Running Man Recap: Episode 348

Episode 348: Running Mate Global Project Part Three: April 30, 2017

We pick up right where we left off last week. Song Ji-hyo uses her chance card on the Osaka Team.

Osaka: Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Jeon So-min

Meanwhile, the Osaka Team just got out of the bath house. Jeon So-min’s face is completely bare, and I really like how she doesn’t care about being pretty, just like Song Ji-hyo. I think they two female cast members are going to compliment each other well because they’re both really fierce and not too concerned about their image, but in their own way. Song Ji-hyo is the introverted version, while Jeon So-min is the super extroverted one.

As Jeon So-min puts on some moisturizer, the PD informs the Osaka team that Song Ji-hyo used her chance card which is “2 times” meaning they have to do a second mission. Oh no!

The PD then gives them another mission from the bingo card which is “Get a trendy haircut at a local hair salon.”

They’re running out of time though.

They decide to rest and get some drinks from a vending machine. Jeon So-min offers to pay, but the machine eats her coins. No worries though. She promptly proceeds to body slam the machine, and it returns her money. Then Jeon So-min powders her face some more with a “Powerpuff Girls” compact, which Ji Suk-jin later borrows for himself. So cute, but random. I didn’t know that show was popular here in Korea.

Taipei: Haha, Song Ji-hyo, Yang Se-chan

Back in Taipei, the crew continues on their mission to eat five local delicacies before their return flight home. The stinky tofu comes out, and it looks much different from I expected, then again, I’ve never heard of stinky tofu until this show, so what do I know. Song Ji-hyo bravely takes a sip of the duck blood soup surrounding the tofu and then takes a bite of the stinky tofu itself. She doesn’t look too pleased and calmly states, “It’s not tasty.” Yang Se-chan tries a bite and then laughs. The flavor must be really strong. Haha decides they should cleanse their mouths with some dumplings, but then realizes they’re filled with stinky tofu too.

They have to finish the dish, but no one wants to eat the rest of it, so they decide one person should be the sacrifice. They take out a roulette wheel, and after a few rounds rocks-paper-scissors, they decide Haha gets his name written on 8 slots, Yang Se-chan gets 3 slots, and Song Ji-hyo gets 5 slots. They have the camera VJ spin it to be fair.

It defeats the odds and lands on Yang Se-chan. Haha calls him poop luck. Yang Se-chan has to finish all the stinky tofu by himself. Yang Se-chan and Lee Kwang-soo should have a battle sometime to see who has the worst luck.

Yang Se-chan gulps down the tofu while his teammates hold his hands. Haha and Song Ji-hyo clap as he finishes the dish.

Jeju Island: Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Jang Do-yeon

It’s still raining in Jeju Island. Lee Kwang-soo puts on his haenyeo diving outfit and the crew heads to the airport because they’re running out of time. While in the car, Lee Kwang-soo’s nephew video calls him, but he doesn’t pick up because he’s busy working and because he doesn’t want to scare the poor kid with his outfit.

Suddenly, Lee Kwang-soo is back in regular clothes. That was a weird edit.

The crew is hungry so they stop by a rice cake shop hoping for some local specialties. Lee Kwang-soo and Jang Do-yeon look for the owner, but can’t find him, so instead they just go to a chain donuts shop. Kim Jong-kook was waiting in the car, and when he sees the donuts, he’s just glares like, “We came all the way to Jeju to eat donuts?”

The PD then informs them of their ticketing situation. There weren’t many seats available, so Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Jong-kook have a 5 pm return ticket while Jang Do-yeon’s is at 8 pm. On top of that, the staff members haven’t been able to procure return tickets for themselves. The Jeju Island trip is a disaster. It’s currently 3 pm, so it looks like they won’t even be able to complete their eat ramen mission.

Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Jong-kook return to the airport, while Jang Do-yeon just stands around outside alone waiting for her flight. That’s no way to treat a guest!

Taipei: Haha, Song Ji-hyo, Yang Se-chan

Back in Taipei, the crew has finished the first two foods and have three more to eat.

  1. danzai noodles
  2. stinky tofu
  3. beef noodles
  4. mango shaved ice
  5. pineapple cakes

Walking around looking for their next dish, Song Ji-hyo spots a cow logo. It’s a famous restaurant with lots of celebrity photos and autographs. They even find one of their “friend”Jackie Chan. The beef noodles here look so delicious that it makes Haha fake cry while GOD’s “To My Mother” plays in the background.

They also have some mango shaved ice that’s so good that they share it with the camera crew. The pineapple cakes look amazing too.

And thus the Taipei team completes their mission.

Now, they just need to go buy presents. Last week, everyone picked backpacks and had to buy a present for the person whose name is written inside the bag.

Osaka: Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Jeon So-min

While in a taxi on their way to the airport, the two older cast members nag Jeon So-min about what a nuisance she’s been. Jeon So-min doesn’t back down though and retorts that since she was on a team with Ji Suk-jin already, next time she’ll be happy no matter who she’s with.

They don’t have time to complete their mission to get trendy haircuts at a local hair salon. Mission fail. That means one of them has to get a travel to a scary place sticker. They throw shoes at a bingo board to decide who. It’s Yoo Jae-suk because his shoe fails to hit the bingo board.

Seoul: Return to Base

It’s 10 PM, and  all eight of the cast members plus today’s guest Jang Do-yeon have finally returned to the Paradise Hotel where they did the opening for the day’s filming.

The PD announces that Team Taipei successfully completed their mission. Ji Suk-jin complains that their mission was way too easy. All they had to do was eat some delicious foods. Haha retorts back that it wasn’t all delicious. He then tattles saying Yang Se-chan said stinky tofu smelled like Jang Do-yeon’s feet. Jang Do-yeon is shocked and criticizes Yang Se-chan saying, “That’s such a bad habit of yours, talking about people’s backs. I only say good things about you. Hmph!”

The PD also announces that Team Jeju succeeded because Jang Dong-yeon ate the ramen while she was waiting at the airport. Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Jong-kook high five her in gratitude.

The Osaka Team is the only one that failed. Yoo Jae-suk gets a sticker. Three stickers means he has to go to a scary tourist attraction, and he only has one so far.

Also, the PD announces that they had the gift exchange mission which will result in another scary tourist attraction sticker for the loser. He tells everyone to hand over their gifts to whoever they bought them for. The person with the lightest gift loses.

They’ll be using an old fashioned balance and weighing them two at a time.

First is Kim Jong-kook vs. Yoo Jae-suk. Yoo Jae-suk wins since his is heavier. It’s citrus fruit from Lee Kwang-soo.

Second round is Kim Jong-kook vs. Ji Suk-jin. Ji Suk-jin wins with a gold toad from Yang Se-chan.

Third round is Kim Jong-kook vs. Jeon So-min. Jeon So-min wins with some bread from Kim Jong-kook. Lee Kwang-soo tattles that it’s just leftovers from what they ate as snacks.

Fourth round is Kim Jong-kook vs. Song Ji-hyo who got a set of shot glasses. Kim Jong-kook keeps losing!

Fifth round is Kim Jong-kook vs. Haha. He wins with a Doraemon figure from Jeon So-min who’s like “Hm . . . there’s more.” She then proceeds to search for a tiny rock that she put inside the backpack. She really is weird.

Sixth round is Kim Jong-kook vs. Lee Kwang-soo who got some seafood shaped snacks from Jang Do-yeon the convenience store.

Seventh round is Kim Jong-kook vs. Yang Se-chan. The balance is level, so the PD takes out an electric scale to decide accurately. Kim Jong-kook’s is 945 grams while Yang Se-chan’s is 822 grams. Finally Kim Jong-kook beats someone. Kim Jong-kook got some Captain America underwear and socks from Yoo Jae-suk. He likes them a lot.

The final round is Yang Se-chan vs Jang Do-yeon although Jang Do-yeon can’t get a sticker because she’s a guest. Instead, the PDs placed a sticker under her name tag saying that if she loses, the person to her left will get a sticker. Her present weighs 835 grams. She got aroma oil from Song Ji-hyo because Yang Se-chan said she smells bad. OMG. Poor Jang Do-yeon.

Yang Se-chan is the ultimate loser. He got socks with rubber massaging bits from Haha because he’ll be running often now that he’ s a part of Running Man. Now he has two stickers, and one more means he has to go to a scary tourist attraction.

Opening: Dangerous Bag

It’s a new day of filming at the Deungchon District SBS Building.

Yoo Jae-suk congratulates Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan for completing their first trip with the team.

Kim Jong-kook and Lee Kwang-soo yell out “9012 forever! Even though Gary got married . . . Even though Gary changed his number  . . . and we didn’t know. We won’t throw him away.” Song Ji-hyo adds, “That’s right! Gary changed his number.” Yoo Jae-suk asks, “Where are you Gary? We won’t go bothering you, just contact us to let us know you’re okay.” Haha says Gary anonymously keeps sending him hats though. That’s really strange.

Yoo Jae-suk also asks the new Running Man cast members about their hate mail. Yang Se-chan says it’s okay because he doesn’t understand English anyways. We then see his Instagram with the messages “We don’t want you” and “I hate you.” Poor guy.

Jeon So-min says people wrote hearts on her Instagram . . . but they were actually threatening messages telling her that she can be a couple with Yang Se-chan, but she better not touch any of the other male cast members. How awful. I think these two are such a breath of fresh air to the show. One of the major complaints from fans was that there wasn’t enough running in Running Man, and having these two relatively young and healthy cast members is going to fix that.

The PD then tells Jeon So-min and Song Ji-ho head to the indoor set. The male cast members wait outside a bit.

Inside, there are three mini-houses. Jeon So-min, Song Ji-hyo, and a female guest are in each of the houses. They’ll be deciding three teams of three.

The men who pick the house with the guest will get a special advantage, so they have to guess which one has the guest.

The PD gives them a few clues.

First, each of the ladies say hello with their voices altered.

Then each woman sticks a foot out. Ji Suk-jin says he’s never seen Song Ji-hyo’s foot, so this will be tough. Yoo Jae-suk reminds him he has seen her foot, but he just doesn’t remember because it was when she kicked him in the head.

The first foot is white and long. They guess that it’s someone who doesn’t wear heels often and has long toes. The men guess it must be Jang Do-yeon again because she’s tall.

The second foot has dark nail polish just like Song Ji-hyo wears. It also looks “angry,” Haha pokes it with a flag.

The third foot is really dark. Lee Kwang-soo hopes it’s Beyonce. Yoo Jae-suk wonders if it’s Jo Hye-ryun or Noh Sa-yeon. He thinks it’s someone old and stocky.

For the next hint, they get to hear each person laugh.

Now it’s time to choose houses. The PD tells them to stand in front of the house they want to be teams with. If there are more than two people per team, the woman will get to choose the two that she wants.

House #2 (aka Song Ji-hyo) uses her finger to try to seduce some cast members. Two weeks ago said she could seduce Yoo Jae-suk with just one finger. This was back when he said he wasn’t attracted to her and just thought of her as a little sister. Yoo Jae-suk guffaws at the finger but goes for house number two anyways. He can’t resist.

House #1 (aka Jen So-min) sticks her foot out, giving a thumbs up with her big toe. Haha and Lee Kwang-soo run over and grab it. Yoo Jae-suk yells they’re a team now. Haha protests saying he was just joking around and doesn’t even tough his wife foot, he was just trying to be funny. Yoo Jae-suk insists though, “No take backsies!”

That means Kim Jong-kook, Ji Suk-jin, and Yang Se-chan are lined up in front of House #3. The guest can only pick two and says wants Kim Jong-kook. He jumps around in joy. Song Ji-hyo retorts in her altered voice, “Kim Jong-kook must be happy!”

The guest then picks between Ji Suj-jin and Yang Se-chan. She says, “Goodbye~ Yang Se-chan.” Song Ji-hyo gladly takes him for her team though. I guess the two got close during their trip in Taipei.

The finals teams are

  • Jeon So-min, Haha, Lee Kwang-soo,
  • Song Ji-hyo, Yoo Jae-suk, Yang Se-chan
  • Hyolyn, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Suk-jin

Everyone jokes that Ji Suk-jin is just a third wheel between Hyolyn and Kim Jong-kook. He can be their butler like Alfred and give them wet tissues when they need them.

It’s time to change into their team outfits, and do some product placement for the new Galaxy S8.

While getting ready, Hyolyn drops her mic and Kim Jong-kook politely picks it up for her. Ji Suk-jin tries to help put it back on and Hyorin just tutts him away. Poor Alfred.

Non-Sequitor Game: Ji Suk-jin Game

The PD takes out the Running Marble board game again, but since the order is always important in these monopoly type games, they’ll be playing the non-sequitur game to decide who gets to roll the dice first.

Just like last time, each person has to come up with nonsensical answers three times to succeed. The team with the most people to succeed wins.

Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk of course fight again over who gets the xylophone for the sound effects.

Hyolyn’s Team is up first.

Q: What do you want to eat now? H: Shoes Yoo Jae-suk claims it’s a sensical answer because Micky Mouse eats shoes. Lee Kwang-soo adds he eats shoes too from time to time. They give Hyolyn another change because it’s her first time.

Q: What you want to do when of vacation. H: Cellphone. (Fail!)

Kim Jong-kook’s turn.

Q: The thing you are best at? KJK: . . . at a deserted island (Fail!)

Yang Se-chan is next.

Q: What do you want to do non a rainy do. YSC: Go to Hawaii. (Fail!)

Song Ji-hyo’s team is up next, and as the captain she goes first.

Q: What you want to say to Suk-jin. SJH: The red light is on.

Q: What’s your nickname. SJH: You. (Fail!)

Yoo Jae-suk goes next.

Q: What’s in your fridge? YJS: royal foxglove tree (Fail!) He insists he should get another change though.

Q: What do you call your wife? YJS: Oh Jung-tae. (Fail!)

Everyone’s failed so far, so Jeon So-min’s team only needs one person to succeed in order to win the mini-game.

Lee Kwang-soo goes up first for her team.

Q: What you often say to your girlfriend.? LKS: elder brother’s wife (Fail!) cue yelling from everyone about how he must cheat on his brother with his wife.

Jeon So-min goes next.

Q: How do you relieve stress? JSM: waterproofing box

Q: Your nickname? JSM: Smoking in the studio is strictly prohibited.

Q: The biggest lie you want to make. JSM: fire hydrant.

Yay! Jeon So-min’s team wins.

The captains Song Ji-hyo and Hyolyn do another round to determine second place. This time they ask each other questions instead of the PD.

H: what do you want to eat? SJH: I’ll build you a house.

H: How do you feel now that Gary’s married? SJH: Hey you!!  (Fail!)

Song Ji-hyo then uses this opportunity to send a video letter to Gary. “Hey! Live well~”

The order is Jeon So-min, Hyolyn, and Song Ji-hyo. Now the Running Marble game finally begins.

Jeon So-min rolls a four and gets Thailand.

Hyolyn gets four too.

Song Ji-hyo gets two which is Japan.

The staff members suddenly starts to look busy, what’s going on. Are they getting flight tickets again?

The PD then says “This is not your land yet.” Instead of just buying the property like you would in regular monopoly, they have complete a mission to get the property they land on. If one team gets two properties of the same colors or a team loses all their 150,000 won budget in monopoly money, then the game ends and the ones in last place get a travel to a scary place sticker.

The team captains each spin a when to figure out which mission they have to do. Jeon So-min spins and gets “cultural experience.” Hyolyn gets “eat food.” Song Ji-hyo gets “buy an item.”

Before they can leave for their mission, the PD gives them another dangerous bag.  if all three people on each team write down 5,000 won. However, if they each write down a different amount, the person to write the lowest amount gets 10 times that amount and the other two get that low amount.

The PD gives them each Galaxy S8 phones to text their numbers

In Red Team.

Song Ji-hyo tells Yang Se-chan to choose wisely.

Song Ji-hyo texts 5,000 won

Yang Se-chan texts 1,000 won. When his teammates yell at him, he claims he had no choice. He’s desperate because he already has two stickers.

Yoo Jae-suk then reveals he wrote 650 won. Yang Se-chan grabs Yoo Jae-suk’s collar for that betrayal. Pft. I can’t believe Yoo Jae-suk yelled at Yang Se-chan just seconds ago. What confident acting skills.

In the yellow team, Kim Jong-kook takes a selfie and exclaims how big the Galaxy S8 screen is. LOL. It’s okay though Running Man. I know you need the money to pay for all these global trips.

Hyorin wrote the lowest. She wrote 3,000 won which means she get’s 30,000 won while Kim Jong-kook and Ji Suk-jin both get 3,000 won.

In the white team.

Haha wrote 3,900 won.

Jeon So-min wrote 500 won. Haha sighs saying how pointless that was because she screwed everyone over just to end up with the neutral 5,000 won. Jeon So-min says she did it because she couldn’t trust anyone to not betray her

Lee Kwang-soo wrote 500 won too. LOL. These two are perfect for each other. Poor Haha was too kind.

Song Ji-ho’s team goes to looks up places to go on the S8. (This product placement is starting to get obnoxious, but I’ll bear with it. I understand Running Man, I know you have bills to pay.) They head to a stationary store.

Hyolyn’s team decides to go to Itaewon which is a district in Seoul with lots of foreign restaurants. On the drive there, they talk about Hyolyn’s small feet. She says she wears 225 or 230 cm shoes. It’s actually not that small though, because it’s proportionate to her height. She’s just short. Kim Jong-kook replies, “I don’t like tall women. I really hate them. I don’t consider tall women to be women.” Yikes! That’s not a very nice thing to say. Shame on you Kim Jong-kook!

Jeon So-min’s team drives somewhere too. In the front seats, Jeon So-min and Lee Kwang-soo chant about how they were so smart to both write 500 won. Can’t trust anyone right? These two are so cute together, but in the backseat, Haha just mutters to himself about his measly budget. Haha then notes that the two would make a good couple with their miserly ways. They’d save up enough money for a 38 pyung house which would be like a four bedroom house. However, they’d probably end up going to jail a few times because they’re both scammers. Jeon So-min is okay with that though, she’ll just stay at home in their huge imaginary house and asks Lee Kwang-soo to go to jail for her. LOL.

While I did enjoy this episode overall, the editing was kind of strange. Instead of a full episode, it felt like a wrap of last week’s episode plus a preview of next week’s episode. Also, I don’t like how this series has one big overall mission made up of mini-games which are also made up of smaller mini-games. It’s so hard to keep track of why each mini-game matters.

It just goes to show once again that the games on Running Man need a bit more fine tuning. Luckily, the banter between the cast members has been making up for it, but the writers really need to step it up.

Also, I was really impressed by Jang Do-yeon. Even though she had such bad luck with the weather and was left behind for a few hours due to the lack of flight tickets, she was a good sport and continued on with her mission even when no one expected her to. She seems like such a hard worker and looked really kind and positive during that super short flashback where she was buying snacks at the grocery store for Lee Kwang-soo too. I want to see her as a fixed cast member on a variety show.

Next Week: The mission continues.



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