Running Man Recap: Episode 335

Running Man Recap: Episode 335
Episode 335: Ji Suk-jin’s Week – Big Nose’s Counterattack: January 22, 2017

The Member’s Week Special continues as planned. This week it’s Ji Suk-jin’s turn. He tells the producers there are so many things that he wants to do. He wants to put all the cast members in prison, so he can be the king. He also wants to prepare a special event for his lovely wife or do a challenge he wasn’t able to do previously. He would be happy with any of the three. 

Today’s filming takes place in Hwangje Wedding Town in Yeoju City of Gyeonggi Province. All the MCs are dressed formally with Ji Suk-jin in a full tuxedo. During Song Ji-hyo’s Week, he proved that he loved his wife so much during the lie detector game, so now Ji Suk-jin claims that people call him “Jisean” and “Jisoojong” in a nod to Sean of Jinusean and actor Choi Soo-jong who are famous for their happy family lives. 

The MCs then all enter a wedding facility to find a woman wearing a wedding dress. She’s turned around, so we can’t tell who it is. Ji Suk-jin approaches her, doubtful that it’s his wife. It’s of course a fake out. It’s Lee Seul, but as the rest of the MCs join Ji Suk-jin, police officers come running in to arrest them. They blindfold all six of the MCs and take them away.

Once they are told that they can take off their blindfolds, they find themselves in a prison cell. They’re told to put on prison clothes, and the PD tells them that this is all according to Ji Suk-jin’s wishes. He protests that this isn’t what he meant. He wasn’t supposed to be in there too. He says he spent so much time losing games and being sent to the penalty prison, that he just wanted them to feel what it was like too.

They’ll be in prison for 6 hours and will have to spend their time according to the schedule on the wall. Ji Suk-jin is the cell leader and has the ability to send whoever he wants to solitary confinement which the PD notes contains some very harsh punishments. 

The prison schedule is 

  • work
  • lunch
  • exercise
  • meditation
  • individual study

Ji Suk-jin starts the prison day by telling Haha to avert his eyes. Haha walks over and bows to Ji Suk-jin saying he’ll be his right arm. Kim Jong-kook wants to be his right arm too. Lee Kwang-soo says he’ll be his dog. 

Ji Suk-jin tells each of them to say an acrostic poem for his name. Song Ji-hyo tells him she loves him no matter what he does, Haha says he’s awesome, Kim Jong-kook apologizes for making fun of him, and Yoo Jae-suk calls him the real oil king? Jae-suk tries again, this time rambling on about how great Ji Suk-jin and then ends the poem by calling him the oil king again. (He uses the phrase “oil king” randomly because he couldn’t think of any other suitable word to fit the acrostic theme).

Ji Suk-jin shows him the solitary confinement card which looks like a red card that you’d get in soccer. Ji Suk-jin threatens, “I really will send you away if you don’t act properly.” For his third attempt at the acrostic poem, Yoo Jae-suk says he’ll do it right, but instead swears and gets sent to solitary confinement. 

A couple police officers carry Yoo Jae-suk out. Yoo Jae-suk looks into the room and then screams, “NOOOOO! Please! NO!” Is he just acting? I bet he is. Jae-suk isn’t really a good actor, so you can tell with his vocal tone. 

Yoo Jae-suk then walks in to find a room filled with refreshments, comic books, and even a foot massager. Hm. Not bad.

Meanwhile, the other cast members work harder to suck up to Ji Suk-jin after hearing Yoo Jae-suk’s screams.

The PD tells Yoo Jae-suk that he has two minutes left in solitary confinement. He’s sipping on some tea when a police officer comes to take him back. He doesn’t want to go back. 

Yoo Jae-suk walks back to the main prison cell saying, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. It’s so cold there.” I guess he doesn’t want the others to know just yet how great solitary confinement is. He obeys whatever Ji Suk-jin tells him to do like the grasshopper dance and the Dooly the Dinosaur dance.

Then, an alarm rings letting the prison mates know that it’s time for the first task of the day which is “work.” An officer brings in a mat and 20 kgs worth of soy beans and adzuki beans and tells the prisoners to separate them. The leader doesn’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to, so the five MCs get to work separating the beans.

Continuing on with the prison theme, Ji Suk-jin asks each of them what they’re in here for, and Yoo Jae-suk uses this as another chance to make fun of him again saying that Ji Suk-jin’s just a petty criminal. Ji Suk-jin makes them all do a duck walk around the prison cell for his insolence. Yoo Jae-suk doesn’t try too hard, and Ji Suk-jin sends him to solitary confinement again. Yoo Jae-suk pretends to beg Ji Suk-jin for mercy screaming, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Kim Jong-kook wisely comments that Yoo Jae-suk didn’t look any different after coming back from solitary confinement, so maybe it’s a form of mental pain. Lee Kwang-soo is suspicious as well and curious about what happens in there. Once Yoo Jae-suk returns, he goads Lee Kwang-soo to hit Ji Suk-jin on the head and go find out. Lee Kwang-soo starts kicking and punching Ji Suk-jin.

Of course he gets send to solitary confinement, and as the officers take him away, Lee Kwang-soo screams, “Wait, hold on, hold on,” He continues screaming, “No!!! Please!” while munching on snacks. 

While everyone else works really hard, Yoo Jae-suk takes a sack of adzuki beans and dumps them into Kim Jong-kook’s bowl of soy beans. Kim Jong-kook gets so upset that he kicks Yoo Jae-suk. Haha becomes so curious as well that he starts kicking Ji Suk-jin’s butt. He gets sent into solitary confinement. He sees what’s going on in the solitary confinement room and starts screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO!”

Meanwhile, Ji Suk-jin randomly kicks Kim Jong-kook from behind, thinking he won’t fight back, but he’s wrong. Kim Jong-kook kicks him too. Kim Jong-kook doesn’t care about getting sent away, “Open the door!”

Since the time in solitary confinement is limited, everyone except Song Ji-hyo starts attacking Ji Suk-jin as soon as they get sent back to the main cell, so that they can go right back to solitary confinement. 

Song Ji-hyo kindly notes, “If I go, then you’ll be alone.” Ji Suk-jin doesn’t mind and starts teasing her by chucking beans at her face. She eventually loses her patience and kicks Ji Suk-jin too. Off to solitary confinement which is really no longer solitary.

Another alarm goes off. It’s time for lunch. They get bread with fresh cream filling and milk. However, none of them are actually hungry except Ji Suk-jin because there were plenty of snacks in solitary confinement. Ji Suk-jin tries to tease them with the food, but the five others just gang up on him and steal the bread and milk because they know that the worst that Ji Suk-jin can do is send them back to solitary confinement. Unfortunately, Yoo Jae-suk is the only one who gets sent away. When he returns, Ji Suk-jin gives him some bread for his troubles and apologizes for sending him to the solitary confinement so much.

Another alarm. It’s time for exercise. They play “The Rose of Sharon Has Blossomed” which is just the Korean version of Red Light, Green Light. Haha gets caught moving first and is sent to solitary confinement. Haha yells out, “NOOOOOOO!” In the second round, Song Ji-hyo falls so she can go to solitary confinement. Yoo Jae-suk loses next and gets sent away too. They’re making it so obvious now. Big Nose must have caught on that they’ll all failing the game on purpose to go to solitary confinement. The last round is Kim Jong-kook and Lee Kwang-soo. It’s a battle to get caught.

Meanwhile, in solitary confinement, Haha unrolls a kimbap and finds a map of the prison to use in an escape. There are four rooms shown. They realize that this was an escape mission all along. 

The alarm rings again. There’s a letter for some of the prison mates. While delivering the letters, a prison guard drops something that says “Notice for Electricity Inspection. At 3 pm, the electricity will go out for 10 minutes.” 

Lee Kwang-soo got a letter from his mother, “Dear my lovely son, Shipsappa, the weather is very cold these days, are you well? I wonder who you’ve fallen in love with in there. Dear my son Shipsappa who’s been full of love since he was young, I am proud of you, my love Shipsappa.” keke

Ji Suk-jin also got an invitation to his and his wife’s Ryu Soo-jung’s wedding. It’s at 5 pm, and they have to escape to make it to their wedding on time. If they fail, they will all get a harsh punishment. It’s currently 2:50 PM, and there are four rooms that they have to pass through to escape the prison.

  • R1 – high and sturdy steel wall
  • R2 – locked iron bars
  • R3 – landmine that calls prison guards when stepped on
  • R4 – rappelling down a high wall

Yoo Jae-suk tells Ji Suk-jin that they really suffered a lot to get the map. They even had to endure an ice punishment. Ji Suk-jin is grateful because he doesn’t know any better.. 

When the electricity goes out at 3 PM, the prison mates all escape through the solitary confinement room, and Ji Suk-jin is shocked to find how awesome it is. They don’t have time to linger though. Lee Kwang-soo finds some foam pieces in the wall that he knocks out. There’s a hole that they can now climb over now. Lee Kwang-soo lifts up Yoo Jae-suk who then goes and unlocks the door from the outside.

They move on to the next room and find a lock around some iron bars. They try a bunch of combinations like Big Nose’s wife’s birthday and 7012. Lee Kwang-soo then notices that the lock says “Race Start” on the bottom. They then try Big Nose’s birthday. It’s 3:10 PM, and the alarm rings and a bunch of prison guards come to catch them. Flashback to how Kim Jong-kook used to rip off Ji Suk-jin’s nametag first which would unofficially start their races. Haha suddenly realizes this and rips off Ji Suk-jin’s nametag and find four hints that state

  • the year Suk-jin debuted as a singer (answer: 1992)
  • the year Suk-jin passed the comedian exam (answer: 1993)
  • the year Suk-jin became an official MC (answer: 1994)
  • the year he debuted as a movie star (answer: 1994)

They have to add all these up. They escape the second room, but hear the guards’ whistles. Time to hurry up.

They are now in the third room where have to step on the right blocks in order not to set off a “landmine” alarm. They have five seconds to look at a blueprint and walk on the proper blocks. This one is pretty easy. Now they have one and a half hours left until the wedding.

For the fourth room, they look out the window and see a bunch of cushions on the bottom of the three story prison building. Flashback to Ji Suk-jin saying he wants to try something he’s never done before, so that he can feel a sense of accomplishment. Aw. The PD is like an evil genie. You get what you wished for,  but with an evil twist.

Lee Kwang-soo just wants to go back to prison. There’s no way he wants to repel down a three story building. Yoo Jae-suk says, “Don’t worry there’s an expert here with us.” Song Ji-hyo of course isn’t scared. She offers to go down first. Lee Kwang-soo agrees, “Nuna, this place is so dangerous, you better leave first.” The other MCs start advising her what to do until Song Ji-hyo actually starts repelling and does such a good job that they’re like, “Oh nevermind, don’t listen to us, you just do what you’re doing.”

The others then play rocks-paper-scissors to decide who goes next. Lee Kwang-soo loses and goes down second. He’s followed by Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, and Kim Jong-kook. Those security guards are awfully slow. It’s 4:31 PM by the time they all finish climbing down. 

Once they get outside the prison, they find boxes with everyone’s clothes inside except for Ji Suk-jin’s. They need to answer questions about his wife to get various parts of his tuxedo back. Each time, they answer correctly, Ji Suk-jin will get part of his tuxedo back, if he answers incorrectly, he’ll get some silly clothes instead. Some of the questions include

  • Location of their first kiss → inside a car
  • What wife wants for their upcoming wedding anniversary → ring and necklace
  • Clothing Ji Suk-jin wore when they first met → ??? 
  • Ji Suk-jin’s strength according to his wife → ???

Since he gets the first two right, and the last two wrong, Ji Suk-jin end up with a mishmash of tuxedo and sweatpants. He also has to dye his hair red and green as punishment for answering the fourth question incorrectly. 

His actual wife is waiting for him at the alter and is shocked to see Ji Suk-jin’s appearance, especially his hair.

Yoo Jae-suk officiates the “remind wedding” while Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo are flower girl and flower boy. They exchange R wedding rings and Ryu Soo-jung reads out a wedding vow, “To my lovely husband. I met you when I was an immature 24 year old and after giving birth to Hyun-woo, my Oppa became Hyun-woo’s Dad. It’s already been 20 years since we’ve been together. Although we used to fight a lot, these days we’re too busy taking care of each other’s medicine to fight. You protect us from the dangerous world and come running whenever we call. You are my best friend forever. There is no road to happiness, the road itself is happiness. As long as our family stays on that road and looks only straight ahead, our beautiful life will blossom. Please continue giving me your unchanging friendship. I love you.”

Kim Jong-kook and Haha sing them a congratulatory song. Song Ji-hyo starts crying. The wife is super pretty and super happy as Ji Suk-jin sings his wife a song as well and gives her a kiss. 

I’m pleasantly shocked at how good this episode was. The first two members’ weeks were highly entertaining, but I thought it would be too much to keep expecting the production team to be able to maintain that level of quality. 

With just one more month left of Running Man, I’m going to have to really cherish every last episode. 

Next Week: Superheroes?



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