Radio Star Recap: Episode 514

Radio Star Recap: Episode 514
Episode 514: Men with “Dog”: February 15, 2017

Today’s guests are people who have “dog” inside of them. (This is a wordplay referring to the animal dog and the Korean word for poison.) There are

  • Kang Hyung-wook – the dog whisperer
  • The Shindong – Was on break from broadcasts because of his mandatory military service, but many people thought it was because he got married. Got criticized for eating too well in the military, but he was actually just fat to begin with
  • Shorry J – Got buried under the Mighty Mouth controversy four years ago, but became relevant again for his comedic acting in <The Flower in Prison>
  • Nam Sang-il – A 30 year Gugak veteran who’s less famous than Gugak Girl Song So-hee


Kang Hyung-woo recently had a popular stint on <My Little Television> featuring AOA’s Seolhyeon. 

Shindong notes he’s “returned” to Radio Star since he was one of the original MCs, but later got replaced by Kim Guk-jin. 

Shorry J says it’s like a dream being on <Radio Star>. He’s really happy to be on the show. Kim Gura notes the mole under his eye mole, which means that he’ll end up crying a lot.

Nam Sang-il does a bit of folk singing. He’s dressed in a purple hanbok, and the MCs joke that he looks like a fortune teller/shaman. Nam Sang-il says people often mistake him for a shaman. Coincidentally, he was interested it it during his youth, and actually studied physiognomy. Nam Sang-il says Shorry has an indecisiveness face which means that he needs to associate with good people in order to have a happy life. 

Kang Hyung-woo the Dog President

Kim Guk-jin asks Kang Hyung-woo has gotten so famous these days that he has the celebrity disease. Kang Hyung-woo admits that he wore a face mask once to avoid being recognized in public, but it just made him feel more embarrassed because it made him stand out more.

Kim Gura says he recently ordered oysters at a restaurant in Ilsan, and got 50 oysters because the owner must have been a fan. The other customers thought he was crazy having that many for lunch, but he ate them all since he felt bad wasting food.

Shindong asks, “What does that have to do with anything?” My thought exactly.

Kang Hyung-woo is a lot older looking than he actually is. Everyone thinks he’s definitely in his forties, but he says he’s younger than Shorry J. Nam Sang-il gasps like a middle aged woman. Shorry was born in 1982 while Kang Hyung-woo was born in 1985. This time Shindong gasps. The two are the same age. Shindong says, “I’m not that young looking either, but . . . Wow. Thanks.”

Kang Hyung-woo explains that he started training dogs when he was 15-16 years old, and that’s why he looks so old. Shindong says, “Uh . . You were probably just born that way.”

Kyuhyun notes that Nam Sang-il is old looking too. He was born in 1979, and was high school classmates with Lee Min-woo from Shinhwa. They both attended Jeonju Fine Arts High school. Nam Sang-il majored in Gugak while Lee  Min-woo majored in acting. 

Kang Hyung-woo compares all the MCs to dogs. Kim Guk-jin is a Chihuahua because they’re conservative and good to ones they like. Kim Gook-jin adds, “Chihuahua are brave because they’re the only type of dog that can fight tigers.” Kang Hyung-woo corrects him, “It’s because they’re too dumb to know better.”

Yoon Jong-shin is a Chinese Crested. They like to hide behind their owners’ skirts. Yoon Jong-shin jokes that he often hides behind his wife.

Kim Gura is tall, so he’s like a St. Bernard. Kmi Gura notes that “Brave Jorry” the cartoon dog was a St. Bernard. Kang Hyung-woo replies, ‘Huh?” Yoon Jong-shin starts singing the theme song to help jog his memory, but the cartoon is from 1980, and Kang Hyung-soo was born in 1985, so he wouldn’t know. He’s younger than he looks remember? 

Kyuhyun is an English Springer Spaniel. It has a lot of curiosity and is friendly to all. The MCs joke once again how Kyuhyun likes non-celebrities.

Yoon Jong-shin has two dogs and asks why they keep trying to run out of the house. Kang Hyung-woo says that his mentor once told him that you can know if a dog is happy by leaving the door open. He then adds,”Don’t actually do this because it’s dangerous.” 

Kang Hyung-woo then responds, “Maybe it wants to go for a walk.” He also talks about how the golden time for finding a lost dog in the city is 3 hours. After that, it becomes much harder to find the dog, that’s why he keeps lost dog photos saved on his computer to print them out right away in case of an emergency. 

Shindong’s Marriage???

The MCs ask about his supposed marriage? He’s had two public relationships yet he’s still single. Shindong, “I didn’t say I was getting married.” Shorry J asks him to send a video letter to his ex. Shindong, “No, that’s what started this whole mess.”

We then get a clip from <Strong Heart> where Shindong says he and his girlfriend’s parents are meeting each other next week. Shindong then explains that what he said back then was meant informally. The parents later decided not to meet because they felt burdened by what he said on air.

Shindong asks for fortune telling. Nam Sail-il asks for birthday. He says on the lunar calendar, it’s August 14, 1985 at 6:02 PM. Nam Sang-il says there are lots of marriages in his future. Kim Gura makes a reference to Actor Yootoong who recently got married for the eighth time.

Kim Gura then mentions the original <Radio Star> MCs which were Kim Gura, Yoon Jong-shin, Shindong, and “Mr S.” Jeong Hyung-don was the first guest.

Since Kyuhyun needs a replacement soon, Kim Gura asks if he thinks he can do a better job. Shindong asks, “Better than Kyuhyun? Who’s not better than Kyuhyun? He was never even an MC/Variety player.” Shindong talks about how in Super Junior the band members were divided into singing or variety. Shindong was variety, so he didn’t even sing any lines on their 1st album. Shindong, “I yielded in singing, but Kyuhyun keeps intruding on my turf. He’s only here because of me.”

Kim Gura almost swears at Shindong, but stops himself midway. Kim Gura, “Kyuhyun is here because of me.

Shindong concedes, “Not Radio Star, I meant that I’m the one who got him started in variety in general.” Shindong also tells a behind the scenes story about the infamous line from Lady Jane who said that “Kyuhyun only likes non celebrities.” The night before she guested on <Radio Star>, she called Shindong and asked what she should talk about, and Shindong suggested she mention that. 

Kyuhyun told Shindong that he hates that because non-celebrities are now uncomfortable around him.

Nam Sang-il and the Radio Star Effect

Nam Sang-il finally made it on <Radio Star> one year after he first met with the writers. He’s hoping this guest appearance will help him get a CF slot. He once shot a CF for pesticide. Nam Sang-il says he looks trusting because he isn’t that good looking, so he wants to do a bank CF. A throat medicine CF would be good too, since he’s a singer. He does a pretend CF for a cough drink. It’s pretty funny. I hope he gets more famous. 

He also imitates Gugak Girl Song So-hee’s CF because he’s jealous of her. He’s been in the business so much longer, but is nowhere near as famous.

Nam Sang-il also mentioned in his pre-show interview that trot Shinyoo is so-so in person. Nam Sang-il says he saw him at a lot of festivals, and he’s a good singer, but can’t talk well on broadcasts. Also, middle aged women like him since he’s good looking, but they can’t approach him. On the other hand,  a lot of middle aged women approach and even touch him. sometimes even ripping his clothes, since he’s so “approachable.”

Kyuhyun asks, “I heard your manage is more popular?” Nam Sang-il admits that his manager looks like an idol. Yoon Jong-shin asks, “I thought you said good looking people aren’t approachable.” Nam Sang-il responds, “That’s why people come up to me first, and ask if they can take a picture with my manager.”

Nam Sang-il also talks about an event he got invited to sing at, but couldn’t make it, so they scouted one of his juniors instead. That guy went and handed his business card to a lot of CEOs there, and ended up getting a lot of gigs through that. He was jealous. Pft! It’s funny how petty Nam Sang-il is. 

The MCs note that Nam Sang-il doesn’t discriminate gigs. He does Christian and Buddhist events. Nam Sang-il adds “I do events at Cathedrals too.” 

Shorry J

Shorry J talkes about working with actor Joo Jin-mo, which was interesting because he had only seen him on TV. He does an imitation of his unique breathing techniques.

Kyuhyun notices that Shorry J is sweating. Shorry J is nervous because the reactions to his imitations aren’t too good. 

Shorry J also talks about his father who is a dentist. Shorry shows off his pretty teeth and admits he got them laminated, but it’s a secret from his dad because he doesn’t approve of laminating teeth. 

Shorry J then talks about his mom who was so excited at his birth and couldn’t wait to see him open his eyes, but they were open the whole time. There were just too small to tell. We get to see some family pictures and his dad looks like a cross between Jo Jung-chi and announcer Jo Woo-jong. His mom is really pretty. 

Kang Hyung-wook

Kang Hyung-woo is the first to do internet broadcasts on dog training in Korea. His business is doing well and he even has 20 employees. The others bow at Mr. CEO.

He says he can tell how a dog is feeling by looking at its expression or listening to it bark. 

We get a picture of Yoon Jong-shin and his manager’s dog. Kang Hyung-wook says it’s trying to escape. The dog’s tongue is sticking out because it’s stressed. Also, dogs usually don’t usually show their stomachs, but this one is because he’s showing deference. It’s uncomfortable.

There’s another dog picture, this time with Kim Guk-jin. Kang Hyung-woo says the dog doesn’t want to be there, so it’s pretending to be sleepy. The picture is froma  photoshoot. Kang Hyung-woo adds that dogs think camera lenses are eyes, so they get anxious at all those eyes looking at them and pretend to sleep. 

Also, he’s been married seven years. It was  love at first sight. He met his wife at a park, back when he used to approach people at parks for free lessons. He was so head over heels for her that he moved in three days after he met her.

Shorry J’s Imitations

Shorry J does an imitation of Park Soo-hong’s mom from <My Ugly Duckling> and Daebak from <The Return of Superman>

Nam Sang-il does an imitation of Kim Gun-mo’s mom and he and Shorry J have a conversation as the two moms. 

Nam Sang-il also does imitations of former president Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye.

Kang Hyung-woo

Kang Hyung-woo says his dad owned a dog breeding farm, but he calls it dog “factory.” The dogs there were kept in steel cages three stories high. The dogs on the third floor would poop which would fall on the dogs below him. This made him so mad, and he often fought with his dad over it, but there wasn’t much he could do about it because he was just a kid.

This was one of the reasons he decided to go into his line of work. He was also shocked to see how Koreans treat dogs in generally. For example, when Koreans see a cute dog, they try to touch it, but he says that’s like if you see a pretty woman on the street and try to touch her. It’s dangerous. 

Civilian Witness

Shindong says he’s looking forward to this segment because he did a lot of good deeds.

For example, he mentions a time when a woman crashed into his car, but instead of getting angry, he just asked if she was okay. Furthermore, there weren’t any big dents, so he just let her go. 

Today’s civilian witness story is from a brunch cafe in Gimpo City. A waitress saw Kim Gura, MC Gree and a third man (Kim Gura says that must have been his manager). The waitress says MC Gree wore a snapback and was good-looking. A waiter spilled coffee on Kim Gura’s pants, but he laughed and said it was okay. The cafe employees all became fans after that. 

Karaoke Time

Nam Sang-il sings Lee Eun-min’s “I Have a Lover.” There are praises all around. Yoon Jong-shin even wants him to come on <Phantom Singer>.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched <Radio Star>. I only watch/recap talk shows if I know the guests, and it seems like for the past few weeks <Radio Star> hadn’t been able to get any famous guests. I wonder why that is. 

I watched this episode because I was curious what Shorry J was up to. I haven’t seen him on TV in years, especially since I didn’t watch that drama he was on. He seems like a nice guy, so I hope he (and Nam Sang-il) get more famous. 



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    Thanks for the recap! I don’t know watch radio star religiously or anything (like you mostly when I like the guests), but sometimes I’ll watch a random ep and it’s actually pretty fun (sometimes boring for me tho lol)… I didn’t know anyone from the episode before this one but I enjoyed it.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Me too! The only guests I knew were Shindong and Shorry J, but I actually ended up laughing because of the other two guests. The gugak singer was hilarious, and I learned a lot from the dog whisperer.

      • A

        What I like about radio star feeling more d list guest friendly than other shows is that usually the d list guys make it on because they’re genuinely funny.


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