Radio Star Recap: Episode 508

Radio Star Recap: Episode 508
Episode 508: Kick Towards Radio Star, High Kick, High Kick Special: January 4, 2017

Today’s guests are from the legendary sitcom <Unstoppable High Kick>.

  • Lee Soon-jae – Born in 1935 which makes him 83 years old in Korean age, the same age as Elvis Presley and Alain Delon. One year older than Pope Francis. A 60 year acting veteran who was caught watching porn on <Unstoppable High Kick> and became known as Porn Soon-jae.
  • Choi Min-yong – A star who suddenly disappeared. Many women liked this rough around the edges guy. Made his 10 year comeback on <King of Masked Singer>.
  • Shin Ji – was just 26 years old during <Unstoppable High Kick>, Known as baby Jun-ee’s mom who’s now in fourth grade, but is busy these days cleaning up after Kim Jong-min.
  • Kim Hye-seong – The mother’s friend’s son of <Unstoppable High Kick>, but Yoomi left him and he lost all his popularity to Yoon-ho (Jung Il-woo). The last time when he came on Radio Star to promote his film, he ripped his pants and promoted his red underwear instead, so today he took care to wear stretchy pants.

All the MCs of course get up and stand up to greet veteran actor Lee Soon-jae. Choi Min-yong says that because it’s the tenth anniversary, he wore a collared shirt just like the ones he wore back on <Unstoppable High Kick>. He says he’ll speak in the tone his character used, so the viewers aren’t confused.

Lee Soon-jae says that it’s been a while since he’s seen the other three cast mates except for Shin-ji who he saw on TV through <TV animal Farm>. Shin-ji responds, “You must have seen the reruns. It’s been a long time since I left that show.” (She was on the show from 2008-2011). That’s pretty kind of her to cover for Lee Soon-jae’s white lie about seeing her on TV recently. 

Lee Soon-jae Introduction

Lee Soon-jae chastises Kim Gook-jin for not getting married quickly. He wants him to get married by the end of the year. He’s old enough, so what is he waiting so long for.

He says Kim Gura needs to change his name. During his time, “Gura” meant warehouse. Yoon Jong-shin jokes that he should change his name to Kim Warehouse.

Choi Min-yong Introduction

Choi Min-yong says that he was thinking about going on TV because it’s been ten years, so and MBC director asked him to go on <King of Masked Singer>. He lied and told him the music was pre-recorded and all he had to do was sing along to a guide track. Then he met the actual PD who yelled at him. He said they’ve never used a guide, and it’s always been 100% live. 

So Choi Min-yong had to go to the karaoke and sing in front of the PD on the spot, even paying 15,000 won out of pocket to use the kareoke. 

He called the Radio Star writer often. He brags about having an unlimited text message plan. Kyuhyun asks, “Do people still use texts these days?” Choi Min-yong doesn’t use Kakaotalk (a messaging app). The MCs ask Lee Soon-jae if he uses Kakaotalk. Lee Soon-jae replies, “Huh?”

Unstoppable High Kick Best Fights

<Unstoppable High Kick> hit a record rating of 27.7% and earned 8 awards at the 2007 MBC Entertainment Awards. 

The MCs play a few clips of the Best Fights according to an online poll.

  • 1st place – Porn Soon-jae – Lee Soon-jae accidentally clicks on a folder containing porn and gets addicted and eventually caught.
  • 2nd place – Charisma Min-ho – Min-ho snarls at people thinking it makes him look charismatic.
  • tied for 3rd place – Bucktoothed Shin-ji – Flashback to their high school days where Shin-ji defends a fat Seo Min-jung from bullies.
  • tied for 3rd place – Fight to Get in the Last Word – In-laws Park Hae-mi and Choi Yong-min constantly fight passive aggressively by trying to get the last word in. 

At the end of the clips, Kim Gura asks “Kim Bum” a question, and Kim Hye-seong responds by showing him his angry charisma for getting his name wrong. 

Lee Soon-jae said at first, he was flustered when he was the script for the porn arc. He was worried he would get a lot of hate, so he asked Choi Min-yong to activate his fanclub members to help him. Also, he thinks Shin-gu would have done a better job with that scene.

Lee Soon-jae said he watched porn secretly from his wife. Shin-ji says in Japan, he is known as AV Soon-jae. 

Shin-ji & Choi Min-yong’s Kiss Scenes

Shin-ji says that Choi Min-yong was generally quiet, but would become talkative before their kiss scenes. She says it was her first kiss scene, so she thinks he would talk to her to help calm her nerves. He would plan out with her how they would move their hands and faces. 

Phone Call to Seo Min-jung

Shin-ji says she called Seo Min-jung who’s been MIA from the entertainment ever since she married a dentist and moved to the States. Shin-ji gives her a call. It’s 1 AM in New York, but she’s excited to talk to everyone on R<adio Star.>

Seo Min-jung is so cute. She sounds just like her ditzy character from the sitcom. She says she wanted to be on <Radio Star>, and would have come if they paid for her flight, but it would also have been difficult because she has a baby now. She wants Kim Gook-jin to get married by this year. She’ll even pay for her flight to go to his wedding. 

She says that her most memorable scene was when she had to hang on a basketball hoop. She had to actually hang on to it for a long time, and it was scary that she cried for real. She says she would like to act again someday. Choi Min-yong jokes that he’s already volunteered her to go on <King of Masked singer>. She’s tone deaf though. 

She ends the call by thanking the viewers for remembering her even though it’s been 10 years. 

Lee Soon-jae’s Work Ethic

Na Moon-hee said Lee Soon-jae practiced too much. He doesn’t think that’s a bad thing because sitcoms need to make laugh as much as possible which requires nuanced acting. The MCs ask if actress Na Moon-hee calls him oppa. Lee Soon-jae, “Of course. it’s a fact that I’m older than her.”” Actually he admits that she calls him senior. He would prefer oppa though. 

Lee Soon-jae memorizes the names of American Presidents to help retain his memorization skills. The MCs quiz him on the order of president.  He lists out all 44 presidents in order without missing a beat. It’s pretty hard to memorize names in a foreign language, so it’s pretty impressive.

Rough Around the Edges Choi Min-yong

He says that his rough around the edges character was so popular that after <Unstoppable High Kick>, he kept getting type casted in family sitcoms. Kim Gura asks, “So that’s why you took a 10 year hiatus?”  Choi Min-yong responds, “I didn’t take a break because I wanted to.” So then what was it? As a huge  Choi Min-yong fan back in the day, I really want to know too.

The MCs then take out photos from his social media. There’s a photo from two months ago where he looks like comedian Kim Yong-man. The long haired photo is from three years after <Unstoppable High Kick> when he went to a fan’s wedding. The MCs joke that he looks like actor Choi Sung-Guk. 

Choi Min-yong  says he lost 10 kg for <King of Masked Singer> and another 4 kg for <Radio Star>. He says he didn’t eat because of stress and worry.

A lot of people inquired online asking if he was Oh Jae-mi’s son. He’s definitely not. 

The MCs then discuss the numerous rumors about why he was missing from TV for 10 years. 

Some say it was because he became obsessed with lock picking. Lee Soon-jae says that he reminds him of the O.Henry story, “A Retrieved Reformation.”  Choi Min-yong jokes that he should cast him once he’s done pitching the film. 

Choi Min-yong says he is indeed interested in lock picking, but the only time he’s done it was when playing billiards and the owner accidentally locked bathroom. He played a game for free that day.

Kim Hye-seong’s Underwear

When asked about the reaction about ripping his pants the last time he was on <Radio Star>, Kim Hye-seong says people complimented him for doing at least one thing to get airtime since he doesn’t talk much.

He mentions that he hasn’t done much since his last appearance. All he’s done is raise his pet poodle. 

Even though he’s in his early 30s, the same age as Kyuhyun, it’s hard for him to get adult roles because he’s short and looks so young. 

Kim Gura tells him that he hopes he gets old.

Shin-ji’s Lonely Life

Even though she’s okay with drinking alone, she can’t eat by herself, so she’s gone days without eating. She says she doesn’t mind starving because she’s so used to it. 

When she leaves home, she turns on the TV because she doesn’t want to return to an empty house

Lee Soon-jae tells her to date someone. The MCs ask if she hangs out with Kim Jong-min much. She lives five minutes from Kim Jong-min, so she sees her group members often. 

She also says that if she doesn’t upload photos on social media, her manager calls her out of worry. Kim Jong-min made a secret account so that he can spy on her. If she doesn’t upload anything, he calls her manager to make sure she’s okay. She defends herself saying, “I just didn’t upload anything because I don’t have any pretty photos!”

Professor Lee Soon-jae

Lee Soon-jae has taught quite a few well known actors. He’s a professor of Film Arts at Sejong University. He’s known for giving Han Ji-hye a “C.” This was while she was filming a movie, so she wasn’t able to show up for most of her classes.

Lee Soon-jae also talks about a student who drove an expensive car and said he was always too busy for classes due to his schedule, but he never saw him on TV, so he gave him a “D.” That student almost got kicked out of university due to his low GPA, so he called Lee Soon-jae and asked him to change the grade to a “B.” Lee Soon-jae adds, “Who do you think you are, Choi Soon-shil?”  He yelled at the student for not having a conscious. 

Choi Min-yong’s Ax Collection

The MCs show a photo of Choi Min-yong’s ax collection. Yoon Jong-shin says he must use them after getting frustrated about not being able to pick a lock.  

Choi Min-yong says that his uncle often looked cool when cutting wood. He was also inspired by the tale of the “Honest Woodcutter.”

He also needed his axes because he used to live in the mountains. While living in an apartment in the city, he got a new upstairs neighbor who would make a lot of sound. He put up with it for six months and then went to talk to the neighbor who just chastised him saying, “Why are you living in an apartment if you don’t want any noise? Why don’t you go to the mountains.” Choi Min-yong was flustered by the truthfullness of it, and decided to actually move to the mountains. 

He also was scared of ghosts while living in the mountain, so he welded all his windows with bars.

He says that a couple years ago he moved back to NYC. Not the real NYC where Seo Min-jung lives, but Namyang City in South Korea. 

More Kim Hye-seong

Poor Kim Hye-seong is barely getting any screen time. He’s too quiet, so the MCs throw him a bone and ask him to tell him about the the he got stuck at the airport.

He was travelling with a friend who has mysophobia, and that friend randomly asked him to hold his bags while passing through security at the airport.

Kim Hye-seong got caught and the security made him open his bags which had a portable bidet inside. 

Kim Hye-seong also talk about how much Lee Soon-jae likes to talk to his juniors. He would talk so much even when Kim Hye-seong had to go practice his lines, so he’d wait until Jung Il-woo or Kim Bum came into the waiting room, and then he’d sneak out. Shin-ji adds that Lee Soon-jae really did talk a lot. Choi Minyong says if he saw them talking, he would pass by the room. He needed to memorize his lines too. He quickly adds thought that he really liked hearing his talks. 

Lee Soon-jae the Wedding Officiant

Lee Soon-jae officiants 6-7 weddings on weekends. He officiated quite a few happily married couples including Go-soo, Jeong Jun-ha, and Hwang Jung-eum.

Says he’ll officiate Kim Gook-jin’s wedding once he sets a date. 

The MCs also ask him about his Seoul University belt which they joke that he’d wear proudly like it was a boxing championship belt or something. Lee Soon-jae denies that he wore it to brag. He got it as a graduation memorabilia, and just wore it because it would be a shame to not use it. 

Civilian Witness

In this segment, viewers send in stories to the <Radio Star> website of stories when they say the upcoming guests in person.

One person said she saw Shin-ji on a flight to Jeju Island and said she was so pretty even without makeup. She also say that Kim Jong-min was as stupid in real life as he was on TV. He kept asking for Asiana Airlines when they were at Korean Air. Shi-ji says it’s true that he’s stupid He even asks for Whoppers at McDonalds.

Another person wrote in that he was working at a bar when Choi Min-yong came with three friends and asked for some cigarettes. He paid with a 100,000 check and thought he’d be getting a huge tip. But after getting 92,500 won back in change, he just gave the waiter a 2,500 saying he’ll also give him an autograph, even though the waiter didn’t know who he was at the time. 

The indie band Sweden Dry Cleaners went on <Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook> saying they’ve written a song to collaborate with Lee Soon-jae. He doesn’t know what to make of it and just comments, “What a strange name.”

Karaoke Time

Shin-ji sings Lee Kyung-mi’s “Love Even for Dogs and Cows” which was the Lee Soon-jae theme song on <Unstoppable High Kick>. The song is about his ex-girlfriend who left him to go to the States. Choi Min-yong and Kim Hae-sung stand and clap on the side. 

Closing Thoughts

Lee Soon-jae says, “It’s been a tough year, but I believe we’ll overcome it in 2017 to be a good country with a good environment. I hope that all are healthy and have great fortune in the new year.”


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