Running Man Recap: Episode 340

Running Man Recap: Episode 340
Episode 340 – Lee Kwang-soo’s Week  – February 26, 2017

It’s the seventh and final member’s week. That means today will be all about Lee Kwang-soo.

In his interview with the PD, Lee Kwang-soo says he’s very lonely during the day, but even more so at night. He wants to do a night trip and would like some kind of punishment incorporated too because he’s always the first to be suspected, and wants to get revenge for that. 

Lee Kwang-soo records a video mission to his fellow cast members. He tells them to come by midnight to the opening location with no makeup, no hair, no manager, and no stylist.

It’s 11:52 PM. We’re now at the SBS headquarters in Mokdong District. Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin show up first and get their mics set up. Haha shows up in a taxi because he’s not supposed to bring his manager. Song Ji-hyo walks in complaining why they have to be here at night. She looks the same without full makeup. Kim Jong-kook was in the middle of working out. 

Lee Kwang-soo arrives fashionably late. He’s got on makeup and clothes from his stylist. Yoo Jae-suk complains, but of course today’s protagonist gets special privileges. 

It’s now midnight. Lee Kwang-soo’s week starts and he asks everyone to clap. They clap halfheartedly.

Today’s night tour will be divided into four courses, and they will have to complete it and return to the SBS headquarters by 6 AM. If they miss the deadline, they’ll have to do a bungee jump from the highest bungee jump in Korea. It’s the same place from Haha’s Week. 

The other five cast members have to come up with ideas for the four courses, and the one whose idea gets chosen gets a special advantage. 

Lee Kwang-soo yells at the others for not being kinder to him since he’s the one who gets to choose the best ideas. 

A staff member then brings out the king’s throne. Haha and Song Ji-hyo were planning on taking him home. Flashback to the episode from last May where the cast members surprised him by showed up at his house. Lee Kwang-soo yells, “Stop coming to my house!” 

Lee Kwang-soo says he’s a bit hungry, so Yoo Jae-suk suggests they get some tteokbokki. Ji Suk-jin wants to take them to the seafood market for some sashimi. Haha suggest some Korean BBQ and will even pay for beef. Song Ji-hyo mentions G-Dragon’s rooftop restaurant, but Yoo Jae-suk tells them to leave it alone, because if they go, they’ll just bring the place down. 

Lee Kwang-soo decides on the Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market. Ji Suk-jin wins this round.

Course One: Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

They buy some fresh seafood at the market and head to a nearby restaurant to have their food cooked. 

The PD then gives them the first mission. It’s a plate of conch shells. Everyone eats it saying it’s delicious. The PD then tells them that they failed. Huh?

It’s time for the second mission, and the PD gives them another plate of conch shells. The MCs wonder if the mission is to feed Kwang-soo. They finish it all again. The PD just tells them to try again and gives them the hint #Lee Kwang-soo. The MCs throw out a few possibilities like eating slower than Kwang-soo, eating faster than Kwang-soo, making Kwang-soo eat it himself, sharing with Kwang-soo, and making Kwang-soo eat it all. 

Even Lee Kwang-soo himself doesn’t know what the mission is, but time is ticking. (The mission is to let Kwang-soo eat the last bite.)

Kim Jong-kook complains, but then Lee Kwang-soo quickly shuts him down by saying it’s his member’s week, so he’ll make him go naked if he makes him angry. For the fourth attempt, they get crab legs. Yum. If I were them, I’d keep failing on purpose just to get more food. They fail again though and get another hint, #yield. They guess that it means Lee Kwang-soo has to yield to them and let them eat. 

Nope that’s not right. They fail again!. The PD tells them they’re close. They then guess correctly that they need to let Lee Kwang-soo have the last bite. This time the food is rice in crab shell. Lee Kwang-soo eats the last spoonful. It’s now 1:12 AM and they finally finish the first course of the night trip.

Since it was Ji Suk-jin’s idea to come to the fisheries market, he gets a hint. He opens up a yellow piece of paper to find ??? Yoo Jae-suk asks, “What is it?” Ji Suk-jin replies, “I can’t tell you.” Yoo Jae-suk says, “Then show us.” Ji Suk-jin is so flustered his face turns red.

For the next course, Song Ji-hyo suggests screen baseball. Yoo Jae-suk wants to go to the arcade. Haha says they should go to a shooting range. Lee Kwang-soo chooses the aracde.

Course Two: Arcade

They get in a van and drive to the next location. Kim Won-joon’s “

During the ride, they talk about getting a foot massage. The MCs arrive in Hongdae District and find a crane machine place. There are lots of people waiting to get into the clubs even though it’s a Sunday night. Hongdae is a university district so I guess all the college kids on winter break are hanging out there.

For the next mission, the PD calls out Lee Kwang-soo to write down what he wants everyone to do for him. He writes

  • Yoo Jae-suk gets me a doll.
  • Ji Suk-jin kisses me on the cheek.
  • Kim Jong-kook lends me a mask.
  • Haha gives me a foot massage.
  • Song Ji-hyo wipes up the water I spill. 

The others have no idea what their missions are, so they guess it has to do with the order they pick dolls from the crane machine. Haha shouts, “Yoo Jae-suk is good at this, and I’m not bad either.”

There have been a ton of these crane machines popping up all over the place. I guess it’s at trend these days. Yoo Jae-suk says he’s been obsessed with these lately and is pretty good at them. He even got a Pikachu doll during Kim Jong-kook’s week.

While Jae-suk is busy with the crane machine, Lee Kwang-soo approaches Haha and asks to finish the conversation they started in the car earlier. He asks about getting shaved ice or a foot massage for the next course. Haha says they should get shaved ice because he can just give Lee Kwang-soo a food massage and does it there on the spot. It’s not a real massage though, Haha just punches Kwang-soo’s foot a few times. Pft! Well it’s a “mission clear” anyways.

Next, Lee Kwang-soo drinks water from a bottle and spills it all over his face. Song Ji-hyo instinctively wipes his face with her hands and then some tissues.

Then, Ji Suk-jin approaches Lee Kwang-soo with a doll he got from the crane machine. Lee Kwang-soo kisses him on the cheek to thank him, and Ji Suk-jin surprisingly reciprocates. That’s three missions completed.

Lee Kwang-soo then goes to Kim Jong-kook and starts coughing. Kim Jong-kook is too busy trying to get a doll to pay much attention. Yoo Jae-suk then hands Lee Kwang-soo some money to exchange for coins at the nearby convenience store. Lee Kwang-soo says, “There are lot of people outside, I need a mask.” Kim Jong-kook ignores him, and Yoo Jae-suk takes off his hat and gives it to him instead, “There, you can go now.” 

While at the convenience store, Lee Kwang-soo gets the brilliant idea to buy a mask and give it to Kim Jong-kook. However, Kim Jong-kook just accepts it and goes back to his game. Lee Kwang-soo then keeps coughing. Kim Jong-kook finally takes off his mask and gives it to Kwang-soo.

Now, the only mission left is to get Yoo Jae-suk to give him a doll. Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook both get dolls. Everyone’s gotten one except Haha and Yoo Jae-suk. Even Ji Suk-jin manages to get another one. And a third one. He then gets three at once and another one. He goes over to Kwang-soo each time to brag and even gives him a kiss on the cheek over and over thinking he’s to do that for the secret mission. LOL.

Time is ticking. Haha gets one. I thought Yoo Jae-suk said he was good at this game. Lee Kwang-soo yells at Yoo Jae-suk to concentrate. Finally, he gets one. 

Before moving on to the next course, Yoo Jae-suk gets a hint card because they went with his arcade game for the second course. We still don’t get to see what the hints say. 

For the next round, Kim Jong-kook suggests tteobokki. Haha wants waffle and ice cream. Song Ji-hyo says they should get udon noodles. 

Lee Kwang-soo decides to go to a pojangmacha for udon. 

Course Three: Udon Noodles

There aren’t many pojangmacha’s left in Seoul. Since they’re technically illegal, most of them have been shut down. The crew finally spots one on the street and ask if they have udon noodles. Nope. What about regular noodles? Nope.

They want to go to a restaurant, but the PD won’t let them because they had agreed to go to a pojangmacha for udon. But there aren’t any nearby?

The PD then decides to give them a “Production Team Chance.” Lee Kwang-soo is told to pick a piece of paper and gets the “Kwang-soo Acquaintance Chance.” which means they can go to a n udon restaurant recommended by one of Kwang-soo acquaintances.

Lee Kwang-soo says it’s 3 AM, so it’s rude to call and wake someone up. Yoo Jae-suk interrupts saying they’re all technically acquaintances of Lee Kwang-soo. Lee Kwang-soo decides to pick a different chance card and gets “Late Night Bus Chance.” That means they can get on a bus and find a udon restaurant nearby. That sounds like it’ll take a lot of luck. They decide to go with the first chance card.

Lee Kwang-soo says actress Park Bo-young isn’t sleeping yet. He sends her a Kakao message telling her to recommend an udon place near Mapo so they don’t have to waste much time travelling. 

He puts her on speaker phone. She’s in Paju City filming something, probably <Strong Woman Do Bong-soon>. They ask if she’s checked her Kakao message. She hasn’t. She checks it and then suggests they have some udon in Mapo. There are just three hours left. 

The crew drives around a bit and spot a place that says they sell udon right on the storefront sign. 

Song Ji-hyo goes inside and ask if they can film. They agree as long as they only film themselves and not the employees. The place is only open until 4 AM, so they just made it in time. 

For this round’s mission, there’ll be a roulette to decide who gets to eat. There are just two choices on the roulette wheel. Lee Kwang-soo or the five other cast members. Kwang-soo spin the wheel and it lands on Lee Kwang-soo. Song Ji-hyo tells him to do it again because he didn’t say he was starting.

He spins again and this time it land on five cast members. Lee Kwang-soo angrily pretends to get up to go home. The PD instead calls him outside and tells the five MCs a hidden mission. If they offer the noodles to Lee Kwang-soo and he declines three times, then the PD will extend their deadline by 30 minutes. 

Lee Kwang-soo walks back in, and the PD reminds them, “As you know, you definitely cannot give Lee Kwang-soo any udon.”

Haha offers some, “Just have a little. You want some or not?”

Lee Kwang-soo grabs his chopsticks, then puts them down. 

Ji Suk-jin is eating some black bean noodles. Yoo Jae-suk offers some. Lee Kwang-soo asks the PD if is okay to have black bean noodles. The PD responds, “No. That’s the rule of the roulette.”

Haha offers another bite. Lee Kwang-soo opens his mouth and then hesitates. It goes into slow motion and Lee Kwang-soo stops himself just before his lips touch the noodles. That’s two rejections. Then suddenly, Lee Kwang-soo slurps some noodles. Yoo Jae-suk and Song Ji-hyo can’t stop laughing. Yoo Jae-suk says, “You shouldn’t eat that. Why did you eat?” Two staff members then drag him outside into a van. 

Lee Kwang-soo then runs back into the restaurant and slurps Haha’s noodles, trying to stuff his face as much as possible before the staff members can drag him back out again. 

Lee Kwang-soo then grabs one of the dolls he got from the crane games and gives it to the staff members as bribes. They don’t go for it though and shut him back in the van. They keep the dolls though. Aw. Poor Kwang-soo again. This is supposed to be his week, but he’s the only one starving.

As Lee Kwang-soo drinks water, the five other cast members walk out finish. Yoo Jae-suk chides him for not being patient. Kwang-soo asks if they were all in on it. They say of course. Lee Kwang-soo hits Kim Jong-kook in frustration, but he can’t retaliate since he doesn’t know what punishment Lee Kwang-soo will have in store for him. 

It’s time to decide on the last course. Haha wants to go to a coffee shop for desserts. Kim Jong-kook suggests a tteokbokki place since Lee Kwang-soo didn’t get to eat yet. Yoo Jae-suk is full and just wants to go home, but he spent most of his money at the arcade, so he has only a few thousand won left which is not enough for a taxi. 

Lee Kwang-soo chooses tteokbokki. 

Course Four: Korean Fast Food

They walk to a place nearby. There are just two hours and eight minutes left, but that should be plenty of time since this is the final course. 

There’a another roulette. This time, the probability of getting Lee Kwang-soo are increased by two. He spins the wheel and it lands on Lee Kwang-soo. Good job. It’s a happy ending. He get some blood sausages, dumplings, and tteokbokki, That’s a lot of food for one person. 

Song Ji-hyo tells him to dip the dumplings in the tteokbokki sauce. The rest keep advising him how to eat. Lee Kwang-soo pretends like its one of those internet eating broadcast. 

The PD then tells the five MCs to come out and gives them a choice. They can leave now for the ending, or wait and do one more mission with Kwang-soo. It’s 4 AM, so if they leave now, there’s no traffic. Otherwise, they might get stuck in the morning rush hour. Kim Jong-kook wants to leave. Everyone agrees.

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant, the owner asks Lee Kwang-soo for Yoo Jae-suk’s autograph since her granddaughter is a fan. Kwang-soo asks if she wants his autograph too. The owner says she doesn’t know who he is. Lee Kwang-soo, “I’m on the show too.” Puhahaha. Poor giraffe. 

Lee Kwang-soo finishes his food and the PD tells them that the other five cast members have left for the ending location. He has to take a taxi and go by himself. 

While driving to the Mokdong SBS Headquarters, the five MCs wonder if this was a test of betrayal. As they head towards the parking lot, they see a truck with a huge water tank. It’s the same one they saw during their water purification punishments. 

They arrive in the lobby and find a voting both. The PD tells them the rules for the final mission.

Final Mission

Since the members’ weeks started with a water purification, it’ll also end with a water purification, but only one person will have to do it. They’ll each vote for one person, and the ones who got their courses chosen, get an extra vote. Ah! So that’s what those hints were.

Ji Suk-jin says slyly, “You know whose week it is today.” Then asks who hasn’t done it yet.

Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook were the first ones. Ji Suk-jin did it too, but it didn’t air. Then Haha and Yoo Jae-suk jumped in the water during Song Ji-hyo’s week. The only one who hasn’t done it is Lee Kwang-soo. 

Lee Kwang-soo arrives and PD tells him the same rules. Everyone else has already voted. 

While he’s in the voting booth, the others ask if they can just leave because they feel bad seeing Lee Kwang-soo’s face. They’d rather get in their cars and told the results through text. 

The PD reads the votes one by one. All of them are for Lee Kwang-soo. 

The PD then says that since everyone picked him, Lee Kwang-soo succeeded in the hidden mission. That means that he can choose one person through a roulette. There are 12 slots on the wheel and Lee Kwang-soo can write whichever name he wants. He kindly offers to write his own name on one slot. He adds Haha’s name an extra time, and writes Song Ji-hyo’s name one less than the average. 

He then spins the wheel and it swings back and forth between Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook. It ends up on Yoo Jae-suk.

As he stands under the water purification structure, Yoo Jae-suk says, “This is the end of members’ week. Lets work hard next week” and the water rains down on him. The others help with a towel. Song Ji-hyo yells out, “Oh no, oh no!” Yoo Jae-suk responds, “It’s not as bad as i thought.”

After Yoo Jae-suk leaves in his car, Lee Kwang-soo and Haha do a celebratory dance because they were able to avoid punishment. 

This episode wasn’t bad, but it was missing the extra bit of magic that the early Member’s Week episodes had. I wonder if it’s because the show’s no longer cancelled, so the PD felt like he didn’t have to try as much. I didn’t like how the twist ending was just tacked on there without any buildup. It just makes everything that led up to it feel like a waste of time since it didn’t matter anyways.

Well, at least next week is a new start. Hopefully, the staff can come up with something more creative and coherent. 

Next Week: Safehouses


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