Society Game Recap: Episode 12

Society Game Recap: Episode 12
Episode 12: January 1, 2016: Final Episode

Last Week: Madong’s leader Lee Byeong-kwan chose Lee Hae-sung over Hyun Kyung-ryul, but Jung In-jik was unconvinced. Hyun Kyung-ryul rebelled and was leader of Madong for three minutes until Jung In-jik took over. Yoon Macho failed to solve his puzzle during the team challenge and offered to leave Nopdong. 

It’s the final episode of <Society Game.> The eliminated contestants arrive along with a breakdown of when they were eliminated. Lim Dong-hwan and Yang Sang-guk are the first to enter the Dome Village. Lim Dong-hwan comments that he lasted two days longer than Yang Sang-guk, but a caption hilariously corrects him saying it was actually only one day.

Park Seo-hyeon walks in next, giving Yang Sang-guk a warm hug. Lim Dong-hwan wants a high five, but she leaves him high and dry. Macho enters next. Lim Dong-hwan complains that Macho cried when Kim Hee-jun was eliminated, but just nodded along at his elimination. Lim Dong-hwan calls Macho a betrayer, but gives him a hug and a smile anyways. 

Yang Ji-an is next. She was eliminated early on, so she doesn’t really know much about what’s happened since. She finds everything interesting. Jang Hanbyul, Chae Ji-an and Yoon Tae-jin enter. Yoon Tae-jin is getting more screen time in this episode than when she was still part of the game.

Oliver Jang walks in and stands on the Madong side. Yoon Tae-jin is like, “Explanation please?” She was the first to go, so she has no idea about the player exchange. Macho asks, “Why are you over there?” Oliver Jang, “Because of you!!!” Yang Sang-guk notes that Nopdong (Green) has no brains left. He also notes that they’re sitting by order of eliminations, and Macho is sitting on the end?!? Yang Sang-guk can’t understand how that could be.

It’s time to decide the final three. Nopdong (Green) is already down to three. Madong (Orange) has five players left, so their leader has to decide on the two players to eliminate. Hwang In-sun walks out first. Yang Sang-guk asks, “You’re Madong? I’ve never even seen you in Madong!” The next player to be eliminated is . . . drum beats. This is intense. The eliminated players scream as they see who’s eliminated next from Madong (Orange). Yang Sang-guk gets up. Who is it? 

*opening credits*

Psh! What a time for the credits. 

We flashback to 7 AM in Madong (Orange). Lee Hae-sung and Hyun Kyung-ryul get up first. Lee Hae-sung says he was mad yesterday, but he’s calmed down now. Hyun kyung-ryul says he just went with business as usual. Everyone’s looking at the leader, Jung In-jik, who’s supposed to decide on the final three by 9 AM.

Meanwhile in Nopdong (Green), Pharaoh, MJ, and Kwon A-sol have porridge again for breakfast. MJ says she couldn’t sleep last night because she was so nervous.

Madong (Orange) has rice and potatoes for breakfast. Jung In-jik practices the ring toss. He gets eight in. He’s doing well.

It’s 9 AM now and Nopdong (Green) has one final daily election. They say MJ should be leader because she’s had the highest win streak under her rule. It probably doesn’t make a big difference though at this point who the leader is since there’s no one left to eliminate. 

Kwon A-sol lackadaisically walks in the voting room chugging some Trevi sparkling water as he picks a leader.

Nopdong Election Results

  • Pharaoh – 0 votes
  • MJ Kim – 3 votes

Back in Madong (Orange), Jung In-jik tells his team that he thought about this a lot. The final three are going to be him, Lee Byeong-kwan, and . . .

The booming voice tells the eliminated players to pack their bags and prepare to leave Madong. Lee Hae-sung walks out into the Neutral Complex! YEAHS!

The final three for each team then walk out into the Neutral Complex.

Chae Ji-an is super excited to see MJ. I guess there were no hard feelings there. Yang Ji-an just stares at Kwon Ah-sol like “Huh? Why is he Nopdong?” We get a montage of the final three and their highlights during the past team challenges. 

The montage also reminds us of how much each player has accrued. 

Nopdong (Green)

  • Kwon A-sol – 6,000,000 won 
  • Pharaoh – 7,000,000 won
  • MJ Kim – 15,000,000 won

Madong (Orange)

  • Jung In-jik – 16,000,000 won
  • Lee Byeong-kwan – 22,000,000 won
  • Hyun Kyung-ryul – 10,000,000 won

I love Hyun Kyung-ryul’s hair scrunchie. He’s the Madong leader. 

Both teams are quite strong. Nopdong has the advantage in strength and Madong has the brains. 

Park Ha-el enters the dome village late. Yang Sang-guk says, “You got eliminated early. What are you doing coming so late?” He’s so much funnier now than when he was part of the games.

Today’s final challenge will have three rounds. It’ll be best out of three. Each round will have a strength, intelligence, and dexterity task. Each player will be in charge of just one task. They can’t help each other in categories. 

The finalists and eliminated players return to their complexes for a special prize. It’s a buffet. 

The players of course talk while eating. Hong Sa-hyuk notes that the day he got eliminated, he was shocked. Park Ha-el apologizes to Seol-hwa saying she had no choice. She wanted to contact her to apologize, but didn’t know what to say. How about “I’m sorry?”

Yang Sang-guk jokes that he never expected Hyun Kyung-ryul to be leader. 

The leaders of each team get the round one rule papers in the leader’s box.

Final Challenge Round 1: Half Pipe

The first challenge is titled “Half-Pipe.” The strength player will hold up a long half pipe with several balls and carry/balance them into the dexterity player’s basket, three balls at a time. The strength player can only hold onto the handles on the bottom of the pipe, and no where else, so it’s much more difficult to balance.

The dexterity player then throws the balls at the 16 mark target revealing syllables, and the intelligence player needs to use those to make six three-syllable words. The intelligence player will have 20 seconds to say all six three-syllable words. The first team to get six words wins. 

MJ Kim is going to have a hard time with the words. She grew up abroad, so her Korean is shaky. Macho helps them plan. Haha. The other eliminated players help their teams prepare.

Announcer Yoon Tae-jin helps by making some Korean puzzles. Jung In jik builds a makeshift half pipe to practice with.

It’s game time. Everyone moves to the Neutral Complex.

Kwon A-sol and Jung In-jik are in charge of the half pipes. It’s too early to call who’s doing better. Pharaoh and Lee Byeong-kwan are throwing balls at the target. Lee Byeong-kwan is on a roll. Pharaoh is choking. Oh wait. Pharaoh is catching up now. He has 8 marks down, while Lee Byeong-kwan has 11 marks. 

These words are hard. Pharaoh is in the lead by one now, but I don’t think MJ can beat Hyun Kyung-ryul. MJ raises her flag. She says, “대관령, 직거해, 공동체, 대리석. . .” but runs out of time. It must be hard to remember all six words with all that pressure. Pharaoh has knocked off all of his marks off now. Because of how difficult this part is, each extra syllable is a huge advantage.

MJ raises her flag again. She says, “종달새, 대관령, 직거래, 공동체, 대리석, 동공체.” It’s wrong. Lee Byeong-kwan has all his marks down now.

Hyun Kyung-ryul calls out, “화강암, 열대야, 건축물, 관물대.” He runs out of time and also has some non dictionary words. MJ tries again, but she runs out of time. 

Hyun Kyung-ryul goes again, but he has two non-dictionary words. At this point, it’s down to who gets it first between the two intelligence players. None of the other players can help. MJ says, “관공직, 종달새, 대리석, 대관령, 직거래, 공동체.” All six are correct!

Nopdong (Green) gets the first win!

The booming voice announces that the next round will begin at 3 PM. 

It’s all praises for leader MJ Kim while Hyun Kyung-ryul feels responsible for their loss. Lee Byeong-kwan feels guilty for stressing Hyun Kyung-ryul out too much the day before. He thinks that’s why Kyung-ryul is having trouble focusing. 

Final Challenge Round 2: Puzzle Tower

The leaders get another rule paper for the second challenge. There will be a 20 kg bag of sand that slowly empties into a box on the end of a platform. The strength player has to hold a rope to balance the platform. Meanwhile, the dexterity player will stack a 108 piece puzzle in order since each piece is labeled with a number from 1-108. Once the puzzle is done, the intelligence player has to crack the code on the back of the puzzle. 

Nopdong (Green) practices stacking dice which are a little smaller than the actual puzzle pieces. In Madong, (Orange), Jung In-jik makes wooden blocks. Hyun Kyung-ryul is still looking glum. Lim Byeong-kwan is tells him to take off his silly Micky Mouse t-shirt because it’s bad mojo. As Hyun Kyung-ryul takes off his shirt, Oliver Jang comments that he looks sexy. 

It’s time to go to round two. If Nopdong (Green) wins this round, they win the entire game without having to play round three.

The intelligence players put on masks, so they can’t see until the puzzle is done. Pharaoh and Lee Byeong-kwan get ready to hold up the rope, while Kwon A-sol and Jung In-jik stack the puzzle pieces. 

Both guys are holding the platforms steady. Jung In-jik is in the lead and has 22 blocks stacked while Kwon A-sol has 15. 

Lee Byeong-kwan tells Jung In-jik, “Hurry up a bit.” It must be painful for him. The music intensifies. Pharaoh is grimacing too. Jung In-jik is at 103 blocks out of 108. He’s done now. Hyun Kyung-ryul takes off his mask. The puzzle is a bunch of colors. I have no idea what this means. 

Kwon A-sol is almost there with his puzzle. Hyun Kyung-ryul raises his flag. Is he going to get it before MJ even gets a chance to look at her puzzle? He guesses “376036.” It’s wrong. This time he guesses another number. That’s wrong too. Kwon A-sol is done stacking. Both teams have the same puzzle.

This time Hyun Kyung-ryul guesses “PEOPLE” which is what the puzzle spells out when looked at sideways. Kwon A-sol apologizes this time for Nopdong’s loss. 

The final round will begin at 5 PM.Yang Sang-gook is like, “I wouldn’t have figured out that puzzle in my lifetime. You go Seoul University grad!”

Final Challenge Round 3: Iron Will Runner II

It’s time for the final rule paper. The last round is titled Iron Will Runner II. 

The strength player will start on a stationary treadmill. The intelligence player will be given a set of eight numbers or words. That player has to arrange those numbers into an arithmetic equation or make complete sentences with words.

Both teams will compete with the same puzzle. The team that doesn’t get it right has to do a ring toss. If they miss, the strength player will have to run with the speed increasing every time they lose. 

MJ is worried since she doesn’t know any proverbs. Jung In-jik says he practiced the ring toss since morning, so he’s good to go. Hyun Kyung-ryul knows he can beat MJ. 

MJ does well during practice though. Hyun Kyung-ryul confidently boasts to Lee Byeong-kwan, “I won’t let you even go on the treadmill.”

Rounrd three starts. Hyun kyung Ryul gets the first puzzle. Pharaoh misses the ring toss, so Kwon A-sol moves up to 4 km/h.

MJ gets the next puzzle. Yay! I was worried that this would be an overwhelming win for Hyun Kyung-ryul. Jung In-jik misses the ring toss, so Lee Byeong-kwan also goes up to 4 km/h.

Hyun kyung Ryul gets the third one right. Pharaoh misses the ring toss. Kwon A-sol is at 6 km/h.

Hyun kyung Ryul gets the fourth one right as well. Pharaoh misses the ring toss again. Kwon A-sol is at 8 km/h.

MJ tries her hand at the fifth one but fails. Hyun Kyung-ryul of course gets it. Pharaoh misses. Kwon A-sol is at 10 km/h now.

Hyun Kyrul rul gets the sixth one correct, but Pharaoh gets the ring toss in. Kwon A-sol is still at 10 km/h.

MJ Kim fails at the seventh one. Hyun Kyung-ryul gets it. Pharaoh gets the ring. 

It’s win after win for Hyun Kyung-ryul. I can’t even keep track anymore. MJ does get one. Pharaoh also gets another ring toss at one point. 15 km/h vs 8 km/h. The camera is focusing on Kwon A-sol. It looks like he’ll give out soon. MJ gets one more correct. Lee Byeong-kwan is at 10 km/h now. 

Macho is crying. Hyun Kyung-ryul gets another one. Pharaoh misses. Kwon A-sol goes up to 16 km/r which is the maximum. Montage of Kwon A-sol’s time in <Society Game> plays inter-cut with scenes of him running. Even Yoon Tae-jin and Lim Dong-hwan look like they’re chocking up. Kwon A-sol finally gives out. 

Confetti falls everywhere for Madong’s win. but everyone just walks over to Kwon A-sol to console him.

Final Challenge Aftermath

Jung In-jik says, “I learned that it’s not the strong that survive, but the survivors who are strong.”

Lee Byeong-kwan says, “There was a lot of pain and suffering, but I’m happy I won.”

Hyun Kyung-ryul says, “I love you all, and I love my wife Park Min-ji!”

Kwon Ah-sol says, “I think I made a lot of good friends.”

Pharoah says, “I had a fun two weeks. Thank you Society Game.”

MJ Kim says, “I’m so happy to have met everyone here. I learned the meaning of teamwork here. Thank you.”

Each of the final and eliminated players do final interviews saying that this was an amazing opportunity where they learned many things. It really was a small society where they learned about themselves.



  1. EunLoveForever

    Thank you for the recap. Finally Madong wins it!!! My fav team. Tho a lot of hiccups here and there, Hyun Kyungrul oppa the genius hero. Hopefully there is Society Game season 2.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Hyun Kyung-ryul was the real MVP. I am impressed with how the editors didn’t give him much screen time in the first half of the season because then it would have been so predictable. The way things were edited, I thought for sure Yang Sang-guk or Lee Hae-sung would have made the final three, but this show really kept me guessing.

      Season 2 should be out towards the end of this year. I’ll probably binge watch Crime Scene seasons 1 and 2 while I wait!

  2. always hungry and bitter

    Really funny how MJ’s last words were that she learnt teamwork. Clearly didn’t since she got rid of perfectly capable members for her own political agenda. Aaaanddd Nopdong lost because of that. Dumbest game play I’ve ever seen.

  3. Juni

    they lost because of not having a single int player in their team. it was totally MJ fault for this lost, as a captain and as a player also

  4. squallion (@jikellion)

    Yass my favorite is always madong
    Especially 6 person sangguk alliances + injik
    Tho haesung make a mess and byungkwan almost made a mistake by selected haesung because of his selfishness and biasness
    Glad Injik choose kyungryul and make hima leader for a last.

    Btw Nopdong lost because theres no intelligence player. Esp the third game when mj was really bad at the word/proverb section. The ones who can matched kyungryul maybe dr.Sahyuk, jiwon, or oliver (but he is madong now)
    Hanbyul good too but he is bad too in the word/proverb game
    Basically mj consequences and fault because she is the one who eliminated majority of nopdong.

  5. Jekko

    Thank you soo much for the recap!!!
    YESSSS BEST GUY KYUNGRYUL WON!!! I’m so glad he totally deserved it
    I just wish he got the most money (or at least more than Byung Kwan who became too much of an asshole)
    Best korean variety show, excellent editing and so fun. Looking forward to future seasons.

  6. mayu

    do anyone knows the song name when they introduce the final 3?

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      If you tell me the approximate start and end times, I’ll try to find the song title for you.

      • mayu

        it is about from 00:16:00 to 00:19:00

        • Korean Variety Recaps

          Hm…sorry, but it’s just bg music so I’m not sure what it is. I wish I could have been more help.

          • mayu

            it’s okay, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience 😀

  7. knk5bell

    I really love this show! Become a fan of Injik who isn’t too annoying and selfish <3 and Kyungrul too, he is such a cutie ajusshi :3 Madong chose the best line-up for the final.

    And for Nopdong, I have a lot of respect to Asol, but not a fan of MJ tho.

    Wish to have another season of this show with another interesting casts!


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