Running Man Recap: Episode 341

Running Man Recap: Episode 341
Episode 341 – A Dangerous Deal  – March 5, 2017

Theme music from <The Godfather> plays as the captions read, “The most dangerous deal in Running Man history . . . Safe house” Hm . . . with a prison break, bungee jump, insect cage, and more all in the past few weeks I wonder what so much more dangerous about today’s episode?

Today’s opening takes place in Mapo District, Seoul. The PD congratulates them on successfully completing the Members’ Weeks, and tells them it’s now time for a new race.

There’s also someone on the <Running Man> production team who is about to start something new. It’s the youngest writer Semi Lee. 

It’s her last filming today as she’s moving on to another job. She’s also moving today into a new home, and the Running Man cast members are going to help her. The MCs start complaining right away. “Who? Us? Tell her to do it herself!” Ji Suk-jin says he himself just moved yesterday to Sinsa District. It’s the 9th time he’s moved since he got married. Song Ji-hyo notes that means his son Hyun-woo has moved once a year since he was born. Ji Suk-jin, “Yeah. That’s why he has 5 school uniforms.” Poor kid. Moving schools is rough.

Today’s race will be a competition between the Running Man Team vs the Production Crew team. During various mission throughout the day, the Running Man team will be able to obtain running balls by completing missions, while the Production Crew will get running balls each time they fail. At the end of the day, they will use those balls in a lottery machine to choose a winner. The more running balls they have, the higher the chance of winning.

If the Running Man team wins, the PD will give them Writer Semi’s old home as a safe house. Kim Jong-kook complains, “But I live in Anyang City, so why would I want a safe house here?” Song i-hyo and Haha live in Mapo district though, so it’s pretty convenienvt, except Yoo Jae-suk notes that it would be weird for Haha as a married man to randomly run away to a safehouse, which is kinda like a code for a place to have an affair. 

However, if they lose today, one of the Running Man team cast members have to give up their home to use as a safe house  Kim Jong-kook complains that he lives with parents, so his home isn’t an option. Haha will have a second child soon. All eyes go to Lee Kwang-soo. Kwang-soo just blurts out, “Actually, I’m living with a woman! Don’t come to my house!!!” Puhaha. 

I guess that means they better win to protect Kwang-soo’s privacy. 

They then relocate to Writer Semi’s house. She lives in a low rise apartment, in a rooftop unit, just like all those poor protagonists in a Korean drama. The MCs joke that she’s wearing a mic and even washed her hair today. Throughout his long career, Yoo Jae-suk says this is his first time going to a show writer’s house. 

Inside, she has autographed Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo name tags. She has a really old TV, and the MCs are shocked that it actually works. She has lots of books, and even has a guitar which Haha makes fun of her for being a poser. It’s quite tidy and a very typical home for a single person.

She even has the small red cuckoo rice cooker that almost every single family household seems to own. I used to have the exact same one!

Mission One: Packing and Moving

It’s time for the first mission. There are five items that Writer Semi wants to throw away. The MCs need to guess what those five items are and move everything else on to a delivery truck. They must get at least three correct to succeed this round. 

Kim Jong-kook guesses it’s the old TV, but Yoo Jae-suk disagrees since it’s the first TV she bought on her own. It has sentimental value. They speculate about the decorative charcoal piece and antique chair. This is going to be way too hard. There are just so many items in the house and it’s not like they cleaned it up for the filming either. I think they’re filming her house exactly as is. 

The crew then gets out those Korean packing boxes that professional moving companies use. Yoo Jae-suk finds Writer Semi’s Stanislavsky acting books. Yoo Jae-suk acts like he knows what he’s talking about because he took a few acting classes too. 

Writer Semi gives them a hint. She says, “I’m so busy, that I have no time to workout.” 

Lee Kwang-soo guess it’s the scale. Song Ji-hyo guesses sneakers. Yoo Jae-suk notes that the scale doesn’t work. That must be it. 

Ji Suk-jin insists one of the five items to throw away is Yoo Jae-suk’s autographed name tag. LOL. Jae-suk gave it to her back in February 2016 because she asked for it on behalf of a friend, but Writer Semi still hasn’t given it to her friend. Semi explains that she hasn’t had time to meet up with her friend yet. 

Lee Kwang-soo asks about the antique chair. Her mom bought it for her when she first moved out. Lee Kwang-soo, “You like this right?” *nods* Not having heard this interaction, Haha then insists that they should throw out the old chair. Kwang-soo clues him in. Haha doesn’t like being wrong though, “Well does she even have a good relationship with her mom?” LOL

Ji Suk-in doesn’t seem to be helping much with the packing and moving. Yoo Jae-suk complains, “Is he the X-man?” Yoo Jae-suk adds that when Ji Suk-jin moved yesterday, his wife told him to get out of the house because he was just getting in the way. 

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo is working hard packing everything up. Shes super efficient. I wouldn’t have expected any less.

Ji Suk-jin goes for the washing machine, pretending to work hard in front of the cameras struggling with a heavy item. He of course can’t move it though. He’s only trying to make a scene.  Ji Suk-jin then continues his non-helping and just grabs several random heavy items only to wonders aloud if that’s something she wants to leave behind and not actually move them onto the truck. 

Kim Jong-kook notices a pink yoga mat. It’s pretty much the only item related to exercise in the house.

There’s then a sequence of the MCs finding dirty shoes. Yoo Jae-suk finds some pink slippers. They’re really dusty. Semi says she’s going to keep them though. Ji Suk-jin says in frustration, “Just throw them away. Oppa will buy you a new pair.” Haha also takes out a pair of dirty sneakers. There’s then a third pair of dirty shoes. This time they’re sandals. 

Wow! Kim Jong-kook and Haha carry out a fridge to the truck. That must be so heavy. Writer Semi is lucky to get all that free labor.

Eventually, the five items they decide on are

  • blinds
  • trash barrel
  • broken vacuum cleaner
  • scale
  • pink yoga mat

Writer Semi is asked to take away the things she wanted to keep. She picks the trash can and vacuum cleaner. Kim Jong-kook yells out, “That doesn’t even work.” Semi insists, “It does.”

That means the MCs picked three correct items, so they pass this mission successfully. 

Semi says the yoga mat was a gift from her friend, but she never used it. The two things they missed were a rabbit themed chest and some decorative charcoal. Yoo Jae-suk gets angry, “I told you it was the charcoal!!!” Kim Jong-kook interrupts, “Wait a minute. We already won, so why are you guys yelling angrily?” Pft! So true, but also ironic because it’s usually Kim Jong-kook who’s in charge of getting angry.

Writer Semi says she wanted to throw out the scale because it doesn’t seem to be accurate. 

Kim Jong-kook mutters in frustration, “Yeah!!! The number on the scale isn’t an accurate reflection!!”

This time it’s Yoo Jae-suk who interrupts, “There’s no need to get mad.”

They get 30 running balls for successfully completing their first mission.

Mission Two: New House Entry Relay

For round two, the crew get in a van and drive to the new home. On the way there, they talk about the Chinese food they want to eat. In Korea, it’s common to order Chinese food because it’s cheap and most people don’t have time to cook something at home right after moving in. 

The new home looks a lot like the old one. It’s also in a similar looking low rise apartment building.

Round two is a moving customs race. They’ll have 99 seconds to complete a four part relay. The “baton” is a person that they’ll have to piggy back while doing the following events that are supposed to symbolize purification and are slightly related to customs people have when moving into a new home. The four parts of the relay are  

  1. Correctly choosing and drinking salt water from a cup of salt water and a cup of plain water. 
  2. Throwing and catching a shoe in a basket while on piggy back. 
  3. Dropping someone on a gourd and breaking it.
  4. Picking the correct item based on a question and taking it into the home.

Of course, the MCs decide to carry the lightest cast member, Song Ji-hyo. The rest of the roles are assigned to

  1. Lee Kwang-soo
  2. Ji Suk-jin & Haha
  3. Kim Jong-kook
  4. Yoo Jae-suk

The first attempt starts. Lee Kwang-soo keeps choosing the plain water. After every failed attempt, a staff brings him out two more cups. He picks plain water again. Fails again and again. Finally, he picks the salt water and spits it right out, “There’s so much salt!!!” He used up too much time though. There are less than 10 seconds left. Ji Suk-jin barely gets to even attempt his, but gets yelled at anyways since he just kind of stood there because he’s not strong enough to hold Song Ji-hyo up properly.

Yoo Jae-suk says coldly, “Mr. Suk-jin, try to do it more actively.” What’s with the formality? Yoo Jae-suk must be super frustrated at his friend.

It’s attempt number two. Lee Kwang-soo is having terrible luck. He keeps choosing plain water, but at least this time he manages to pick the salt water with 30 seconds left of the clock. We move to part two. Haha kicks his shoes and Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo who have to catch. But the time runs out. 

This isn’t working, so they decide to switch out Ji Suk-jin. The new order is

  1. Ji Suk-jin
  2. Kim Jong-kook & Haha
  3. Lee Kwang-soo
  4. Yoo Jae-suk

Third attempt. Luckily, Ji Suk-jin picks the salt water on the first try. The move on to part 2 with a whopping 90 seconds left. Haha throw his shoe. Song Ji-hyo almost catches it, but misses by a hair. Haha gets it in on the second try though. It’s on to part 3 with 57 seconds left. Kwang-soo throws Song Ji-hyo, so hard at the guard that she turns over in pain. We get the replay with CG. Poor Ji-hyo. At least he broke the gourd though. 41 seconds and just one part left. The writer asks, “When going to a new house, it’s best to bring this item in first to live a happy life.” Haha guesses it’s the rice cooker because he read about it somewhere. Yoo Jae-suk takes his advice and carried the rice cooker inside with just 3 seconds left on the clock.

The PD says, “It’s correct.”

Wow. That is so random. Apparently, it’s a folk custom because of how important rice was as a staple food, so by bringing in the rice cooker, you’re supposedly bringing in wealth.

Lunch time

The PD then gives them a menu with three options.

  • A Set – 2 black bean noodles and 2 spicy seafood noodle soups
  • B Set – 2 black bean noodles, 2 spicy seafood noodle soups, 2 fried rice, and 1 plate of fried dumplings
  • C Set:  2 black bean noodles, 2 spicy seafood noodle soups, 2 fried rice, 2 plates of fried dumplings, sweet and sour pork, and assorted seafood and vegetables with mustard sauce

They’ll play a chance game to decide which set they get to eat. They use a pirate roulette toy, and if they set off the pirate, the get the A set, if all six of them succeed in placing the toy swords without the pirate jumping out, they get the B set, if they all manage to do it twice, they get the C set. 

All six of them succeed getting their swords in. Then Kim Jong-kook goes again, but sets off the pirate. They get the B set.

Oh well. At least the B set means that there’s enough food that everyone get’s their own food. Yoo jae-suk complains though that Ji Suk-jin is eating more than his fair share because he barely did any work today. Hmph.

Mission Three: Interior Decorating

After lunch, it’s time to move everything in, but they’ll have to arrange things in the proper way. I guess it’s like feng shui? 

The Running Man Mcs are given six items to place, and the Diviner Park Seong-joon will be the judge. This is the same person who reads them their new year fortunes at the beginning of each year. They have to place at least four out of the following six items correctly. 

  • bed
  • sofa
  • mirror
  • desk
  • potted plant
  • light stand

Everyone carries an item inside. Of course, Ji Suk-jin carries the lightest object, a single potted plant. 

They start with the bed. Haha says it has to be by the window. Ji Suk-jin says you should be able to see the headboard from the door. The bed, sofa, and desk aren’t too hard, but I have no idea even what room the plant or light stand should go in. 

The Diviner Park Seong-joon says he watched them debate where to place items and Haha’s opinions were almost all wrong. Kim Jong-kook was 50% right, while Yoo Jae-suk and Song-ji hyo were almost all right. 

They only got one item placed correctly and one item 70% correct, so he gives them 1.7 points. He also tells them that everything in the master bedroom is wrong. 

The MCs get five minutes to fix things. Diviner Park Seong-joon watches and comments that Ji Suk-jin might as well not be there. He keeps moving things to the wrong spot

Here’s the new layout. 

Diviner Park Seong-joon says the flower pot should be in the kitchen because it’s in harmony with the water (sink) and fire (stove). The sofa should be facing towards people walking in. The head of the bed should be far from the door. The desk location should be sideways towards the door so that you can have one eye on it. A mirror should never face the bed because it makes you agitated. It should be left or right of the front door. The light stand should be next to the bed. 

They only got three correct. The Running Man team currently has 10 running balls and the Production team has 30 running balls. I don’t really understand how that happened. It wish they would be more clear about the scoring. 

Final Mission: One Round Around the Neighborhood

The MCs then break up into three teams to finish 30 minute missions at the local fried chicken restaurant, hair salon, and yoga studio. For each successful mission, they’ll be given part of the passcode to Writer Semi’s old home. 

They drive to their locations, and in the van Yoo Jae suk mumbles, “Okay body, shake it body.” It’s so cute watching him use Yang Se-hyung’s catchphrase. I guess they’ve gotten pretty close through Infinite Challenge. 

Yoga Studio: Yoo Jae-suk & Lee Kwang-soo

The mission at the Yoga studio is “Namaste Picture Quiz.”

One person draws with his mouth while in a “yoga pose” on his stomach. The other person guesses what it is but can only look at the drawing while in an upside down yoga pose. They have 60 seconds to get 4 drawings correct. 

For the first attempt, Yoo Jae-suk draws, piano, glasses, grapes, and pig. Jae-suk runs out of time for the last one, so he just draws a pig nose, which of course Lee Kwang-soo has no idea about. Fail.

Fried Chicken Restaurant: Kim Jong-kook & Haha

Kim Jong-kook and Haha’s mission is to follow an employee on a delivery run. They have to then sing the children’s song “Animal Farm” and get the person who ordered the chicken to finish the lyrics.

Haha complains that he thought he’d get to eat some chicken here. Nope. No chicken. They only get to deliver some.

Hair Salon: Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo

The mission in the hair salon is to put on hair salon gowns and text the PD “What is the passcode?” Their hands are under the gowns, so they can’t see what they’re typing. For each time they fail, they have to put on hair rollers. 

Yoga Studio: Yoo Jae-suk & Lee Kwang-soo

Back at the yoga studio. Yoo Jae-suk tries again drawing candy, rabbit, bicycle, and apple. Kwang-soo guesses them all in time. Yoo Jae-suk jumps on him as Rocky music plays in the background. 

They get one of the passcode digits which is “1.”

There are 16 minutes left. Remember, each team only has 30 minutes to complete their missions. 

Fried Chicken Restaurant: Kim Jong-kook & Haha

Haha and Kim Jong-kook are still waiting for someone to call in a delivery. It’s currently the middle of meal times, so it’s taking a while for someone to call. 

Finally, the phone rings. 

Kim Jong-kook is worried that most people who order delivery are in PJs and not really dressed up, so they wouldn’t be happy about cameras in their face. Luckily, the order is from a coffee shop, and not some random person’s home. 

Kim Jong-kook is worried young people won’t know the song. I actually don’t know it either. This might be tough.

Kim Jong-kook walks in the coffeeshop asking, “Who ordered the chicken?” LOL! The employee must be super surprised. 

Jong-kook tells the employee he has a mission and asks him to finish the song. There are four parts. Jong-kook and Haha sing

  • Inside the chicken coop? Hen
  • Next to the door gate? Goose
  • Under the pear tree? Goat
  • In the stable? Calf

Success! The employee looks pretty young and he’s really good looking too. He reminds me of one of the backstories where a famous actor got scouted while working at a coffee shop. Kim Jong-kook asks, “Did you learn this is preschool?” Kim Jong-kook and Haha are so impressed that they offer to pay for the chicken.

Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo return the Writer Semi’s old home. There are just eight minutes left. Kim Jong-kook and Haha run in too and stop their timer. 

Where the third team?

Hair Salon: Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo

At the hair salon. Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo have their hair full of curlers. It looks like they failed quite a few times. The screen scrolls through with all their failed attempts at typing. 

Finally, the PD decides to give them a break and changes the mission to typing just “passcode?”

Song Ji-hyo passes. Ji Suk-jin too. 

They hug each other. But there’s no time for that! Back at the house, Yoo Jae-suk counts down the time. There are 8 seconds left . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .1 . . . Fail. 

After the time runs out, Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo run out of a van back to the house with curlers in their hair. 

They get just 10 Running Balls since one team didn’t arrive on time.

The passcode is 0613 which is Writer Semi’s birthday. I hope they change the passcode after this episode airs. Otherwise, I’m sure some fans could easily figure out the location of that house. 

Results Time

After four rounds, we end up with 80 balls per team. Huh? How did that happen?

The crew opens the door to the apartment with the passcode and head to the lottery machine inside. They place in 80 Running Man balls and 80 Production Team balls.

It’s 50:50. 

They have to get a Running Man ball to win. They win! It’s a Running Man ball!!! That means they can use this house as their hide out. I wonder what they’re going to do with the house though? The PD says they can use it whenever they want. 

Then he adds, “The secret to this house will soon be revealed.”

OoOoh. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

I always felt like Running Man episodes were too short, and wished they did more multi-episode arcs. Maybe this is the start of a new trend. There wasn’t anything dangerous about this episode even though the title was, “A Dangerous Deal,” so I’m expecting a twist next week.  

Also, I really liked the slice of life aspect today’s show had. Writer Semi’s house reminded me a lot of my old one. 

Next Week: ??? (no preview)



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