Sing Street Recap: Episode 2

Sing Street Recap: Episode 2

Episode 2: November 2, 2015

We’re back in the fortress city of Suwon, about 30 minutes away from Seoul. Episode two takes place right where we left off in the previous episode.


After finishing their presentations, the PD tells the crew that they have two weeks to prepare for their concerts. There are yellow envelopes with funds for those concerts hidden within the neighborhood. The <Sing Street> staff members have marked buildings hiding funds with black musical notes, and gold musical notes for places containing extra bonuses.


The PD gives out maps to each team, so they know where to look for the money. Bong Tae-gyu’s team gets the first map, Park Myung-soo’s team the second, and Lee Sang-min’s team get the third map.

The team that opened their mouth the widest when doing those lip imprints last episode, got the map with the most locations listed. Okay, so I guess there was a point to doing that.


Din Din and Lee Sang-min have the least helpful map, so Din Din nonchalantly walks up behind Sung Hoon and takes a photo of his map with his phone. Sung Hoon doesn’t notice until he’s already taken the photo, so he can’t do anything but laugh.

Din Din then goes up to Bong Tae-gyu and tells him that their maps got switched, but Bong Tae-gyu doesn’t fall for it.

Bong Tae-gyu’s team seem pretty competitive and starts running so fast that the writers have to warn them not to outrun the cameras. This show’s concept sounds pretty interesting. It’s like I’m getting the best of <Running Man> and <Music Bank>.


Bong Tae-gyu’s team passes by Lee Sang-min and Din Din, so Bong Tae-gyu tells his teammates to start running again. Lee Sang-min runs after them, thinking they’re on to something. Lee Jin-woo uses this chance to steal Lee Sang-min’s map from his pocket.

Din Din finally catches up to Lee Sang-min, “Why are they running? They’re such idiots.”

Lee Sang-min, “I’m the idiot. I got my map stolen.”


Din Din runs after Bong Tae-gyu’s crew to get his map back. While the Raw By Peppers team are busy keeping Din Din’s map away, Din Din manages to steal the 1st place map from Bong Tae-gyu’s pocket.

Din Din passes the map to Lee Sang-min, only to get the map taken from him again. Poor Din Din. He’s doing all the work, while Lee Sang-min is useless.


Meanwhile, Park Myung-soo and Sung Hoon head for the fortress walls. They have to find a yellow envelope there. The two search through the area looking under fire extinguishers, in the ceilings, and finally find one underneath some stairs.

They get a special card that gives them a new map with all the locations listed and the exact amount hidden in each location.

We get a lot of amazing views of the city as the crew continues their search for yellow envelopes. The <Sing Street> writers did a really awesome job with the location scouting.


Next, Park Myung-soo and Sung Hoon head to a community center. One of the elderly women there is holding a yellow envelope, and Park Myung-soo spins her around to get at it. This envelope has a mission.

They have to get at least 90 points on the community center’s karaoke machine in order to get the money. The grandmas are so cute clapping along while they sing. They get 95!


Din Din and Park Myung-soo arrive at a coffee shop then an empty lot behind it. They find a gold music note outside telling them they’ve found the right place. Remember, the gold notes mean that there’s a bonus hidden there. On one of the table umbrellas, they find a card that lets them freeze the other teams for 10 minutes.

While searching for funds, the teams are all also scouting for concert locations. Din Din and Lee Sang-min like this area because it reminds them of the 1990’s hip hop scene.

Bong Tae-gyu’s team goes to a church where there’s a golden note. They then go check out the accountant’s house, and they know they’ve found the right place, because when they ring the doorbell, a women wearing full makeup opens the door, as if she knew she was going to be on TV.


The rooftop of the accountant’s house has a great view of the city. Bong Tae-gyu’s team wants to use it as their concert location. The accountant’s daughter says if they want to use her house, they need to appeal to her, so they sing her a song, and get the okay.


Park Myung-soo and Sung Hoon want to go to a church, but they don’t have much time, so they get on the only cab they see, which is a luxury cab. There’s a lot of traffic, and Sung Hoon gets nervous watching the meter run up.

The cab fare comes out to 11,000 won plus 9,000 won for coffee means they’ve already spent 2/5 of their current budget. Once they arrive at the church, they have to walk up to the roof. On the stairs, there are bunch of clues that they have to add up like “Nonstop 4” and “5 children.”


They count all the way to 109, just to get an empty envelope. We flashback to seeing that Bong Tae-gyu’s crew had already gotten the money.

It must be so frustrating to walk up all those stairs just to find an empty envelope. As he takes the money, Bong Tae-gyu laughs at the thought of another team getting there later only to find nothing.


From the top of the church, Park Myung-soo and Sung Hoon can see Bong Tae-gyu at the accountant’s house. They have a shouting match.

Bong Tae-gyu’s team finds a “money x 2 card.”

Park Myung-soo wants to take a cab to the next location. Sung Hoon, “Again? We don’t have the money.”

Park Myung-soo, “I’m not being lazy, I just don’t want to get our money stolen again. Hurry up.”


Din Din and Lee Sang-min head to another coffee shop. Is Lee Sang-min thirsty? Why are they hitting all the cafes? There’s an envelope under one of the tables for 30,000 won, but first they have to play charades with one person at the coffee shop and another at the fortress wall.

Of course, being younger, Din Din is the one who has to walk all the way to the fortress wall.

For charades, they pass easily, getting Angel Without Wings, 3-4, selfie, sneakers, Real Men, mom’s card.

Now that they have 30,000 won, Lee Sang-min wants some coffee, but Din Din suggests that they ask the coffee shop to sponsor them with some food.


Din Din sees a girl he likes and asks for directions and then her age.

Lee Sang-min, “Din Din, how old are you?”

Din Din, “I’m solo.” LOL.


While eating sandwiches, they get a call from Park Myung-soo.

Park Myung-soo, “We have the best map.”

Lee Sang-min, “No, you have the second best map. Bong Tae-gyu has the best one.”

Park Myung-soo, “We got a new map from completing a mission, so we’re only checking out the most expensive places.”

Din Din, “He’s lying.”

Lee Sang-min, “No, he’s telling the truth. He 100% called to brag.”

Din Din wants to follow Park Myung-soo, so he looks up the photo he took earlier of their map.

Din Din, “We don’t need the special map, we have two.”


They go to another coffee shop.

Lee Sang-min, “Go check that bag.”

Din Din, “I’m just asking out of curiosity, but don’t you think you could open it yourself?”

Lee Sang-min, “Yeah, but I wanted to give you the opportunity.”

There’s nothing in the bag.


At 5:00, all three team get a new mission. “Go to Jidong Market and find Seolhyeon! Starting at 5:10, we’ll be giving out money. First come first serve.”

While at the market, Bong Tae-gyu’s team finds a strange looking poster. It’s Seolhyeon’s beer ad, but with someone else’s face glued on top of it. Seo Samuel rips off the poster and looks around for someone with that face.


Bong Tae-gyu finds her first, it’s a vendor in the market, and she gives them the first envelope. Sung Hoon and Park Myung-soo see Bong Tae-gyu’s crew and try to get money too, but she doesn’t give them any because they don’t have the poster.

Din Din and Lee Sang-min take their time getting to the market. They see Park Myung-soo and yell out, “Chance! Chance!” But Sung Hoon and Park Myung-soo run away thinking they have some strange chance card. Lee Sang-min, “Why aren’t they stopping?”


While they’re frozen, Din Din tries to Sung Hoon and Park Myung-soo’s money.

Park Myung-soo, “Swiper No Swiping!”

Bong Tae-gyu calls the other two teams. Since they took the poster, Bong Tae-gyu offers to give the other two teams a hint for a percentage of their money.


With the hint both Park Myung-soo’s team and Lee Sang-min’s team race back to the market.

Park Myung-soo gets to the vendor first and gets the second envelope. Din Din’s off in the wrong place all by himself, so Lee Sang-min has to wait for his envelope.



Next week: The teams prepare for their concerts and try to round-up an audience.



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