Sing Street Recap: Episode 1

Sing Street Recap: Episode 1

Episode 1: October 26, 2016


I’ve been looking for a music show to tide me over until the next season of <Show Me the Money>. I checked out <Tribe of Hip Hop 2> because it has a lot of rappers that I like, but the concept of non-professional rappers just wasn’t very entertaining. The music is going to be subpar, and the only way to enjoy that show is to lower your expectations. Hopefully, <Sing Street> will be better with actual, quality performances.


The first person we meet is comedian Park Myung-soo who’s been involved in the EDM scene for the past five years. He’s DJing at a club in Hongdae when his partner, actor Sung Hoon, goes to meet him for the first time.

Neither of these guys are profession musicians, but I like a few of Park Myung-soo’s songs, so my expectations are high.


Lee Sang-min meets with the <Sing Street> writers in the Sangam-dong CJ E&M building. He’s a busy man, currently appearing in six shows, and that’s excluding the shows that are in pre-production. They brainstorm possible partners for Lee Sang-min.

Lee Sang-min says he likes writing lyrics, but he’s lacking in musicality, so he’s looking for someone talented in that area. Ideally, he’d like a male and a female teammate, since he likes co-ed groups.


Meanwhile, Din Din sets up a table outside the CJ E&M building to give out free coffee to passersby. He’s wearing a knock off fur coat and cosplaying as Lee Sang-min from his <God of Music> persona.

Most people just stare at Din Din in his strange getup, but a few take up his offer for coffee.

Random woman, “Can I get some ice in my coffee?”

Din Din, “Can’t you add it yourself? I’m not even getting paid for this.” LOL.


When Lee Sang-min walks by, he yells at Din Din for his shoddy attempt at fan service, “Don’t do stuff like this if you’re going to do it so half hardheadedly.

Lee Sang-min, “Did you stalk me from home? Stop copying me. I had to change my hairstyle because of you!!!”

Din Din takes off his ridiculous fur coat, but underneath he’s wearing the same suit as Lee Sang-min.

Lee Sang-min, “Stop trying to be funny with your clothes. Music isn’t a joke!”

Din Din, “Oh, sorry I didn’t know this was a music show. I thought it was a variety show.”


The third team is led by actor Bong Tae-gyu. He meets up with the writers at a coffee shop, where he recommends a few up and coming musicians that he likes.

His team members will be solo artist Seo Samuel and the band Raw By Peppers (drummer Lee Gwang-min (27), bassist Lee Jin-woo (28), and vocalist/guitarist Kim Ga-on (28)).


Bong Tae-gyu dresses up as a taxi driver for his first meeting to pick up Seo Samuel. He waits outside the Gayang-dong CJ E&M studio where Seo Samuel and a couple of <Sing Street> writers are waiting for a taxi.

Bong Tae-gyu complains that they made him wait so long, and puts on a mad taxi driver act. He’s grumbles about them wasting his time and asks them what show they’re filming for.

Bong Tae-gyu, “Cable? Do people even watch cable shows?” He adds, “Are there any celebrities on the show?”

The <Sing Street> writer replies, “Seo Samuel. Do you know of him?”

Bong Tae-gyu, “I don’t think so.”

Seo Samuel just laughs.

Once they get to the meeting place, Bong Tae-gyu reveals himself. Seo Samuel is super surprised. He seems pretty hyper.


During their first meeting, Bong Tae-gyu asks, “I heard that Raw By Peppers is appearing on this show, so they can get on <Infinite Challenge.> Is this show just a stepping stone for you guys?”

Raw By Peppers, “Hehehe.”

Seo Samuel, “I’m not underhanded like these guys. I just want to show people that there are a lot of good musicians out there.”

Seo Samuel comes up with their band name, Bong Kidz.

Bong Tae-gyu, “So you guys are the kids, and I’m the old one?”


Cut to some building that looks like Park Myung-soo’s studio based on the sign on the wall. He must be so rich.

Park Myung-soo, “Do you know how to DJ?”

Sung Hoon, “I know how to work the machine.”

Park Myung-soo, “Machine?!?! What’s wrong with you. Call it an instrument, not a machine!!!”

Hm…I wonder why Sung Hoon is even on this show. I guess the writers just wanted some eye candy.


Back at the CJ E&M studios.

Din Din is 26 years old.

Lee Sang-min, “When I was 26, I was producing Country Kko Kko and Sharp.”

Din Din, “I’ve been thinking of producing too.”

Lee Sang-min, “Don’t.”

They go over the kinds of songs they like. Lee Sang-min doesn’t have any music on his phone because he can’t afford it.

Din Din, “I like YG these days.”

Lee Sang-min, “If you like YG so much, why don’t you go there. Oh wait, they won’t take you.” HA

Din Din, “Not that YG. It’s a new artist.”


Lee Sang-min wants to play reggae. He does that weird rap thing he always does, and it seems like the two don’t really get along.

Din Din is so stressed and confused with how Lee Sang-min is behaving that he asks the writers, “Is this <God of Music>?”

Lee Sang-min, “I need to send you to Jae-bum.”

Din Din, “Park Jae-bum?”

Lee Sang-min, “Im Jaebum!!!!!”

They have too much of a generation gap.


The first performance takes place in the fortress city of Hwaseong, but first, everyone meets up in a traditional Korean building nearby.



Once they arrive, each person has to put on lipstick to make a lip print. I’m not sure what the point of this is. I think the writers just wanted do to something to make everyone look silly.


It’s time for self-introductions.

Din Din, “Hello, I came hear to make good music, I’m not going to be funny.”

Park Myung-soo, “If you’re not funny, why are you on this show? You don’t even have a hit song.”

Din Din, “No one else here has a hit song. . . except for Lee Sang-min. Anyways, I’m #2 in brand recognition among rappers according to the koocci brand rankings.” (BewhY is #1.)


Lee Sang-min, “I debuted in 1994 . . . and yes my third album was plagiarized . . . I will show you true music.”

Park Myung-soo, “I’m the father of EDM.” Strong words from someone who’s only been in the industry for five years.

Then each team does presentations as a short of preview of their skills.


Park Myung-soo and Sung Hoon show off their DJing skills. Sung Hoon looks good doing it, but he’s not actually good at it. It’s pretty obvious that he’s new to DJing.

Everyone compares how different their DJ styles are as well as their appearance and age.


Lee Sang-min and Din Din are wearing matching red suits. For their preview, Lee Sang-min drives a scooter around in circles, and Din Din acts as his bodyguard?

Park Myung-soo complains, “Where’s the music?”

After a lecture on their plan to mix hip hop and reggae, Lee Sang-min holds a speaker up to the motor, and raps to the beat of the scooter’s revving sound.


Bong Tae-gyu’s team puts on some horse masks and neighs for about five seconds. That’s it.

The other two team don’t understand, but Bong Tae-gyu’s team high-five each other for pulling off their performance perfectly.

Their team name is Mystery Space Evangelion Music???


Din Din complains that they are strange, so Seo Samuel offers to freestyle a rap at Din Din. Everyone’s impressed. Din Din, “That’s not a freestyle, I know this song.”

Bong Tae-gyu, “No no no that’s a new song. He’s a genius.”

Din Din says he’ll rap too, but just copies Seo Samuel’s rap word for word.

Lee Sang-min, “Don’t do anything experimental. We need to be serious.”


Next week: The three teams go on missions.




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    So funny! I will watch it because of “candy or the apple of our eyes Sung Hoon”


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