Society Game Recap: Episode 10

Society Game Recap: Episode 10
Episode 10: December 18, 2016

Today’s episode starts off with a notice.

The production of <Society Game> received a warning due to their failure to “maintain dignity” during the first episode that aired on October 16th. The notice doesn’t explain what exactly they got in trouble for, but I looked it up, and found that the production was warned for airing the bug juice segment due to the shocking and disgusting nature of grinding and eating bugs. It’s a load of bs though because there’s nothing wrong with eating insects. People eat them all around the world. 

Last Week: Everyone found out about Lee Byeong-kwan secretly selling the leaders hint item to Hyun Kyung-ryul. Yoon Macho became the new leader of Madong in order to send away Hwang In-sun who was traded in the player exchange for Kwon A-sol. Nopdong won the mosaic team challenge. Madong eliminated Park Seo-hyeon, and Hong Sa-hyuk also got kicked out through the blacklist. 

It’s 9 PM in Madong (Orange). Hwang In-sun thanks Lee Byeong-kwan for not eliminating her and tells him she’ll work hard. He says he will eliminate the mentally weak and doesn’t want to hold on to those who want to leave. 

Hwang In-sun claps at Lee Byeong-kwan’s “motivational” speech. She’s the only one who does so. The rest of Madong isn’t too happy with Lee Byeong-kwan’s leadership. It seems like they traded an incompetent leader for an egotistical one. 

Jung In-jik thinks the new leader is being too harsh. He’s planning on overthrowing him if he does something else that he finds to be unfair.

In Nopdong (Green), Yoon Macho says he gave the bulk of the money to MJ Kim because she was the reason they won the team challenge. Actually, it was because of luck, but MJ was the last person standing. Kwon A-sol suddenly speaks formally, he says it’s because he was so shocked after the eliminations. He thinks it was good that Park Seo-hyeon was eliminated, because she didn’t want to stay, but he feels strange about it anyways. 

They note that the blacklist is “reset.” Well, not reset, it’s just that there’s no one left with a blacklist. Kwon A-sol says that Yang Sang-guk never used the blacklist because all the Madong members were so close to each other.

On the other hand, the original Nopdong members reminisce on how tough things were in Nopdong in the early days when they kept losing. They couldn’t afford to be kind and not use the blacklist. Pharaoh says they were like corpses for the first few days. Now, there are only three original Nopdong members left (plus Kwon A-sol and Jang Hanbyul.)

In Madong (Orange), the booming voice tells Lee Byeong-kwan to reassign the revolution key he had given to Park Seo-hyun since she was eliminated just a short while earlier. He’s deciding between Hwang in-sun and Hyun Kyung-ryul. He asks each person to lobby for why they deserve the key. He eventually gives it to Hyun Kyung-ryul who says he would love to be able to hold a key for once. After receiving the revolution key, Hyun Kyung-ryul heads straight for the revolution room. 

*opening credits*

After the opening credits end, we see the Hyun Kyung-ryul was just kidding. The revolution room was already open, so he was just going to go lock it. Hyun Kyung-ryul tells the cameras that it made the most sense for Lee Byeong-kwan to give him the key since he already had the special revolution key anyways. It’s not like Lee Byeong-kwan gave it to him because their buddies.

Hyun Kyung-ryul asks Hwang In-sun what she’s heard about Madong through Jang Hanbyul. She says she doesn’t know anything, so Hyun Kyung-ryul fills her in. We get a Star Wars-esque scroll titled “Madong Wars” featuring the three year marriage veteran Hyun Kyung-ryul.

He narrates, “Yang Sang-guk had a six member alliance, while Lee Hae-sung’s alliance had five people. Hae-sung was the first leader, but Yang Sang-gook rebelled and worked for the better of the team. Eventually, he didn’t want any more alliances. Then Yang Ji-an was eliminated, and Hanbyul was sent over. Yang Sang-guk got rid of Oliver. Next, Yang Sang-guk said he was having such a hard time being leader that he decided he wanted to leave. Hae-sung agreed to eliminate Yang Sang-guk, but, he elimiated Choi Seol-hwa instead, so Kwon A-sol was really pissed. We lost the next team challenge because Jung In-jik did poorly at throwing, but that was only because Lee Hae-sung kept flip flopping about the two new alliances, so we didn’t practice at all. Jung In-jik wanted to leave because he felt responsible for the loss, but Hae-sung eliminated Yang Sang-guk instead. He was so bad at leader that Lee Byeong-kwan took over.” 

Phew. That’s a mouthful. 

It’s 10 PM. *Lights out*

There’s a special announcement. The booming voice tells that players that tomorrow will be a rest day. There will be no elections, mini-games, team challenges, or revolutions. Everyone can use the leaders room and its AC. Since there is a rain forecast, they’re told to prepare accordingly. 

Now it’s 10 AM. 

Everyone in Madong sleeps in except Hyun Kyung-ryul who prepares a tarp for the rain. 

Kwon A-sol is busy reading the bible. 

For lunch, both teams get ramen! Hyun Kyung-ryul screams out in happiness. They like it even more than the hamburgers they won previously. 

Suddenly, there’s a chicken in the Nopdong leader’s room where everyone is hanging out. Yoon Macho scrambles onto a bed. MJ takes a broom and chases around the chicken while Yoo Macho, Kwon A-sol, and Pharaoh escape to the top floor of the bunk bed. Kwon A-sol, “I’m so scared.” 

And that’s how the vacation ends. 

The next day, things are back to normal. The day starts at 7 AM. Hyun Kyung-ryul takes down the tarp and does the dishes. He even makes some breakfast. Jung In-jik complains about how Hyun Kyung-ryul cleaned the pot. It’s not clean enough. Hyun Kyung-ryul, “I cleaned it. Argh! It’s not my fault it won’t get completely clean.”

Jung In-jik says he knows that Hyun Kyung-ryul is talented in intelligence and dexterity, but he finds him annoying and uncomfortable to be around because he still doesn’t know who was telling the truth between him and Lee Byeong-kwan about the leader’s hint item.

Nopdong Daily Elections

The booming voice announces that it’s election time and explains the rules once again. Kwon A-sol comments that he always wondered what the booming voice was saying. He could only hear muffling sounds from Madong. 

Meanwhile, in Madong (Orange), Lee Byeong-kwan sleeps in. Lee Hae-sung jokes that they should wake him up with the sound of the revolution gong. Jung In-jik wants to be leader. He’s considering rebelling. Hyun Kyung-ryul wants to be leader too. Lee Byeong-kwan, “Why?” Hyun Kyung-ryul, “I just want more screen time.”

Back in Nopdong (Green), the thirty minutes are up. No one else volunteered, so Yoon Macho continues as leader. Pharaoh says, “It’s only until today.”

Kwon A-sol, “I don’t care who’s the leader, as long as Macho doesn’t go to the finals.”

Back in Madong (Orange), Hyun Kyung-ryul and Hwang In-sun discuss how they can get to the finals. It looks like he finally made a friend. 

Hyun Kyung-ryul tells the cameras that he thinks Lee Hae-sung has been written on the blacklist once already. His plan is to win today and eliminate Lee Hae-sung for good through the blacklist. Ah! So that’s why he’s so insistent on being the leader. 

Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

Today’s challenge is called “Rolling Word.” There are 20 spinning three sided cubes, and for each cube, there is an orange Madong word on one side, a green Nopdong word on another side, and a question mark on a third side. Two people from each team will take turns turning the cubes so that their teammates can read the relevant word for their team. 

The rest of the players will each be assigned a syllable and use two more blocks from the spinning cubes to make four three-syllable words. When a player thinks he or she has found four words, he/she raises his/her flag and has ten seconds to say all four words.

After all players find four words each, that team wins. 

The winning team gets 20,000,000 won (~20,000 USD). The prize money is going up and up. 

For the mini-game, it’s Lee Haesung (Madong) vs Yoon Macho (Nopdong). Yoon Macho, “It’s okay if we lose right?” Lee Hae-sung smirks. 

Yoon Macho has the syllable 유. Lee Hae-sung has 사.

It’s actually quite hard. The combinations aren’t easy words.

Yoon Macho raises his flag first. He says 유행어, 유학원, 유학소, 유 . . . runs out of time. 유학원 actually doesn’t count because it’s a neologism. Only words from the standard dictionary count. 

Lee Hae-sung, “주사위, 대명사, 무사고, . . . “

Yoon Macho, “고유어, 유행어, 유학원, . . . “

Geez how many times are these two going to fail?

Lee Hae-sung, “사학원, 무사고, 대명사, 주사위.”

Lee Hae-sung finally gets all four words. Madong wins. 

Yoon Macho is embarrassed. He says he feels like <Show Me the Money> when a really famous rapper forgets his lyrics. Pharaoh says fondly, “He didn’t do any worse than usual. He’s just dumb and immature.” Kwon A-sol, “He performed as I expected.” 

The secret box contains the leader’s cell phone. They Madong players can use it until 4 PM when the team challenge starts. 

Lee Byeong-kwan calls his little sister. They speak in Spanish because everyone’s listening. Lee Byeong-kwan was born in Mexico, so he’s pretty fluent. No worries though because we get subtitles in Korean, and apparently he’s in trouble with his dad because he didn’t tell him about Society Game. 

Hyun Kyung-ryul calls his wife. She’s in full aegyo mode. Wife, “I miss you so much ㅠㅠ.” Hyun Kyung-ryul, “I think I’ll make it to the finals.” Wife, “Oh WowWow. How awesome!” He’s so happy to hear his wife’s voice.

In Nopdong (Green), they wonder what was in the secret box. Jang Hanbyul comments that he’s not really greedy for food. Yoon Macho, “I’m just greedy for J’s smile”

There’s a caption that reads “Physical violence is not allowed in the Circle village.” lol.

MJ tells the cameras that she would have fought with him 8,000 already if it weren’t for winning the game. 

MJ tells him she doesn’t feel like smiling for him. Yoon Macho, “I hate you now MJ.” Kwon A-sol starts singing GOD’s “Lies.” He, Yoon Macho, and Hanbyul takes turns with the lines.” Society Game suddenly turns into a musical. LOL! This and the Star Wars sequence are killing it this episode. 

Next, Lee Hae-sung calls his dad. His dad is from Jella Province, so he has a strong accent. He’s upset that Lee Hae-sung hasn’t been calling him. Hae-sung explains that they don’t have phones.

Lee Byeong-kwan seems nervous. He calls his dad next. He speaks in Korean. He lied that he was going to some leadership camp, and so his dad lectures him on lying. Lying becomes a habit. Hwang In-sun and Lee Hae-sung listen on, “tee hee~”

Strategizing for the Team Challenge

Jang Hanbyul doesn’t really know a lot of standard Korean words, so he needs to run and turn the cubes. Pharaoh says he write his own lyrics, so he knows a lot of words. MJ Kim says all she’s done is worked out since she was young, so she’s a bit worried about the word building.

Hwang In-sun goes over all the Nopdong players’ weaknesses. She says that Hanbyul and MJ lived abroad so they don’t know a lot of words. Someones asks if Pharaoh is the Lee Byeong-kwan of Nopdong. Brawns, but no brain.

Hwang In-sun defends her crush, “No! Lee Byeong-kwan is smart!”

Yoon Macho makes a word list. He’s an editor, so he should be good with words. 

Team Challenge: Rolling Word

Today’s special prize is a Korean pork belly BBQ set. 


  • Madong: Lee Byeong-kwan, Jung In-jik
  • Nopdong: Kwon A-sol, Jang Hanbyul

(Only one person per team runs and turns the cubes at a time, so the two runners per team take turns sprinting and resting.)

Word Finders

  • Madong; Hwang In-sun, Lee Hae-sung, Hyun Kyung-ryul
  • Nopdong: MJ Kim, Pharaoh, Yoon Macho

Everyone gets a syllable. The table starts to turn. 

Lee Haesung, “질문지, 문제지, 문제자, 질문자.” There are two slang words, but the booming voice doesn’t tell them which answers are incorrect.

Hyun Kyung-ryul, “오현지, 화선지, 수평선, 승선소.” The last one is slang.

Hwang In-sun, “연구제, 연평제”. . . She runs out of time.

Hwang In-sun: 연장수 연고제 연구자 연평제.” Three slang words

Hyun Kyung-ryul, “경선장, 오선지, 화선지, 수평선.” The first word is slang

Lee Hae-sung “생고문, 질문지, 문제지, 수소문.” The first word is slang again. 

Yoon Macho, “사무소, 뭉용단, 무보수, 무인품.” The last word doesn’t count.

Hyun Kyung-ryul, “수평선, 오선지, 수선장, 고수선.” Correct. He’s ddefinitely the smartest of the bunch. 

From here on I wont list out every word. Both teams just make tons of mistakes over and over, mostly because they keep using slang words.

Jung In-jik notes that when it’s Kwon A-sol (Nodong) vs Lee Byeong-kwan (Madong) running, there are so many green blocks. His complaints against Lee Byeong-kwan keep piling up.

Frustrated, Jung In-jit hits all the cubes so that they spin too fast for either team to see. 

Yoon Macho finishes with “사무소, 무용담, 무용수, 무화과.”

Hwang In-sun’s done. “연구소, 연구소, 경연장, 연수생.”

Hyun kyung-ryul is getting frustrated on the sidelines. He gives hints to the runners who then pass it on to the word guessers. 

Now it’s just Lee Hae-sung (Madong) vs MJ Kim / Pharaoh (Nopdong). 

Lee Hae-sung keeps saying 설문지, but that word is not one of the available options. He’s fixated on it, so he keeps making the same mistake over and over. 

Pharaoh’s done. “보부상, 상담소, 소상인, 상소문.”

It’s MJ Kim vs Lee Hae-sung now. 

At least now Lee Hae-sung dropped 설문지. Oh wait he’s back to saying 설문지. 

Lee Hae-sung finally gets it. “문제지, 수소문, 상소문, 소문자.” Madong wins!

Team Challenge Aftermath

BBQ party time!

MJ Kim apologizes for the loss, “My brain is limited when it comes to words.” Everyone says she had the hardest word and tells her not to feel bad. MJ cries again. Yoon Macho, “We all did well.”

Several Madong players make fun of Jung In-jik who was yelling in frustration, “Find the words!!! Find the words!!!” Jung In-jik’s cube flipping was actually a good move because it pissed off Kwon A-sol and decreased morale.

Lee Byeong-kwan and Hyun Kyung-ryul talk. Hyun Kyung-ryul still needs to give him the 1 million from the leaders hint item bribe. He offers to give him more money to be the leader for tonight’s elimination ceremony. He says he just wants more screen time, but Hyun Kyung-ryul tells the cameras he wants to use the blacklist. 

Lee Byeong-kwan and Lee Hae-sung discuss whether it would be a smart move to let Hyun Kyung-ryul be leader for a day. 

In Nopdong (Green), Yoon Macho and Hanbyul talk. Yoon Macho asks how he would feel if he eliminated him. Since Nopdong lost, someone needs to go. Hanbyul, “I guess I would have to accept it.”

Yoon Macho also talks with Kwon A-sol. He says, “I consider trust more important than talent.” I guess we’ll have to see who gets eliminated between these two.

Back in Madong (Orange,) Lee Byeong-kwan tells Hyun Kyung-ryul he’ll let him be leader after the blacklist decisions. Hyun Kyung-ryul isn’t happy with this.

Lee Byeong-kwan then goes to chop wood and hits himself in the head with a piece. It’s karma for being so mean to Hyun Kyung-ryul.

Nopdong looks at the chicken. They want to eat it, but no one wants to kill it. 

MJ Kim, “It’s harder than fighting Ronda Rousey.” It’s a bit silly how the chicken are getting more screen time this episode than some of the players,

MJ Kim thinks Kwon A-sol is more of an asset than Hanbyul, but Pharaoh wants to eliminate Kwon A-sol because he’s a threat to him. 

Yoon Macho thinks out loud, “Kwon A-sol is good at both strength and dexterity.” Pharaoh, “He’s not good at dexterity.”

Back in Madong (Orange), Hyun Kyung-ryul offers 3 million. Doesn’t bite.

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

Hyun Kyung-ryul and Yoon Macho walk towards each other in the Neutral Complex for the elimination ceremony. It’s a fake out. The editing almost made it look like Hyun Kyung-ryul was the leader, but he was just walking in front of everyone.

Kwon A-sol asks Hyun Kyung-ryul if he can kill their chicken for them. Hyun Kyung-ryul jokes for them to just throw a chicken over, and he’ll do it for them.

For the money allotment, Hwang In-sun gets 0 won. She’s not happy about that. Lee Byeong-kwan said he’d be giving the worst player 0 money, but no one performed particularly better or worse during today’s team challenge. I think it’s just an excuse he made up so that he can give himself just a little bit more cash.

Lee Byeong-kwan doesn’t write down anyone for the blacklist. He says it’s because there were no particularly bad players today.

As for the eliminations . . . Yoon Macho decides to eliminate Jang Hanbyul. Hanbyul says he met a lot of talented people through this show. He’s very polite about it and leaves after telling his teammates to succeed in the finals.

Narration: In an unfair situation, if we don’t resist the unfairness, it’s not because of patience, but because we’ve fallen in fear. The fear we’ve become used to is the unreasonableness of authority. 

Next Week: A special letter arrives for the leaders. 



  1. snowwhite

    I’m so annoyed Nopdong didn’t change their leader, it’s like most of them thought they would win so they didn’t bother. They should have voted someone else as leader so in the event they lose they can eliminate Macho because he’s the worst in regards to skills out of all of them.

    Pharaoh says, “It’s only until today.” I thought it was Macho who said it?

    I could just be bitter that Hanbyul left though. Although now they’re just stuck with 3 people good in physical and .. Macho. I don’t feel like they’ll do that well against Madong. Hanbyul was always a good strategist for games.

    In regards to Madong, I really prefer Injik over Byeongkwan. Byeongkwan feels like a dictator and it’s so unfair he gave Insun no money when he said he’d give it to those who didn’t perform well. He tries hard in games but he’s so lazy in the morning and doesn’t help out.

    This episode just frustrated me a whole lot, the 3 guys getting scared of the chicken was like the only part that saved it for me. I don’t know who to root for anymore as well, I think maybe I’ll root for Pharoah because he’s the only one who never did anything off-putting.

    Anyway, thank you for providing this recap once again. It helps me to understand the episodes without subs 😀

  2. Korean Variety Recaps

    After the booming voice says that Macho is the leader, he says to the Nopdong players, “It’s only until today.” Then right after, Pharaoh says the same thing to the cameras, so we’re both right . 🙂

    I was surprised Hanbyul didn’t get much screen time this episode either except for at the very end. He seemed like he had so much potential as a well-rounded player, but it never translated to extra screen time.

    I’m rooting for Hyun Kyung-ryul. He’s the underdog and he’s never done anything shady.

    • snowwhite

      Ah I see 🙂 Thank you for clarifying.

      I know, and from my memory Hanbyul was like one of the only people who would actually say something if he didn’t like what was happening. He’s like one of few that would have actually done well in the finals and it’d be a wholesome win because he never deceived people or bossed others around.

      Yeah, I’m okay if Kyung-ryul wins as well, I’m just not sure whose side he is on haha. It feels like he’s an outsider but they’re keeping him because he’s less annoying and smarter than Haesung. I just wish he’d fight a little more for things cause he seems to be easily stepped on by others.

  3. Korean-show Addicted

    If Kyung-ryul will be the next leader, In-sun might be in top 3 🙂


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