Radio Star Recap: Episode 505

Radio Star Recap: Episode 505
Episode 505: The Real Chatter Story Mouth Special: December 14, 2016

Today’s guests are people who love to talk.

  • Kim Jae-won: Got his start on SBS’s <Romance>, but now works at MBC seven days a week. The original killer smile.
  • Lee Soo-kyung: She looks uppity, but she ruined her image through <I Live Alone>.
  • Kim Sun-young: It’s been a year since <Reply 1988> ended, but she’s still just known as Sun-woo’s mom. 
  • Hwang Dong-joo: Ajummas know him as “Ah! That bad guy.”

Kim Jae-won was on the show <Four Sons and One Daughter> with Kim Gura who complains that they suffered a lot on that show. 

Lee Soo-kyung says that she has a long neck. She dressed today to flaunt it. 

Kim Sun-young also gets called out on her physical features. The MCs note that she has really broad shoulders. Actually, she claims that her shoulders aren’t broad, it’s that her shoulders are high up. 

Hwang Dong-joo is dressed like a hip hop rapper. 

Kim Jae-won’s First Impressions

Kim Jae-won says Lee Soo-kyung looks like a beagle, like someone who grew up receiving a lot of love, whereas Kim Gura is a pug. No one loves him. Kim Gura comments that the other two guests must be beagles too because they keep laughing. 

Kim Gura asks about their marital status. Kim Sun-young says she’s married. Kim Sun young’s husband works in production. He’s the director of a theater company called Nabe. 

Hwang Dong-joo says he’s not married. He’s 43 years old and debuted in 2000 through the children’s drama, <Fairy Comie.>

Lee Soo-kyung’s <I Live Alone>

Lee Soo-kyung was in the news recently for her hilarious antics on <I Live Alone>. Fore example, she only washes the front of her hair before going out. She says that it’s not like someone is going to smell her hair, so there’s no need to wash it thoroughly. Since she has long hair, it takes to long to wash and dry the whole thing.

Her company is worried about her ruining her image. When she first debuted, she went on “weird” variety shows like <X-man>, but she worked really hard, especially on the dancing segments. She shows off some of her dancing skills. It really takes me back to the days when variety shows would open with a dance off. 

On <I Live Alone> she also showed her love for stationary store trinkets. She loves playing with jellies. A production staff member brings out some jelly. She’s excited because she really wanted this particular brand, but couldn’t buy it because it was sold out. She’s happy that she even gets to keep it. 

Kim Gura, “But don’t women not like these kinds of things?” Kim Sun-young, “Yes, they do.”

Kim Gura, “Do you like flubby men too?” Huh? Yoon Jong-shin says jiggly men would just flail around.

The MCs ask why Lee Soo-kyung wasn’t excited to be co-stars with Kim Jae-won. Lee Soo-kyung says when she was younger, her costars were young, good looking bachelors, but these days shes paired with married guys like Kim Jae-won and Oh Ji-ho. She also mentions Kang Kyung-joon who has a fiancee. 

Kim Gura asks if there are any male actors she wants to work with. Lee Soo-kyung says she’s a fan of Zico. Kim Gura, “How random.”

Kim Sun-young’s Special Talent

Kim Sun-young has a “talented face.” Before she got botox, she looked like Park Kyung-rim and Ahn Sang-tae too. She claims she really did looked like them, but the writers prepared the wrong photos. 

Kim Sun-young is also known for not knowing celebrities. She was so surprised at Hyeri’s acting during <Reply 1988> that she told her she’d become famous one day. Hyeri angrily yelled at her, “Unnie! I’m already famous.”

Also, Yoo Yeon-suk said he paid a lot of taxes, so she asked him if he was a star. She even asked Nam Sang-mi if she wanted to be an actress. 

She gets quizzed on if she knows who Kim Gook-jin’s girlfriend is. She replies, “Kang Su-ji.” She’s been studying up on celebrities. She also knows that Kim Gura is divorced and looked up Kyuhyun’s music video, “Blah Blah.”

Hwang Dong-joo says that she didn’t recognize him and thought he was a production staff member. Hwang Dong-joo laughs.

Hwang Dong-joo’s Laughter

Hwang Dong-joo has a really peculiar laugh. It sounds like fake laughter, like someone’s overreacting. He says he got scolded by his seniors for the way he laughs. 

Hwang Dong-joo says he looks younger than he, so he always plays young characters. He played Hwang Woo-seul-hye’s younger husband even though he’s five years younger than her. He also played Park Hae-jin’s work junior when he’s nine years older.

He’s known for his adultery. Kim Gook-jin, “You mean in dramas?” Hwang Dong-ju, “Hahahahahahah. Of course. Hahahahaha I’m not married. Hahahaha.” His laugh is so weird. 

Kim Gura, “I must be really funny or something.”

Hwang Dong-joo says that he doesn’t cheat in real life, but has been cheated on before. Some guy once called his girlfriend’s phone, so he picked up and asked who he was. He claimed he was seeing his girlfriend while the girlfriend said he was just an ex-boyfriend. The three of tehm decided to meet up to see who was telling the truth. 

While taking the bus to go meet up with them, he saw his girlfriend out the window holding hands with that guy. He called her and she lied and said she was walking alone. She also had a third guy on the side. 

Lee Soo-kyung, “TT”

Guru Kim 

Kim Jae-won became financially independent at a young age, so often counsels his friends in dating, work, etc. He also liked meditating in the mountains, so people nicknamed him Guru Kim.

Designer Hwang Jae-sun says that Kim Jae-won orders weird clothes. He likes unique, mysterious clothes. The designer has a hard time because he has such abstract requests. 

Kim Jae-won talks about how he likes to meditate and uses breathing techniques to solve various health problems. Lee Soo-kyung says he helped her with stomach cramps. Kim Jae-won says that it’s best to breathe in for 6 seconds, pause for 2 seconds, and breath out for 7 seconds.

He shows how long he can go without breathing. Kyuhyun times him, while Lee Soo-kyung checks to see if he’s really holding his breath. 

Yoon Jong-shin jokes, “<Radio Star> has never been this quiet.” Lee Jae-won laughs at that and accidentally starts breathing. It’s been 1 minute and 25 seconds. 

Lee Soo-kyung’s Hobbies

Lee Soo-kyung is the type to start something new and then quit after a week. She’s tried cooking, Taekkyeon, climbing, and salsa dancing, but usually gives up after a month even though she buys all the equipment for her new hobbies. Yoon Jong-shin notes that that the kind of customer that all industries look forward to.

Lee Soo-kyung shows off her Taekkyeon and salsa skills, but both just look like she’s flopping her arms around. 

The MCs ask Kim Jae-won to show his dance skills too.

Hwang Dong-joo says he got vocal and dance training so that he could go on <King of Mask Singer> but never got a reply from the producers. Kim Gura asks if he’s okay with getting eliminated after round one. He is. Kim Gura, “Then you’ll get a call from the producers soon.”

Hwang Dong-joo sings Park Nam-jung’s “Missing You.” 

Lee Soo-kyung continues talking about her short term hobbies. She has a high tone voice, so she learned Chang which is a Korean traditional folk singing method. She also had to sing and play the guitar for her new drama <Father, I’ll Take Care of You>. She learned for two months. She brags that she can’t do the fingerprint ID thing on her cellphone because she practiced so much. She sings a song and takes out a guitar. “I bought it with my own money.”

Kim Sun-young and Beautiful People

Kim Sun-young said that when she first saw Kim Jae-won, she thought he looked better on screen. Kim Sun-young backpeddles and says that he looks better now. Kim Jae-won, “It’s because I was sick at the time.”

Kim Sun-young says that she flutters when she sees pretty women. She’s been doing mostly plays, so she’s not used to being around good looking people. She was shocked at how good looking Oh Yeon-seo and Yoon Sang-hyun are.

Hwang Dong-joo’s Ideal Type

Hwang Dong-joo is a big fan of comedian Lee Young-ja, espeically when he was in his twenties. At the time he was under the same management company as Lee Sang-ah. She said Lee Young-ja was doing an interview with her and called him to come to the interview. He did his hair dozens of times. 

He said hello to Lee Young-ja, but that was pretty much it. 

He often imagined what it’d be like to date her. Kim Gura says that Lee Young-ja doesn’t have a boyfriend. Hwang Dong-ju, “Doesn’t she like Oh Man-seok?” Kim Gura, “No, that’s just for the sake of entertainment. ” (Lee Young-ja and Oh Man-seok are co-MCs on the talk show <Taxi>.)

Hwang Dong-joo says he watches all her shows even today.

He’s also a huge fan of Thailand. He likes the food and ss soon as he gets off the plane, there’s a pleasant scent of Thailand. Kyuhyun comments that he is the main model of a Thai brand seaweed.

Kim Jae-won the Great

Kim Jae-won says he was in his mother’s stomach for 13 months like the legendary General Kim Yoon-shin. Kim Gook-jin, “I heard the longer you stay in your mother’s stomach, the smarter you are.” Lee Jae-won, “I don’t think so.” He says he looked like the Michelin tire mascot when he was born. 

His father is 191 cm tall and his sister is 176 cm tall, so he used to carry dumbbells on his shoulder while walking around, so that he wouldn’t grow. He was already 183 cm by the time he was in middle school. 

He says he can do 3,000 push-ups. Kyuhyun, “Something smells fishy.” Kim Jae-won explains that he saw the movie <Beat> where says one of the characters does 200 push-ups a day. He started doing it too and increased the number until he got to 3,000, but the next day he couldn’t get up. 

To prove that he could once do 3,000 push-ups, he does 50 push-ups in 35 seconds. The MCs tell Kyuhyun to do it too for comparison.  Kyuhyun, ‘No~ I don’t have to. I believe that he can do 3,000.”

Lee Soo-kyung’s Cult Encounter

When Lee Soo-kyung was just twenty years old, she followed some cult members who told her she was fortunate looking. The stranger said someone in her family would be sick, so she followed her to some cult place. 

There. they did an ancestry ceremony and asked Lee Soo-kyung to offer money. She only has 10,000 won but needed some for the bus fee, so she only paid half of that. They then fed her and gave her drinks. The MCs respond, “Then that wasn’t a pretty good deal.”

Hwang Dong-joo’s Glasses

Hwang Dong-joo owns over 100 glasses. He started wearing glasses after PDs made him because he looked too rough without glasses. He got so used to glasses, that he now collects them. He says no one recognizes him when he takes off his glasses. 

Kim Jae-won’s Childhood

Kyuhyun says Kim Jae-won looks like he’s lived an easy life. Kim Jae-won says he hadn’t. He used to deliver Chosun Ilbo newspapers, and was once sick for two days and couldn’t do it, so he only got 1/10 of his pay. He complained to his boss about the drastic pay cut, and got beaten. Some kids outside told him, “Hey there’s this new newspaper called Hankyoreh and they pay better,” so he switched over.

His father was a professor and there were lots of books in his study. His father never read them, so he sold the books to his classmates. 

He did his military service with Boom, Yang Se-hyung, and Dynamic Duo. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo randomly asked him if he’s touched Boom’s butt. Kim Jae-won, “Are you crazy?! Why would I do that?!” but then he saw how white and clean his butt was and wanted to try touching it. He says he rarely saw Boom sitting, so that’s why his butt is so round and soft. 

Karaoke Time

Kim  Jae-won does Lee Eun-mi’s “Nocturn” Everyone is shocked at how good he is at singing.

Kim Sun-young sings Yang Hee-eun’s “Evergreen Tree.” She’s good too.

Kim Gook-jin, ‘Everyone’s so good at singing except Lee Soo-kyung who plays a singer in her drama.”

Closing Comments

Lee Jae-won does a closing like it’s the end of <The Real Story Eye> which he hosts. 


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