Society Game Recap: Episode 4

Society Game Recap: Episode 4
Episode 4: November 6, 2016

Last week: Jang Hanbyul broke his foot. Madong (Orange) lost their first team challenge and kicked out Yang Ji-an. Nopdong (Green) leader Kim Hee-jun tried to get rid of Hong Sa-hyuk by blacklisting him.


Yang Sang-guk gathers everyone after the third elimination for a pep talk. “Honestly, we’ve gotten much closer than the other team, but this is a place where we have to make cuts. The eliminations are hard for me, and I’m sure they’re hard for you too, so don’t forget, we have to win tomorrow.”

Anytime someone adds, “honestly,” or “the truth is” you know you can’t trust them 100%.


In Nopdong (Green), everyone exclaims that the fried rice with egg that they’re having for dinner is delicious. Victory tastes sweet.

After dinner, it’s another round of politicking for tomorrow’s leader elections. Pharaoh and Yoon Macho seem to switch sides to rally behind MJ Kim as the new leader, and of course the other two women, Hwang In-sun and Chae Ji-an are on MJ’s side as well.

MJ has a talk with Kim Hee-jun who thinks he deserves to be leader again because they won the team challenge under his leadership. He tells MJ to not volunteer for leader tomorrow. He seems to think he’s got everyone under his thumb.


Back in Madong (Orange), Lee Hae-sung apologizes to his alliance members for not protecting Yang Ji-an. It was his fault for giving the revolt key to Yang Sang-guk. Lee Byung-kwan acutely notes that they have 8 more eliminations to go.

Yang Sang-guk holds Choi Seol-hwa’s hand while telling her how hard being a leader is. She cries because she’s feeling guilty that her team lost because she was so slow at the tangram puzzles.

Yang Sang-guk also plots with Kwon Ah-sol. Tomorrow they’ll have nine players left, so they want to make a new majority alliance. They’ll only need 5 people.

Han Kyeong-ryeol obliviously brushes his teeth a few meters away.


Nopdong (Green) leader Kim Hee-jun tells Yoon Macho that he no longer trusts Pharaoh. He knows that Pharaoh wants to push MJ Kim for the next leader. Kim Hee-jun asks Yoon Macho why he didn’t tell him about this change in plans.

Yoon Macho, “I didn’t tell you because I thought you already knew.” Does Kim Hee-jun not see through Yoon Macho’s lies? Why does everyone in Nopdong trust Yoon Macho so much?!?! Kim Hee-jun says the best tactic is for him to continue being leader and give himself all the prize money. That way the others can’t eliminate him because the money would leave with him.

Madong’s (Orange) Choi Seol-hwa and Park Seo-hyun discuss who they thinkYang Sang-guk will eliminate next. They predict that the order will be

  1. Park Ha-el
  2. Hanbyul
  3. Han Kyeong-ryeol
  4. Jung In-jik or Lee Byeong-kwan.

Park Seo-hyun doesn’t want these guys to get cut, so she thinks she might rebel. If she does, she would give the revolution keys to Park Seo-hyun and Yang Sang-guk. She says, “I definitely can’t trust Kwon Ah-sol.” Silly girl, the one you can’t trust is Yang Sang-guk. Why in the world would you give a revolution key to the guy you just overthrew?


Creepy background music builds up into the opening credits scene. I’m glad we get another look at the awesome opening credit scene. I missed it last episode. 🙂

At 7 am the next morning, Kwon Ah-sol is the first to get up. He cleans up their yard and starts a fire for breakfast. Han Kyeong-ryeol gets up second, so the two try to kill a chicken together to boost morale.


Han Kyeong-ryeol, “I want to show that I am useful.”

Yay! Han Kyeong-ryeol finally gets some screen time for something other than being made fun of for being a nerd.

Han Kyeong-ryeol adds, “I’ll take care of starting the fire too.”

Yang Sang-guk warns Jang Hanbyul to take better care of his foot. It’ll bite him in the back once he leaves

In Nopdong (Green) Kim Hee-jun and Pharaoh have a chat.

Kim Hee-jun, “Hong Sa-hyuk is surprisingly lacking in brains. We lost because we went along with his strategy. Oliver Jang is better.” It seems like both teams only have a couple of players who can win the intelligence games.


Kim Hee-jun checks the leader box and gets “C K” while Yang Sang-guk gets “12 out of 13.”

Yang Sang-guk burns his hint card so that no one else can see it.

Yang Sang-guk, “I already know three of these hints.”

Kwon Ah-sol, “Won’t you tell us these hints when you get eliminated, out of loyalty to help our team?”

Yang Sang-guk, “Nope. I’ll be watching you guys from home, thinking those guys can win even without those three hints.”

It’s just some friendly banter.


Nopdong Daily Leader Election

It’s another election for Nopdong (Green) but first MJ Kim and Lim Dong-hwan battle it out over who has bigger muscles. The subtitles under Lim Dong-hwan read, “cell phone developer at a major conglomorate, 30 year old cool guy.” He’s basically a computer nerd with muscles. The best of both worlds.

I want these two to get together. I grew up watching MTV shows like the <Real World/Road Rules Challenges>, and I just realized how much I missed shipping couples on these shows. After all, why else would the PDs recruit only good looking, young contestants?


It’s 9 am. Time for elections. Kim Hee-jun is entered into the ballot automatically because he’s the current leader, while MJ Kim grabs her name plate to volunteer for leader.

After 30 minutes of deliberation, the results are Kim Hee-jun 1 vote and MJ Kim 8 votes. It looks like only Kim Hee-jun voted for himself. Does he hear the tides turning?


The Nopdong (Green) election results get announced on a loudspeaker throughout both complexes, and the Madong (Orange) players comment on the overwhelming results in favor of MJ, “Daebak!”

Lee Hae-sung talks with Choi Seol-hwa, reminding her that her “bestie” Park Ha-el is next up on the chopping block. Lee Hae-sung tries to persuade her that it’s unfair for Park Ha-el to get cut just because she picked the wrong alliance.

He says to the cameras, “Choi Seol-hwa is sad and anxious, but since she’s not being directly affected, she won’t do anything.”


Leader Yang Sang-guk warns Lee Hae-sung not to do anything fishy behind his back, but Lee Hae-sung just gives Yang Sang-guk the side eye while he’s too busy putting on his make up to notice.

Team Challenge Game Rules

Both teams get called into the Neutral Complex for the fourth team challenge. This one is called “Pull Out the Floor.” There is a floor made of 100 square pieces where six people from each team will stand while the rest of the players will have to find multiplication patterns on a numbers grid.



The patterns they have to find are multiplication equations. They can be sideways, up and down, or diagonal, but the order of the numbers can’t be switched.

Both team’s players will stand in a line where the teams will take turns finding patterns. Each person has 10 seconds to respond. If the one person makes a mistake twice or all the patterns are found on the grid, they will move on to the next grid. Each time they move on to a new grid, the staff members will remove a block for each mistake.

The team that falls off the “floor” and touches the ground first loses.


It’s a little complicated to understand at first, so there is a practice mini-game. The team that finds the most multiplication patterns wins a secret box. The leaders chose one person from each side to represent.

It’s Jang Hanbyul for Madong (Orange) and Lim Dong-hwan for Nopdong (Green). Hanbyul is up first. Both guys do well until Choi Seol-hwa keeps whispering, “1 x 7 = 7.” The booming voice calls her out for helping. Madong (Orange) loses due to cheating.


For their prize, Nopdong (Green) gets a secret box with three tennis balls, a target, and a note telling them that these will be helpful for two of the upcoming team challenges and the final challenge for the “ball throwing” mini-game. They should practice throwing the ball at the target at a distance of 7.2 meters. They wonder what awesome clues Madong (Orange) must have gotten all those times they won.

The also get the ice they won the day before (in episode 3) during the prison challenge.


Both teams practice finding multiplication patterns and standing in the smallest space possible. Madong (Orange) decides that the women need to stand on the floor because they’re smaller.

Nopdong’s (Green) Hong Sa-hyuk is in charge of the planning. Lim Dong-hwan definitely can’t go on the floor because he’s too big. Oliver Jang  insists that he wants to do the math puzzles, but so does Hong Sa-hyuk.

Player Exchange

Suddenly the booming voice has an announcement. In 30 minutes, there will be a player exchange. If there’s exactly one player on each team that wants to switch, they will be exchanged. If there are more than one, the leader chooses which player will go. If no players want to go, then the leader must choose someone. Any money accrued will move with that player.

Park Seo-hyeon jokes, “What if we all volunteer to go over?”

Yang Sang-guk, “Then I’ll send one over, and the rest I”ll send home one at a time.” LOL.


MJ calls for a democratic vote. She has all the teammates come to the leader’s room one by one. Hong Sa-hyuk says they need to send the weakest player over, while everyone else still seems to be busy playing politics.

Interestingly, MJ warns Yoon Macho that people are out to get him. I guess she doesn’t hate him as much as I thought.

Leader Yang Sang-guk tells anyone who has anything to say to come talk to him.

Kwon Ah-sol tells Yang Sang-guk he no longer trusts Jang Hanbyul. They want to eliminate him, but decide that sending him over is a way to show him mercy. Lee Hae-sung also tells the leader that he wants to send Hanbyul.

Yang Sang-guk jokes to Choi Seol-hwa that he’s going to send her over, so he doesn’t have to worry about her rebelling. Choi Seol-hwa asks, “Are you serious?” Yang Sang-guk, “Yeah it’d be a killer move.”


No one volunteers for the player exchange.

Even Jeong In-jik jokes that he has no reason to go to Nopdong (Green) because the pretty announcer Yoon Tae-jin was already eliminated.

MJ sends Oliver Jang. MJ cries, “I’m sorry, but at least you’re not being eliminated.”

Oliver Jang, “I’ll survive. I’ll do well.”

MJ tells the cameras, “Actually I didn’t go with the majority vote. It was 3 votes each for Yoon Macho and Oliver. I picked Oliver because he seemed to have a lot of complaints.” WHAT!?!?! Were those fake tears MJ?


Yang Sang-guk sends Jang Hanbyul.

Hanbyul, “I didn’t expect it at all. I thought there was 0%, no -50%, that I’d be picked.”

He seems pretty pissed and goes to Yang Sang-guk to ask why he chose him. He says it’s because of his injury, but we know that the real reason was that Yang Sang-guk didn’t trust him. Jang Hanbyul doesn’t even look back at his team as he walks away to Nopdong (Green).

The Nopdong (Green) team seems really happy to have him.  Jang Hanbyul says he likes this team better, he’s willing to put his life on the line for their missions.


He does a self introduction. He grew up in Australia, went to dentistry school, was in a band, but is now a solo singer. Pharaoh asks him if he’s interested in collaborating with the rapper D.Hong.

Hanbyul, “D Who?” LOL! Poor Dr. Hong never gets taken seriously.

Chae Ji-an to Hanbyul, “We speak informally in this team.”

Ah . . . so that’s why she was speaking down to Yang Sang-guk in episode one.

While everyone’s talking to Hanbyul and asking him about how things were in Madong (Orange), Lim Dong-hwan calls MJ over to talk. He says he was neutral until now, but is ready to start playing seriously.


Yang Sang-guk, “From now on, let’s do our best to be one. Here’s Olive.”

Park Ha-el, “Is it Olive or Oliver?”

Yang Sang-guk, “Isn’t it Olive?”

Oliver Jang, “It’s Oliver. I was in charge of strength and intelligence back on the other team. I did pre-med at John’s Hopkins, and I was going to do the puzzle for the team challenge. I’m 26 years old. Please take good care of me.”

Seems like the Madong (Orange) team likes Oliver a lot.

Oliver was in charge of killing the chicken in Nopdong. He can do both strength and intelligence while Han Kyung-ryeol can only do intelligence. Poor Kyung-ryeol. He’s always getting picked on.

It seems like the exchange was good for both players.


Kim Hee-jun orders Yoon Macho to make sure Jang Hanbyul knows who the real leader is and get Hanbyul on their side early on. Yoon Macho tells Hanbyul he likes him, and since he’s an editor at Maxim Magazine, he’ll run into Hanbyul outside of the game.

society-game-recap-episode-4-tvn-h Both teams spend their remaining time practicing puzzles and trying to figure how they can minimize their space while standing in a group.

Team Challenge: Pull Out the Floor

The winner of the team challenge of course gets 10 million won (~1,000 USD) and a special prize which is iced coffee and slices of cake. <Society Game> finally has a sponsor other than Trevi sparkling water!


The players on the floor are

Nopdong (Green): Yoon Macho, Hwang In-sun, Chae Ji-won, MJ Kimg, Pharah, and Kim Hee-jun

Madong (Orange): Choi Seol-hwa, Park Ha-el, Park Seo-hyeon, Yang Sang-guk, Lee Byeong-kwan, Kwon and Ah-sol

The players doing the puzzle are

Nopdong (Green): Hong Sa-hyuk, Lim Dong-hwan and Hanbyeol

Madong (Orange): Oliver Jang, Lee Hae-sung, Jeong In-jik, and Hyun Kyung-reol.

It looks like Nopdong (Green) has an inherent advantage because they have fewer people to make mistakes.


The first grid gets cleared with just one mistake by Jung Hanbyul (Green) who runs out of time.

The second grid gets cleared with just one mistake by Lim Dong-hwan (Green) who duplicates a response.

The third grid gets cleared with just one mistake by Lee Hae-sung (Orange) who duplicates a response.

The fourth grid gets cleared with no mistakes.

The next few grids also get cleared with either zero or just a few mistakes.

It looks like everyone’s got the hang of things, so they’re not making as many mistakes anymore.


We fast forward as the booming voice calls for the next grid, and the next grid, and the next grid. It’s scorching hot, at 35 degrees Celcisus, so the PDs decide to speed up the game.

Now for each error, they will take away three blocks.

It’s Nopdong (Green) with 88 blocks versus Madong (Orange) with 82.

The players are started to get worn down by the heat.

Now to speed the game up even more, the TV screen in front of the players will no longer show the equations that have already been picked. Players from both teams start to make mistakes and duplicate responses. It’s hard to keep track of everything in their heads.


Nopdong (Green) is starting to get the lead. Having only three players compared to Madong’s four is turning out to be a huge advantage.

We speed through the game and get clips of players making mistakes and blocks being taken away. It’s hard to tell who’s in the lead with the way the show’s edited, but every once in a while, we get a counter with the number of mistakes per player and the number of blocks remaining.


Madong (Orange) gets closer and closer to losing all their blocks.

They’re down to four blocks, but decide to stop there so that no one gets hurt. It’s even more anticlimatic than episode two where Nopdong (Green) decided to let go of the Roundtable of Suffering.


Nopdong (Green) wins for the second time in a row.

While eating coffee and cake, they note that Oliver Jang did really well.


The final tally for the number of mistakes is

  • Oliver Jang: 8
  • Han Kyung-ryul: 8
  • Hong Sa-hyuk: 9
  • Jeong In-jik: 10
  • Hanbyul: 11
  • Lee Hae-sung: 14
  • Lim Dong-hwan: 15


Madong (Orange)’s leader Yang Sang-guk says he was disappointed in Lee Hae-sung’s performance, especially because he was planning on taking him to the finals for the intelligence games.

Yang Sang-guk meets with his revolution key holders about who to eliminate. Kwon Ah-sol wants to kick out Oliver Jang. He’s all about loyalty to the original members. Yang Sang-guk wants to keep Oliver because he has a lot of useful skills.

Meanwhile in Nopdong (Green), MJ offers to let the women sleep in the air conditioned leader’s room that night. The women plan to take each other to the finals. This group seems like the most solid alliance in the game, although Lee Hae-sung’s alliance is a close second. Hwang In-sun asks MJ who she’s going to blacklist.

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

The two teams assemble again in the neutral complex.


MJ gives herself 0 won, Yoon Macho 2 million won, Kim Hee-jun 2 million won, and the rest 1 million won. I guess there was no love lost between her and Kim Hee-jun during their scuffle for the leader position. They even hold hands which is funny because I’ve met Kim Hee-jun in real life and he’s happily married. Tsk Tsk.

MJ says she gave more money to the people she needs to bring over to her side.

For the blacklist, MJ writes Lim Dong-hwan because she doesn’t trust him.

There’s goes that ship. *tears*


For eliminations, Yang Sang-guk chooses Oliver Jang. Oliver seems okay with being chosen, like he knew it was coming. Hong Sa-hyuk is looking down.

Oliver says to the cameras that he’s sorry to Shin Jae-hyuk and Hong Sa-hyuk for bringing them down with him.


End Narration: Oliver Jang constantly talked about eliminating someone. Those who overheard him began to think about how Oliver would try to eliminate them too, thus Oliver became a dangerous person.


Next Week: New alliances.


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