Running Man Recap: Episode 330

Running Man Recap: Episode 330
Episode 330: Probability Trip: December 18, 2016

This episode continues the trip from last week. The Running Man crew is in the city of Jeonju playing various games for R points which they can then cash in for various prizes. You can read the first part of this trip in the episode 329 recap here

Market Tour Mission

This round is worth 50 R points. Using money that they earned through the name tag auction in the previous episode, the MCs each need to purchase five items that contain two or more syllables starting with any of the Korean letters “ㄴ,ㅂ,ㅅ,ㅈ.”  

They’ll also be restricted in how far they can walk. Each MC will have to wear a knit shirt in either small, medium, or large. They can only go as far as the shirt will unravel. Also, they have to be careful because they’ll get eliminated if they accidentally rip the yarn. 

Yoo Jae-suk suggests they go with divided for this round, so we go back to the wheel to decide which MC gets which size shirt. 

  • Yoo Jae-suk: small (150,000 won)
  • Lee Kwang-soo: large (13,000 won)
  • Ji Suk-jin: large (5,000 won)
  • Kim Jong-kook: small (20,000 won)
  • Song Ji-hyo: medium (50,000 won)
  • Haha medium (100,000 won)

They have twenty minutes to shop.

Yoo Jae-suk pretends to worry about whether Ji Suk-jin will have enough money to buy everything he needs. With just 5,000 won (~5 USD) it’s going to be hard for Ji Suk-jin to buy five different items. 

Song Ji hyo and Yoo Jae-suk both buy mushrooms (버섯). Yoo Jae-suk doesn’t have much yarn left, so he has to ask a shopkeeper to bring the mushrooms to him. 

Kim Jong-kook buys some embroidered socks (버선). 

Ji Suk-jin wants to buy some pants (바지), but the cheapest are 5,000 won (~5 USD) which is his entire budget. Next, he tries sujebi (수제비), but that’s even more expensive at 6,000 won.

Lee Kwang-soo buys a half empty bottle soju (소주) and a sewing needle (바늘). Both shopkeepers just want to give it to him for free, but he gives them 1,000 won for each item. Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin share answers with each other. Ji Suk-jin finds a stationary stall, which means they’ll be plenty of cheap things.

Kim Jong-kook gets some soju (소주) and a box (박스). 

Haha is done, but his yarn gets caught, and he needs to unravel it before he can return to the starting point. He does fortunately manage to untangle himself. 

Yoo Jae-suk is done too, but he runs out of yarn, and VJ Kwon-ryeol steps on the end of it, making Jae-suk drop his shirt. He fails. Yoo Jae-suk, “But, but, but! It’s Kwon-ryeol’s fault!” Jae-suk fumes the entire time as he walks back to the starting point. 

Only Haha and Lee Kwang-soo succeed. They each get an extra 50 R points.

Now that the trip is done, the MCs can cash in their R points for prizes. The PD goes over which item each MC can get, but before they can get their prizes, they have one last choice. Do they want to combine their points, or use them separately? 

The prize list is

  • 200 R – Europe plane ticket
  • 100 R – New laptop
  • 50 R – Grilled short rib patty set
  • 30 R – Liquor set
  • 20 R – Jeonju laver set
  • 10 R – Jeonju hanji fan
  • 0 R – Buy the PD a 29,000 won lunch set

The prizes get exponentially better, so it makes sense to combine points. 

They decide to combine them in order to get a plane ticket to Europe. Unfortunately, that ticket is not guaranteed. That would be too easy. They spin a wheel to see who gets the plane ticket. Half of the slots on the wheel have an MC’s name on it while the other half are losing slots. 

Lee Kwang-soo spins the wheel. It almost lands on Haha, but then spins backward to “lose.” Haha curses at Lee Kwang-soo who curses right back at him. Lee Kwang-soo, :I didn’t turn it backwards, you XXX.” I guess emotions run high when a free trip to Europe is on the line.

Even though the MCs lost all their R points this round, they have one more shot at a prize.

They relocate to a nearby guesthouse.

Probability Trip Part Two

At the guesthouse, the MCs are asked to each choose between strawberry and chocolate donuts. Song Ji-hyo is skeptical and wonders if there’s some wasabi inside. 

The PD tells them that the donuts they chose decided their teams. He introduces today’s guests, the “Jeonju Fairies.” Enter idol girl group Black Pink. They dance to their song “Playing with Fire.”

Haha and Ji Suk-jin both comment on how good looking the YG girl group members are. Isn’t YG famous for not caring about looks? Ji Suk-jin, “They look like celebrities.” The male MCs continue commenting on how sophisticated and city-like the Black Pink members look.

They’re divided into Black Team and Pink Team.

  • Black Team: Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo & Jisoo, Lisa
  • Pink Team: Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, Haha & Rose, Jennie

There’s one more chance for each team to win the prize. They’ll play several games where the winning team gets more R points, and after every game, they also have a chance to bet between two to ten times the amount of money they earned. The winning team can bet twice, while the losing team only gets once chance to bet.

For the starting money, there are four bags containing 30 R, 20 R,  20 R, and 0 R.

Rose gets the 30 R bag while Jisoo gets the 0 R. Lisa and Jennie both pick 20 R. 

That means that Black Team starts with 20 R while Pink Team has 50 R. 

The crew moves indoors. The Black Pink members are surprised at how many cameras there are. They’re finding everything about variety exciting. 

Game One: Random 5 Second Q&A

For the next game, one player from each team will play at a time. Each player will put on a helmet with three pegs holding up an upside down water bottle. The players will take turns asking each other random questions and the other person has five seconds to come up with three answers.

If he or she fails to come up with three responses within five seconds, then the opponent gets to pull out one plug from the losing team’s helmet. There are three pegs per helmet, but only one of them is actually holding up the water. If the correct peg gets pulled out, the water will fall out and soak the helmet wearer. 

The first team to get three wins the entire round.

First up is Lee Kwang-soo (Black Team) vs Kim Jong-kook (Pink Team).

Lee Kwang-soo asks, “Name three female celebrities you want to meet.”

Kim Jong-kook responds, “Song Hye-kyo, Kim Tae-hee, and . . . Jeon Ji-hyun.” He just barely runs out of time. Kwang-soo gets to take out one of the three pegs. 

Kim Jong-kook asks, “Three four letter sayings.”

Lee Kwang-soo, *answers correctly*

Lee Kwang-soo asks, “The names of three female celebrities you’ve dated.”

Kim Jong-kook gets mad and slaps Kwang-soo who responds that he could have just made up names. Kim Jong-kook now only has one peg left while Lee Kwang-soo still has all three.

Kim Jong-kook asks, “Three female celebrities you’ve dated out of the ones you’ve worked with.”

Lee Kwang-soo’s response gets beeped out. LOL.

Lee Kwang-soo asks, “Three reasons why you like Yoon Eun-hye.”

Kim Jong-kook, “She’s pretty, rich . . . ” He runs out of time again.

Lee Kwang-soo pulls out the last peg.

Kim Jong-kook gets soaked. I was expecting it to splash down him, but the water just drips down steadily, which is actually even more annoying. 

Round two is Jisoo (Black Team) verus Rose (Pink Team). Jisoo’s head is so small that the helmet won’t stay balanced. Lee Kwang-soo adjusts her helmet, for safety reasons of course.

Rose starts with an easy question, “Three countries you want to go to.”

Jisoo, “Australia, Thailand, and  Japan”

Haha (Pink Team), “You need to be tougher!!!”

Jisoo asks, “Three reasons you took so long in the bathroom yesterday?”

Rose responds, “Poop, brush teeth, and wash face.”

Rose asks, “The YG members you like.”

Jisoo responds, “G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seugri

Jisoo asks, “Three problems you have with CEO YG?” 

Rose responds, “Why you don’t love me much .  . . Uh . . . I don’t know.”

Rose loses a peg. The water bottle hasn’t fallen out yet. 

Rose asks, “Three YG male idols you don’t want to get close with?” 

Jisoo responds, “GD, Daesung, Seungri.” The MCs make fun of her for giving the same answer as the previous question. The only difference is she switched out Taeyang and Daesung. She quickly adds that she likes Daesung and even gives him a thumbs up. 

Jisoo asks, “Why you fight with Lisa everyday?

Rose responds, “She talks badly, pretends to be cool, talks too brashly.”

Rose asks, “Male celebrities you plan to date.”

Jisoo, “Haha, Kim Jong-kook, and Lee Kwang-soo.”

Kwang soo is so happy. Haha says, “Sorry, but I’m taken.”

Jisoo asks, ‘Three proverbs you like.”

Rose responds, “Eating rice cakes while lying down.”

Rose only has one peg left, but the water drips down on her anyways.

Round three is Lisa (Black Team) vs Jenny (Pink Team). If Lisa wins, this is the third and final win for the Black Team. 

Jenny asks, “Three issues you have with the Black Pink members.”

Lisa responds , “Uh, um . . . Ah!” Lisa fails. She’s too nice.

Jenny pulls out one peg and it’s the right one. She wins this round

Round four is Ji Suk-jin versus Haha

Haha, “Three reasons you regret being married.”

Ji Suk-jin responds, “Really annoying and . . .”

Ji Suk-jin asks, “Three celebrities you want to date.”

Haha responds, “Shin-ji, Jeon Ji-hyun . . .” He runs out of time.

Haha asks, “Three math formulas you like?”

Ji Suk-jin, “Pythagoras, apple, and lunch.” Heh.

Haha gets to take out a peg. It rains down hard. 

It’s now tied. Both teams have won two rounds each.

The final round is Yoo Jae-suk versus Song Ji-hyo.

Yoo Jae-suk, “Three reasons you like your boyfriend?”

Song Ji-hyo responds, “Sexy, earns a lot of money, good looking.”

Song Ji hyo asks, “Three erotic videos you’ve seen recently.”

Yoo Jae-suk responds, “The Ae-ma Woman 1, 2, and 3.”

Yoo Jae-suk asks, ‘Three proverbs.”

Yoo Jae-suk gets a chance to pull out a peg. It’s no good. It’s the wrong peg.

Meanwhile, his helmet keeps dripping. It’s a bit faulty. He changes to a new helmet but he’s already soaked.

Song Ji-hyo asks, “Three reasons you like Infinite Challenge more than Running Man.” Despite being on the same team, Lee Kwang-soo blocks Jae-suk’s mouth so he can’t speak. He only manages to get one response, “Because I’ve been doing it longer.”

Yoo Jae-suk’s water falls down.

Pink Team wins. 

Probability Betting: Shoe Play

Now it’s time to place bets to earn more R points. Each team will throw three shoes at a grid and have to guess whether it’ll land on a pink or black square. If they bet mostly pink or mostly black and get it correct, they will get 2 times their money, if they bet all pink or all black, its three times. One R spot is 5 times, and two R spots is 10 times. 

Pink Team can bet on two outcomes, while the losing Black Team only gets one. 

The Pink Team goes for the two least risky ones mostly black and mostly pink. Black Team goes for mostly black. They bet 10 R points each.

Rose (Pink Team) throws her shoe in black. It’s a miss. Yoo Jae-suk (Black Team) gets pink. Jisoo (Pink Team) gets pink. Pink Team succeeds in getting mostly pink. Now they’re up an extra 10 R points while Black Team just lost 10. 

Game Two: Jeonju Table 31

It’s dinner time. There’s just soy sauce and seaweed which Jenny apparently really likes. However, hrough the next game, they’ll get a chance to get some popular local side dishes. The game is called eonju Table 31. It’s similar to the Baskin Robbins 31 game which is a popular drinking game in Korea.

Each team will secretly pick a number up to 31. The PD will then take note of the average of the two numbers. The teams will each count up to that number 1-3 numbers at a time and the person to land on the number loses. They will also pour hot sauce on tortilla while they count which the loser has to eat. 

The winning team gets a side dish for each round they win.

It’s Jisoo (Black Team) versus Jenny (Pink Team) for the first round for a chance to win beef patties. It’s the battle of the unnies. Jisoo wins rocks-paper-scissors so she gets to go first. My mouth just watered while watching this. It’s a lot of hot sauce. Jenny gets caught at 21. She now has to eat the tortilla with 21 drops of Tabasco hot sauce.

Jenny (Pink Team) asks Lee Kwang-soo (Black Team) to eat the spicy tortilla for her. Ji Suk-jin, “She knows she’s pretty. She’s just playing you.” 

Jenny, “Please eat it for me.” *aegyo*

Lee Kwang-soo’s teammates Lisa and Jisoo yell out, “NOOOO!” Ji Suk-jin asks Jenny if she really likes Lee Kwang-soo. Jenny says she’ll answer if Kwang-soo eats the spicy tortilla for her.

Of course Lee Kwang-soo’s hooked. He eats it for her. Kwang-soo can never resist girl group aegyo. Jenny gives him water and then walks away saying, “Thank you. You’re really great.” Lee Kwang-soo, “Wait that’s it?” She never answered Ji Suk-jin’s question.

Next on the line is seaweed short rib stew. It’s Ji Suk-jin versus Song Ji-hyo. Both shake the Tabasco sauce about twenty times. Next, Ji Suk-jin slaps the end of the bottle for a glob of hot sauce. Someone’s going to have to eat that. 

Ji Suk-jin gets caught at 28. He takes a bite and insists, “Not too bad,” but he walks away in pain. 

We don’t get to see the next two rounds, just the results. 

Round three: Pink Team wins raw crabs marinate din soy sauce.

Round four: Black Team win boiled pork. 

Round five is Lee Kwang-soo versus Kim Jong-kook for some dried yellow corvina. Kim Jong-kook gets caught at 20. 

At the end of the Jeonju Table 31 game, Black Team gets an additional 40 R. Pink Team gets 20 R.

Both meals are pretty decent. I’m glad that this wasn’t an all or nothing type deal where one team gets nothing to eat because girl groups like Black Pink usually aren’t allowed to eat much, except when they’re doing mukbang.

Yoo Jae-suk tries to get Jisoo to do some mukbang. He tells her she’ll get some CF offers this way. Ji Suk-jin tells Lisa to do say something in Jeonju dialect. Uh . . . I think just regular Korean is hard enough for her already. 

The current total is Black Team 50 R, Pink Team 70 R. 

It’s betting time again. The Pink Team goes places 10 R on all pink. The Black Team bets 20 R on mostly black and 5 R on all black. 

Jisoo (Black Team) gets a black spot. She does a celebratory wave and being a sore loser, Haha yells at her not to dance. Rose (Pink Team) gets black. I’ts Lisa’s turn. All she has to do is not land on one of the two R spots. There are only two out of the 64 square, so that won’t happen right? Nope, she lands on an R square. 

The new total is

  • Black Team 25 R
  • Pink Team 60 R

Game Three: Odd-Even Name Tag Game

For the final game, the two teams will play the name tag game where everyone is wearing a hat with a number underneath it between 1-5. The red hats have even numbers while the blue hats are odd. Each team needs to pull off hats to get a total of as close to 7 as possible. The first to get to 7 wins. If a team gets 8 or more, they will automatically lose. 

The two teams take some time to assign numbers to the team members.

In the Black Team, Ji Suk-jin says they should just assign the numbers randomly. Yoo Jae-suk, “If you were younger than me, I would have yelled at you for saying that.”

Ironically, in Pink Team, Haha says they should just do it randomly too. That way the other team will be confused and have no strategy to follow.

It’s time for the name tag ripping to begin. 

Yoo Jae-suk immediate rips off Song Ji-hyo. She had 1.

Next, Yoo Jae-suk’s name tag gets taken. He was 5. 

Haha’s nametag was 5. 

Now Black Team is at 6 and Pink Team is at 5. Since they’re in the lead, Black Team can just wait things out and try to get Pink to go over. 

Kim Jong-kook (Pink Team) goes for Ji Suk-jin (Black Team). It has to be one or two for them to win. It’s four. They went over, so Black team wins. 

Its the final round of betting. Pink team bets 40 R on getting one R square. Lisa gets black. Black Team bets 25 R on all black. Kim Jong-kook (Pink Team) gets black. Yoo Jae-suk gets black. Fail. 

Pink Team gets a seaweed set. Black gets nothing. 

It’s the episode and I’m surprised that there was no mention of the controversy. I knew that the filming took place way before the whole issue broke, but I was still expecting a notice or something at the beginning or end. Oh well. 

Next Week: Christmas with Kim So-hyun and a bunch of elementary kids. 



  1. yao

    So they won’t give us the names?

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Yes, I believe it’s to protect the privacy of those involved.



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