Radio Star Recap: Episode 506

Radio Star Recap: Episode 506
Episode 506: I’m So Sorry But I Love You Big Bang Special: December 21, 2016

Today’s guest is Big Bang. 

  • G-Dragon – In charge of wealth. The richest idol producer. Wealthy in friends including Pharrell Williams and Will Smith. Fan rich with 11,500,000 followers. Rich in scandals. Big Bang’s leader.
  • T.O.P. – In charge of charisma, but cries easily since he doesn’t have many days left until his military enlistment.
  • Taeyang – In charge of taking his shirt off, but can’t take off his shoes. Min Hyo-rin’s boyfriend.
  • Daesung – In charge of good tastes. Rather than Big Bang’s sophisticated music, he’s more suited for songs like “Look At Me Gwi Soon.” 
  • Seungri – In charge of being yelled at. Was often cursed at by his group members during their debut. Cursed at once a day by Yang Hyun-suk for his scandals.


No introductions today? I guess the guests are too famous for that. 

Yang Hyun-suk on Radio Star?

It’s everyone’s first time on <Radio Star> except for Daesung. At first, they were scared to go on <Radio Star>, but Yang Hyun-suk convinced them by saying he would go on with them and take care of Kim Gura. T.O.P. was so thankful that he kissed Yang Hyun-suk on the spot.

The MCs want Seo Taiji and Lee Jun-ho along with Yang Hyun-suk for guests.

Seungri says he always sits on the end when they meet up. He’s jealous and wants to be close enough to kiss Yang Hyun-suk too. Yoon Jong-shin asks, “Aren’t you guys famous enough not to be scared of Yang Hyun-suk?” Seungri replies, “I talk to him all the time, but if I kissed him, I’d get beaten.”

T.O.P. is Mr. Sensitive

Kim Gura heard that T.O.P. was so nervous today that he took some medication. He admits that he took some for his anxiety. Kim Gura, “But T.O.P. doesn’t have anything to worry about, unlike G-Dragon.”

Ironically G-Dragon is more worried about T.O.P. because he’s very sensitive and gets hurt easily. He adds that T.O.P. cries easily too. He’s going to the military in February 2017. The MCs ask Kyuhyun when he’s going. He just down. 

The MCs ask when the others will go to the military. Seungri says they’re trying to time things so that the group collectively spends the least amount of time away. Kim Gura says maybe he should join Winner while his hyungs are in the military. Kyuhyun, “Or you could join Black Pink.”

Yoon Jong-shin notes that T.O.P. started to sulk during their <Infinite Challenge> filming. G-Dragon explains that they were asked, “If you had a sister, who would you least want to introduce her to?” The other four members all picked T.O.P. Afterwards, he told them he felt upset about that even though they were just joking. 

This part was actually not aired during last Saturday’s <Infinite Challenge>, but you can read that episode recap with Big Bang here.

Seungri’s Variety Skills

Seungri was originally in charge of variety shows, but he’s apparently not funny anymore. G-Dragon says that he used to have a good character for varieties since he was good at exaggerating. For example, he was good on <Strong Heart>, but recently he started to become more careful of his words. Kim Gura, “That’s why I said he should change groups to Winner.”

G-Dragon adds that Seungri’s very good at languages including Chinese and Japanese. On the other hand, Daesung is good too. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, he makes everyone burst out laughing.  

G-Dragon, “Seungri studied a lot of Japanese, and a lot of Japanese comedians are from Osaka, so he studied the accent too.” Seungri says he had to study Japanese really hard because the other four members were so popular, that he needed a way to beat them. When he talks in Japanese, they can’t understand. G-Dragon interrupts, “Actually we do understand, but you’re just too boring . . . “

Yoon Jong-shin asks about the difference in Japanese and Korean humor. Seungri says that Kim Gura would do well in Japan. He nicknames him Money Gura. (Kane Gura.)

Min Hyo-rin’s “Eye, Nose, Lips”

Min Hyo-rin guested on Radio Star a while back. The MCs asked her about Tayang’s song “Eye, Nose, Lips,” and she said that she’d prefer if Taeyang talked about it. Now that he’s on <Radio Star> the MCs want an explanation. Taeyang says the song is based on his own life when he was dating Min Hyo-rin.

G-Dragon adds that he suggested that Min Hyo-rin be the female lead of the music video for “1AM” which features Min Hyo Rin, but it turned out that he was already interested in her. G-Dragon adds that even though it’s a sad song, Taeyang kept smiling during the music video filming. 

Daesung says that he wants to sing a song based on his life too, maybe he’ll call it, “Arms and Legs.” LOL. G-Dragon was right that Daesung doesn’t talk much, but when he does, he’s hilarious.

When Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin broke up temporarily, G-Dragon says that Taeyang looked really sad. He can tell whenever they fight because he sighs all day long when they do. Taeyang notes that it’s been 3 years since they were dating. 

Big Bang’s Dating Styles

T.O.P says that whenever he asks Taeyang if they fought, he says “It’s all my fault.” He even goes to say that his entire existence is his fault. Taeyang says he’s not good at expressing himself. Kim Gook-jin gives him some dating tips and tells him not to go all in.

Taeyang says that G-Dragon isn’t good at dating either. G-Dragon, “I’m good at it!!!” Taeyang says that G-Dragon is good at getting women to fall for him, but once they start dating, he’s not good at dealing with fights. 

Seungri also agrees that G-Dragon’s good at coaching at others, but isn’t good at it himself.

T.O.P. says that none of them are normal at dating. He’s never looked at any of their relationships and thought, “That’s the way people should date.”

Seungri says that he used to live with G-Dragon for 10 years, so he knows him well, “When I was younger, G-Dragon used to coach me. I would try to text girls I liked, and he’d tell me to wait 30 minutes.” He adds that they have a group chatroom (for Kakao messenger) and G-Dragon once sent them, “Sorry, I was busy. I miss you. Good night.” He accidentally sent it to the Big Bang chatroom at 2-3 when it was clearly for a woman.

Taeyang says that Daesung is the dating expert. He says he once waited four days outside his girlfriend’s house when she was mad at him. Kim Gura says to just park your car outside her house and make her think you’ve been waiting for hours. 

Seungri wants Taeyang to introduce Min Hyo-rin to the Big Bang members formally. He’s never met her outside of work. That’s strange. Oh actually, the other members say they’ve all met her. It’s only Seungri who hasn’t met her. I guess he is the black sheep of the group. They say that he doesn’t really hang out with him because he’s so busy with his businesses. He has 1,200 phone numbers saved domestically and 3,200 including foreign numbers. 

After concerts, the four of them always eat together, but Seungri always has business meetings scheduled.

Seungri’s business ventures include a bar and ramen shop. He’s interested in business because he gets cursed at no matter what he does in Big Bang. Kim Gura tells him to join Winner again. It’d be perfect because Seungri means Victory. Also, they note that there’s a vacancy since Nam Tae-hyun’s gone. Ouch! 

Big Bang in Japan

A lot of Japanese fans find Daesung sexy. During Big Bang concerts, each member usually does a solo performance, and all the other Big Bang members always watch Daesung’s solo stage instead of resting. His performances are the best.

If the fans aren’t enthusiastic enough, he’ll do a mic drop. The fans will belike, “Eh???” After ten minutes, Daesung will come out and be like, “If you guys aren’t excited, I’m not going to do this.” 

He’ll also pretend like he’s thirsty, and grab a bottle of water, but thenjust drop his water bottle instead of drinking it. This is supposed to be sexy? Kim Gura calls Daesung the WWF.

Kim Gura asks about Seungri’s image in Japan. G-Dragon says, “He’s just an Osaka comedian.”

The conversation flows back to Daesung who says his waist is Hyun-bin & Won-bin level. Daesung bends over backwards Matrix style. Kim Gura comments that he looks like the ghost from the Ring. Daesung falls over in laughter. 

G-Dragon says that the performances are sexier in Japan because that’s just how everyone else is.

Yoon Jong-shin rudely asks if Daesung gets any offers to do AV. Daesung, “Huh?”

Present Time

Since it’s Christmas, everyone has brought in a gift. Whoever makes the group laugh can pick a gift. 

Seungri gets first pick because he’s been doing well so far. Seungri picks up Kyuhyun’s gift. It’s seaweed snacks. They’re the ones that Kyuhyun models for in Thailand.

T.O.P. Social Media

T.O.P. puts up such weird photos on social media that even his fans unfollow him. There are pictures of fried eggs with his face in the middle. T.O.P. says he sometimes posts as many as 50 of the same photos. He likes the mosaic look,  Another one is photos of Seungri sleeping. Seungri isn’t pleased. He has trauma from pictures being taking of him sleeping. (He’s referring to a woman taking a photo of him at a hotel.) T.O.P. says its funny because Seungri sleeps with his mouth open. 

There were also pigs butts. This one was supposed to be a spoiler for his music video, “Zutter” since there are pigs in that mv. Also, T.O.P. once took a picture of himself from above while pooping. This was three days before “Fxxk It” and he was just trying to express that song. Yang Hyun-suk messaged him after seeing it and said, “You’re either immature or crazy, but probably both.”

T.O.P. vs Seungri

When drunk, T.O.P. scolds Seungri for being too materialistic. T.O.P. explains that he’s just worried about people hanging out with Seungri to use him. Seungri replies that he doesn’t mind meeting bad people. Failure is important to success. He says his failure to success rate is 50:50. G-Dragon says that he fails often because he tries things he has no idea about, for example, waffles. G-Dragon, “I’ve never even seen you eating waffles.” Seungri, “I have waffle mania.”

T.O.P. often yells at him for being too obsessed with money. Seungri, “You guys sure do care about money when it’s time for contract extensions.” It’s a KO for Seungri. The others have nothing to say.

G-Dragon says he was most flustered to hear that Seungri owns the Cristiano Ronaldo’s management license in Korea. Yoon Jong-shin asks him to come on <Radio Star>.

Talking about waffles again, Seungri says he’s even been to Belgium with his mom. Kim Gura notes, that he’s actually a good son since he was trying the waffle business for his mom. G-Dragon says once while they were busy, Seungri suddenly went to Turkey. Seungri says he has a friend in Turkey who’s interesting in building a stadium.

T.O.P. says the most important thing in his life is food. He’s always trying to feed his members delicious food. He’ll give them something to eat, and make them eat another thing, when they’re not even done chewing the first.

The MCs ask T.O.P. how the food at Seungri’s restaurants are. A while ago, they Big Bang members went to Seungri’s ramen shop. They kept criticizing it and telling him what other ingredients he should add. Seungri got mad. Seungri, “You didn’t even eat it.” T.O.P., “That’s because the noodles got too overcooked. We talked so much, that the noodles went bad.” 

The two are best at imitating each other. 

T.O.P. imitates Seungri’s reaction to negative feedback on his ramen. “Whatever, It’s not like you guys know anything about businesses.” T.O.P.’s imitation is so spot on that he gets to chance to choose a present. He picks Kim Gura’s gift which is a tracksuit. It’s the kind of clothes an ajusshi like Kim Gura would wear. Kyuhyun, “He isn’t going to wear it.” Kim Gook-jin, “Do you like it?” T.O.P. “YES!” and quickly stuffs it back in the box. 

G-Dragon’s Rap

Daesung says that there are a lot of parts of G-Dragon’s song where he can’t understand what he’s saying like “Last Dance.” He pronounces yeo as yo.

New Album

Big Bang’s third album went to number one in 19 countries. The MCs also ask about the controversial text message between Yang Hyun-suk and G-Dragon back when they were putting together the album.

G-Dragon was explaining the reason why the group’s album was behind schedule. He said, “We fixed the lyrics two to three times and we couldn’t make it to the recording because we were rehearsing. We are not fooling around.”

Yang Hyun-suk replied, “You’re talking about the past week . . . I’m talking about the past year. Well ok, keep up the good work.”

G-Dragon replied, “We finished revising the lyrics and are waiting for T.O.P’s. But in my opinion, the content is so average that I am thinking about trying something else. We will finish the recording done as soon as we arrive.”

Yang replied, “I love you,” and GD replied back, “I love you more <3.”

G-Dragon says Yang Hyun-suk probably just meant the “I love you part.” The scolding wasn’t important. He doesn’t really mind because he’s close with Yang Hyun-suk. 

T.O.P’s Photos

T.O.P. once lost his phone on a plane. This was during their Chinese tour, when they were going to Harbin. He has a lot of odd photos including one of Seungri showering. Seungri, “That’s why I’m afriad of being with T.O.P.” T.O.P., “I just did it for fun.” Seungri, “It’s not fun for me!!!” 

They tried to find the phone themselves, but eventually they called Yang Hyun-suk. He sent a manager to get on the same plane and found the phone in between the seats. The phone wasn’t even locked. T.O.P. “I didn’t know how to lock phones until then.”

Photo Time

The MCs take out some embarressing photos. The first one is a photo of female Daesung. T.O.P liked the photo so much that he posted it on Instagram 40 times. Daesung says that’s not him. It’s a Japanese woman who just looks like him. Next is frozen Daesung. Daesung, “This is an actual person too!” 

Then we see a photo of G-Dragon looking saggy. It’s from a concert while he was moving quickly.G-Dragon had also gained some weight at the time, so his cheeks are extra wobbly.

Next is a photo of Kang Dae-sung in their debut documentary saying he auditioned for YG because he heard that they didn’t care about looks. There’s also a photo of Taeyang with pants that are way too long. He explains that there was a bump in the road, and his ankle got twisted. Another is of G-Dragon looking angry while passing immigrations at the airport. 

We also watch a video of Big Bang doing an S.E.S. parody. They used to do a lot of these paradies back in the day. I miss those, especially the ones with Wondergirls. 

Big Bang’s “Lies”

During the Entertainment Awards one year, the <Radio Star> MCs dressed up as Big Bang and sang “Lies.” It’s funny how Mr. S is edited out with a circle and an “S” over his face. They practiced a lot. Kyuhyun, “That was practiced?”

Big Bang’s Imitation Time

Taeyang does a Cho Yong-pil imitation. G-Dragon does a better version. 

T.O.P does a Yoon Moon-sik imitation as well as one of actor Kim Yoon-seok (who he acted alongside in Tazza.) His’ Song Kang-ho one is funny too. 

G-Dragon does Lee Jung-seob and Joker’s “Why So serious.” Yoon Jong-shin jokes that it sounds more like Golem.

Seungri does Naul. He quickly apologizes for making fun of him. He also makes a funny face while singing “Ring My Bell.” 

Next Week: More Big Bang!



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