Running Man Recap: Episode 342

Running Man Recap: Episode 342
Episode 341 – Item Pickup Race  – March 19, 2017

Two weeks ago, the Running Man crew managed to earn a safehouse. (The show didn’t air last week due to breaking news coverage of Park Geun-hye.) They go back to the house, and there’s even a new sign by the door with the words “Running House.”

It’s empty though, and so the PD tells them to write a wishlist of everything they want to fill it with.

They come up with 16 items.  


  • bidet

Living Room/Kitchen

  • TV
  • sofa
  • rug
  • table
  • doll crane machine
  • fridge
  • gas burner
  • microwave
  • snacks


  • disco ball
  • children’s safety mats
  • basketball hoop
  • dart & dartboard


  • parasol
  • BBQ grill
  • chairs

The PD then reveals that they have to get the items themselves. What a tricky trickster! If they fail, they’ll face a trivial and troublesome punishment. The number of items they fail to get determines the number of people who will face punishment. 

The crew decides to divide up into three teams. They have just six hours to get everything. 

Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk @ SBS headquarters.

Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk first head to the SBS headquarters because they know there are tons of knick knacks at the Running Man office. They find a huge crane machine in the lobby. Unfortunately, they can’t just steal things, they can only take items that their acquaintances no longer need.

They run into actor Son Hyun-soo in the lobby and say hello, but he’s too busy to help. He has a radio show at SBS. 

Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin then head to the Running Man office, which is super messy. It looks like it’s even messier than the “Flower Crew” one. There are tons of random office supplies everywhere. There’s even sacks of chicken feed . . . Uh . . . why? Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin sift through the office, looking for things on their list. Ji Suk-jin finds a basketball hoop.

The PD then tells them that after they get an item, they’ll have a bonus chance to spin a roulette wheel. Half of them are labeled 1,000 won while the other half have higher amounts of money or even a blank check to obtain any one item from their list.

They spin the roulette wheel and it lands on 1,000 won. They say it was just practice though and spin it for real this time. It lands on 1,000 won again. Is it rigged? The PD hands them a single note.

Kim Jong-kook and Haha @ Hong Seok-cheon’s Restaurant

Kim Jong-kook calls Hong Seok-cheon who he calls the charitable angel. They drive to Itaewon District where Hong Seok-cheon owns a bunch of restaurants. They walk into one and find a disco ball on the ceiling. That would be perfect for their safehouse, except it looks like a really expensive one.

As soon as they see Hong Seok-cheon walk out, Haha and Kim Jong-kook chant his name in order to put him in a good mood. They then tell him about their mission and ask him to give them something. All the stuff in the restaurant looks expensive though. Hong Seok-cheon deadpans, “So you came here to steal something from me?” LOL.

Haha notes how back on episode 206 of “Running Man,” Hong Seok-cheon, Haha, and Kim Jong-kook were on the same team. Haha then uses that to weasel some nostalgia, “So give us a sofa.” Kim Jong-kook adds, “We need a fridge too.” Hong Seok-cheon complains, “Family is the enemy.” It’s a popular Korean saying about how it’s the one’s closest to you who make you suffer the most.

In return for a microwave and disco ball, Kim Jong-kook does the dishes, but Hong Seok-cheon yells at him for not properly washing oil off. Meanwhile, Haha sweeps the floor. A customer says he’s attractive, and Haha offers free food. Hong Seok-cheon says, “Who are you to offer free food?”

Since they got some items, the get a chance at the roulette wheel. Hong Seok-cheon spins the wheel for them. It lands on 1,000 won. Too bad. I don’t think there’s anything on the list they can buy for that amount. 

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo @ Outside Song Ji-hyo’s House

Song Ji-hyo calls her brother Cheon Seong-min to wash his face and bring out a table, the one she claims she uses when practicing her lines.

The PD makes sure to ask if it’s something they don’t need, because that’s part of the rules of today’s mission. Cheon Seong-min says, “Yeah, nuna just uses it to drink beer.” LOL. Song Ji-hyo protests saying that’s not true. She uses it for acting practice. Cheon Seong-min replies like a dutiful brother, “Well, maybe she does 1 out of 10 times.” 

The PD reminds them that they have to do an errand or favor for the item giver Cheon Seong-min whispers to Lee Kwang-soo that he wants to hit Song Ji-hyo because he always gets hit by her and can never hit her back.

He then kicks her and runs away. Song Ji-hyo swears and then punches Lee Kwang-soo in the head. Lee Kwang-soo yells, “It was your brother, why did you hit me.” Song Ji-hyo yells back, “You encouraged him.”

Cheon Seong-min comes back to spin the roulette wheel. It lands on 1,000 won again. Pft.

Next, Song Ji-hyo calls Lee Dong-wook. He’s busy filming something until 9 PM. Song Ji-hyo lists out all the things they need and has Lee Dong-wook repeat after her. He then asks, “Are you teaching me Korean words?” He says he’s too busy to help, so Song Ji-hyo says she’ll just go to his house and take something. Lee Dong-wook swears at her. It’s beeped out, but I think the word he uses is yangachi, like a curse version of gangster, someone who just does what she wants by force. 

Next, Kwang-soo calls actor Park Jung-min. He’s moving in two days, so he has a bunch of stuff to throw out. 

Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk @ Jo Woo-jong’s House & Used Furniture Store

Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk arrive at announcer Jo Woo-jong’s house and congratulate him on his upcoming marriage on March 16th. I guess that means he must be married by now since this episode broadcast got delayed by a week. They keep pestering him with questions about his marriage. Jo Woo-jong asks if they’re celebrity news reporters. It’s ironic though how all three of them once were, but got fired.

They then eye his fridge which he says costs 600,000 won. 

Ji Suk-jin says he should get rid of the sofa because the bride probably wants to choose a new one in her style. They try to convince him to give up something expensive. 

Jo Woo-jong finally decides on a gas burner. He doesn’t even use it. He also has a bunch of rugs he doesn’t use. Since he gave them some stuff, he gets to ask for a favor or errand. Jo Woo-jong asks for a humidifier as a wedding gift.

He then spins the roulette wheel which lands on 1,000 won again. The PD gives them another spin since they got two items there. They get 100,000 won (~100 USD) this time!! 

Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk return back to the van and drive to the next location. Since they have 100,000 they decide to buy a small TV and head to an electronics store. They spot a used furniture store. 

The cheapest full sized fridges there are are 170,000 won, so it’s out of their price range. They try to find a mini-fridge, but even the tiny one is 100,000 won which means they wouldn’t be able to buy anything else. They find some 50,000 won TVs. The two call Haha and ask if they want a fridge or TV. They decide to buy the TV.

The PD then gives them a roulette chance. They can bet their remaining 50,000 won for double or nothing. If they land on 1,000 won, it means they lose the money. If they land son something else, they can purchase the fridge. They lose.

Ji Suk-jin wants to bet their other 50,000 won, the one they were supposed to use on the TV for another round of double or nothing. They lose at that too. Whomp whomp. 

Yoo Jae-suk then turns to the viewers and warns against the perils of gambling. Yet, the PD asks if they want to gamble away the bunson burner they just got from Jo Woo-jong. If they win, he’ll give them 50,000 won. They finally win, and use the money to get a TV.

Kim Jong-kook and Haha @ Kim Ji-min’s House & Stylist’s House

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook and Haha go to Kim Ji-min’s house. It’s really clean and well decorated. I think she lives in the same apartment building at Jo Woo-jong. She mentioned it during her Video Star appearance. They look for stuff to take. Kim Ji-min follows them around saying she has nothing to give, they should just leave. She does offer a framed baby photo of herself which they of course reject. She later gives them a floor chair. 

In return for the chair, she asks they take her dog on a walk. Btw the dog’s name is “feeling” which is kind of an odd name. Kim Ji-min then spins the roulette wheel and lands on the blank check. Cue the fireworks CG. Kim Jong-kook and Haha use it on a fridge. 

They then find a table and parasol at Haha’s stylist’s office. 

So far they’ve managed to get 10 of their 16 items. 

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo @ Park Jung-min’s Interview Location

Park Jung-min is currently doing an interview for his upcoming movie. 

While they wait for him to finish up, Lee Kwang-soo calls his dad for a sofa from his office. They ask for his wish. His employees want Song Joong-ki and Jo In-sung’s autographs. 

Lee Kwang-soo calls Jo In-sung. Jo In-sung picks up asking, “Aren’t you running now?” LOL. 

Jo In-sung then tells him to leave the item outside his door, pretending like Kwang-soo’s a delivery man. Kwang-soo asks for an autograph. Jo In-sung jokes, “I’ve gotten rid of my autograph, I just give handshakes.” In-sung then hangs up the call saying he’s in the middle of eating. 

Park Jung-min finishes his interview and says he’s throwing away his bidet and offers it to his friends. He’s too busy to get it for them though, so he gives them his passcode and lets them get it themselves.

As a favor for the bidet, Park Jung-min wants them to promote his movie. 

Lee Kwang-soo says, “I don’t think I need to mention the title of the name. It’s Park Jung-min and Ryu Hyun-kyung’s movie. You can search online if you type Park Jung-min’s name or Ryu Hyun-kyung’s name. It comes out on March 9th. You’ll laugh and cry. How do I explain it . . . . It’ll be the number one movie at the box office, I’d bet my whole life savings on it.” 

Next, they call Song Joong-ki. He laughs when he hears that Kwang-soo’s dad wish is to get his autograph. He’s in Gwangju City for a filming, so they decide instead to go to his agency to pick up one of his autographed goods.

Kim Jong-kook and Haha @ Cha Tae-hyun’s House

Kim Jong-kook next calls his best friend Cha Tae-hyun. Kim Jong-kook says, “I’m filming Running Man right now. I know I shouldn’t, but just your voice should be okay.” Cha Tae-hyun is on a competing show “1 Night 2 Days” so he can’t physically appear on Running Man. Kim Jong-kook says they’re headed towards his house and will just have the production mosaic out his face. 

Kim Jong-kook says he doesn’t know anyone with kids, so he’s desperate for their children’s play mat.  

Kim Jong-kook then starts to explain their mission in detail, but Haha tells him not to tell him too much because he’ll give away spoilers to a competing show. LOL.

When they arrive at his house, his youngest daughter Cha Jin-soo opens the door. Then, Cha Tae-hyun comes out wearing a tiger mask. He’s also wearing a 1N2D hoodie.

Since he doesn’t really understand what’s going on, he just gives them more random stuff for their new safe house, like a fan and lamp, and autographs everything. LOL.

In return for the play mat, Cha Jin-soo says she wants some vanilla ice cream. That’s it? Haha asks if she wants anything else. She asks for some for some for her older sister and brother. Aw. So considerate. 

The daughter then spins the roulette wheel which lands on 100,000 won, but the PD stops them saying it was just practice. She spins it again, and this time it lands on the blank check slot. Even better! These two guys super lucky today. They use it on a BBQ grill. 

Haha comes back with some ice cream. Cha Jin-soo takes it and runs away. 

Cha Tae-hyun then yells, “Running Man fighting!”

There’s now just one hour left.

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo @ Various Talent Agencies, Park Jung-min’s House

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo arrive at Jo In-sung’s talent agency to get his autograph. They then head to Song Joong-ki’s agency and receive a signed DVD set of Descendants of the Sun. 

While there, they run into Park Bo-gum who was in the middle of a meeting. He also gives them an autograph and asks for one from Kwang-soo too who gives him a signed nametag. Park Bo-gum sticks in on himself right away and sends them off with some snacks and soda. 

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo then arrive at Park Jung-min’s house to take his bidet. 

Lee Kwang-soo enters first to check if it’s clean. It is.

Song Ji-hyo somehow figures out how to take apart the bidet. 

All they need now are a dart and doll crane machine. 

They get to spin the roulette wheel again for getting the bidet and land on 100,000 won.

There are just 9 minutes left, so they run to a nearby stationary store to get darts. They purchase it just in time, and spin the roulette again. They need the blank check in order to get the crane machine in time, but it instead lands on 1,000 won.

Mission Conclusion

Everyone returns to the safehouse to wrap up today’s mission.

Since they failed to get the last item, the crane machine, just one person gets punished. 

However, the PD gives them a bonus chance and tells them to open the bathroom door.

He calls it “love golf.” They have to sit on the toilet and putt a golf ball into a hole. They get just one try, so everyone practices. It’s harder than it looks. They try one at a time. Ji Suk-jin accidentally turns on the shower getting the putting green wet. 

Kim Jong-kook gets the ball in during his practice, so they decide to have Kim Jong-kook go for the shot. He gets it in.

It’s a mission clear. 

I really liked how the theme of the safehouse is spanning multiple episodes. I felt like past Running Man episodes were a bit lacking since they were always one and done sort of deals. I hope they keep doing multi-episode arcs. 

Next Week: The show changes it’s time slot to 4:50 PM



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