told her not to dance at the club because she’s so bad at it.


The MCs want her to show her dance skills. She just kinda shakes her body while standing stiffly.

Moon Hee-jun’s Hidden Camera Prank

The MCs ask about the time H.O.T. was part of a hidden camera prank show. The prank was that Tony Ahn pretended to have a contagious disease. Moon Hee-jun starts to explain that their manager called them to tell them that Tony was sick in the hospital and . . . Kim Gura interrupts to say they have a video clip. Moon Hee-jun, “Why didn’t you tell me that before, You made me explain everything!!!”

The MCs turn on and watch the clip.


A nurse told Moon Hee-jun and the other H.O.T. members not to touch Tony because he’s infection, but Tony kept asking for stuff like clementines, a back scratch, a head scratch, etc. Moon Hee-jun tries to figure out how to do these things without touching Tony. He even scratches him with a shoe because he doesn’t want to touch him, but eventually when Tony asks him to carry him to the bathroom, and Moon Hee-jun complies, risking infection.

Kim Gura compares them to the Sechs Kies hidden camera prank where everyone cried over one of the members getting hurt. He says the Sechs Kies members seems to care more about each other. Moon Hee-jun makes the excuse, “Well, getting hurt isn’t infectious.”

Tony Ahn had an inferiority complex while in H.O.T. He was always 4th or 5th no matter the ranking criteria. (He says Lee Jae-won was the other least popular member.) All the fellow members had dating scandals, but no one cared enough about him to report who he was dating.

The MCs ask, “Didn’t Moon Hee-jun have a dating scandal?” Moon Hee-jun, ‘NO!!!! Don’t talk about that again!!!” (He’s always made fun of for dating Baby V.O.X. member Kan Mi Youn)

Moon Hee-jun, The true ranking was me at #1. #2 was Tony, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place were neck and neck.

Irene’s Dating Rumor with Park Bo-gum

Yoon Jong-shin asks about her dating rumor with Park Bo-gum.

Irene, “There was no dating rumor . . . ”


When asked about his positive trait she said in an earlier interview that “He eats well.”

She adds that he’s well mannered and helps her up the stairs.

The MCs ask for ideal type. Irene, “Kind-hearted . . .”

It could be the editing, but this episode makes it sounds like Irene barely ever talks.

Karaoke Time

Tony Ahn and Moon Hee-jun do H.O.T.’s “Candy.” Moon Hee-jun wanted to do his new solo song, but gave into Tony’s wish.

Kim Gura calls Moon Hee-jun the emperor of live singing.

Since he doesn’t want to hurt Tony’s inferiority complex, Kim Gura also calls Tony Ahn the “emperor of look,” whatever that means.


Seo Yu-ri does H.O.T.’s “We are the Future.” Tony Ahn and Moon Hee-jun help her as back-up dancers.


The show ends with a final “heavy hental” test. Moon Hee-jun complains that he’s actually “glass mental.” Kim Gura takes out “shocking” pictures of each guest, while they have to look on.



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