Society Game Recap: Episode 11

Society Game Recap: Episode 11
Episode 11: December 25, 2016

Last Week: Hyun Kyung-ryul unsuccessfully tried to become the Madong leader by bribing Lee Byeong-kwan. Madong (Orange) won the Rolling Word team challenge. Lee Hae-sung’s insecurity complex grew. Nopdong’s (Green) leader Yoon Macho eliminated Jang Hanbyul.

It’s 9 PM in Nopdong (Green), just after the elimination ceremony. Flashback to last night when Yoon Macho warned Jang Hanbyul that he was going to eliminate him. At the same time, MJ told Kwon A-sol that she’d be taking him to the finals.

Pharaoh and Yoon Macho have a heart to heart wondering what kind of memories this place will leave behind. Pharaoh says that he thought Yoon Macho looked like a con-man at first, but then he looked into his eyes and saw the desperation, and decided to give him a chance.

In Madong (Orange), Lee Byeong-kwan talks about the money allotment. He gave himself 6 million won. Lee Hae-sung and Jung In-jik got 5 million won, Hyun Kyung-ryul got 4 million because of the bribe, and Hwang In-sun got 0 won. Lee Byeong-kwan says there was no weak link that day, but he chose her because he saved her from elimination the day before, so she should be grateful anyways.

Hyun Kyung-ryul asks Lee Byeong-kwan who his final three are. He answers that it’s a secret which means that he doesn’t consider Hyun Kyung-ryul to be in the finals. Hyun Kyung-ryul is disappointed with that response. Lee Byeong-kwan tells the cameras that now that Jang Hanbyul was eliminated from Nopdong (Green), Madong (Orange) doesn’t need any brains. Uh? What? That’s actually not true. Having a smart player will help secure an easy win in the intelligence portions. Madong isn’t going to beat Nopdong’s Kwon A-sol in any strength challenges, and dexterity is always a toss-up, they need to at least hold on tight to their intelligence cards.

Lee Byeong-kwan, “You two are like black bean noodles and spicy seafood soup. (These are the two main foods at Chinese restaurants and both are equally popular.) I’ll just go what I feel like that day.”

*opening credits*

Jung In-jik to Lee Hae-sung, “Honestly, I’m a little scared of  Lee Byeong-kwan.”

Back in Nopdong (Green), MJ Kim wants to eat chicken. She and Kwon A-sol discuss how they can get Madong’s Hyun Kyung-ryul to kill their chicken for them. 

Pharaoh, “NO!”

MJ Kim, “Come here chicken. Just come for 30 seconds. Hey!” *kicks the chicken coup fence*

Kwon A-sol helps chase the chicken out of their coop with a stick. MJ manages to grab a chicken, but lets it go. MJ to the men, “Why didn’t you help me?”

They decide to just take the chicken with them to the mini-game event to pass to Hyun Kyung-ryul who offered to kill the chicken for them. This chicken sequence took almost six minutes. 

The next morning, it’s awkward in Madong (Orange) between Hyun Kyung-ryul and Lee Hae-sung. Hae-sung asks Kyung-ryul what he’s going to do after he leaves Society Game. Hyun Kyung-ryul, “Go to work.”

Lee Hae-sung then plots with Hwang In-sun. Hwang In-sun isn’t the brightest, but she’s still smart enough to know that Lee Hae-sung doesn’t actually plan on taking her to the finals. 

Meanwhile, Hyun Kyung-ryul kills Madong’s last chicken for breakfast. 

In Nopdong (Green), MJ Kim asks, “What if there’s an intelligence game?” Pharaoh, “You’re the brains of the team now, MJ.” They decide that if there’s a word based challenge, they’ll send Yoon Macho. If it’s numbers based, it’ll be MJ.

There’s an election. Pharaoh uses his leader’s hint special name plate. That makes him automatically the leader, so there’s no need for a vote. Pharaoh, MJ, Yoon Macho, “Things are going the way we planned.” Meanwhile, Kwon A-sol, “I have no idea what’s going on with the politics.”

Back in Madong (Orange), Hyun Kyung-ryul tells Hwang In-sun what the leader’s item is. It’s an extra revolution key, which is useless right now since he already has the regular one. The two bond over the fact that they’re probably not going to make it to the finals.

Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

MJ Kim and Kwon A-sol put a chicken in a cage and take it to the Neutral Complex. Hyun Kyung-ryul brought his gloves and kills the chicken right there. Pharaoh and Yoon Macho run away, hiding their eyes behind their fingers. 

Today’s team challenge is titled “Wringing Laundry.” Both teams will have to wring damp towels into a box and raise the water level to get several containers out of the box. The containers contain passwords to unlock several suitcase puzzles. Inside each suitcase, there is a five by five puzzle with arithmetic symbols in place. Each person is given nine numbers to fill in the puzzle,  so that the equations make sense. The first team to have all their players finish gets 20,000,000 won (~20,000 USD).

The mini-game is wringing the towels. The first to get the wooden container inside the box wins. It’s Lee Byeong-kwan (Madong) vs Kwon A-sol (Nopdong). It looks like being able to run quickly back and forth between the water basin and the box is more important than the wringing aspect. 

Lee Byeong-kwan gets his puzzle container out first. Madong wins the mini-game. Up until now, the team that won the mini-game usually won the team challenge as well.

The secret box contains some red bean shaved ice dessert. It’s an old fashioned style one, which I’m not really a fan of. I am a huge fan of Sulbing style ones instead. Maybe I’ll go there this weekend.  

Strategizing for the Team Challenge

Lee Hae-sung goes back over the rules. I hadn’t realized until now, but the teams must have gotten a piece of paper with the official rules for each team challenge. So that’s how they managed to find the loopholes like when Jang Hanbyul came up with the scratch tallying strategy for the Number Climbing team challenge.

The towel used in the mini-game was a lot larger than the one that will be used in the actual team challenge. In the mini-game they got one 68 x 135 cm towel, but in the team challenge they’ll be two 34 x 85 cm towels.

We get more chicken antics as the Nopdong (Green) guys cook their chicken. 

Back in Madong (Orange), Lee Hae-sung think’s it’ll only take about 30 seconds to solve the puzzle, so it’ll be better for them to focus on strategizing for the towel wringing. They try throwing the towel instead of running it back and forth. It seems like it saves a lot of time. 

Nopdong’s BBQ chicken is done. Nom. Nom.

Suddenly, the booming voice announces that there’s a letter for each leader. Is it another player exchange? Pharaoh reads his letter and tells his teammates that there’s some sad news. Oh. He’s just kidding. It’s just the results from a survey from all the contestants including the eliminated players. They voted for 

The Most Charming Woman

  1. MJ Kim
  2. Choi Seol-hwa, Yoon Tae-jin, Park Seo-yeong (three-way tie)

The Most Charming Man

  1. Jung In-jik
  2. Lim Dong-hwan, Oliver Jang, Lee Byeong-kwan, Hong Sa-hyuk (four-way tie)

Kwon Ah-sol says he’s upset. He took such good care of Seol-hwa and she didn’t vote for him? hahaha.

In Madong (Orange), Hwang In-sun is worried about which part she’ll do in the team challenge. She’s physically weak and not good at puzzles. Hyun Kyung-ryul doesn’t know how he would even go about teaching her. 

In Nopdong (Green), Macho’s hard at work practicing puzzles. Kwon A-sol predicts, “This one will be a battle between Yoon Macho and Hwang In-sun.”

Lee Byeong-kwan suggests they try tying towels together. Hwang In-sun tries throwing towels, but she’s so weak that her throws are sloppy. It looks like she’ll have to do the puzzle.

Team Challenge: Wringing Laundry

Nopdong has the advantage with only two people doing puzzles, while Madong has three. Today’s special prize is a steak course dinner.

Laundry Wringing

  • Madong – Lee Byeong-kwan, Jung In-jik 
  • Nopdong – Pharaoh, Kwon A-sol

Puzzle Solving

  • Madong – Hwang In-sun, Lee Hae-sung, Hyun Kyung-ryul
  • Nopdong – MJ, Yoon Macho

Madong (Orange) is way faster because they throw the towel instead of running back and forth. Nopdong’s towel falls on the ground. No dirty towels are allowed, so they can’t used that one. They have to wash it again before they can use it. 

Madong (Orange) gets one of their three puzzles out. It’s 401, luckily that combination opens Hwang In-sun’s suitcase, so she starts on her puzzle first. She’s going to need all the time she can get. The next combinations are 218 and 316. 

Now Nopdong (Green) has their out too. The first combination is 510 which is MJ’s. They then get 804 for Yoon Macho. 

Hyun Kyung-ryul finishes his puzzle first. He goes to the sidelines to wait. There’s nothing else he can do to help his teammates.

MJ Kim finishes hers too. It looks like Lee Hae-sung isn’t as good as he thought. Hae-sung started way earlier than MJ, but he’s still working on his. Since Hae-sung is doing so poorly, maybe there’s a chance for Hyun Kyung-rul to make it to the finals?  

Lee Hae-sung raises his flag signaling that he’s finished, but there’s a mistake somewhere. He has to try again. Lee Hae-sung gets it right on his second attempt. 

It’s now down to Yoon Macho vs Hwang In-sun. Kwon A-sol’s prediction was right. 

Macho’s filling up his slots pretty quickly. Is this it? He raises his flag. It’s incorrect. Jung In-jik and Lee Byeong-kwan laugh. 

Now the camera zooms in on Hwang In-sun as she quickly fills up her spaces. She raises her flag. It’s correct. Hwang In-sun cries and hugs Lee Hae-sung.

Hyun Kyung-ryul, “STEAK!”

Team Challenge Aftermath

Lee Hae-sung, “I placed a number upside down.” We know that’s a lie. He took 2 minutes and 36 seconds. where as Hyun Kyung-ryul took 33 seconds to solve his puzzle. MJ took 59 seconds. Hwang In-sun and Yoon Macho’s times aren’t released.

Lee Byeong-kwan says to the camera, “Hyun Kyung-ryul got the last suitcase, but he was the first to finish.”

Hyun Kyung-ryul tries to lobby to Lee Byeong-kwan. He says that he knows that he wakes up early every day to make them breakfast. Lee Byeong-kwan, “It’s 50-50. I have to discuss this with Jung In-jik.”

Lee Hae-sung asks his former ally, “I don’t have to be worried right?” Lee Byeong-kwan, “I don’t think In-jik really likes you. He wants Kyung-ryul.” Lee Hae-sung, “But I’m the one who saved In-jik over Yang Sang-guk.” 

Jung In-jik and Lee Hae-sung talk. In-jik, “When we eliminated Ha-el, I realized that our alliance was broken. I should just try to get myself to the finals.” Lee Hae-sung, “I’m sad that you’re debating this. I’m still going with the original lineup.”

Yoon Macho and MJ talk. Yoon Macho, “I think it’s only up to here for me. The three of you do well. I will concede for the sake of our team. You have to be the brains. Okay? Make sure to practice stacking the die and throwing rings.” OMG! Why do I feel like I’m watching the breakup scene in <My Sassy Girl>?

MJ tells the cameras that she’s sad Macho’s leaving, but happy too.

Yoon Macho then tells Pharaoh to eliminate him. Pharaoh jokes, “Of course!”

Madong gets called over to the Neutral Complex for their steak course prize. They even get a whole bottle of Trevi sparkling water each. 

Meanwhile, Nopdong has leftover chicken porridge and beans.

Pharaoh and Kwon A-sol practice throwing balls and cutting logs because they expect those to be in the finals. 

Lee Byeong-kwan calls everyone over for a leader’s speech. He made a list and reads off a notepad. “First of all, congratulations everyone. I don’t want any questions, just listen to what I have to say. I feel like my head is going to break with Hyun Kyung-ryul and Lee Hae-sung as the two top brains. Actually, Hyun Kyung-ryul is the top brain, but I decided to go with Hae-sung because I am more comfortable with him. I won’t give anyone else any money since it would be a waste. Also, I know that Jung In-jik wanted Kyung-ryul for the finals, and  . . .”

Hyung Kyung-ryul walks out and says he’s going to ring the gong. Does it matter at this point? Who else would ring it beside Hwang In-sun? Maybe Jung In-jik, but that’s super unlikely right? Hwang In-sun goes to ring the gong because she feels bad for Kyung-ryul. She thinks he deserves to go to the finals. OMG. Just one more person. I REALLY WANT KYUNG-RYUL TO BE THE LEADER!!!

Jung In-jik talks with Lee Byeong-kwan. Jung In-jik, “After seeing Hae-sung lose to MJ today, I don’t know if Hae-sung is the right choice.” 

Lee Byeong-kwan isn’t really worried because he feels like he’ll go to the final three either way. He’s the only strength player left. 

Jung In-jik tells Hae-sung that he’s going to ring the gong. Not because he doesn’t trust Hae-sung, but because he needs time to think. There are five minutes left in the revolution. Jung In-jik tells Hyun Kyung-ryul to give him a revolution key if he rings the gong. He get’s it. OMG OMG OMG. YAY! HYUN KYUNG-RYUL!!! He gives the revolution keys to Jung In-jik and Hwang In-sun. 

Jung In-jik uses his key to ring the gong right away. 

Nopdong (Green) is happy hearing the gong ring again and again. If Madong (Orange) is having so much internal conflict, it’s only good news for them.

Lee Hae-sung rings the gong. He’s followed by Lee Byeong-kwan. Augh! Hyun Kyung-ryul was leader for like three minutes. Jung In-jik gives the keys to Lee Byeong-kwan and Hwang In-sun.

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

In the Neutral Complex, Hyun Kyung-ryul brags to Kwon A-sol that he got to be leader for three minutes.

The money allotment by leader Jung In-jik is

  • Lee Byeong-kwan – 10,000,000 won
  • Jung In-jik – 6,000,000 won
  • Lee Hae-sung – 2,000,000 won
  • Hyun kyung-ryul – 2,000,000 won
  • Hwang In-sun – o won

Lee Byung-kwan had originally allotted the following

  • Lee Byeong-kwan – 11,000,000 won
  • Jung In-jik – 6,000,000 won
  • Lee Hae-sung – 3,000,000 won
  • Hyun kyung-ryul – 0 won
  • Hwang In-sun – o won

It’s blacklist time. Only Hae-sung has his name on the list right now. Jung In-jik doesn’t write any names on the blacklist.

Nopdong’s (Green) Pharaoh eliminates Yoon Macho. Yoon Macho pretends to act shocked. 

Yoon Macho, “I’m happy because I think I did a good job. I was true to myself. It’s a beautiful ending for me.” 

End Narration: “14 days living together and the games . .  the person we wanted with us wasn’t just the one good at challenges. It’s the one who consoles us and listens to our worries. We need a friend here just like we need one in the outside world.”

Next Week: All the eliminated players are back (maybe to watch the finals?)



  1. Anonymous

    It’s a good episode overall!

    Love how Macho leaves in the end without any hard feelings..really is a beautiful ending for him

    For madong: I’m rooting for kyung-ryul and injik.

    I disliked byungkwan for his attitude, but at least he is frank with everyone and he knows what he wants.

    Insun doesn’t seem to have any good skills in particular. Her role in SG is the same with Macho, to mentally support other members in the group. That makes her likable, but not strong enough candidate to be with in the final.

    Haesong should totally be out of the picture.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Yeah, I was not expecting that at all. Good for him though. He was such a despicable character in the beginning, but I doubt he has any haters left after the way he chose to eliminate himself.

      I’m pretty happy with Nopdong’s final three. All of them are talented in at least one area, and they all seem to get along unlike mess at Madong.

      I wonder if there’s any way for Byung-kwan to not make the final three. Maybe Jung In-jik could do some strength and Hae-sung and Kyung-ryul could team up in intelligence. haha. Probably not though. I just really want Kyung-ryul to find a way to survive.


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