Running Man Recap: Episode 333

Running Man Recap: Episode 333
Episode 333: Song Ji-hyo’s Week – This Isn’t the MT That You Know: January 8, 2017

In last week’s episode, we found out that the next two months will be dedicated to “Member’s Week” where each <Running Man> cast member will get his or her own episode to do whatever he or she wants. I suppose if the show has to end, it’s a pretty decent way for it to go.

The first week is for Song Ji-hyo.

Song Ji-hyo’s wanted to go on an MT for a long time. An MT (Membership Training) is basically a group orientation trip that’s common among college freshmen or when a large company hires a fresh batch of new employees. It usually involves a lot of soju and some drunken shenanigans, but I doubt there will be any alcohol on this trip.

Ji-hyo says that she wants to have a BBQ and cook sweet potatoes on a campfire. How tame, but nonetheless cute.

The <Running Man> MCs meet up at the city of Pyeongchang by Woljeongsa Temple which was a filming site for the hit drama <The Lonely, Shining Goblin>. The MCs complain that Song Ji-hyo complained that she didn’t want the cameras there, but of course the whole production crew is there, otherwise there would be no show!

The MCs read today’s course which is posted on a white board.

  • Course 1: Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch
  • Course 2: BBQ Party
  • Course 3: Campfire

They then flip over the white board to find one more activity. 

  • Course 4: Bath Purification in the Ice Valley

Of course it’s not going to be all fun and games. That’s not the <Running Man> way. All the MCs complain about the purification. They already did it last week, why again? We’ll have to wait until the end to see who has to jump into the ice water.

Also, since Song Ji-hyo’s wish today was to become one, they’ll be tied together with some climbing rope. Song Ji-hyo complains that this isn’t what she meant. It looks like we’ve found the theme of today’s show. Be careful what you wish for.

Running Man Connecting Link MT: This Isn’t the MT That You Know

The MCs will be tied together until the end of the MT. They are only allowed to leave the link twice throughout the entire day for if they need to go to the bathroom or whatever, but only if Song Ji-hyo gives them permission.

Five of the MCs are at risk for the ice water punishment. Song Ji-hyo is excluded since she already did it last week. Ji Suk-jin complains that he did it last week too, it’s just that it got edited out. Luckily, not everyone will have to do it. There will be several missions throughout the day that will give some people the chance to avoid the punishment. 

Song Ji-hyo pulls everyone along as they tour around the temple. Everyone compliments her on how pretty she is especially her forehead? because they need to be on her good side if they want to leave the link. Song Ji-hyo thinks they’re being too cheesy and gives them minus points, but it’s not like the points actually matter. 

Course 1: Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch

After walking around the temple and getting some fresh winter air, the MCs get on a bus to head towards Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch. There are lots of sheep and even some horses. Song Ji-hyo pulls the group to hurry towards the sheep. She’s giddy like a kid since this is her first time there.

I’ve been to this ranch since it’s a major tourist attraction. The place is huge, so it’s great for a leisurely day, but I’ve never been there in the winter. It’s probably too cold to enjoy in the winter. 

After checking out the livestock, the MCs go inside a tent where they find five lie detectors set up on a table.

The first mission is to decide who gets to ride a two person sled with Song Ji-hyo. The four who don’t get chosen need to pull the sled. 

Song Ji-hyo will ask each MC a question. Every time the lie detector catches them lying, they will be eliminated. The last person standing wins. 

The first question is for Lee Kwang-soo. Ji-hyo asks him, “I think I am as good as Song Joon-ki?” Lee Kwang-soo answers, “Yes.” Shockingly, he’s telling the truth. Yoo Jae-suk calls him a psychopath for believing such a thing.

Next, Ji-hyo asks Ji Suk-jin, “I would marry my current wife if I were born again.” Ji Suk-jin says, “Of course.” The lie detector doesn’t detect a lie. Yoo Jae-suk gets asked the same question. He says, “Yes,” but he gets shocked for lying. 

Kim Jong-kook’s question is, “I still like Yoon Eun-hye?” The theme song from <The Lonely Shining Goblin> plays in the background. He answers, “No,” and gets shocked. The background music changes to Kim Jong-kook’s “One Man.” Aw. The ship still lives!

Haha’s question is “Byul is the most beautiful Korean celebrity?” He’s adamant, “Yes, of course! ” He gets shocked.

It’s down to Lee Kwang-soo and Ji Suk-jin. Song Ji-hyo asks Kwang-soo, “I think I’m better than Jo In-sung?” He answers yes and gets shocked for lying. That seems about right. Ji Suk-jin’s question is, “I always want to go home early to see my wife.” He replies, “Yes” and passes. 

The MCs joke that he’s not usually like this. They compare him to actor Choi Soo-jong and Sean who are famous for being good husbands.

Since he won the lying game, Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo ride a sled while the others pull them up a hill. It’s so slow. I don’t think this is what Ji-hyo was expecting. 

Next, the MCs play a mission for a chance to escape the water purification punishment. 

They have to herd 30 sheep inside a sheep shed within 3 minutes. They manage to chase quite a few in. There’s just one sheep left. It seems pretty easy because all the sheep just head for the shed after being chased. They must have been trained.

Oh wait I take that back. As soon as the <Running Man> MCs try to close the shed door, the sheep all run out. The MCs try to coax them back in with some food, but they run out of time. They fail. 

Course 2: BBQ Party

It’s back to the bus. Song Ji-hyo doesn’t look too happy. Yoo Jae-suk comments that she was so excited when she first saw the sheep, but then towards the end, she got so frustrated that she apparently even swore at the sheep. Poor sheep.

For the BBQ party, the PD tells Song Ji-hyo to choose 10 ingredients excluding the meat. She writes down mushrooms, kimchi, rice, clementines, spicy peppers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, canned tuna, garlic, ramen, and snacks. 

No marshmallows and graham crackers? I thought smores had started to catch on in Korea.

The five MCs have three minutes to shop for all ten ingredients. Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo is restricted to a square, so she has to yell out the list to the other guys so they know what to buy. 

Since they’re pressed for time, they grab whatever they can. Ji Suk-jin grabs a huge box of sweet potatoes instead of just a few for the group. He also gets an entire sack of rice instead of the microwavable ones people usually take when camping. They manage to get everything on the list except the ramen which is pretty decent for three minutes of shopping. The PD also lets them have 5 servings of beef for their good work. 

After shopping, they head towards a campsite to cook. Ji Suk-jin cooks the beef first and it looks delicious. Korean beef is known for its high fat content, kind of like Japanese wagyu.

The PD asks if they want ramen. He has a special tool and if they use it, he’ll give them some ramen. The special tools are 100 cm long chopsticks. Doh!

Song Ji-hyo orders Lee Kwang-soo around to wash the vegetables. Haha makes the kimchi stew and without warning, Song Ji-hyo adds seasoned tuna which is totally wrong. She’s supposed to add regular tuna, but somehow it turns out delicious anyways.

They also make some ramen. Song Ji-hyo adds garlic and some peppers. I’ve never seen anyone add garlic to ramen, and Ji Suk-jin even calls it a culture shock. It’s surprisingly delicious again though. I wonder if everyone’s just being nice and saying the food is delicious, or maybe everything just tastes good because of how tired they are from chasing sheep around.

For dessert, Song Ji-hyo brings out some steamed buns. She couldn’t find a plate, so she just used the rotating table thing from the microwave. LOL.

It’s time for a Song Ji-hyo speed quiz. Everyone will hold two ice cubes in their mouth while they try to get Song Ji-hyo to say a designated word. They need to get six phrases in one minute. One person will be excluded from the punishment if they succeed. 

  • Haha: The thing you like → sleep
  • Kim Jong-kook: The they you and I did last week → water purification
  • Kwang-soo: The thing nuna does → curse
  • Ji Suk-jin: *hums to the TWICE song* → Cheer Up
  • Yoo Jae-suk: *pretends to chew gum* → Bad Ji-hyo
  • Haha: *dances to the song* → Hot Issue

Now only four people have to do the water purification. 

Course 3: Campfire

The PD tells them that they’ll be doing “Mi-go-sa” which is an acronym for “I’m sorry, thank you, and I love you” in Korean.

Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin are up first. Suk-jin says that when they have dinner get togethers he doesn’t know if he should pay or not since he’s the oldest, but Jae-suk pays, so he feels bad. Yoo Jae-suk says that he introduced his wife to Suk-jin, so he’s sorry to the wife. LOL. I wasn’t expecting that ending. 

Ji Suk-jin adds that he says that King Nose is the only character he’s had in his 25 year career, so he’s thankful to Jae-suk for giving him that. He even does radio as Nose DJ. Jae-suk responds that he’s thankful for Suk-jin living happily with his wife. Ji Suk-jin says, “I love you.” It’s the first time he’s said to Jae-suk that in the twenty something years that they’ve known each other. Yoo Jae-suk says, “I love you too hyung.” Suk-jin goes for a hug, but Jae-suk runs away saying it’s awkward.

Next is Haha and Song Ji-hyo. Haha asks, “Do you remember we were originally a love triangle? Actually, I’m sorry I married Go-eun.” Psh! Song Ji-hyo then says, “Remember when we were on Dongbaek Island, I didn’t know how to talk to you guys, but I felt bad, so I said I’m sorry and you told me it’s okay, so I’m sorry. I’m just sorry for that.” Haha responds, “You’re apologizing for that now?! Seven years later?”

Haha adds, “Thanks for letting me go when I got married, so I could live well. Also, as men, we couldn’t take good care of you, but I’m really thankful to you for putting up with us. Thank you.”

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo go next. Kwang-soo, “Even though you’re a woman, for seven years, I punched and kicked you. I’m sorry.” Ji-hyo, “I was more comfortable with you than with the oppas, so I’m sorry.” Kwang-soo, “Six years ago you bought me some fish and a fan. Thank you.” Ji-hyo says, “When I fought with my mom three years ago and ran away from home, thank you for saying I could go to your house.” 

Lee Kwang-soo interrupts and quickly explains that he only said that because he was filming something so his house was empty. Ji-hyo adds that she didn’t actually go to his house, she was just thankful for the offer. Psh! Way to ruin a good moment. 

Ji-hyo and Ji Suk-jin go last. Suk-jin says “When other actresses come on the show, we make fun of you for being ugly, but we’re just kidding. You know that right?” Ji-hyo, “You’re the oldest and not so healthy, so I’m sorry for always making fun of you.” Suk-jin says passive-aggressively, “You sent everyone half-dried herring twice but not me. Thanks for knowing me so well, I don’t like it anyways.”  Ji-hyo, “Thank you for being there.” Everyone laughs at how Ji-hyo can’t think of anything more meaningful to say to King Nose. 

The next mission is called “You know me right?” Ji-hyo and the MCs will play games to try to think similarly. If three people guess the same, the PD will exclude one person from the ice diving punishment, four correct means two people, and five correct means three. 

The first is lifting either a blue or white flag. There’s a 50% success rate. Both Song Ji-hyo and Ji Suk-jin go for white.

Now it’s Yoo Jae-suk and Ji-hyo picking how to eat a fish-shaped bun. They can choose either the head, belly, or tail to bite first. Ji-hyo goes for the tail while Jae-suk eats the head. Kwang-soo yells at how dumb it is to eat the tail first.

The third game is picking one of five fingers. Both Haha and Song Ji-hyo go for the thumb.

Then, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo have to pick a number on a dice. Kim Jong-kook and Song ji-hyo both go for one. Ji Suk-jin says that he would have gone for six since there are six of them. Song Ji-hyo, “No, with that logic, I should have gone for seven, but there’s no seven on the die.”

The final task is flipping to a month on a calendar. Lee Kwang-soo chooses July for seven while Song Ji-hyo does as well. I was totally expecting January with the “1” theme going on. Song Ji-hyo looks ecstatic and gives Kwang-soo a huge hug. That means two people get excluded from punishment, so it’s a total of three. 

Final Course: Bath Purification in the Ice Valley

It’s time for the punishment. The two people are going to be chosen randomly. Everyone has to choose a rope. Song Ji-hyo picks two ropes to pull, but she doesn’t know which is which, so it’s 100% random. It’s Yoo Jae-suk and Haha. 

They take the plunge. Yoo Jae-suk really takes this seriously rolling around over and over in the water and saying Happy New Year while standing in the water. Haha just dips in and dips out as fast as he can.

Next Week: Kim Jong-kook goes on a blind date. 




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