Sing Street Recap: Episode 3

Sing Street Recap: Episode 3
Episode 3: November 9, 2016

Last Week: The teams scouted around the fortress city of Suwon for concert locations and cash.


It’s 2 am at a cafe outside Lee Sang-min’s house. Both Lee Sang-min and Din Din look tired. They must be pretty busy if this is the only time they can meet.

Din Din asks to do a freestyle rap and reggae song. Din Din raps well, but Lee Sang-min just yells out random blurbs like, “I love you.” “I like you.” “Forever with you.” Din Din complains that he’s just throwing out random simple phrases. Lee Sang-min, “These are simple words, but did you hear them from anyone recently?” Din Din, “No. . .” Lee Sang-min, “That’s music.”

Hm . . . I can’t tell if Lee Sang-min is a musical genius or an idiot.

They agree that they need a female vocalist, so Din Din calls a few women he knows like EXID’s Solji and Lee Ji-hye from S#arp.


The Bong Kids crew brainstorm about what song to perform over dinner. They then go to the karaoke. Seo Samuel gets 93 points. Raw by Peppers gets 59 points. Bong Tae-gyu gets an abysmal 29 points. Ha!

They all sing a few more songs, but Bong Tae-gyu sulks in the back wondering why he got just 29 points, “Is my voice weird?” After practicing various songs, they decide to go with “Think About’ Chu” for their street concert.


Park Myung-soo breaks the bad news to Sung Hoon that the area by the fortress walls they wanted to rent is not available, so they try the location they used for the show’s opening. They’re looking for some place with a wide yard and some traditional Korean buildings.

“DJ” Park Myung-soo makes the call and it’s available, and on top of that, there’s no rent fee. Sung Hoon does the fist pound, but then he quickly remembers that they only have 420,000 won (~420 USD) and gets deflated.

Park Myung-soo wants to use laser beams, but that’s 1 million won, which is more than twice their budget. Park Myung-soo asks the PD for a loan. He then asks if he can just use his own equipment. The PD compromises that they can, but only if they invite a famous guest.


We’re at the Jangan District in Suwon City. Din Din and Lee Sang-min are at yet another coffee shop, trying to get the owner to rent it to them for free. They’re expecting about 500 people. Lee Sang-min bluffs that there are ten singers lined up to make a guest appearance during their concert. They’ll be performing Insooni’s “Night After Night.”

They give the owner a contract. Din Din notes that the coffee shop owner signs too quickly while barely reading it.


At G-Park Studio, Sung Hoon’s busy working hard on the turn table, but Park Myung-soo doesn’t look too happy with his skills. Park Myung-soo barks complaint after complaint, “Don’t do this.” “You need to make people excited, not depressed.” “That’s not right. You can’t do this.”

Some sad music plays as Sung Hoon sits outside curled up. Awww. Park Myung-soo tells the PD that he needs to practice more.


At Sung Hoon’s work space, there’s some weird guy. Oh wait, it’s Sung Hoon who hasn’t slept in two days. He’s wearing glasses and hasn’t shaved properly. I didn’t recognize him. He looks like Mad Clown.

Sung Hoon says to himself, “I’ll practice until I get it right.” Looks like he’s a hard-worker.


Bong Kids are practicing “Think About’ Chu.” Bong Tae-gyu suddenly tells everyone to stop then high fives them all, “You guys are all geniuses.” They’re done practicing for the day, so they fool around singing a Roora song just as Lee Sang-min passes by. He’s flustered thinking that they would dare try one of his songs at the street concert.


It’s D-Day for the street concerts.

The Bong Kids team arrives at the church accountant’s house. No one answers the door, so they call the accountant’s daughter. Since no one’s home, she gives them the passcode to her house. Hm…that sounds a bit dangerous.

Once they get on the roof, they get busy making promotional posters by hand. They also make a video invite to upload on Bong Tae-gyu’s SNS.


Meanwhile, Din Din and Lee Sang-min arrive at their coffee shop. Din Din brought sashes to promote themselves.

Lee Sang-min, “You want me to put this yellow sash over my yellow clothes?”

Din Din, “I didn’t know you’d be wearing yellow.” Aw. Poor guy tries so hard, only to get yelled at every time.

Din Din also made some flyers. Lee Sang-min looks really weird in it. The photo’s from five years ago back when Lee Sang-min was chubby from drinking so much. Din Din wonders if he got plastic surgery.

They also put up an announcement on SNS and check out Bong Tae-gyu’s video, which Din Din thinks is terribly made.


Lee Sang-min recruited a couple of Harley-Davidson riders who take them to a girls’ high school to hand out flyers.

The students seem super excited, like Din Din is an idol or something. None of them seem to care about Lee Sang-min though. Din Din raps a bit, but I can’t hear it because of all the screaming girls.


The Bong Kids crew go out on the streets to say hello. They invite a grandma and tell her that the dress code is pajamas. I don’t think she’s interested though. One of the citizens on the street asks Bong Tae-gyu, “Why aren’t you on TV these days?”

Bong Tae-gyu, “I’m on TV right now.” *points to the cameras.* LOL.

They go to a rice cake shop to get some food for their concert. The steamed rice cakes aren’t quite ready yet, so the crew sing the owner a song while they wait.


Back at the girls’ high school, Din Din and Lee Sang-min run into Bong Kids as they walk out. Din Din asks one of the girls, “Do you know who Bong Tae-gyu is?

High school girl, “No.”

Din Din, “Kids these days don’t know Bong Tae-gyu muhaha!!!!’

Despite the lack of popularity, Bong Kids still try to promote themselves at the high school.


Sung Hoon tells Park Myung-soo, “Let’s keep our expectations low, since this is our first time.”

Flashback to the PD telling them that they need to recruit a guest. Park Myung-soo calls Hwang Kwang-hee, but he doesn’t pick up. Sung Hoon calls someone who agrees, but we don’t know who it is.

The two arrive at a traditional Korean hanok building complex. They think it’ll look cool with traditional assassin clothes. They’re behind in their advertising, but it’s okay because their concert is a bit later at 7 pm while the other two groups are performing at 5 pm.


Park Myung-soo says they should give out some freebies because then they’ll have to come out of guilt. Park Myung-soo’s prodigy, Yoo Jae-hwan, sent a coffee truck which they take to the streets. Sung Hoon is like, “Thank goodness” because they didn’t have to spend their own money.

Sung Hoon’s driving, but they don’t see many people out on the streets. Suddenly they pass by a group of school kids who are excited to see celebrities. One of them asks Park Myung-soo for a kiss, but they have to go, they’re holding up traffic. One of the pedestrians yells out, “I’m a fan of <Five Children>!!!”

They finally stop and open up their coffee shop. It seems like the women are more interested in taking selfies with Sung Hoon than they are in the free coffee.


Back at the accountant’s house, Bong Kids decorate their rooftop with trophies and photos. They put on animal outfits and give out socks and blankets to their concert goers. It’s a packed house.


Meanwhile Park Myung-soo and Sung Hoon go to check out Lee Sang-min and Din Din’s location. Park Myung-soo tells Sung Hoon to go intercept some of their audience members.

Lee Sang-min and Din Din give out souvenir water bottles with their names on it. There are just a handful of people, but they were expecting 400. What happened to all those high school girls? The two are worried.


Back at the rooftop. Bong Tae-gyu says, “This concert was for 40 people, and I was worried we’d have trouble filling even that.”

Their dress code is pajamas, so they give out presents to those wearing pajamas.


This is Bong Kids’ debut performance, but they’re doing a few solo performances as well. Their first song is Seo Samuel’s “DO:OM.” It’s cute, but a little bit too hipster for my taste. Next up is Raw By Peppers with “Astral Me, Baby.” Third is the Bong Kids performance of “Think About’ Chu.”

Bong Tae-gyu says the space was so beautiful because he could see everyone’s reactions and facial expressions.


Next Week: the rest of the performances and a collaboration mission.


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