Radio Star Recap: Episode 509

Radio Star Recap: Episode 509
Episode 509: Everyone Acknowledges the Monsters: January 11, 2017

Today’s guests are five monsters who are full of talent. 

  • BewhY – Passed on Simon D’s generous 9:1 offer, <Show Me the Money 5> winner. Monster rapper.
  • Jisoo – The Big Unnie of YG’s first girl group in seven years. Won #1 on a music show after just two weeks into their debut. Monster rookie. 
  • Rosé – Passed YG’s audition with the odds of 400:1. Black Pink’s monster vocal who likes champagne.
  • DinDin – A rapper without a hit song. A rapper who rarely raps these days, but is on six variety shows. A variety monster.
  • Zizo – Contracted with Haha’s agency three years ago, but this is his first variety on a major network. Dreams of collaborating with Yoo Ah-in like BewhY and being a variety star like DinDin. A new variety monster.


BewhY is from Incheon just like Kim Gura who notes that BewhY’s neighborhood of Ock-ryeon is the west coast of Incheon. It’s funny because the entirety of Incheon is already known as the west coast of Korea, so it’s redundant. 

Kim Gura notes that Jisoo has an SM type face. YG is caring more and more about looks these days. Yoon Jong-shin jokes that Kyhyun’s face isn’t worthy of SM or even YG. Kyuhyun needs to come to Mystic and join the ranks of singers like Jo Jung-chi and Hareem who aren’t exactly known for their good looks.

Rosé is from Auckland, New Zealand, and she’s only been living in Korea for the past four years. Oh so that explains her strange accent. I’m not too familiar with Black Pink, so I just assumed she wan’t Korean. Kim Gura asks her about the golf player Lydia Go who’s also from New Zealand. DinDin, “What does that have to do with anything?” Yoon Jong-shin chides Kim Gura for always trying to incorporate the random bits of information he knows. He’s always trying to be the know it all.

DinDin is wearing an outfit inspired by <The Lonely, Shining Goblin>, but his neck is so short that he looks like he’s getting swallowed by the collar. Same clothes, different look.

Zizo has a funny sounding voice. It’s high toned and energetic, like someone who’s doing an internet livestream broadcast.

BewhY’s 2016

The MCs note that BewhY was very productive in 2016 and his song lyrics from “Grade Two Disease” even came true. He wrote about Psy who contacted him recently. Psy asked him to guest in his concert where he even performed two songs. BewhY raps a bit of his predictions from his song “Grade Two Disease.”

The MCs add that <Radio Star> kept trying to cast BewhY ever since he won <Show Me the Money 5>. However, he didn’t accept the offer until he heard that Black Pink was guesting.

BewhY says he’s a fan of Black Pink, but it’s not true. He just didn’t have time to come on the show until now, since he got so many offers after <SMTM>. Also, at the time, he was more concerned about making good music than trying to ride off his TV fame because a lot of people who do well on <SMTM> type shows get instant fame, and then fade away just as quickly. He wanted to create good music, so that he would have a long lasting career. It sounds like some wise words for quite a few <SMTM> and <Unpretty Rapstar> contestants.

Jisoo & Rosé

It’s only been five months since Jisoo & Rosé debuted, and this is their first talk show appearance. Yang Hyun-suk told them to do whatever they can to be funny. Rosé says that Jisoo is too “creative.” For example, everyone is scared of the big boss, but she just sings hello in a silly way to Yang Hyun-suk, “Mr CEO~ Mr. CEO~ You’re here Mr. CEO~”

Rosé also complains that Jisoo is too good at stealing her group members’ talents. Jisoo doesn’t have any of her own, so she watches her group mates practicing and tries them for herself. Rosé tries her hand at ventriloquism. Jisoo does it too. The MCs are super impressed at how good they are, but they’re actually pretty terrible. I think the MCs are just being nice. 

DinDin’s Favorite Girl Groups

DinDin is a huge fan of Red Velvet, especially Irene, so he wanted to be on that episode of <Radio Star> where she was a guest. He’s such a big fan of Red Velvet that he didn’t care about any other girl groups until fell for “TT.” Then he became such a huge fan of Twice that he even went to their performance and talked to people in their fangroup, Once, who told them it’s bad to be fans of multiple groups, so he doesn’t have any room in his heart left for YG’s Black Pink. 

DinDin also mentions that he was threatened by an anonymous person online. That person heard he was going to be on <Radio Star> with Black Pink, so he told him not to hit on them.

Speaking of Twice, Kim Gura mentions that he performed “Cheer Up” during the 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards show. The performance also featured DinDin, Nam Chang-hee, Heo Kyeong-hwan, and Hwang Jae-sung. DinDin said it was embarrassing, but he was okay doing it if it helped Kim Gura get the Daesang. Spoiler. Kim Gura didn’t get the Daesang at the 2016 MBC Awards.

DinDin says he’s been sworn at in various languages. Back when he was on <Radio Star> for the first time, he threatened Kyuhyun that he would reveal his secrets unless he gave up his MC slot to DinDin. After that, Super Junior fans from all over the world swore at him through social media. At first, DinDin didn’t know what the messages were all about, so he was excited about all the buzz, but then he put them into the translator and was like  8-O.

Kyuhyun adds that his fans are waiting for the day that Kim Gura makes a social media account. Kim Gura tells Elfs that he’s just making for of Kyuhyun for the sake of good television.

DinDin says now that Kyuhyun is leaving, someone needs to replace him for the next two years. If he becomes the substitute host, DinDin offers to give Kyuhyun 50% of his pay, and then leave quietly once Kyuhyun returns from the military. It’s a huge step down from the offer he made last time to pay for a new <Radio Star> set, but Kyuhyun still thinks it’s an offer worth considering.

Zizo’s  Show Me the Money

Zizo is envious of DinDin’s variety skills. He waited three years. 1.5 years of that was because his agency was too busy promoting Skull. Kim Gura says that Zizo is funny live, but not on TV. He has a unique voice tone, like a computer generated voice. 

Zizo was second place on <Show Me the Money 2>. The winner was Soul Dive. Other notable contestants from season two include Swings, Mad Clown, and DinDin.

Zico talks about how he thought he won <Show Me the Money 2>, so when he heard he was second place, he thought it was a prank. That’s because DinDin told Zizo that he had inside information that he was going to win. Also, on the show, the difference between first and second place was so small that the PD made a mistake and declared Zizo the winner. Zizo’s name flashed in the big LED screen as the season two winner. A few seconds later, the PD told them to refilm the scene because he had made a mistake.

Bewhy’s Looks

BewhY is known for looking like a thumb. Before meeting him, Jisoo thought it was impossible for a person to look like a thumb, but agreed once she saw him. Jisoo sings, “You look like it~ look like it~ like a thumb~”

BewhY says he’s satisfied with his looks though. DinDin laughs. When he gets called out for laughing, he says he didn’t laugh, he was just coughing, and he’s envious of BewhY especially his vocalization because it sounds like Jay Z’s. BewhY does an impersonation of Jay Z.

G-Dragon’s Fans

DinDin did a G-Dragon impersonation the last time he was on <Radio Star>. He’s upgraded it to singing a song in GD’s voice. He sings “If You.” Jisoo says it’s similar. Rosé gives it a try as well and she and DinDin battle it out doing G-Dragon’s impersonation of “If You.”

For DinDin’s birthday, his fans sent him Big Bang paraphernalia because they know how huge a fan he is of G-Dragon. He got several limited edition albums and light sticks.

Strangely, DinDin actually avoids GD. Back when he was on <Real Men 2>, he was at a dinner with the production crew and got a call from a friend about meeting up with GD, but DinDin didn’t want to get fired from <Real Men 2>, so he didn’t go. He got fired anyways though. womp womp. Also, DinDin says he doesn’t want to meet GD until he becomes more successful. He wants to be a fan worthy of his idol.

Kim Gura says G-Dragon would probably want to meet someone like Bewhy, but DinDin is too talkative, so he’s probably wary. DinDin insists that if they became friends, he would never talk about G-Dragon’s personal life on air.

BewhY is also a fan of G-Dragon and went to an YG audition because of him. He became a fan after hearing Big Bang’s  “Lies.” In middle school, BewhY had no dreams until he read the book Dreaming Attic that said he had to act like what he wants to be, so he went to the YG office and pretended to be G-Dragon’s friend. A cleaning lady opened the door, and he snuck in. He went to the second floor and even saw Teddy. He got scared seeing a real celebrity, and tried to leave but ended up getting locked in until someone showed him he had to push a button to exit. 

It seems like the book’s advice was true because BewhY recently performed with G-Dragon during the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. 

The MCs joke to DinDin that if he wants to be friends with G-Dragon, he should go to the army again to time it with when GD is there. DinDin thinks about being in career military, so he can be GD’s superior and take care of him. He’ll give him lots of tasty snacks.

Jisoo’s SM Connection

Jisoo once got casted by SM while at a YG family concert. At the time, she was a trainee at YG, and declined the offer saying she already had an agency, but she didn’t reveal where she was a trainee because she wasn’t public yet.

DinDin says that’s nothing because SM casting agents give out business cards often. In fact, he even got one himself. Kyuhyun doesn’t believe DinDin until he name drops that he got a business card from Won Kyung-jae who Kyuhyun confirms is an SM employee.

DinDin was once walking around in Itaewon District, Seoul and that casting agent gave him his business card thanking him for promoting Red Velvet so much. He said to contact him, so that he can give him some autographed CDs. DinDin looks at the camera and asks Mr. Won to send him the CDs soon since he hasn’t gotten them yet. 

Freestyle Time

Zizo wants to do a freestyle rap battle. DinDin complains that Zizo is a freestyle champion, so it’s unfair that he’s challenging them in what he’s good at. BewhY says he’s fine with a freestyle battle. DinDin is like, “0.o”

Zizo’s freestyle rap, “I’m out here like Gura’s chin. Yoon Jong-shin’s height is shorter than Einstein’s IQ. Kim Gook-jin is my food, a cute Chiwawa. Kyuhyun is a 1988er . . .” (he messes up during his part about Kyuhyun)

DinDin declines the freestyle battle saying, “I’m going to have to pass because I came here as a variety personality and not a rapper.”

BewhY sounds good during his freestyle, but the lyrics are a bit plain, he just raps about how he’s a great rapper, so DinDin gets confident and wants to try freestyle too.

DinDin raps, “Everyone laughs, everyone asks is DinDin a rapper? and ignores me, but everyone’s shocked when I beat to the rhythm. I know how to rap too, so don’t say such useless things.”

DinDin did the best. His freestyle was witty and he had good rhythm. It’s a shame that translations never do the raps justice though. 

Yoon Jong-shin asks about the rappers’ English skills. BewhY and Zizo say their English isn’t too great.

DinDin suddenly says in English, “I’m pretty good. I’m from Canada.”

Rosé asks in English how long he lived there.

DinDin replies in English, “Three years.” The MC complain that he’s not even saying anything difficult in English. Zizo tells him to say something more. DinDin,” I’ll do it later.”

BewhY’s One Man Agency

BewhY says he declined SimonD’s AOMG offer because he wanted to try on his own. 

He has his own company with three employees including a manager and director, but they don’t have a name yet. Yoon Jong-shin says they should call it “BYC” which is a famous Korean underwear brand, but actually that’s already his fan club’s name which is short for BewhY Collaborates.

It’s a one rapper company, and right now he’s just focusing on building up his own brand value, but once he become more famous, he’d like to recruit more rappers. The MCs ask if it’s Christians only since BewhY is known for being strongly religious. He says religion doesn’t matter. Even Dok2 hyung is welcome. (Dok2 is Buddhist.)

DinDin says he and Lee Hyun-do are devout Christians, so BewhY should join their DO Entertainment.

Zizo says, “Our company has a lot of Christians too!”

Kyuhyun adds, “Lee Soo-man likes to pray too!

YG’s Ban List

YG has a list of six things that are banned.

  • drinking
  • smoking
  • clubbing
  • driving
  • plastic surgery
  • dating

Kim Gura notes that there are some YG members who’ve gotten plastic surgery. Jisoo clarifies that the ban is for getting plastic surgery without telling YG. Basically, they can’t go out and get plastic surgery on their own. Maybe YG is worried they might get a bad job done at the wrong hospital. 

DinDin says that in his agency, you have to do all of those things. If you don’t smoke, CEO Lee Hyun-do will be like, “What are you doing with your life?”

Rosé adds that boys and girls aren’t allowed to make eye contact or be alone together at YG. Boys and girls used to even have separate dining times. Boy trainees ate at 6 PM, and girl trainees ate at 7 PM. These rules don’t apply after debuting though because of course there are needs for co-ed collaborations once you debut. 

BewhY’s Girlfriend

When asked about his girlfriend, BewhY says it was love at first sight. They met at church and have been together for five years. He’s considering/planning on marrying her. They’re the same age and she was an art teacher. I sounds like she quit and is now helping BewhY out with his management, but he’s a bit unclear about this part. 

They would meet up as part of a church meeting (I’m assuming it was a prayer group or bible study type of thing), and he had a one sided crush on her for four months. He thought she was beautiful at first with her long hair, but fell even more in love after he saw her with short hair. Their first date was to Hongdae, Seoul which was a big deal for some kid in little Incheon. 

BewhY majored in Vietnamese, so he also says a few lines in Vietnamese. 

Civilian Witness Segment

In this segment, people write in stories of celebrity sightings to the <Radio Star> homepage.

Someone wrote in about a BewhY sighting, This was after he got eliminated from <Show Me the Money 4>, and before he was mega famous. The fan saw him in Bupyeong with his girlfriend, and asked for a photo. BewhY asked his girlfriend for permission first, and only okayed after she said he could. 

The MCs note how respectful that was. DinDin says that when people recognize him, he gets excited. Some people used to point at him and say, “Mom’s credit card!” His girlfriend would get embarrassed and try to ignore it, but DinDin would be like, “YEAH! THAT’S ME!”

DinDin says he goes to the same hair and make-up shop as Lee Byung-hyun, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Min-ho, Gong Yoo, Shin Min-ah, and Suzy. He asked around for a a shop that caters to celebrities. 

He also brags about looking like Park Seo-joon and Yoon Kye-sang. He laughs and makes a Yoon Kye-sang face, then he frowns to look more like Park Seo-joon. He says that even Honey Lee admitted they look alike.

A person named Park Joon-seo wrote in that in November 2015, he was at a spicy seafood restaurant in Apgujeong. He was a fan of DinDin and took photos secretly. DinDin then approached him and bought him food and told him to study hard. The civilian witness says DinDin raps better than BewhY and is better than Beenzino. DinDin says the he remembers the fan. This was when he was getting a lot of hate criticism, so he was thankful to any and all fans. 

Since he gets so much hate, the MCs give him some time to talk about what a good person he is.

DinDin tells of how he helps the needy. While driving, he saw an poor elderly woman, so he got out of his car and gave her a blanket. Kim Gura puts eye drops in his face and tries to fake cry. He doesn’t manage to cry and just yawns though, which makes DinDin mad.

DinDin also says he saw Solbi and Sleepy promote their social media on <Radio Star> so he wants more followers too. @dindinem

The MCs ask about how Lee Hyun-do put a lot of effort to try to recruit Zizo, but Zizo just went with Haha because he wanted to go on variety shows. 

DinDin says that Lee Hyun-do tried to recruit DinDin and Zizo at the same time, and he just okayed it right away because of the loyalty he built up during their time on <Show Me the Money>. It looks like he made the right choice and Zizo made the wrong one.

Karaoke Time

BewhY performs “Forever” with Kyuhyun. He chose this song because his team was always last on <Show Me the Money> and this song was the first time they did well. Kyuhyun sung this song on <Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook>, so he does pretty well too. BewhY says he was decent for a non-rapper.

Rosé and Jisoo do Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself.” Rosé gets a chance to show off her guitar skills. 


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