Running Man Recap: Episode 345

Running Man Recap: Episode 345
Episode 345: King of Booking Race: April 8, 2017
King of Booking Race: Opening

Today’s episode takes place just outside of Seoul, at the Hyundai Motors studio in the city of Goyang. The theme is Booking Race: A Dangerous Appointment. (*fyi booking refers to the practice in old fashioned Korean nightclubs where the waiters will book dates for you, so that’s why you’ll see random references to disco balls and seventies music throughout this episode.)

There are three guests today who will each be the captains of a three person team. The guests are Sandara Park, Han Jae-suk, and Yoon Park. They must be here to promote their new movie, “One Step.”

Yoo Jae-suk asks Han Jae-suk about his wife Park Sol-mi and he replies that she’s busy taking care of their daughter. Wow, I had no idea she was married. The last time I heard about her was way back in the day during “Winter Sonata.”

There’s also a bit of comedy as the Running Man crew gets the two Parks confused, but actually they’re not the same. Park is Sandra’s surname while Yoon Park’s given name is Park and his surname is Yoon.

The three guests each have a special nametag to indicate that they’re the team captains. It’s not the iconic Running Man nametag though, just a regular one with a pin.

Before the opening, the three guests met with the PD to book their prizes for the day. The options are 

  • a gift certificate for a trip abroad
  • a high quality ginseng set
  • a gold R-mon figurine

Sandara books the trip. Han Jae-suk chooses the ginseng. Yoon wants the ginseng too, but concedes for the figurine. Yup. That sounds about right. When you’re the maknae, you get stuck with the leftovers. 

Han Jae-suk sighs says ginseng is more realistic than a trip abroad. He’s probably too busy taking care of his kid to do much travelling these days. 

Back to the opening, the PD tells the Running Man MCs to go sit in one of the six cars behind them. Each of the team captains will then go choose which cast member they want for their team. There really isn’t a need for the MCs to go in the cars just to pick teams, other than of course for product placement, but the truck Haha gets into is really cool looking, so I’ll let that blatant bit of PP go. The teams are

  • Blue Team: Yoon Park, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo
  • White Team: Sandra Park, Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook
  • Red Team: Han Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo, Haha 

The winning teams will get their final prizes, but the losing team will have to pick one team member to suffer the water bomb punishment. It’s the same machine used during Members’ Week. 

Everyone goes to change into the team colors and today’s race officially begins. 

Round One: Booking Quiz

Round one is a trivia quiz. All nine players will watch a prompt flash on a huge LED screen. If they want to go for the question, they will ride a mini-scooter towards a phone. The first player to get there can either choose to answer the question himself/herself or pick someone from their own team to answer it. The first team to get to 100 points wins. Also, there will be a flour bomb penalty for every incorrect answer.

Song Ji-hyo and Han Jae-suk aren’t too good at quizzes, so Song Ji-hyo is like, “I’ll just trust Haha Oppa to get the questions right~”

The first prompt is <Sandara Park – 20 Points> Sandara Park and her younger brother are active as “celebrity siblings.”

This is a pretty easy one. Haha gets to the phone first pushing out Sandara herself. He books the question for himself. The question is “What is Sandara Park’s younger brother’s name?” It’s multiple choice. 

  1. Thunderbolt
  2. Lightning
  3. Thunder
  4. Typhoon

Of course Haha guesses Thunder correctly.

The next prompt is <Haha – 40 points> Haha was born in Germany.

Haha tries to scoot quickly, but Yoon Park is super fast and gets there first. He books himself for the question. The question is “When did the Berlin Wall come down?”

  1. 1990
  2. 1988
  3. 1989
  4.  1987

He gets it correct, but just barely. Phew. 

The third prompt is <Han Jae-suk – 50 points> Han Jae-suk met and married his wife Park Sol-mi after the drama “The Great Merchant Kim Man-deok.”

Sandara Park takes the question for herself. It’s “Where is the place that Kim Man-deok calls a rescued woman?”

  1. Seoul
  2. Chungcheong Province
  3. Ulleungdo Island
  4. Jeju Island

Sandara Park has no idea, so she just guesses number three. It’s wrong, and she gets smacked in the face with flour. Oh no!

The fourth prompt is <Lee Kwang-soo – 30 pooints> Lee Kwang-soo made his film debut with the movie Battlefield Heroes.”

Sandara gets there first again, edging out Yoon Park. She’s really fast. She picks rival Han Jae-suk to answer. He’s like, “huh?” Why did you pick me?

The question is “Pyeongyang Castle is from which dynasty?” This one is free response, and luckily he gets it correct. It’s Goguryeo. 

The fifth prompt is <Han Jae-suk 20 points> Han Jae-suk had his first lead role in the SBS drama Jazz.

Song Ji-hyo books her team’s captain. The question is  “The ‘father of jazz’ was born in the early 1900s in the US. What’s his name?” 

Han Jae-suk correctly guesses Louis Armstrong. He’s on a roll. I thought he said he was bad at trivia. 

The sixth prompt is <Ji Suk-jin – 60 points> Ji Suk-jin debuted in 1992 as a singer. 

Yoon Park chooses teammate Ji Suk-jin. Surely he’ll get this one right. The question is “Which of the following words doesn’t appear in the lyrics of Ji Suk-jin’s “I Know?””

  1. snowy road
  2. lips
  3. breath
  4. happiness

Ji Suk-jin says he doesn’t really remember, but correctly guesses number four. Lucky guess. Now, blue team has 100 points, so the next questions are to decide second place.

The next prompt is <Yoon Park – 100 points> Yoon Park got the nickname Dog Actor after his appearance on “Law of the Jungle.” Song Ji-hyo gets there first and books Haha. 

The question is “Which jungle did Yoon Park go to?”

Haha incorrectly guess Brazil and gets hit in the face with some flour. He had gone to New Caledonia.

Now, for the final prompt. <Sandara Park – 100 points> Sandara made her formal Korean debut on May 17, 2009 through SBS’s Inkigayo. 

Sandara books her teammate Kim Jong-kook.

Question: Of the following, who was not an SBS Inkigayo MC?

  1. Song Ji-hyo
  2. Song Hye-gyo
  3. Han Hyo-joo
  4. Han Ye-seul

He correctly guesses Song Hye-gyo. Wow! I hadn’t reallized what a star studded line-up Inkigayo had. 

The final score is

  1. Yoon Park’s team (blue) – 100 points – 2 VIP certificates
  2. Sandara Park’s team (white)- 100 points – 1 VIP certificate
  3. Han Jae-suk team (red) – 70 points – 0 VIP certificates
Round Two: Talent Booking

In the next round, the nine players are told to choose one of three categories they think they can excel in. Each category will have it’s own mini-game. They decide to compete 

  • Music: Sandara Park, Han Jae-suk, Haha
  • Movie: Yoon Park, Kim Jong-kook
  • Premonition: Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo

The premonition mini-game takes place in a room full of airbags. There are 90 air bags on the wall and 70 of them deflate after being touched. The goal is to try to avoid picking the deflating ones. 

Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo decide on the order by squeezing each other’s hands. The first to let go goes last. Yoo Jae-suk loses claiming he got bitten and has teeth marks on his hands now. Ji Suk-jin and Lee Kwang-soo team up against Song Ji-hyo, but Kwang-soo accidentally hurts Ji Suk-jin even though they’re both on blue team.

Now, its just Kwang-soo and Ji-hyo left. They decide to play slap each other in the forehead and resist falling backwards. Kwang-soo falls at first slap by Yoo Jae-suk. Song Ji-hyo falls too right after Ji Suk-jin slaps here. It’s a tie, so they decide to just do rocks-paper-scissors as a tie breaker. Um . . . they could have just started with rocks-paper-scissors and saved themselves from all that pain. Song Ji-hyo wins, so the order is Song Ji-hyo → Lee Kwang-soo → Ji Suk-jin → Yoo Jae-suk. 

Meanwhile, in the music room. There are hundreds of moving metal pieces and some of them have a syllable written on them. The players have to find syllables through the wave of metal pieces and come up with a song with that syllable in the title. They’ll get a point every time they sing a verse of a song correctly.

It’s actually quite difficult to find syllables because the metal pieces move quickly. Sandara Park finds “rang” and goes with Kim tae-woo’s “Love Rain,” but she doesn’t know the lyrics well and fails.

Haha sings Jo Yong-pil’s “Come back to Busan Port.” He gets one point. He then goes for Kim Kook-hwan’s “Tatata” and just laughs, “hahahahahaha” because this song is known for its laughing part. Ding. The PD says it’s wrong. It’s not “haha” So then Haha tries again, this time singing, “huhuhuhu.” Ding. For the third try, he sings, “uhuhuhuhuhu.” It’s wrong again, and Haha finally gives up in frustration. 

Kim Jong-kook and Yoon Park are in the movie room. They have to watch a 4D movie while the PD will randomly yell out a syllable. They then have to say a movie with that syllable in the title. Kim Jong-kook gets four in a row at lightning speed. He says them so fast that I didn’t even catch what he said. I think two of the movies were “Public Enemy” and “Lost In The South Mission: Going Home.”

Yoon Park is shocked at how quickly Kim Jong-kook was able to think up movie names and wonders if he and the PD conspired behind the scenes. 

Kim Jong-kook earns one VIP ticket for the white team. 

Back in the air bag room, Song Ji-hyo loses on the first tap. Lee Kwang-soo picks the right one. Ji Suk-jin is good too. Yoo Jae-suk taps on an air bag and it sags. That means blue team wins. They get a VIP ticket. 

Then in music room. Sandara sings Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, and Lips.” Han Jae-suk sings Choi Sung-soo’s “Nam Nam.” Red team gets the win since they got the most songs. 

That means in round two, each team got one win and one VIP ticket.

Lunch Time

Lunch is spaghetti, steak, and salad. yum yum!

As they eat, the PD then tells the teams their final mission. Each team has a different mission based on the prize they chose. 

Since white team picked the trip abroad, they are given passports and suitcases and have to find six immigration agents and pass an entrance exam to get six stamps on their passports. The entrance exam consists of responses to a question in a foreign language, its a question you’d get when passing through immigration at the airport. It’s an open book test though, so they have language books for each country. However, since they earned two VIP tickets, they only need four passport stamps.

Red team chose the ginseng set, so they have to find a supercar with the ginseng in it. They’ll have to go on a scavenger hunt for six hints to find the location of the supercar, and the first hint is in the car in front of them. 

Blue team picked the old R-mon figurine which means their mission is name tag ripping. The three are giddy and do a circle dance. This should be good because Yoon Park looks like he’s in shape. They have three VIP tickets. They can use one ticket for a location tracker, two for roll rolls, or three for ??? (It’s beeped out for suspense). 

Haha finds their first clue in the driver seat’s sun visor. He knew it’d be there because he knows how the PDs think. The clue tells them that the next clue is somewhere that’s the same color as the car. The team heads for the room with the air bags. 

White Team walks around the building for the immigration agents. They decide to split up. Yoo Jae-suk then notices Blue Team walking up to them and tells Sandara to hide, suspecting they’re up to something. Sandara struggles with her suitcase, and then decides to just run while holding it above her head.

Blue Team catches up to them though and acts like they’re not trying to take their nametags. They don’t want any of the teams to know what they’re up to just yet because they need to use a sneak attack on Kim Jong-kook. Luckily for White Team, Kim Jong-kook is walking around on his own, so blue team decides to leave Yoo Jae-suk and Sandara Park alone for now. 

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook finds the Chinese immigration agent. The agent asks “How much money do you have?” in Chinese. Kim Jong-kook takes a look his phrase book and replies 800 yuan. He gets his first stamp. Now, they just need three more. 

Red Team finds some blue color palettes, the color they need was “Ara Blue” and on the palette there’s a clue that says “Go to the secret room.” Just then, they notice the blue team approaching. Haha tells Kwang-soo that he’s making a weird expression. Yoon Park closes in on them, and Red Team guesses that their mission is to get name tags. Blue Team walks away looking for Kim Jong-kook. Kwang-soo and Ji Suk-jin chastise Yoon Park for being so obvious. 

Sandara Park is being paranoid about something following her. Although is it correct to label her paranoid when she’s right? Blue Team chases them again, so Yoo Jae-suk picks grabs both of their suitcases and runs.

Sandara Park and Yoo Jae-suk get away from Blue Team and regroup with Kim Jong-kook. They find another immigration agent who says to them, “D-ou es-tu?” It’s French for, “Where are you from?” Yoo Jae-suk knows a bit of French because he took it as a foreign language in high school, but it’s Kim Jong-kook who responds back. Pft. 

Now they just need two more stamps. 

Oh! They find another agent hiding behind a counter. He says something recorded on a phone. I guess there was no one around who could speak Arabic? The recorded message asks “Did you bring your passport?” Kim Jong-kook replies, “Yes here is my password.”

Just one more. 

Meanwhile, Blue Team runs into Red Team again. Yoon Park is getting antsy and suddenly goes for Song Ji-hyo’s nametag. Lee Kwang-soo and Ji Suk-jin yell at him to calm down, but it’s too late. The cat is already out of the bag. They eliminate Song Ji-hyo and Haha’s nametags. 

Of course just then, White Team hears in the PA system that Song Ji-hyo and Haha are out. They realize Blue Team is out to get them. Blue Team quickly goes to look for Kim Jong-kook.

They find White Team. Ji Suk-jin and Yoon Park team up to eliminate Yoo Jae-suk. They then corner Kim Jong-kook and somehow manage to eliminate him. How? I guess Kim Jong-kook was just having a bad day. 

Fortunately for White Team, Sandara manages to escapes on the elevator. Now, only Sandara is left for White Team and Han Jae-suk for Red Team.

Lee kwang-soo tells Yoon Park to use the death note. Ah! So that’s what the three VIP tickets were for. They decide to write down Sandara’s name becuase they suspect she’s almost done with her mission. Sandara Park out. Sandara’s like what? Now, it’s just Han Jae-suk vs. Blue Team. 

Han Jae-suk finds the secret room and there’s a clue telling him to find the “sparkly, sparkly car.” Han Jae-suk seeks out a room with sparkling lights. He finds another clue inside that says “the supercar’s location is outside.” There’s a mini key inside the clue envelope too. So this must be it, the final clue to the ginseng. 

While Han Jae-suk heads outside, Blue Team finds the envelope clue dropped on the floor and figures out the Han Jae-suk must be looking for a supercar outside? Uh? that feels a bit staged no? They head outside as well and chase down Han Jae-suk and manage to rip off his nametag. Blue Team wins.

The race is over and the PD announces that Blue Team won . . . and that White Team won too. Sandara Park actually managed to find the last agent before she got eliminated. The PD then asks Red Team if they found their ginseng in the supercar before Han Jae-suk got his nametag ripped off. They did, so they win as well.

All three teams get their prizes . . . except this means that Blue Team was actually the last to finish their mission so they lose and one of them has to do the water bomb punishment. 

Blue Team spins a wheel with each of their three’s names on it. It lands on Yoon Park. Everyone gathers outside to watch him get hit with the water. He takes it in good stride though. 

And that’s it for the King of Booking Race. 

Interview with the New Runners

It’s three days before the media revealed the news about “Running Man” getting two more cast members. It’s March 28, 2017. 

A fashionista walks into a meeting with the PDs at a restaurant. It’s actress Jeon So-min who says she’s worried because she’s not actually good at anything. She admits she’s not smart, can’t even do crunches, and is a slow runner. She also says shes not that comfortable with varieties.

Cut to a preview clip of the next week’s episode, showing that she’s actually really comfortable with the group already. She talks back to Lee Kwang-soo easily, and the cast makes fun of her for being the female version of Kwang-soo. 

The PDs also meet with Yang Se-chan at an office. He says he doesn’t lose in games, and can beat any celebrity at video games. He’s confident he can even beat Kim Jong-kook. Of course there’s another preview clip that shows Yang Se-chan failing miserably at a world play game.

Yang Se-chan then calls his older brother Yang Se-hyung to stop by and help him. Yang Se-hyung arrives after a radio gig and asks the PDs, “Is he really confirmed as a cast member?” Yang Se-hyung then brags about his little brother saying, “My brother is better than me in a lot of way like at making jokes. I knew he’d do well one day, but I never expected it to happen this quickly.” Aw. Yang Se-hyung seems like a really sweet older brother. I could tell from his Happy Together appearance. 

He also gives some advice for how to work well with Yoo Jae-suk and Haha. 

Yang Se-chan says, “I don’t know them well either, but my feeling is that Yoo Jae-suk likes to ask questions to everyone, so think ahead. When you can’t think of anything witty to say, just avoid looking him in the eyes, and he won’t ask you. When you have something funny you want to say, stare at him until he asks you.” Ah! So that’s how Yang Se-chan was able to seemingly come up with so many witty ad libs in “Infinite Challenge.”

Yang Se-chan continues, “Haha is fashionable, so ask him about his clothes like where he bought his hat and compliment it. Also, try them on, and Haha will offer to buy it for you. The trick is to decline the offer, and then he’ll really buy it.” 

I’m really looking forward to these two as both seem to have strong personalities. I’m glad they didn’t pick a young idol who’d be too image conscious. Can’t wait to see what they bring to the show. 

Next Week: Getting to know the new cast members through a global race.


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