Society Game Recap: Episode 3

Society Game Recap: Episode 3
Episode 3: October 31, 2016

Last week: In Madong (Orange), Yang Sang-guk and Lee Hae-sung tried to convince Choi Seol-Hwa to revolt so that they could take away her revolution key. Yoon Macho and Pharaoh took control of Nopdong (Green) away from Oliver Jang and Hong Sa-hyuk.

After losing the team challenge, Nopdong’s (Green) leader Kim Hee-jun went against the majority vote and kicked out Shin Jae-hyuk.

The Players

“Nopdong” North Complex (Green)

파로 윤마초 김희준

Pharaoh, Yoon Macho, Kim Hee-jun

홍사혁 올리버 장 임동환

Hong Sa-hyuk, Oliver Jang, Lim Dong-hwan

엠제이 킴 황인선 채지원

MJ Kim, Hwang In-sun, Chae Ji-won


“Madong” South Complex (Orange)

양상국 권아솔 최설화

Yang Sang-guk, Kwon Ah-sol, Choi Seol-hwa

한별 박서현 현경렬

Jung Hanbyul, Park Seo-hyeon, Hyun Kyung-ryul

이해성 양지안 이병관 정인직 박하엘

Lee Hae-sung, Yang Ji-an, Lee Byeong-kwan, Jeong In-jik, Park Ha-el


Eliminated Players

윤태진 신재혁

Yoon Tae-jin, Shin Jae-hyuk


Episode three starts after both teams return to their complexes following the second elimination. In Nopdong (Green), leader Kim Hee-jun explains to his teammates his reason for eliminating Shin Jae-hyuk, “Yoon Macho is good for team morale, and being a positive part of our society is just as important as doing well in the team challenges.”

In his interview, Yoon Macho admits, “I was ashamed of myself.” Hm…so he does have a conscious.

Oliver Jang to the cameras, “I made too many mistakes, I was too loud and talked too much because I tried too hard to protect Shin Jae-hyuk and myself.”


Oliver Jang calls out Yoon Macho to talk. Oliver Jang, “The only reason I voted against you was because you did poorly in the team challenge.”

Yoon Macho, “Okay . . . why are you telling me this?”

Oliver Jang, “I just wanted to tell you, I want to stop with the politics.”

Yoon Macho, “You think I’m playing politics? Who? Me?” I take back what I said about Yoon Macho having a conscious. He’s just as slimey as before.

Oliver Jang, “Let’s call it a truce.”

Yoon Macho, “I can’t really trust you, but okay . . .”

society-game-episode-3-bbMeanwhile in Madong (Orange), Leader Yang Sang-guk is teary eyed and tells his team to work hard so that he doesn’t have to eliminate anyone.

Choi Seol-hwa tries to decide whether or not she should start a revolt. Can she trust Yang Sang-guk? Choi Seol-hwa tells Park Seo-hyeon that she wants to take them plus Yang Sang-guk to the finals, but she’s smart enough to know that seems unlikely now.

society-game-episode-3-bbbBack in Nopdong (Green), leader Kim Hee-jun goes to check on the leader’s box with Pharaoh. Every morning at 8 am, both team leaders get a hint, but Kim Hee-jun forgot about it until now. He gets a card that says “R H.” (Madong’s (Orange) hint was “12/13.”)

Leader Kim Hee-jun passes around the one bottle of Trevi sparkling water that he got in his leader’s box, and it’s almost obnoxious how obvious this product placement is.

Kim Hee-jun asks everyone who they’ll vote for in tomorrow’s daily leader elections.

Oliver Jang tries to rally behind MJ Kim. (He wants anyone but Kim Hee-jun.)


Back in Madong (Orange), Yang Ji-an calls in Lee Hae-sung to talk, and I forgot how close the living quarters were. It must be hard to scheme secretly with their rooms open like that.

Yang Ji-an tells Lee Hae-sung how everyone’s fallen for Yang Sang-guk, but she sees right through him. Yang Ji-an, “Get a control of yourself. I don’t care if I get eliminated or whatever, I’m going to do whatever it take to make you leader again. It really pisses me off watching Yang Sang-guk pretend to cry and care about us all, calling us his babies. You know who his real babies are. He’s not a true leader.”


Lee Hae-sung then meets with Jung In-jik and Park Ha-el.

Lee Hae-sung, “You guys saw how Yang Sang-guk gave Kwon Ah-sol zero money. Kwon Ah-sol is 100% his puppet. We can’t trust them.”

Oohohohoho. I knew it was a mistake for Yang Sang-guk to pretend like he wasn’t close with Kwon Ah-sol.

Park Seo-hyeon accidentally walks in on them talking. Lee Hae-sung asks her if she would ring the gong if someone started a revolt. She replies, “Right now, I don’t plan to.”

They decide to wait and bid their time.


The next morning, Oliver Jang gets up first to do all the housework. He’s trying to curry favor, because he know he’s the biggest target for the next elimination.

Meanwhile, new alliances are stirring in Madong (Orange). Yang Sang-guk tells his puppets that he’ll try to keep his alliance as long as possible, but once they get down to 9 players, he’s going to restructure their alliance.


The narrator gives a spiel on how one of the dangers of Madong’s (Orange) system is that if the leader and the revolt key holders are too strong, and there’s no chance of a revolt, then the other teammates will just lose the will to compete and throw team challenges since they can’t get the money for themselves anyways.

Kwon Ah-sol tells Park Seo-hyeon that Yang Sang-guk is planning on creating a new alliance. When they get to 9 players remaining, the leader is going to change, probably to Kwon Ah-sol. Kwon Ah-sol told Yang Sang-guk that he’ll go along with his plan to create a new alliance, but Kwon Ah-sol tells Park Seo-hyeon and the cameras that he wants to stick with the original alliance. He’s all about loyalty.

society-game-episode-3-ccThe next morning, the leaders both get new messages and another bottle of Trevi water. I guess tvN has to get their prize money from somewhere. This time leader Kim Hee-jun gets the hint “E K” while leader Yang Sang-guk gets “1/12.”

Leader Kim Hee-jun calls Hong Sa-hyuk into his room to talk. Kim Hee-jun says that if Hong Sa-hyuk becomes leader, he’s going to eliminate Oliver Jang.

Hong Sa-hyuk tells the cameras that the only one 100% on his side is Oliver Jang, so he has to do whatever he can to save him from elimination.

society-game-episode-3-cccVoting starts again for Nopdong (Green). The votes are between Kim Hee-jun and Hong Sa-hyuk for the leader of Day 4.

For the next 30 minutes, all the players discuss who to vote for. It looks like all the ladies will follow MJ, and MJ plans to vote for Kim Hee-jun.


In Madong (Orange), Jang Hanbyul complains about his foot. It feels like he broke something. He must have injured it during the strength mini-game the day before.

I’m glad to see the the producers made sure to have medics on stand by. He gets his foot checked, and the medic wraps it up.


Back to Nopdong (Green), Kim Hee-jun gets six votes while Hong Sa-hyuk gets three. That means that only Hong Sa-hyuk, Oliver Jang, and Lim Dong-hwan voted for Hong Sa-hyuk.

Lim Dong-hwan says he just didn’t want the same person being leader too often, and it seems like he doesn’t really put that much thought into picking the leader. He comes across as a bit ditzy.

Kim Hee-jun is pissed though. Kim Hee-jun, “Lim Dong-hwan is two-faced and untrustworthy. He knows that Hong Sa-hyuk is a dead end, and he dares vote for him!!!”

Poor Lim Dong-hwan is just napping in his room. Looks like he made a huge enemy with his careless vote.


Lee Hae-sung reminds Choi Seol-hwa that if she ever wants to revolt, he’ll come up with the numbers to back her up and ensure that her revolution succeeds.

Kwon Ah-sol tells Yang Sang-guk that they need to seem like there’s some conflict between them because the other teammates are getting suspicious of their alliance. Kwon Ah-sol restates to the cameras that he wants to go with his original alliance plus maybe Lee Hae-sung.


Team Challenge Game Rules

Today’s team challenge is “Four People, Five Feet.” Each team will choose four people who will tie their feet together, like in a three legged race, but with four people, so that means it’ll be a five legged race.

Each team will have to go through an obstacle that is 10 meters long. There are two missions on each end. Two tangram puzzles and two ring tosses.


The four person teams are given a hat, and only the person wearing the hat can do the tangram puzzle/ring toss, so each team has to decide on an order for the players beforehand. As soon as the first person finishes the first tangram puzzle he or she raises a flag to signal completion then passes the hat to the person next person, and everyone walks over together to the ring toss. After the second player gets one ring in, he/she passes the hat to the next person, and the third player does the second tandem puzzle. Then, they go back to the final ring toss for the fourth player. The first team to win two rounds out of three wins.


For the preliminary mini-game, each team sends one person to do the tangram puzzle. Nopdong (Green) sends Oliver Jang while tMadong (Orange) sends Choi Seol-hwa. Oliver Jang says he’s confident, but Choi Seol-hwa is faster and gets the win.

For winning the preliminary mini-game, Madong (Orange) get a secret box which contains red chili paste for cooking.


For some reason, leader Yang Sang-guk pours some of their cooking oil that they won yesterday into an empty chewing gum container and tosses the cooking oil over to Nopdong (Green). He really is good at cosplaying as the benevolent dictator. I bet that move really pissed off Yang Ji-an.

society-game-episode-3-eJail Time

The leaders suddenly get another letter in their leader box. The letter tells them they have the option to send one person to jail. For every hour that person stays in jail, the team will get 2.5 kgs of ice for up to 25 kgs. While in the jail, that person can’t participate in team challenges, be eliminated, or take part in revolutions.

Leader Yang Sang-guk asks Jang Hanbyul how his foot is. Hanbyul says it hurts just a little. He’s looking nervous, but once Yang Sang-guk tells him about the rules of the jail, including how he can’t be eliminated, and that he won’t have to participate in the competition, Hanbyul says he’s confident in his ability to stay in the jail for as long as they need.


After Hanbyul gives him the okay, Yang Sang-guk calls all of his teammates and explains to them the rules of the jail. He’ll send Hanbyul to jail while the rest go do the team challenge. Hanbyul, “Just send someone to talk to me every once in a while.”

society-game-episode-3-fff Unlike Madong (Orange) that wants to go for all 25 kgs of ice, Nopdong (Green) decides they only need 2.5 kgs. Pharaoh volunteers and makes a comment about cleaning all the chicken feces while he’s in there since they’ve been keeping their chicken in the jail. He makes a point to talk about the chicken because he doesn’t want Lim Dong-hwan to go to the jail and have the option of being exempt from elimination. (Lim Dong-hwan has chicken phobia.)

Both teams practice until the team challenge starts at 1 pm. MJ Kim is doing really good at the tangram puzzles. Kim Dong-hwan is good at the ring toss.


Back at Madong (Orange), Jang Hanbyul practices walking with his legs tied. He’s changed his mind and wants to send either Park Ha-el or Yang Ji-an to the jail, so he can save them from elimination. Aw.

Jang Hanbyul doesn’t tell Yang Sang-guk his true intentions, he just tells him he thinks it’d be better for him to do the team challenge and not go to jail because he’s confident he can do well even with his injury.

Leader Yang Sang-guk, “NO!!!!!!!!!! DO WHAT I SAY!!!!!!!!”

There goes the benevolent dictator, although he does courteously add, “Sorry Hanbyul, just do this for us one time please.”


The plot thickens in Nopdong (Green). Leader Kim Hee-jun tells his female teammates, “Hong Sa-hyuk has a deal with Yang Sang-guk. He told him the results of all our election results.”

Yup. That pretty much seals the deal for him. Who’s going to stand behind a guy that’s helping the other team’s leader?

Hong Sa-hyuk tells the cameras that it’s nothing nefarious, it just kinda happened naturally.


Hong Sa-hyuk puts together the roster for the teams, but Leader Kim Hee-jun is upset at how bad it is. He’s disappointed.

Leader Kim Hee-jun wants to push MJ (tangram puzzles) and Lim Dong-hwan (ring toss) into multiple groups.


At 12:55 PM,  it’s time for jail. Jang Hanbyul plans to stay for the entire 10 hours, so he practically moves his whole room in, while Pharaoh just goes in cold turkey since he only plans to stay for a couple hours.

It’s practice, practice, practice for both Nopdong (Green) and the Madong (Orange).

Team Challenge: Four People, Five Legs

The team challenge starts. The winning team gets 10 million won (~10,000 USD) and a special prize which is peaches and grapes.


Round One is

Oliver Jang, Lim Dong-hwan, MJ Kim, and Pharaoh for Nopdong (Green)


Lee Hae-sung, Jeong In-jik, Choi Seol-hwa, and Kwon Ah-sol for Madong (Orange).


Lee Hae-sung (Orange) gets his puzzle solved first, but Oliver Jang (Green) gets his only a few seconds later. Orange maintains their lead until the fourth part where Kwon Ah-sol just can’t get his ring in. That gives Green time to catch up and Pharaoh gets his ring after just a few tries, giving Green the first win.


Round Two is

Oliver Jang, Lim Dong-hwan, MJ Kim, and Kim Hee-jun for Nopdong (Green)


Park Ha-el, Lee Byeong-kwan, Choi Seol-hwa, and Yang Sang-guk for Madong (Orange).

It looks like Green made a smart decision by having almost the same team go twice. Experience is going to help them go faster.

Park Ha-el (Orange) gets her puzzle done first, but Choi Seol-hwa (Orange) gets stuck on her puzzle and Green wins round two as well.

It’s their first time winning either the preliminary mini-game or the team challenges.


When Nopdong (Green) gets back, they go crazy over the fruit. It’s the first time they’ve had anything besides rice, potatoes, and chicken. Lim Dong-hwan, “I didn’t know grapes were so sweet.”

Everyone tells the cameras how well MJ did. She’s got both intelligence and strength, and on top of that she gets along with everyone in Nopdong (Green).


Madong (Orange) tells each other good job. They keep telling each other good job. Maybe they think if they keep saying it, they’ll be able to fool each other into thinking it’s true. Choi Seol-hwa, “I think we lost because I was too slow at the puzzles. That’s all.”

Kwon Ah-sol, the other weak link, just stares into the air.

Back in Nopdong (Green), Kim Hee-jun wants to continue being leader rather than voting for MJ Kim as planned. Hee-jun calls both Hong Sa-hyuk and Oliver Jang to psych them out. Both try to convince Kim Hee-jun not to blacklist them. Lim Dong-hwan is next. He insists he’s neutral.

Lim Dong-hwan to the cameras, “I guess I was dumb ignoring the alliance.” He has too much pride to join the majority alliance.

He yells at Yoon Macho to stop scheming. “You’re pissing me off.”


In Madong (Orange), Jung In-jik and Lee Byeong-kwan try to figure out how the alliances are working out. Lee Byeong-kwan wants Kwon Ah-sol out because all he can do is strength.

Park Ha-el is worried about getting eliminated. She tells her bestie Choi Seol-hwa who then goes to leader Yang Sang-guk to lobby for her. Yang Sang-guk and Kwon Ah-sol both want to kick out Park Ha-el, but Choi Seol-hwa tries to get them to eliminate Yang Ji-an instead.

Kwon Ah-sol, “But Park Ha-el doesn’t even do the dishes. She’s so useless.”

Choi Seol-hwa, “I had a traumatic childhood, SO I NEED MY HA-EL.”


As soon as the three are done talking, Choi Seol-hwa yells at Park Ha-el, “Hey, come here, go do the dishes.” Park Ha-el meekly obeys her.


Jang Hanbyul comes out of the jail after six hours and notices that everyone seems so calm and quiet, even though they are facing an elimination.

In Nopdong (Green), Kim Hee-jun meets with MJ Kim to make sure she has the other women in line. He wants to make sure they don’t fall for the Hong Sa-hyuk / Oliver Jang alliance. MJ relays to the girls that Kim Hee-jun wants to continue being leader, he told her he wants to be the one to eliminate Hong Sa-hyuk.

Chae Ji-an and Hwang In-sun think Kim Hee-jun is getting too greedy and maybe they should switch alliances. It’s interesting to see how on both teams the ladies seem to look out for each other.


Lee Hae-sung’s five member alliance meets up. They know that one of them is going to be eliminated that night. Park Ha-el tells them that Choi Seol-hwa already told her who’s getting eliminated.


Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

It’s time.

Leader Kim Hee-jun decides to give everyone 1 million won (~1,000 USD) except for MJ Kim, who he gives 2 million won for doing the best in the team challenge. He also decides to blacklist Hong Sa-hyuk. (Players will get eliminated if their name is written twice on the blacklist.)


Since Madong (Orange) lost, Leader Yang Sang-guk chooses to eliminate Yang Ji-an.

Yang Ji-an, “It’s okay. Don’t cry guys. I hate that the talented ones are getting harmed by Yang Sang-guk’s alliance.”

Lee Hae-sung, “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect Yang Ji-an.”


End Narration: Through Yang Ji-an’s elimination, Lee Hae-sung’s five member alliance became a four member alliance. Their power is getting weaker. As they wane, the leader grows stronger.




  1. Coffeeclimber

    Nice recaps. I really like your narration. Also, I’m enjoying this show completely.

    What I don’t understand from this ep is that why Heejun felt compelled to remain leader with still 10 rounds to go.

    I did understand the reason why he evicted Shin Jae Hyuk from the previous ep., I think it was a smart, albeit a sly, move. But why insists on clinging on to power when there are still lots of (lame) ducks to shoot?

    Weird that.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I don’t know why Hee-jun did that but my guess is that he wanted the chance to eliminate or blacklist someone the next day. But regardless of why, I think that move might end up being his downfall. It seems like Chae Ji-an and Hwang In-sun aren’t going to let that slide.

      The women haven’t done much scheming. They just kind of followed along so it’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do.

      • Coffeeclimber

        Yeah, I think it’s waaay too early in the game for Heejun to start a power play. There are still too many unpredictable swing votes for him to be confident. Oliver just needs MJ on his side, and that’s it for Heejun.

        BTW wasn’t Hong Sa Hyuk who was blacklisted by Hee Jun and not Lim Dong Hwan?

        • Korean Variety Recaps

          I’m hoping Oliver gets MJ on his side. I like rooting for the underdog.

          Oops. You’re right about blacklist Hong Sa-hyuk. That’s a good catch. I will edit it. Thank you.

  2. The Genius... 's fan

    I really want to root for Hong Sa Hyuk for Nop-dong. Kim Hee-jun is getting scary. I hope the ladies will flip the votes ep next episode because one more blacklist and Dr. Hong is out the front door. Also, when did Hee-Jun start to be hell-bent on eliminating Dr. Hong? Maybe I’m biased and rooting for Dr. Hong. Kim Hee-jun is slowly turning into a dictator of sorts. Macho and Pharoh are so slimy that I actually appreciate Oliver for being so outwardly vocal about his targets.

    For predictions, if Kim Hee-jun and co becomes the leader and loses the challenge, they are going to kick out Lim Dong-hwan or Oliver; if they win, they will blacklist Dr. Hong a second time. (Although I am a bit skeptical if they will do it now since they basically have Dr. Hong in such a disadvantage already and they might not want to show this shady side of them to the ladies yet when the ladies still have the numbers on their side until they don’t need the numbers anymore.)

  3. The Genius... 's fan

    Also, Resident Exchange will happen next episode!! Just saw it on the Facebook feeds.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Ooh. I wonder if that has anything to do with the Leader Hints we’ve been getting.

      • KC

        I’m thinking those hints are for the final games.

        • Korean Variety Recaps

          Oh okay that definitely makes more sense than what I originally thought.

    • KC

      Yup! It’s was on the preview.

  4. KC

    Nice recaps!
    I disliked Oliver from the start but after this episode I can’t help but feel sorry for him. Especially when he was talking with Heejun 1 on 1. He looked like a hopeless lamb begging his last chance of survival in front of the butcher. And both Oliver and Sahyuk have no idea how much Heejun is trying to pit them against each other (Or maybe they did behind the scenes, who knows..)

    It’ll be interesting who will move to the other ‘dong’. I think Sahyuk from Nop-dong and Hael from Madong should really consider this option.

    • The Genius... 's fan

      The problem is that Dr. hong seems oblivious to what Kim Hee-Hun is doing behind the scene. He is portrayed as being clueless of the fact that he is targeted and blacklisted.

      Honestly, Kim Hee-jun is working the crowd really well rn. He keeps critizing that Dr. Hong is making political manoeuvres when in fact he is the one who is politicking the most. I hope they break up the Pharoh/Hee-jun/Macho trio soon.

      Also, I don’t understand why they want to eliminate Dr. Hong, yeah, he is their biggest potential threat yadayada. But in the finals, they need someone like him or JiWon. I just feel like they are not thinking of the even bigger picture (clearly they are thinking of getting to the finals, but they are not thinking about how to win when they get there)

      Because a Kwon A-sol/ Sang-gook/ Hae-sung team is more likely to win over a Pharoh/Hee-jun/MJ team. (Personal opinion) Maybe they will prove me wrong in future challenges when they display their skills.

  5. KC

    I think the girls in Nop-dong will have a change of hearts soon if Heejun keeps his ways. They were probably voting for him because of Oliver, but now that Heejun seems too ‘comfortable’ sitting in the leader’s seat and even starts throwing threats at them, I can see them turning their backs at him and probably push MJ for leader instead. If they do that they might just succeed with help from Oliver, Sahyuk, and Donghwan. Otherwise, if Heejun keeps the leader position, Sahyuk should just get outta there asap.

    I think Heejun is just using the blacklist as safety net. Oliver’s name might be up next when he gets another chance. Most likely he’s thinking of himself, Pharoh and MJ as the final 3. Can’t underestimate MJ as a good final candidate as she’s been proving herself every episode. On the other hand, Asol had failed 2 of the challenges already, albeit not strength related games.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I agree, the women in Nop-dong seem like the closest alliance out of either team. I doubt any of them are going to betray each other, so when it’s three of them versus Kim Hee-jun, I’m sure Oliver or Hong Sa-hyuk will jump at the chance to vote for MJ for the next leader.

      I wonder about the player exchange next episode. Do we know yet if the players get to choose to change sides, or if it’s more of the teams kicking out their weakest member?

      • KC

        I just saw the previews and seems like MJ really did become a leader (she was sitting on the other side of the chair). Seems also leaders get to choose who to swap as Sangguk is trying to convince Seolhwa.. guess we’ll find out soon 🙂


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