Running Man Recap: Episode 324

Running Man Recap: Episode 324
Episode 324: Goodbye Gary: November 6, 2016


Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” plays in the background along with a melancholy montage of Gary’s time on <Running Man>. We see him introducing himself for the first time as Gary from Jamsil, Seoul.

Seven forever!

Then there’s a flash of news headlines reporting Gary’s exit from the show. Yoo Jae-suk comments that it’s Gary’s final recording.

Cut to a chyron, “You thought this would be a heartwarming sendoff for Gary? That’s not Running Man’s style!” and we get a bunch of slapstick scenes previewing this upcoming episode.


Today’s show starts off in a coffee shop in Sinsa, Seoul. Ji Suk-jin remarks that something feels strange. There are only six seats set up at the cafe. The PD reminds the rest of the MCs that this is Gary’s final filming. Yoo Jae-suk adds that Gary had been talking to them one on one over the past few weeks to let them know about his exit.

Haha jokes that this means Gary’s VJ (cameraman) is getting fired. Lee Kwang-soo feels bad because he still hasn’t given the VJ a wedding present. Yoo Jae-suk reminds him that he already has a two-year-old child, so that wedding gift is way overdue.

The PD says as Gary has been on this show for seven years, this episode’s theme will be “Running Man Who Can’t Break Up, Gary Who Can’t Leave,” which is a play on the Leessang song “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, the Boy Who Can’t Leave.”


Gary was told that today’s filming would start at 3 pm. It’s currently 2 pm, and Gary is working on his album in a studio just 50 meters away. The <Running Man> MCs have a surprise hidden mission at his studio. Each of the MCs need to steal some kind of memorabilia from Gary without getting caught.

The catch is that each person needs to steal something that is larger than the person before them. Gary’s studio is on the fifth floor of a building, and the <Running Man> team has rented out the fourth floor to use as a secret base. The MCs each need to stealthily take an item down to the fourth floor where they can check if the stolen item is a passable size.

If someone gets caught stealing, then he or she has to compensate twice its value. There will also be a harsh punishment for those who fail to steal an item before the time’s up.


The crew moves to Gary’s studio.

Gary, “Aren’t you guys a little early? I was planning on crying for 30 minutes before you got here.” Aw.

Lee Kwang-soo gives Gary his uniform for today, and while Gary goes to change, everyone looks around for something to steal.


Gary’s studio is really nice and large, plus it’s located in Sinsa which is one of the ritzier neighborhoods in Gangnam, so it must be really expensive. There’s a living room, kitchen, break room, and two work rooms. Everyone gathers in the break room to learn the “mission” of the day.

Yoo Jae-suk, “It’s our last episode, so don’t Song Ji-hyo and Gary need to sit next to each other?” The two move over to sit together, and we get a bittersweet montage of our Monday Couple.


Main Mission: Gary And Distance (Hidden Mission: Steal Gary Memorabilia)

The PD asks the MCs how much they think they’ve run in the last 7 years. They’ve gone to Dubai, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. They’ve run 43,272.17 km abroad and 33,931.83 km in Korea. I wonder how they calculated those numbers.

It’s a total 77,093 km, so today’s race is titled “Gary and Distance.” They have to clear all 77,000 km worth of missions to finish today’s challenge. (Also, the MCs have until the end of this challenge to finish stealing Gary memorabilia.)


There are various challenges worth a variety of distances. The four categories are Running Man (red), Everyone (green) Unanimity (yellow), and Production Crew (blue). Each category has a challenge that is worth 10,000 30,000 50,000 or 77,000 km.

The faster they get to 77,000 km, the better the parting gift Gary will get. If they finish all 77,000 km in one challenge, Gary will get a round trip ticket to Europe, two challenges is a brand new laptop, three challenges is a luxury Korean beef set, four-five is a composition notebook and pencil, six-seven is instant rice and seaweed, eight-ten is a Running Man set, eleven-fourteen is nothing, and fifteen and above is Gary has to give presents to 100 staff members.

Lee Kwang-soo comments that the last one is the most meaningful. Haha adds that it would be very heartwarming of Gary. *snickers*


The crew decides to go for a 77,000 km mission. Haha, “The game has started, hasn’t it?” and we get some spy music reminding us of what’s really going on.

The team chooses the Everyone (green) 77,000 km mission which is “the taste of hands.” All of them have to endure at least 10 seconds of a sports massages by the masseuse Kim Young-Joon without making a sound.


Gary asks for a shoulder massage. He clenches his teeth trying not to make a sound, and ends up making the ugliest facial expressions of the episode. Gary passes the 10 seconds, but everyone makes fun of him for looking like a squid.

Haha, “I’m not going to be able to see my squid anymore?”

Yoo Jae-suk is next. He says he can’t bear much weight on his pelvis, but that’s exactly where the masseuse  goes for. Yoo Jae-suk screams with 4 seconds left. It was so painful that he claims that his legs are different lengths now. Poor guy.


Every time they fail a mission, one person needs to get his/her forehead smacked. Haha says the person who made them lose needs to take the hit, but the others vote for Gary because he’ll never get this “chance” again.

It’s a sly move because while Song Ji-hyo smacks him, the others take the opportunity to steal some more goods. It’s a no go though, because the MCs are also crafty at preventing each others from stealing first. Yoo Jae-suk blocks Kim Jong-kook from stealing a fan.

The next category is Running Man (red) 77,000 km. This mission is titled “mascot” where masseuse Kim Young-Joon who was on the show twice is apparently the show’s mascot. The MCs need to endure 10 seconds again without screaming.

After much complaining from the MCs, “How is he the show’s mascot?” Kim Jong-kook volunteers to go first. He endures all ten seconds, but as soon as he’s done, he pretends to be in so much pain that he runs out of the room, but he’s actually stealing a figurine and taking it to the fourth floor.


Haha is up next. His “pain” face looks just as ugly as Gary’s. He also runs out as soon as the 10 seconds are up, but he takes a golden spoon which is mush smaller than Kim Jong-kook’s figurine, so he fails and has to try again.

Ji Seok-jin goes next. He makes just the teensiest of sounds, and fails the massage mission after just 4 seconds.

Next, the MCs go for the Production Crew (blue) 77,000 km challenge. It’s “writer.” This time, the writers personally recruited masseuse Kim Young-Joon . . . LOL!


But first, someone needs to get his/her forehead smacked for losing the previous mission. Lee Kwang-soo slaps Song Ji-hyo as hard as he can.

Now back to the massage, Haha says he needs some help and grabs a teddy bear to help with the pain. The rest of the MCs yell at Haha and take the bear away from him. They know that if Haha gets the bear, they’ll have to get something even larger. Instead of a teddy bear, they give him a giraffe (Lee Kwang-soo)  to hold.

Haha fails after 7 seconds.

For another failed challenge, they need to smack another forehead.

Song Ji-hyo gets her revenge on Lee Kwang-soo. She hits him so hard that he gets lifted off the ground. The others keep trying to steal the teddy bear.

Next they go for the Everyone (green) 50,000 km challenge. It’s “crapshoot.” The staff members bring out seven covered plates of food.


With the commotion of all the staff members carrying things in, Yoo Jae-suk scurries out carrying a photo frame. It just barely passes the size requirement.

For crapshoots, the MCs need to choose the good version of two foods. It gets harder as they go on. They pass plates 1-3 easily. The fourth one is a choice between regular yogurt and vinegar yogurt. Kim Jong-kook complains that he hates even regular yogurt because there’s so much sugar. Kim Jong-kook takes a sip, it’s delicious. Song Ji-hyo, “It smells awful, like vinegar.”


While everyone complains about the loss, Haha walks out with a framed photo of Gary up his shirt. The items are getting  pretty large now.

Gary still has no idea what’s going on.

Song Ji-hyo manages to sneak out a fan. It’s way too small. On her way back to Gary’s studio, she passes by Ji Seok-jin who took a totem pole. It’s taller than Haha’s photo, but thinner so he fails.

Lee Kwang-soo brings in a humongous skull wall decoration. Ji Seok-jin calls him crazy. How is anyone else supposed to beat that?


Now it’s just Song Ji-hyo and Ji Seok-jin left.

The next challenge is Production Crew 50,000 km. It’s titled “VJ.” Three of the Running Man MCs need to race three VJs. It’s a three person relay with one person running up all five floors of the building, the second person running down all five floors, and the third person running up back to the top.


The other MCs send Gary downstairs along with Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook since they’ve already completed their stealing missions.

While Gary is out practicing running up the stairs, Song Ji-hyo and Ji Seok-jin fight over who’ll steal first. Ji Seok-jin tries to take the carpet.


Song Ji-hyo grabs a potted plant. Gary’s running at full speed for a practice run, and Song Ji-hyo makes in into the fourth floor just as Gary runs by. Ji Seok-jin is the only one left. This time he tries to grab a sofa. I guess there’s not much left that’s bigger than a plant.

The VJ team runs first. They get 54:52 seconds. Now it’s the Running Man team’s turn to run up and down the stairs. Meanwhile, Ji Seok-jin grabs a bike. He hears a sound and scurries to put the bike back, but it’s just Kim Jong-kook.

He tries to take the bike again, but runs into Gary, who’s too busy running up the stairs to stop Ji Seok-jin. Unfortunately though, the bike is just too small.

The Running Man MCs get 58:38 seconds, losing to the VJs. That buys Ji Seok-jin a little more time to try stealing something else.

When Gary gets back to the studio, he asks Ji Seo-jin why he took out his bike. The others play along and yell at him about the bike, “What are you a spy?”

Ji Seok-jin, “No, I just wanted a bike like that.”


They’ve failed all their challenges so far. They go for Everyone (green) 30,000 km which is incorrect multiplication tables. They have to get the tens place correct but the ones place incorrect. For example if they get 8 x 8, they have to say any number in the 60s except for 64.

Since it’s an “everyone challenge,” they have to get this seven times in a row, but Gary’s really weak at multiplication. He’s so bad that he keeps making up numbers out of nervousness. Fail again.


Next is Unanimity for 30,000 km. They have to each flip Yut Nori sticks and get them to land on the same side.  Haha, Gary, Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook, and Ji Seok-jin all get theirs face up. . . It’s just two people left now. Lee Kwang-soo gets his face up. It’s just Yoo Jae-suk left. It’s 50/50. He gets it too.

Yay! Now only 47,000 km to go.

The Running Man 30,000 km challenge is “name tag.” They have five minutes to find a mini-name tag for each of the MCs which are hidden in the studio. They’re given microscopes because the name tags are Antman size.


While Gary’s out looking in another room, Ji Seok-jin starts folding a carpet to steal. Success! Although he does have to pay twice the amount of the bike for getting caught. The MCs also have success with the mini-name tag challenge finishing in 4 minutes and 52 seconds.


Back in the studio, Gary asks about the carpet. Ji Seok-jin says the production staff took it out because it was so dusty.

With 17,000 km to go, they go for Production Crew 30,000 km. This one is arm wrestling the camera operators. It’s three versus three. All the camera directors have strong arms for lifting heavy equipment. The jimmy jib crane operator is there too. He’s the really heavy guy from two episodes ago.


Gary wins the first match easily.

Lee Kwang-soo somehow manages to beat the jimmy jib crane operator in round two.

Yay! They’ve finished in 8 turns, so Gary gets the Running Man set which is a bunch of flags and coins. The production team also gives Gary a golden name tag and a photo of his face filled with little photos of the show from episodes 1 to 317.



Kim Jong-kook jokes that Song Ji-hyo now has to find another man for Monday Couple next week.

Song Ji-hyo breaks down and cries. She’s pretty quiet though and just shortly says, “I’ll cheer for you. Live well.”

Kim Jong-kook answers for her, “WHAT AM I GONNA DO ON MONDAYS WITHOUT YOU!!!”

Yoo Jae-suk, “That’s not what I heard. I heard she said, “is that bastard in his right mind?!””



The “final” scene is a team dinner with Gary at Korean BBQ, but the cameras keep following Gary. They ask him to do a final video message at his studio.

He returns to his studio to find a present and a letter explaining the hidden mission about stealing Gary memorabilia. They’ve taken the memories, but returned the stolen items. Gary is told that his final mission is to return all the items to their proper places.


As he goes to return them, he finds that the other Running Man MCs have all left behind a present and letter in the place of the items they stole. The presents are

  • Lee Kwang-soo: speakers
  • Kim Jong-kook:
  • Ji Suk-jin: red ginseng set
  • Haha: dried squid haha
  • Yoo Jae-suk: sneakers
  • Song Ji-hyo: massager and photo album

Gary says to the cameras and his fans, “I started this show as an unknown singer and became known through this show and received a lot of love, but I’m only full of sorry, please continue to show love to the remaining Running Man staff and crew. I will do my best to live a hardworking life.”


Next Week: Gary…to be continued.




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      This is a little too late but one was in episode 267, it came as a punishment after failing the Wig Game.



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