Radio Star Recap: Episode 507

Radio Star Recap: Episode 507
Episode 507: I’m So Sorry but I Love You Big Bang Special Part Two: December 28, 2016

Today’s episode is part two of the Big Bang special. Click here to read the recap for part one. 

T.O.P.’s Good Memories

Since T.O.P. is going to the army next year, he’s been trying to make a lot of good memories with his group mates. He said he cried a ton after reading a letter that Taeyang wrote to him. It was the first handwritten letter he got from another man. Taeyang said it was back when they were really busy, just before T.O.P. was about to go to Germany for three months to film a movie. Taeyang knew that T.O.P. was having a hard time with the busy schedule, so he wanted to do something to comfort him. T.O.P. says he was touched by the ending that said, “I love you” because men don’t say that to each other often. 

Taeyang says he likes writing letters often and even writes them to Min Hyo-rin. The MCs ask him what he writes to her. Taeyang replies, “It’s different every time. I write them whenever I think of her.”

Kim Gura also asks, “Do you give them to her yourself or mail them in?” Taeyang responds, “Sometimes I give them to her by hand, other times I’ll put them inside some flowers.” Aw. 

Kyuhyun notes that during the interview with the writers, T.O.P. said he’s had two girlfriends and one person he almost had something with. T.O.P. clarifies that he’s had three girlfriends since he started dating at 19 years old. However, he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. 

T.O.P. says that even though he likes to drink, he likes girls that don’t drink, but those types of girls can’t put up with him. He once dated someone who liked to drink for 3-4 years, but he has no memories of her other than drinking, so that’s why he doesn’t like that type of woman.

He also mentions that he prefers to speak formally with his girlfriends since he likes to keep a distance. He must not like clingy women. 

It’s story time . . . T.O.P. once introduced to his groupmates a woman that he said he planned to marry. This was in New York about four years ago. T.O.P. was always with some woman, so Taeyang asked who it was. T.O.P. replied, “It’s a woman I plan to marry.” Taeyang took him seriously, but when he asked about her again the next day, T.O.P. replied, “Huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

T.O.P. explains that this was when he was slightly depressed, and he received a letter under his hotel door saying she had liked him for a long time. He wrote a reply letter because he felt a sense of fate like it was someone he could depend on. 

Yoon Jong-shin asks if he saw her again. T.O.P., “No, because I don’t even know her number.” whomp whomp.

GD’s Dating and Break-up Rumors

The MCs ask if there’s any truth to any of his dating or break up rumors. G-Dragon says he’s not sure. The MCs then ask if at least the break up rumors are true. G-Dragon, “If I admit to breaking up, then does that mean that I’m admitting to dating?”

Seungri adds, “That woman he did a magazine spread with is just a cute dongsang that we all like.”

G-Dragon yells, “Stop adding details!!!”

Seungri quickly changes his tune, “Okay . . . then it was just a rumor!”

G-Dragon says, “Revealing relationships is a personal decision, but it affects the woman too. When I date, I know that the woman is going to get a lot of hate, so I don’t feel a need to be open about dating, but I would confirm it if she wanted to.”

He says he likes to hang out with his friends and is not a very secretive person, so he just goes wherever he wants which is why reporters often catch photos of him with women. 

Seungri says, “He always looks cool when he gets caught, but when the cameras catch me, I look so bad.” ㅠㅠ

Kim Gura asks, “So you sleep heavily? Don’t you notice the camera taking photos?”

Seungri, “ㅠㅠ”

Seungri’s Dating Skills

It’s another round of everybody pick on the maknae.

Taeyang jokes, “Seungri brags about his pick up skills, but I’ve never seen him be successful.”

G-Dragon adds, “He’s made a lot of moves, but they don’t work out.”

Daesung says, “He thinks it’s love, but the woman doesn’t.”

Seungri says, “Are we talking about me now? Well it’s just because whenever I like someone, she somehow always has a boyfriend.”

G-Dragon, “No, she doesn’t.”

Taeyang says, “Seungri told me he was dating someone for a year.” G-Dragon continues, “My friend is friends with her, and she said she wasn’t dating Seungri at all.”

Seungri explains, “Actually I liked her very much. We exchanged handwritten letters and I even talked to her mother. She called me “Seung chan” . . .”

G-Dragon, “So you’re admitting it was a Japanese woman?” 

Seungri, “I still think we were dating, but she probably just didn’t want to admit it publicly.” Aw poor guy.

Kim Gura mentions that there are a lot of dating rumor floating around about Seungri.

Seungri,”I have a lot of false rumors, like how I dated EXID’s Solji, but I’ve never even met her.”

G-Dragon, “It’s been a while since Seungri’s dated anyone.”

Kyuhyun, “That Okaasan was too much.” (*Note: Okaasan is mother in Japanese.)

T.O.P. jokes, “How did you know she was Japanese?”

It looks like GD got back at Seungri for talking too much in detail about GD’s ex. T.O.P. is picking on Seungri because???

The MCs say Seungri deserves another gift for his story. No! Actually, Taeyang gets one for being the informant. 

Taeyang chooses Yoon Jong-shin’s gift which are used shoe insoles and sunglasses. They are fake Prada insoles. keke.

World Tour

Since their first world tour in 2012, Big Bang has been to 16 countries and 36 cities. 

Because of all this work, G-Dragon once passed out during a concert due to hyperventilation. This was when he had the GD & TOP and GD & Taeyang as well as GD solo songs to perform. He barely got to rest in between songs.

Daesung said that he’s never experienced that himself, so he didn’t understand what was going on and thought it was part of an act. Especially because during that concert, they were filming for a DVD. Daesung adds yet another diss at Seungri saying that if it happened to Seungri, he wouldn’t have allowed for it to go on the DVD.

Taeyang & G-Dragon add, “There was a time when Seungri broke his leg back when we were rookies. Tiffany of Girl’s Generation asked if he was okay and Seungri started overreacting asking the manager for painkillers.”

They also talk about when Seungri was working in China. He judged an audition program and had a role similar to Yoon Jong-shin on <Kpop Star.> He was a mentor and when his team was eliminated, he cried on air. G-Dragon, “Seungri never cries. I’ve never seen him cry on broadcast, but he started crying during the eliminations, and I could see him turning towards the cameras.” 

Seungri says, “It was a live broadcast. Also, when I got the casting offer, I didn’t think much of it, but after getting assigned a team and hearing them calling me teacher all the time, I started to get attached. Even when just one person gets eliminated, I feel heavy. 

The MCs play a clip from the Chinese audition program. LOL at how Seungri actually looks at the cameras for a split second. 

Seungri’s Declining Dance Skills

The MCs pick on Seungri about his pooring dancing ability.

Seungri responds, “I entered YG through my dance skills.” (Back then he used to brag that DBSK’s Yunho and he were the best dancers in Gwangju City.)

Seungri continues “But I almost got eliminated from Big Bang because Yang Hyun-suk said they weren’t picking dancers. They were picking singers, so I worked really hard on my singing and neglected my dancing.” 

The MCs ask him to show off his dance skills.

The Big Bang members aren’t impressed. Kyuhyun, “You look like an ajjushi dancing.”

He tries again. This time he’s tries locking. 

Kyuhyun, “I think our dance skills are at the same level.”

Erotic Daesung

Taeyang told the writers that Daesung is erotic. He gets up in the morning and plays drums while naked.

Taeyang said that Daesung used to live in the same apartment, one floor above him. When he woke up, he’d hear Daesung playing the drums. He backtracks and admits thought that he’s never seen him playing naked, but he knows that Daesung sleeps naked, so that how he imagines him playing the drums. 

Daesung, “I’m not naked. I wear underwear and socks!”

T.O.P.’s Art Museum

Daesung, “If Paris has the Lourve, Korea has T.O.P.”

T.O.P., “While working, I have to suppress my weirdness, so I release it through art.” He even has some pieces by Whanki Kim and installed a cooling system in his house to preserve his collection.

T.O.P. says, “I don’t know exactly how many pieces I have, but I spend over 95% of my income on art. I started collecting with chairs.”

Taeyang, “All of his pieces are worthy of being in a museum.”

T.O.P. says, “In 20, 30 years, I would love for there to be a Big Bang collection exhibition.”

T.O.P admits that he doesn’t like having Seungri in his home. He says that Seungri takes phone calls and walks around while touching his art pieces. That’s why he doesn’t invite him over anymore. 

T.O.P. says it’s been about ten years since he’s been collecting art if you include his furniture collection.

T.O.P & YG Controversy

T.O.P. also talks about some controversial things he’s said about YG. The two main questions reporters always ask YG singers are

  1. Is the YG cafeteria food really that good?
  2. How close are YG musicians?

T.O.P. didn’t like how everyone always gave the same answers, so he just joked that the food was so-so. Also, when asked how he felt about YG, he replied that it’s just his “workplace.”

Yoon Jong-shin asks T.O.P. again, “YG is . . . ?”


Apparently Yang Hyung-suk was really mad about T.O.P.’s response.

Kim Gura, “Why is he so sensitive? Is he the chef?”

Kim Gura then goes on a long rant about how adults shouldn’t be so thin skin. He doesn’t even thank his agency CEO when he wins awards. 

Kim Gura gets a present for his rant. He goes for T.O.P.’s present hoping for an art piece. It’s a purple suit from “Doom Dada.” Kim Gura says he’ll give it to his son, since he himself is too fat to wear it. 

T.O.P. picks Kim Goo-jin’s present to deliver to Yang Hyun-suk. which is a scarf and couple set. 

Big Bang and Jackie Chan

Seungri is good friends with Jackie Chan’s son and one day he invited him to meet his dad on set. Seungri was really excited and wanted to get some advice from Jackie Chan, but once he met him, Jackie Chan introduced him to his manager, then his stunt coordinator, then his wire coordinator, and so on. Seungri had to greet about 50 people who were all sitting at a long table, and after saying Ni Hao 50 times, they ran out of time, and Jackie Chan had to leave. He did at least get to take a selfie with him.

G-Dragon also met Jackie Chan and his son. Jackie Chan gave him some life advice saying that men should be all about loyalty, and not cause any trouble with women. However, after G-Dragon went out for a break and came back, he saw that all the men had left, and Jackie Chan was drinking and surrounded by women.

Seungri’s Fantastic Festival

Seungri once threw a party named after the “Fantastic Baby” song. He prepared a “Fantastic Festival” at a three story club. 

G-Dragon says, “He went all out. All the women were dressed up in cocktail dresses, and men were in tuxedos. Seungri had just watched “The Great Gatsby” and was infatuated with Leonardo Dicaprio, so he hid from the guests just like Gatsby. Then at midnight, there was a performance of pretty ladies in Santa outfits walking down a set of stairs, and Seungri was at the top of the stairs looking down and walked down one step at a time.”

G-Dragon takes out his phone and shows a photo of Seungri and the ladies in Santa outfits to the MCs. 

Kim Gook-jin’s like, “OMG.”

Yoon Jong-shin, “Seungri really is a celebrity.”

Kim Gura says, “I’ll call you Gatsby from now on.”

Seungri says, “I donated all the profits from the event and even went to help distribute briskets to the needy, but the next day, I got a call from Yang Hyun-suk asking if I was really distributing briskets. I told him I was, and he yelled at me not to do it.” Apparently Yang Hyun-suk thought that Seungri was just cosplaying as charitable to make up for and clean up his partying image.

Also, Seungri mentions the time that Gummy came on <Radio Star> last year and said he ordered an expensive bottle of champagne at her birthday party and then left. That was a misunderstanding. Seungri, “I paid for two bottles. When I saw that episode, I started frantically looking for the receipts. Where’s the receipt? Where’s the receipt!?!”

“After seeing that episode with Gummy, my dad came up from Gwangju city and yelled at me not to live like a beggar.” 

Seungri gets another present for his hilarious story and chooses G-Dragon’s. It’s the sleeves he used during “Heartbreaker.” They’re so tight that Seungri wonders how G-Dragon danced while wearing them. He imitates G-Dragon’s jump skip dance.

G-Dragon picks Daesung’s present. It’s an ice cube case. A staff member walks in with a set filled with jellies. Apparently these are modeled after Daesung’s real face and are popular in Japan. 

Civilian Witnesses

<Radio Star> has a segment where they ask people to send in stories about their guests. 

A waitress says she once served T.O.P. and asked him what kind of tea he wanted. T.O.P. grabbed her wrist and asked, “Do you have any bongocha?” (It’s a pun because cha means car and tea in Korean.” 

A kid sent in a story about playing soccer with Seungri. In summer 2010, Seungri went up to some kids playing soccer at Chungdam Middle School and asked if they knew who he was. They didn’t, so he told them, “I’m Seungri from Big Bang.” He played soccer with them and lost, so he actually bought them all ice creams and told them to study hard. The kid wrote in, “It was the first time I’ve met such a friendly celebrity. He was like a neighborhood hyung.”

Seungri adds again that he father told him not to live like a beggar, so of course he bought them all ice cream. His father is pro golfer Lee Young-jin. 

Another person said that at a company dinner, Seungri paid and said not to worry about it because he stole G-Dragon’s black credit card. She wrote in to ask if it was true that he stole his card and used it. Seungri explains that people feel awkward when he keeps paying, so he jokes that he stole someone’s credit card, so that they don’t feel burdened. 

Seungri says again my dad said, “Don’t you live like a beggar!!!” This line sounds hilarious in Korean. 

Seungri and T.O.P. get another present. Seungri picked Taeyang’s gift which is sweet potatoes and earmuffs. T.O.P. picked Seungri’s which is a neck massager. 

Kareoke Time

Big Bang performs Yang Hyun-suk’s “Smoke of the Devil.” T.O.P. hints that that Yang Hyun-suk might make an appearance. 

Actually, it’s Seungri dressed up as the CEO. He sits in the middle of the stage shaking his leg while the four other members sing and dance around him. 

Closing Thoughts

Seungri, “It’s been a long time since I was able to talk so freely in front of my fans. I’ll come out often now.”

Daesung, “I think the MCs have gotten soft. They feel like family.”

Taeyang, “If I have the chance, I’d like to come again.”

T.O.P. “Have a good year. It’s been eight years since we’ve come out with an album. Please support our new songs.”

G-Dragon, “It’s been ten years, and this is our first time as a group on this show. If i knew it’d be this fun, I would have come on earlier.” 

Kim Gook-jin ends the shows with an acrostic poem. 


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