Running Man Recap: Episode 332

Running Man Recap: Episode 332
Episode 332: 2017 New Year Kick-off: January 1, 2017

With only a handful of Running Man episodes left, I’m going to have to cherish every last one.¬† ūüė• This is the first full episode filmed after the firing fiasco, so I hope there won’t be too much awkwardness. I noticed that Song Ji-hyo was really quiet in last week’s five minute apology. Hopefully, she isn’t taking things too hard, since I’m sure she has a lot of great projects coming up in the new year.¬†

Today’s episode takes place at the SBS¬†headquarters. Announcer Kim Hwan is waiting inside an auditorium for the New Year Opening and Greeting. He asks each of the <Running Man> MCs to say something for the new year.

Haha stutters, “New Year, finish the new year, and work hard, be healthy, happy . . . “

Ji Suk-jin says, “Health is the most important thing. That’s why I had a health checkup even though I¬†screamed like a baby. My wife was really embarrassed.”¬†

Kim Jong-kook adds, “I too think health is the most important. I will try to be healthy for our viewers.”

Yoo Jae-suk jokes that he’ll be on TV¬†even when he’s in his 80s. He’ll be featured on one of those <Ripley’s Believe it or Not> type shows as a super strong grandpa.

Lee Kwang-soo says, “I hope everyone is happy. Personally, I hope that Kim Jong-kook gets married.” Something must be up. Even Cha Tae-hyun asked about his marriage plans during the end of year award ceremonies. Should we be expecting some wedding bells in the near future?

Yoo Jae-suk says, “I hope a lot of good things happen for our viewers, that they have a lot of reasons to laugh. We’ll work really hard. Have a good new year.”

Announcer Kim Hwan says there’ll be a new project. A banner drops down behind the MCs that says “2017 Running Man Project: Member’s Week.” Each cast member will have one week to do what he or she wants. With seven cast members left, it looks like this will take us right to the end of February which will be when the show ends.¬†

Song Ji-hyo says she wants everyone to go on an MT (membership training trip) without the cameras. That kind of defeats the purpose of the show no? Kim Jong-kook wants to personally train everyone. It’ll be training hell.

Member’s week will start next week and today’s mission will decide who gets to go¬†first.¬†That¬†person will then chose who goes next in a sort of relay. The person to go first will also get a water bomb to purify the mind and body¬†which is basically a punishment, so no one wants to be picked for first.¬†

Round One: Running Man New Year Check Up: New Year Fortune

The person with the best fortune gets to choose to order of the next game. The fortune teller Park Seong-jun¬†is back again. He told the MCs’ fortunes at the start of 2016 as well. Yoo Jae-suk remembers him as being straightforward. He gave a lot of harsh comments back then.¬†

Ji Suk-jin is up first. The fortune teller tells him to stay still this year. That’s the same fortune two years in a row. Since the wind’s blowing, he needs to lay low. He has to wait 3-4 years before he should try to do something since he’ll start to have some luck in¬†2020. His keywords for Ji Suk-jin are “investment ban.” Haha asks about Suk-jin’s¬†current investments. The fortune teller says he can¬†hold on to them, but to not add any more money. Poor Suk-jin isn’t allowed to do anything again this year.

The fortune teller says that Haha was born as a rice patty, but there is nothing planted there. His child is his hope¬†and will keep him stable. Kim Jong-kook comments that Haha¬†used to party all the time, but changed after getting married and having a¬†son. The fortune teller adds that Haha will be fertile. He’s not “passionate,” when it comes to childmaking lol, but the¬†more kids he has, the better. Haha’s keywords are “keep your head down along with Ji Suk-jin.”

Kim Jong-kook will have more vitality in 2017. His desire¬†for money and women will explode. Lee Kwang-soo asks, “What about that rich woman you were talking about?” Kim Jong-kook says he’s been wanting to meet a good woman for some time now. The fortune teller says to stop over-analyzing things when dating and Kim Jong-kook should “follow the changes.” The fortune teller add that it’ll be good to follow Song Ji-hyo. Yoo Jae-suk says they should get married. Haha points at her and notes, “rich woman!” The fortune teller gives them 85-90 points out of 100 in compatibility rating. There’s a hilarious clip¬†of Gary from last year saying, “No, fortune teller! Look again! Say it isn’t so!”

Song Ji-hyo was a thirsty tree born in the summer, and Kim Jong-kook is big water. This year is the time for her to earn more money. Also the low quality men around her will go away, so that she can meet a good match. Her standards are quite high, but somehow if she’s too picky, she’ll end up with a strange man, since she doesn’t have the best eye.¬†

Lee Kwang-soo’s desire to do well is excessive, so he’s always dissatisfied, lonely, and deficient. Aw. Kim Jong-kook agrees with everything, and Kwang-soo curses at him. The fortune teller continues that he has a lot of delusions. He wants a woman, but won’t have one this year.¬†Lee Kwang-soo is like, “Why!? Why not?” The fortune teller says that because he’s lonely, he falls head over heels easily.

Yoo Jae-suk calls him shipsaba, which is a¬†man who falls in love easily, but sounds like a swear. He’s easily deluded into thinking he’s dating someone when he’s not since he overthinks things and isn’t good at expressing himself. However, when he’s with Kim Jong-kook his “land” become muddy water and so his trees can’t root, so he should put some distance between them. It’s better to hang out with Yoo Jae-suk.

The fortune teller says that Yoo Jae-suk may look warm, but actually puts people who aren’t close with him at a distance. Yoo Jae-suk adds that he doesn’t have a lot of close friends. The fortune teller says¬†that he has no hobbies either. His keyword is “loyalty to his wife.” He should treat his wife like a¬†daughter, and do things for her like a parent would. Yoo Jae-suk says he wants to travel more with his wife.

There is one thing he has to worry about, his health. He’ll lose energy when with Haha, while Ji suk-jin will make him think of money and want to work harder. Ji Suk-jin says he wants to start an organic bakery. The fortune teller tells him not to start a bakery. There’s that investment ban remember?

Announcer Kim Hwan announces the ranking for best fortune.

  1. Lee Kwang-soo
  2. Yoo Jae-suk
  3. Kim Jong-kook
  4. Song Ji-hyo
  5. Haha
  6. Ji Suk-jin
Round One: Game: When the New Year’s Chicken Crows

The first game of the new year is called when the new year’s chicken crows. Lee Kwang-soo gets to choose the order for the first game since he had the best fortune. This game is¬†basically Russian Roulette where¬†the <Running Man> MCs will pass around a toy chicken. I guess it’s because 2017 is the year of the chicken.

They will each click the chicken between 1-3 times, and if it releases an egg, that person will be eliminated. They will play until there is one person left standing. That person will receive 50 running balls to distribute, and can distribute however he wants, but must give himself at least one. The running balls will later be used in a sort of raffle lottery to decide who gets punished (and who will be the first to do the member’s week), so its best to have as few running balls as possible.

Lee Kwang-soo goes first, and the chicken lays and egg after he hits it a measly three times in a row. He’s out. Ji Suk-jin is out next after just hitting it once. Then it’s Haha. Now, there are three people left, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, and Yoo Jae-suk. Song Ji- hyo is out. Ji Suk-jin says he’ll bet his entire fortune on Jong-kook winning just as Yoo Ja-esuk hits the chicken, and it lays an egg.

Kim Jong-kook gets to distribute 50 running balls. According to the rules, he only needs to keep one for himself. They think about playing flip hand up or down. Kwang-soo complains that it’s not funny, so Jong-kook throws him a running ball. Every time he complains, Jong-kook gives him another one. They instead decide to play pull the ear. Kim Jong kook wants to play along too, except no one gets to pull his ear. The first to yell out gets the most balls. Of course he lifts Lee Kwang-soo off the ground, but Ji Suk-jin peeps just a second before. Kim Jong-kook gives them two the most balls.

Round One: Tarot Pair Fortunes

The next event is reading compatibility fortunes through tarot cards. It’s with tarot maser¬†Lee Yoon-jung who also came on the show last year.¬†

Ji Suk-jin is first again. He’s really curious about his fortunes today. He picks three cards for each MC. For the first set, the tarot master says that person tries to¬†control him back and forth, but it’s okay. It must be Yoo Jae-suk. His next three cards tell that with this person, things are good, but the end will leave a bitter taste. He should do something short-term. She asks about his business plans. He has a BBQ restaurant that he wants to expand. She tells him that he better not.

Haha picks three cards, but the editing makes it confusing which tarot master is talking about. They’ll be¬†okay in the beginning, but not so much¬†towards the end. Haha says she must be talking about Yoo Jae-suk since they keep betraying each other. Yoo Jae-suk calls back to 2011 when he left him at the gas station during Christmas. What a long grudge. Haha picks three more cards to see his match for the next person. This relationship is a bit lacking. It isn’t good for business or personal relationship, and needs some change. It’s Kwang-soo. Haha keeps picking¬†the same card, and yells at the tarot reader to mix the cards properly. „Ö†„Ö†

Kim Jong-kook is up next. He has to carry someone. Song Ji-hyo is someone he can walk along with comfortably as friends. Next is Haha and they flashback to their <X-man days>. Ironically they have 0% compatibility.

The tarot master tells Song Ji-hyo that she will be really disappointed and have a hard time with Ji Suk-jin.

While sitting in front of the tarot master, Yoo Jae-suk comments that Lee Kwang-soo looks like Gong-yoo from the back. From the front, he just looks like a goblin. The tarot master says that there’s someone who¬†is okay in the beginning, but becomes suffocating later on. It’s Kim Jong Kook.

Yoo Jae-suk can’t focus with this person, but the relationship isn’t a loss. He just has to build up¬†their relationship. It’s Jong-kook.

The <Running Man> MCs then choose teams based on the pairings. 

Round One: Ring the Bell and Run 

For this game, there will be three teams. Ring the Bell and Run is a version of tag with one team having to tag the other four players to win. The four players will have to do their best to hide and run because the team with the fastest time wins. The game starts when one of the runners ring a doorbell inside the studio. 

Haha yells at the PD that he should have told him the rules before having them pick their partners. He’s stuck with Ji Suk-jin.¬†

First up is Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo. Ji Suk-jin hides right by the door, thinking they won’t see him, but Kwang-soo tags him within seconds. They get Song Ji-hyo next and Haha too who’s hiding inside something. Kim Jong-kook is hiding behind some black curtains. Oh wait it’s just a cushion.¬†

Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo have a hard time finding Jong-kook. He is hiding in plain sight, pretending to be a staff member. 

Ji Suk-jin and Haha are next. The rest go and hide. Yoo Jae-suk and Song Ji-hyo get taken out pretty quickly. They then find Kwang-soo hiding under a table. Kim Jong-kook is last again. He’s good at hiding. This time he was hiding in between some panels and a wall.¬†

It’s Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo’s turn. Jong-kook comments that the two of them are alone together. No! Monday Couple forever! Ji Suk-jin is out first. Ji-hyo finds Kwang-soo pretending to be a staff member. Yoo Jae-suk did the same thing. Haha is last to be found. ¬†He’s with the audio team, and Song Ji-hyo just keeps passing him by. Kim Jong-kook finds him by searching¬†for Haha’s cameraman.

The results are 

  • Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo – 1 minute and 43 seconds
  • Ji Suk-jin and Haha – 2 minutes and 55 seconds
  • Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo – 4 minutes and 30 seconds

The winning team gets 50 running balls to distribute.

Lee Kwang-soo just throws a handful in everyone else’s baskets.¬†

Round 2: Health Examinations

The next round of events starts with an iris exam with Doctor Park Sung-il. The iris can tell them about their past, present, and future health. 

The doctor takes photographs and shows the first eye on a big screen. Ji Suk-jin says the first eye looks pitiful¬†not know that it’s his. There are some¬†gray areas that show¬†brain aging. The doctor says that his memory is failing. He has some gastrointestinal issues too.¬†

Next is Yoo Jae-suk who has a “sexy” brain. He has to be wary of his eating habits and environment since he has a weak stomach. Ji Suk-jin complains that his iris has some grey areas too, but the doctor insists that it’s just a shadow. LOL.¬†

The next eye looks really healthy and is full of energy. It’s Kim Jong-kook’s of course and the doctor says that he could starve for 10 days and still survive. He’ll recover quickly after major surgery and has good genetics. He’s the ideal¬†man for times of war. Spartakook!

Haha’s iris looks good at the top, but gets brighter towards the bottom. This means that his spine and his “urinogenital organs” will have some problems, so he needs to have kids right away if he wants more. He also has lung problems, so he has to quit smoking. Ji Suk-jin asks if it’s okay for others to smoke. Yoo Jae-suk, “Everyone just stop smoking!”

Song Ji-hyo has a weak stomach, and has to avoid stress. She also has a weak immune system and needs to sleep more. If she’s low on time, it’s better for her to give up eating than sleep.

Last up is Kwang-soo.  He needs to avoid snacks and work on muscle growth. His internal organs are weak and his hormones are unbalanced. 

Announcer Kim Hwan reveals the ranking for health. The one in last place gets some oriental medicine drink and 50 running balls.

  1. Kim Jong-kook
  2. Yoo Jae-suk
  3. Song Ji-hyo
  4. Haha
  5. Lee Kwang-soo
  6. Ji Suk-jin

Ji Suk-jin just seems to throw a bunch of balls randomly in everyone’s basket.¬†

Round Three: Skill Test

Everyone will be randomly assigned a name tag to take off through the lottery machine. Every time they manage to rip off a name tag, their number of running balls will be halved. Once someone is eliminated, that person will have a chance to keep playing if they correctly choose a resurrection ticket from dozens of boxes. 

This game takes place in the lobby of SBS headquarters, but we just speed through this section, getting only a few minutes of airtime. Apparently Kim Jong-kook does really well. We get a montage of him taking out various cast members.

It’s results time. Everyone adds in their running balls to the lottery machine. Kim Jong-kook only has one running ball to add.¬†

Announcer Kim Hwan reveals who’ll go first for the member’s week as well as who’ll get the shower. The first is Song Ji-hyo. OMG there’s so much water. She gets to pick the next person to go. She picks Kim Jong-kook and he also gets a shower.¬†

The show ends with all the cast members apologizing again for causing a disturbance and saying that they’ll work hard. Three production team members also get water purification on behalf of the entire staff. This is the loudest I’ve seen Song Ji-hyo laugh all year.¬†

Next Week: Song Ji-hyo’s Member’s Week.¬†



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