Society Game Recap: Episode 2

Society Game Recap: Episode 2
Episode 2: October 23, 2016

Just a quick refresher.

Last week, Lee Hae-sung became the first leader in Madong (Orange)  after drinking bug juice. However, Yang Sang-guk successfully led a revolt and became the new leader. Meanwhile in the Nopdong (Green), Pharaoh was voted the first leader and eliminated announcer Yoon Tae-jin after they lost the team challenge.


The two teams are

Nopdong (Green) 10 contestants

Chae Ji-won: 21, Student, Pohang University of Science and Technology industrial management engineering major

Hong Sa-hyuk: 30, Doctor/ PhD student, Seoul University plastic surgery major

Hwang In-sun: 30, Singer, Sungkyunkwan University dance graduate

Kim Hee-jun: 30, English Language Academy CEO, Illinois State University graduate / Seoul University Sports Management Masters graduate

Lim Dong-hwan: 30, Smart phone developer, Yonsei University mechanical engineering graduate

MJ Kim: 26, Mixed martial arts fighter

Oliver Jang: 26, Model, John’s Hopkins University public health studies graduate

Pharaoh: 32, Rapper, Kyonggi University sports management graduate

Shin Jae-hyuk: 23, Model, Seoul Culture Arts University modeling major

Yoon Macho: 30, Editor at Maxim Magazine, Seoulmode Design and Merchandising School fashion business graduate


Madong (Orange) 11 contestants

Choi Seol-hwa: 24, Personal Trainer / Ballet Instructor, Kyunghee University dance graduate

Hyun Kyung-ryul: 32, PhD student/start-up company founder, Seoul University computer engineering major

Jang Hanbyul: 27, Singer, University of Queensland dental science graduate

Jung In-jik: 26, Student, Seoul University physical education major

Kwon Ah-sol: 31, Road FC fighter, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Management dropout

Lee Byeong-kwan: 29, Personal Trainer, California State University business graduate

Lee Hae-sung: 25, Student, Seoul University business major

Park Ha-el: 24, Student, Korea University international relations major

Park Seo-hyun: 22, Student, Yonsei University musical composition major

Yang Ji-an: 29, Party Planner, Yonsei University journalism graduate

Yang Sang-guk: 34, Comedian, KBS 22nd class


Episode two starts off immediately after the first elimination. Everyone’s feeling down about it, so leader Yang Sang-guk reminds his teammates that they need to work hard on the next team mission, so they don’t suffer the same fate.


In Madong (Orange), leader Yang Sang-guk takes a shower when one of his team members hits a pot against a pole, tricking everyone into thinking he rung the revolution gong. LOL. It’s good to see that the team members are close enough to play jokes on each other.


In Nopdong (Green), the team members talk about who to vote for in the upcoming morning leader election. Oliver Jang tries to convince everyone to eliminate Pharaoh next. He gets MJ Kim to side with him.

We get the opening credits scene at this point, and I’d like to take another moment to point out how nice it is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good as a still screencap, but I am just really impressed. It’s got a classy look, and I can tell tvN invested a lot of money into this show. I hope it gets another season.

The next morning in Madong (Orange), leader Yang Sang-guk checks out the “leader box” where there’s a letter each morning. He opens a piece of paper that says “12/13.” I’m not sure what this is supposed to reference, and Yang Sang-guk doesn’t seem to know either. Maybe it has something to do with the “jail” that we saw in episode one.


Lee Hae-sung tries to convince leader Yang Sang-guk to form a new alliance. They have a secret understanding not to attack each other. Yang Sang-guk says he trusts him because of his strong performance during the first team challenge.

They plan the final three to be Yang Sang-guk (dexterity), Lee Hae-sung (intelligence), and Kwon Ah-sol (strength.) Step one of the plot is to get Choi Seol-hwa to start a revolution. That way Yang Sang-guk can reassign the revolution keys when the revolt fails.


It’s voting time for tdexterity. Kim Hee-jun and Hong Sa-hyuk volunteer to be leader. As the current leader, Pharaoh’s name gets automatically added to the list. Also, if there is a tie, the currently leader gets to choose. The results of the anonymous voting are

Pharaoh: 0 votes

Hong Sa-hyuk: 4 votes

Kim Hee-jun: 6 votes

The results are a surprise given how Oliver Jang seemingly succeeded in creating an alliance for Hong Sa-hyuk, but it turns out Yoon Macho rallied even more votes for Kim Hee-jun. Even MJ, who pledged her vote for the Oliver Jang/Hong Sa-hyuk/Shin Jae-huk alliance, switched her vote because they seemed untrustworthy.

Oliver Jang isn’t too angry though and sees this as an opportunity because he now knows that there’s another alliance.


Back in Madong (Orange), Kwon Ah-sol is nervous about trusting Lee Hae-sung. Kwon Ah-sol, “I’ll go along with the plan, but I’m not willing to let him be the leader.”

Lee Hae-sung convinces his alliance to go along with step one of his master plan. They try to get Choi Seol-hwa to use her key to ring the revolution gong. Park Ha-el tells Choi Seol-hwa that the men are planning to eliminate the women one by one, so this is Choi Seol-hwa’s one and only chance to save herself.


Team Challenge: The Round Table of Suffering

It’s time for everyone to gather in the Neutral Complex for the second team challenge, “The Round Table of Suffering.” Each team picks three representatives to hold up an 80 kg table. The rest have to rotate a dice to answer a short arithmetic problem. The answers only range between 1-6, so the math isn’t difficult. The tricky part is that the players only get three seconds per question, so I’m assuming a lot of people will get confused while rotating the die to the proper position. Every wrong answer leads to an extra 5 kg sandbag. The first team to drop the table and crush the egg below loses.


There’s a short warm-up mini-game. The winning team gets a secret box with a small prize. The leaders of the opposing teams get to choose one representative from the other team to do arithmetic problems. It’s a sudden death style match, with the first to answer incorrectly losing.


Leader Kim Hee-jun choose Hyun Kyung-ryul for Madong (Orange).

Leader Yang Sang-guk chooses Hong Sa-hyuk for Nopdong (Green).

Both of these guys attended Seoul University.

Green loses.


When the teams return to their complexes, they each find four chickens and eight eggs. Everyone’s excited about finally being able to eat something other than rice and potatoes. I think the PDs were genius in giving the contestants such bare living conditions. It makes everyone so sensitive and irritable which makes for good television.

The secret box contains cooking oil. Madong (Orange) plans to make some fried chicken.

Lee Hae-sung volunteers to kill their chicken, but not before running around chasing everyone around with the chicken. This part actually gets pretty graphic, so tvN covers the actual chicken with a CG cartoon chicken. RIP.


The women finally get a bit more screen time.

In Nopdong (Green), Oliver Jang tries to figure out why all the women changed over to vote Kim Hee-jun as the leader.

In Madong (Orange), Choi Seol-hwa tries to decide whether to rebel against Yang Sang-guk. She asks him if he does in fact plan to eliminate all the women.


Both teams have just a few hours to strategize. Green team tries to figure out a secret code to let each other know the answers. They try various body language signs.

Orange team thinks about having the smart ones sit in the front so that the others can copy.

For the second team challenge, “The Round Table of Suffering,” 10,000,000 won (~10,000 USD) and ice cream are on the line.


Orange chooses Kwon Ah-sol, Jung In-jik, and Lee Byeong-kwan as their table holders.

Green goes with MJ Kim, Lim Dong-hwan, and Pharaoh.

Once again, the men look down on MJ, saying they might have well just gone with two table holders.


Everyone gets the first question right (2 + 2).

Everyone gets the second question right (2 + 4) except for Yoon Macho (green) who is too slow turning his dice. They only get three seconds per question.

Third question (6 – 1). Yoon Macho (green) messes up again.

Fourth question (4 – 2). It’s Yoon Macho AGAIN!

It turns out that there are two different die, so people can’t just blindly copy off each other…which Yoon Macho was doing.

MJ Kim (green), “It’s okay. I’m getting a good workout.”

Fifth question (11 – 8). Yoon Macho guesses 2.

Sixth question (12 – 6). Yoon Macho guesses 4.

Seventh question (14 – 8). Yoon Macho guesses 4.

Eighth question (19 -15). Yoon Macho (green) and Shin Jae-hyuk (green) guess incorrectly.

So far no errors for Orange.

Ninth question. No errors.

It’s 120 kg (green) vs 80 kg (orange).

Tenth question (10 ÷ 2). Yoon Macho error.

Eleventh question (4 ÷4). Hwang In-sun (green) is too slow.

Twelfth question (5 – 1). No errors.

Thirteenth question (11 – 7). Kim Hee-jun (green) error.

It’s now 130 kg (green) vs 80 kg (orange).

Fourteenth question (36 ÷ 6). Yoon Macho (green) error.

MJ Kim and Pharaoh are about to give out.

Fifteenth question (48  ÷ 8). Oliver Jang (green) error.


Sixteenth question (13 – 7). Yoon Macho (green), Choi Seol-hwa (orange) error. Finally. orange gets their first sandbag.

Seventeenth question (54 ÷ 9). Yoon Macho (green), Park Seo-hyeon (orange) error.

Eighteenth (28 ÷ 7). Shin Jae-hyuk (green) error.

Nineteenth (53 – 47). Shin Jae-hyuk (green), Yoon Macho (green) error.


The green team decides to give up. At 170 kg vs 90 kg, there’s no way they can catch up. They might as well conserve their energy for the next mission.

MJ Kim cries. She’s disappointed in herself for giving up.

With a total of twelve mistakes for Yoon Macho, it seems like a no brainer who to eliminate or maybe not because there’s no official counter letting the players know who messed up.


Orange celebrates with their popsicles and chicken porridge.

In Nopdong (Green), MJ apologizes while everyone complains about how easy the math questions were. Oliver Jang, “You saw who made the errors right?”

MJ Kim, “Yeah I saw.”

Yoon Macho, “I got 4 or 5 wrong in the beginning, but I got all the ones near the end.”


Yoon Macho, “I know I got a few wrong, but I’m pissed people are making it like we lost because of me.” MJ gives him the death glare. I know he’s just saying that to try to stay in the game, but this guy really just has no shame. I should have known there was something shameless about this fashion magazine editor who thinks orange sunglasses are an acceptable thing to wear.

Pharaoh and his croonie Yoon Macho try to convince leader Kim Hee-jun to vote for Oliver Jang. That way they get to save themselves and make Kim Hee-jun the next target when everyone gets mad at him for eliminating Oliver. How sly.

Nopdong (Green) decides to eat one chicken to boost morale. Oliver Jang grabs the chicken by the neck. It’s too bad he grabs the chicken and not Yoon Macho. They are practically the same thing.

Oliver Jang tells the women, “We need to kick out Yoon Macho. He’s not smart or strong. He’s useless. Also, all the older guys are in an alliance.”

Yoon Macho helps MJ Kim with the cooking, “Why is Oliver Jang so obvious with his alliance making?”


Yoon Macho tells Hong Sa-huk, “In soccer games, everyone is equally at fault when teams lose, but people only notice the superficial, so the goalie gets the blame.” What what?

“Hong Sa-hyuk, “Yoon Macho says he didn’t make any mistakes towards the end, but I saw him.”


Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

In the leader’s room, Kim Hee-jun has everyone write down anonymously who they want eliminated.


Madong’s (Orange) leader Yang Sang-guk divies up the money equally with 1,000,000 won (~1,000 USD)  for everyone except Kwon Ah-sol who gets 0 won. It’s part of a plan between Kwon Ah-sol and Yang sang-guk to make it look like they’re not creating a separate alliance, but anyone with half a brain should notice that it’s fishy he got singled out.

For the blacklist, Yang Sang-guk again decides not to write anyone’s name.

Nopdong’s (Green) leader Kim Hee-jun said he’d choose according to majority vote. The results are Yoon Macho 5, Oliver Jang 3, Shin Jae-huk 1.

Kim Hee-jun chooses to eliminate Shin Jae-hyuk. Holy Moly!!!!! I mean, I know you feel bad eliminating Yoon Macho because he’s the one who rallied behind you for the leader position, but come on now. He made TWELVE mistakes. TWELVE! That means he’s worse at math than a first grader.

Shin Jae-hyuk, “I tried my best even though I was sick.”

Kim Hee-jun, “I chose him because he was most lacking in will. He even napped today.”

Yang Sang-guk cries, “I can’t imagine having to eliminate someone.”


End Narration: A leader, chosen by democratic vote, chooses to ignore the citizens’ wishes and make his own choice. Regardless of whether that choice was right or wrong, how long will that kind of leader’s authority last?”



    • Korean Variety Recaps

      The team challenge wasn’t as fun as the one from Episode 1, mainly because it ended so quickly. But this episode was more entertaining because we got to see the rise of slimey Yoon Macho who I can tell I’m going to enjoy hating on.

      Also, the alliances got more concrete this episode. In the South Complex (orange), it looks like the Yang Sang-guk/Lee Haesung/Kwon Ah-sol alliance might make it all the way to the end. It’s fascinating to see a team dominating early on.

      While in the North Complex (green), we’ll have to see whether Oliver Jang’s alliance or Yoon Macho’s alliance takes control.

      Having two different leader systems was a smart choice. It’s makes the show that much less repetitive and more dynamic.

  1. Simon Martina

    thank you for your recap! i used it to fill in for the parts that i couldn’t understand since the subs are still not out yet 🙂

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Subs are really labor intensive, so I try to get the recaps within a day of airing for those who can’t understand Korean.I’m glad you enjoyed the recap. 🙂


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