Running Man Recap: Episode 322

Running Man Recap: Episode 322

Episode 322: October 23, 2016


It’s a beautiful fall day at the Running Man Elementary School. The weather is cool and the skies are clear. It’s perfect for an autumn field day where the <Running Man> MCs and guests are divided into two teams.

Park Mi-sun is in charge of the male team while Yoo Jae-suk is in charge of the female team, but there’s a twist. Park Mi-sun is actually a spy for the female team while Yoo Jae-suk is a spy for the male team. That means that while everyone thinks that Park Mi-sun is the male team’s leader, she’s secretly helping the female team win. The same goes for Yoo Jae-suk. It’s a bit confusing, but basically the women are all on one side, and the men on another.


Each team leader also picks one spy from their team to help carry out their plans. However, they have to choose well because the spy has the ability to double cross them.

The male team, led by Park Mi-sun, is made up of Lee Kwang-soo, Haha, Kim Jong-kook, Gary, and Ji Suk-jin.

The female team, led by Yoo Jae-suk, is made up of Yura (Girl’s Day), Kang Min-kyung (Davichi), rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae, actress Ye Ji-won, and Song Ji-hyo.


The field day starts with some friendly banter between the MCs and the guests. Gary screams randomly. Oh, actually it looks like he’s doing an imitation of Kang Min-kyung’s infamous “angry” scene from the Korean drama <Smile, Mom>. For the uninitiated, you can watch it here.

Actress Ye Ji-won was college classmates with Yoo Jae-suk and also had a kiss scene with Kim Jong-gook in <The Producers>. How random.

The rules of today’s game are pretty simple. It’s a typical field day with various points assigned per game. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins, although I’m sure they will have more interesting games than just the standard tug of war and relay. The winning team will get a mysterious extra luxurious prize.


The PDs announce that there’s a spy in each team. Haha exclaims, “What kind of children’s field day has spies?!”

Yoo Jae-suk tries to psych everyone out and stares them down. Son Yeon-jae looks around timidly and gets called out as the spy. Poor Son Yeon-jae looks like she’s about to cry. Son Yeon-jae,” No, I’m not the spy. I just feel awkward because I’m not used to variety shows. I just work out all day.” Kim Jong-guk, “Yeon-jae ya~ I just work out all day too.”

Game One: Guess the Celebrity

The goal of the first game is to identify a celebrity. Each team has a circular board with a photograph of a celebrity that is covered by four separate pieces of colored paper. Every time a team completes a mini-game, they get to remove a piece of paper revealing a part of that celebrity’s face.


The first mini-game is a bomb challenge. Each team member introduces himself or herself and they have to finish all six members’ introductions in one minute. If they finish too early or too late, the bomb will explode. They get a grace period of just three seconds. There is no timer, so the teams have to count in their heads and try to estimate one minute of talk.

The men are up first. Gary starts off super slow, “H-E-L-L-O  M-Y  N-A-M-E  I-S  G-A-R-Y…”  They get the bomb all the way to Park Mi-sun before exploding. Fail. They went on too long. Now it’s the female team’s turn. They stop too early at 40 seconds, and the bomb explodes in front of poor Song Ji-hyo.


For round two of the bomb mini-game, the topic is compliments for the other team’s leader.

Kim Jong-guk snickers, “Yoo Jae-suk is smart, so he acts high and mighty.” Lee Kwang-soo adds, “Yoo Jae-suk is ugly, but he’s kind. Ugly people are kind.” Heh. Only backhanded compliments. The bomb doesn’t explode this time.

As for the female team, Yoo Jae-suk goes on and on about how kind and considerate Park Mi-sun is. Park Mi-sun looks giddy while the others say she’s young and pretty. Song Ji-hyo gets one sentence in and then gets bombed again.

For estimating the talk time correctly, the men get to peel off one piece of paper. Gary decides to go for the eyes. They guess actress Kim Hee-sun, but it’s incorrect.


The next mini-game is silent telephone. Everyone wears headphones while trying to pass along a word by reading each others’ lips. The women get foods like Americano and pickled peppers, but miss the third word which is fresh kimchi.

The men get four letter Chinese character idioms which is kind of unfair because of how much harder it is. The men predictably fail miserably and start yelling at each other. They decide they must have failed because of the spy. I’m starting to feel nostalgic for <X-Man>.


The women get their first win and go for the eyes. Yura guesses that it’s Jackie Chan. The female team wins the first game! Btw the answer for the men was actress Jeon Do-yeon.

Lunch Time: Random Kimbap

Now it’s time to eat, but even lunch time is a game. It’s “random kimbap.” There are ingredients hidden in boxes all around the school grounds. They need to find 10 ingredients per team to make kimbap. All of the ingredients are edible, it’s just that you wouldn’t necessarily want them in kimbap.


The women find wasabi, fermented skate, ham, strawberry jam, cilantro, julienned eggs, spinach, raw garlic, hot peppers, and chicken feet.

The men get wasabi, earthworm gummies, fermented skate, strawberry jam, marshmallows, julienned eggs, salted shrimp, hot peppers, sesame oil, and cookies.


Some of the kimbaps look okay, but marshmallows and strawberry jam sound terrible.


After making their kimbaps, they take the food outside for a picnic. While eating, Son Yeon-jae says she wants to start dating now that the Olympics are over. Seems like the girl knows how to do variety right and get her name on the portal site search rankings. Yoo Jae-suk asks who she likes most out of the men there. Son Yeon-jae picks Kwang-soo Oppa.


Now for the kimbap. Everyone plays rock–paper–scissors to choose who has to eat the bad ones. Yura and Kwang-soo get picked.

At first Yura is okay. It just tastes like kimbap with extra wasabi, but then she bites into the chocolate. Augh.

Game Two: Couple Name Tags

We still haven’t figured out who the spies are.

Game two is “couple bracelets with the staff members.” Each player grabs a pouch that holds a piece of paper with a characteristic written on it such as double eyelids or strong arms. The players then have five minutes to find a staff member with that characteristic. Once they do, they enter a round of rip each other’s name tags off, while having to hold hands with the staff member.


Yoo Jae-suk has to find a “celebrity look alike,” but just halfheartedly walks around trying to help his teammates. Remember he’s actually trying to help the other team win.

Ye Ji-won is working hard. She always gets pretty competitive on variety shows. She gets both Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Jong-kook out. Kwang-soo yells at his staff member teammate to start going to the gym. Psh. Sure like it’s her unathleticism that made him lose.


Kang Min-kyung tells her staff member to fail on purpose. She got “strong arms” where her staff member has to be able to hold her up by his arms for more than five seconds. It looks like we’ve found our first spy.


We flashback to the opening scene. Yoo Jae-suk chose Kang Min-kyung as his spy. She can choose to double cross Yoo Jae-suk, but if she does and fails, she gets twice the punishment. We don’t know who Park Mi-sun’s spy is yet.

While everyone’s trying to rip off name tags, Park Mi-sun randomly falls on the ground, detaching from her staff member and gets eliminated. Her sabotage attempt is a bit too obvious.

The second guy that Kang Min-kyung chooses gets overexcited and takes out everyone else’s nametags helping the women’s team secure a win. He clearly doesn’t understand the concept of “spy.”


The women win the staff member name tag game, and get another 100 points. The women move up 200 to 0. Things aren’t looking good for the men. Yoo Jae-suk says aloud, “Our spy is really bad at her job.” It’s a bad move criticizing her aloud because at this point, Kang Min-kyung decides to double cross Yoo Jae-suk. She takes off his name tag and reattaches it, symbolizing her intention to betray him.

Meanwhile, I can’t tell who the spy is on the men’s team because they are all doing so poorly.

Park Mi-sun looks into everyone’s eyes and asks them one at a time, “Are you the spy?”

Game Three: Obstacle Course

The next game is worth 200 points, so there could be a win from behind. It’s a baton race. One team gets a big baton, and one gets a normal sized one.

To decide which team gets which baton, they play a shoe tossing game. They have to throw their shoe off their foot. The one to get their shoe closest to a marked line wins, but if it goes over, it doesn’t count.


This mini-game goes by pretty quickly. Lee Kwang-soo gets his shoe pretty much on the line, and both Park Mi-sun and Kang Min-kyung get noticeably worried. Last up is Son Yeon-jae, so this is the women’s last chance at winning this portion. Cue a montage of scenes showing off her Olympic level flexibility. Son Yon-jae throws her shoe. It gets close, but it’s too short.

The men win this mini-game, so they get the normal baton while the women have to go through the obstacle course with the large one.


The obstacle relay course is made up of

  1. Hurdles (Ji Suk-jin vs Yoo Jae-suk)
  2. Gym balls, spin ten times, and walk across parallel bars (Lee Kwang-soo vs Kim Min-kyung)
  3. Whistle after bobbing for caramels dipped in powder (Haha vs Song Ji-hyo)
  4. Limbo (Gary vs Ye Ji-won)
  5. Break plastic wrap with your face and yell over 125 dB (Park Mi-sun vs Yura)
  6. Throw a ball in the air and catch it after doing a forward tumble (Kim Jong-guk vs Son Yeon-jae)
  7. Break open a gourd by throwing rocks at it. It’s basically like a pinata. (everyone)


Yoo Jae-suk knocks over all his hurdles because of his large baton (and because he’s a spy), while Ji Seok-jin knocks his over because he’s terrible at games. Lee Kwang-soo yells at Ji Seok-jin to hurry up because he’s crouched inside his gym ball. Who thought it would be a good idea to put the tallest person in there?

It’s neck a neck until part three where Song Ji-hyo falls behind. Ye Ji-won gets stuck trying to limbo with the huge baton, but luckily Park Mi-sun stalls which gives the women time to catch up. Park Mi-sun looks like she’s trying really hard though. The women’s team gets all the way to the last leg of the obstacle course while Park Mi-sun still doing her thing. Once she gets through the plastic wrap, she keeps pretending like she’s too tired to scream. Eventually, Lee Kwang-soo snaps Park Mi-sun’s wrist to make her yell loud enough.


Kim Jong-kook gets his forward tumble done in one try and the men catch up. Both teams are on the last leg now trying to break open the gourd. The men break theirs open first. It’s now tied, 200 to 200.


Game Four: Find the Spy

It’s time to vote for the spy.

If you can catch your own team’s spy you win this round. Kang Min-kyung is desperate to win. She double crossed Yoo Jae-suk, so if the women’s team doesn’t win, she gets double the punishment. When Yoo Jae-suk is away, she tells all the ladies that she was actually the spy, but decided to double cross Yoo Jae-suk. They need to vote for Yoo Jae-suk as the spy.

Unfortunately for Kang Min-kyung, the women don’t trust her and vote her as the spy. Only Yura listens and correctly votes for Yoo Jae-suk.

The final score is men 300, women 200.


The men’s spies were Park Mi-sun and Haha. The men voted for Park Mi-sun because of how much she slowed them down in the obstacle, but no one suspected Haha. There’s a montage of the men’s team failing miserably. Haha didn’t even have to try to fail.

The men’s team plus Yoo-jae-suk win while Kang Min-kyung needs to pay for dinner as her punishment.

The extra luxurious prize turns out to be a crayon stationary set. Haha. I guess it would be luxurious to school children. Yoo Jae-suk also gets a gold medal for succeeding as the spy.


After the filming ends, Kang Min-kyung treats everyone to Korean BBQ.

Next week: “My Avatar Can.”



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