Society Game Recap: Episode 5

Society Game Recap: Episode 5
Episode 5: November 13, 2016

Last Week: MJ Kim was voted the new leader of Nopdong (Green). Jang Hanbyul and Oliver Jang switched teams during the player exchange. Madong (Orange) lost another team challenge, so leader Yang Sang-guk eliminated Oliver Jang, while leader MJ blacklisted Lim Dong-hwan.


In Madong (Orange), Yang Sang-guk gathers everyone again. He tells them that he wanted to keep Oliver Jang because of his skills, but decided that loyalty to Madong (Orange) was more important. He says, “Now that there’s no one left to cut, it’s a new game. It’s the end of the old alliances. Ha-el, Byeong-kwan, Hae-sung, In-jik, change your allies. It’s reset now. The most important thing is that we are all Madong.”

I still don’t understand why Yang Sang-guk is so obsessed with creating new alliances. It just sounds like a lot more effort just to create a lot more risk.


Meanwhile in Nopdong (Green), Kim Hee-jun tells Yoon Macho to vote for him tomorrow. Kim Hee-jun was of the understanding that the final four would be himself, Macho, Pharah, and MJ. However, he’s worried that Pharaoh seems to be pushing him away and trying to save Hong Sa-hyuk instead.

Yoon Macho discusses with Pharaoh over whether they should ditch Kim Hee-jun for Hong Sa-hyuk. Pharaoh reiterates that he’s sticking with Kim Hee-jun, but I’m sure Yoon Macho has something more shifty under his sleeves.

Kim Hee-jun meets with Yoon Macho again to ask why Pharaoh is talking to Hong Sa-hyuk. Kim Hee-jun, “If someone lies to me just once, he’s out.” Yoon Macho is obnoxiously bouncing a tennis ball while Kim Hee-jun talks about how he might just go after Pharaoh instead of Hong Sa-hyuk. Macho looks like he doesn’t feel like listening to Kim Hee-jun. Hee-jun, “You better vote for me tomorrow.”


MJ tells Yoon Macho that if Kim Hee-jun is leader, then Pharaoh will be eliminated next. Macho says he’ll pretend to be on Kim Hee-jun’s side and vote for him. MJ thinks that’s too risky. She might not get enough votes to be leader.

Kim Hee-jun, “If I don’t get five votes tomorrow, heads will roll.” It’s a bit creepy because he’s got a saw in his hand as he says this, but I guess MJ’s not as easily scared as I am because she convinces Kim Hee-jun not to run for leader tomorrow. He can be the leader the next day.


Back in Madong (Orange), Lee Hae-sung meets with Park Ha-el, Jung In-jik, and Lee Byeong-kwan. They’re trying to figure out a way to get Lee Hae-sung back to being leader.

At the same time, Park Seo-hyeon and Choi Seol-hwa try to convince Kwon Ah-sol to be the new leader. They tell him, “We should be the final three.” Kwon Ah-sol, “Uh… I dunno about the finals.” Park Seo-hyeon and Choi Seol-hwa quickly backtrack and say well then maybe not all the way to the finals, but at least for a while. LOL!

Yang Sang-guk, “Who wants to make a new alliance with me?” He’s sitting all alone.


Hyun Kyung-rul, Lee Hae-sung, and Kwon Ah-sol get up early the next morning to make breakfast. While cooking, Kwon Ah-sol drops a metal bowl, and Yang Sang-guk gets cranky about being tricked into thinking someone rung the revolution gong.

Yang Sang-guk calls the three men over to go open the leader’s box with him. It’s an award for waking up early and working hard making breakfast. He tells them not to tell anyone else. The hint is “1 out of 12.” Keep in mind that the hint on the second day was “1/12.” I don’t really see the difference between these clues, but there must be something to it. Lee Hae-sung says to look for something there is twelve of. They wonder if it has something to do with the building structure.


Chae Ji-won tells the other women that after lights went out last night, she talked with Kim Hee-jun and Jang Hanbyul. Kim Hee-jun told her that he’s going to go for elections to see whether or not Yoon Macho votes for him.

MJ then goes to open the leader box with Kim Hee-jun to find that the Nopdong (Green) hint is “F.”


Breakfast is stir fried potatoes, steamed potatoes, and potato rice.

The women of Madong (Orange) are sleeping in. Why are all the women on this team so lazy? Last episode, Kwon Ah-sol almost threw a toddler tantrum about Park Ha-el never helping out. Yang Sang-guk to the women, “It’s polite to eat if we do all this work cooking for you. “

As they eat breakfast, they see the <Society Game> staff members building a tall set in the Neutral Complex. The men all tease each other about who’s going to climb it.


Yang Sang-guk tells the cameras his master plan. There are currently nine players left on his team, so he’s going to try to keep the alliances four and four, so that they won’t have enough people to rebel. He’ll then eliminate one person at a time from each alliance, taking turns, so that neither alliance will be able to pull off the majority.

It’s time for another election in Nopdong (Green).

Jang Hanbyul is having fun watching elections for the first time.

At the last minute, Kim Hee-jun tries to convince MJ to switch over to him for leader. “If you’re tired, I can take over since it really doesn’t matter which one of us is leader.” Hm . . . if it really doesn’t matter either way, then he shouldn’t care if MJ is leader. Kim Hee-jun thinks he’s so smart, but everyone else on the team sees right through him.

The results are 

  • MJ Kim: 8 votes
  • Kim Hee-jun: 1 vote


The cameras ask all the Nopdong (Green) players who is the most trustworthy. They all vote for MJ, except for MJ who says, “No one. I don’t trust anyone.”

The narrator shows us how MJ has been scheming behind the scenes. She allied the women by getting them to plot together against Oliver Jang. She got Yoon Macho on her side when she rescued him from the player exchange after everyone hated him for losing so many math problems in the Round Table of Suffering team challenge. She’s also playing Pharaoh and Kim Hee-jun off of each other.


After the election results are out, Yoon Macho cries about betraying Kim Hee-jun. What’s this? It looks like these are real tears? He tells the cameras that he felt bad. It looks like the puppet master wannabe has turned into MJ’s puppet.

Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

Today’s challenge is called “Number Climbing.” There is a climbing set piece that is 6 meters high with four sets of 8 tiles hanging down. That’s two sets per team. The tiles each contain a number that is between 1-30.


The teams will assign two climbers for each team. One climber per team will go climb up the ropes at a time and rip off the papers covering the numbers for each tile. After the second climber finishes ripping off each tile, the rest of the seven players per team will memorize the sequence of 16 numbers and then go to a question room one at a time to answer a question about the number sequences.


For example, if they get the question “Of the 16 numbers, list all the multiples of four in ascending order.” The answer would be 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 for Madong (Orange), but 4, 12, 16, and 28 for Nopdong (Green).

If a player gets an incorrect question, he can try again with a different question later. The order of the players doesn’t matter, but each player has to get one correct question. The team to get all their players complete a question correctly first wins.


For the practice mini-game, one person from each team has to climb to the top. The first to uncover all eight tiles wins. Madong (Orange) choose Choi Seol-hwa while Nopdong (Green) chooses Pharaoh. Despite being a ballet instructor, Choi Seol-hwa doesn’t have the strength or agility to climb up the rope. Pharaoh also has some trouble due to how slippery the rope is, but he does a lot better and wins.

Since this team challenge is a bit tricky, both teams get a little bit more time in the Neutral Complex to practice climbing the rope. MJ does a good job. So does Yang Sang-guk.


For winning the mini-game, Nopdong (Green) gets a lottery event. Each lottery ticket costs 1 million won (~1,000 USD). They use their accrued game money, and not their actual real money. Those who decide to participate will get a number between 1-8. There will be 1 first place winner (6 million won), 6 second place winners (1 million won), and 1 third place winner (0 won). The leader cannot participate.


While practicing for the team challenge, Nopdong (Green) goes over basic math terms like ascending, descending, and prime numbers??? I thought all the participants were college educated adults? Lim Dong-hwan seems slightly annoyed to be asked if he knows what those terms mean. “Yeah, I know that from shopping online and searching for prices in ascending and descending order.” Ha!

Yoon Macho says prime numbers are, “1, 3, 5, 7, 9.” Looks like he’s confused with odd numbers. Yoon Macho and Hwang In-sun are the weakest links here.


We get the results of the lottery.

1st place (6 million won): Yoon Macho

2nd place (1 million won): Lim Dong-hwan, Jang Hanbyul, Hong Sa-hyuk, Chae Ji-won, Hwang In-sun, Kim Hee-jun

3rd place (0 won) : Pharaoh


Leader Yang Sang-gook of Madong (Orange) comes up with a good plan to keep track of their numbers. They just have to wear a lot of clothes, and fold their socks, hats, etc where each piece represents a number, so they can keep track of what there is. Kwon Ah-sol tries it, and it seems to work pretty well.

Lee Byung-Kwan is struggling though, so Yang Sang-guk calls him their team’s “Yoon Macho.”

We also find out the reason why so many people aren’t warm to Hyun Kyul-ryul. It’s because the other Seoul University alums, Lee Haesung and Jung In-jik, feel betrayed by him for choosing Yang Sang-guk’s alliance.

Team Challenge: Number Climbing

In addition to prize money, today’s special prize is whole cabbage kimchi.

For the climbers, Madong (Orange) chooses Yang Sang-guk and Lee Byung-kwan, while Nopdong (Green) chooses Pharaoh and MJ. At first, both teams move at around the same speed, but towards the end, Yang Sang-guk (Orange) runs out of energy and slows down. He’s having a hard time holding on to the rope.


He has one tile left when he falls down the rope. I’m surprised they weren’t at least given helmets for this. Luckily, there’s a mat on the bottom, but it’s pretty energy draining to fall. The second rope climber for Nopdong (Green), MJ, gets started while Yang Sang-guk struggles to get back on the rope. Eventually Lee Byung-kwan (Orange) takes over, so that Yang Sang-guk can get a break before he tries again for that last tile. MJ (Green) does really well.


Nopdong (Green) finishes getting all their tiles and the question room opens up.

Macho goes first. Question 1: “List all the numbers that contain 1 in ascending order.” He gets it correct. It’s too bad for Madong (Orange) as they were banking on Yoon Macho stalling time.

Flashback to Nopdong’s (Green) strategy. Jang Hanbyul suggested that they scratch tallies on their arms to keep track of the numbers. I thought Madong’s plan was genius, but this is way more efficient.

Chae Ji-an (Nopdong). Question 2: “List all the multiples of 3 in ascending order.” She gets it correct.

At this point, Madong (Orange) finally gets all their tiles, and can start going to the question room.

Lee Haesung (Madong). Question 1: “List all the numbers that contain 1 in ascending order.” Incorrect. He has to try again later.

Hwang In-sun (Nopdong). Question 3: List all the two digit numbers is ascending order.” Correct.

Park Seo-hyeon (Madong). Question 2: “List all the multiples of 3 in ascending order.” She gets it wrong.


Hyun Kyung-ryul (Madong). Question 3: List all the two digit numbers is ascending order.” Incorrect.

Kim Hee-jun (Nopdong). Question 4: “State the total of all numbers greater than 20.” Wrong

Kwon Ah-sol (Madong). Question 4: “State the total of all numbers greater than 20.” Wrong.

Park Ha-el (Madong). Question 5: “List all primary numbers in ascending order.” Incorrect

Kim Hee-jun (Nopdong). Question 5: “List all primary numbers in ascending order.” Incorrect

Kim Hee-jun “I can’t see inside.” It seems like both teams are on question 5, but Nopdong is way ahead since Madong still hasn’t gotten any correct.

Lee Hae-sung (Madong). Question 6: “State the total of all the multiples of five.” Correct. It’s their first correct one.

Jung In-jik (Madong). Question 7: “List all numbers between 1 and 20 in ascending order.” Incorrect.

Lim Dong-hwan (Nopdong). Question 6: “State the total of all the multiples of five.” Correct.

Park Seo-hyeon (Madong). Question 8: “List all numbers in ascending order.” Correct

Kim Hee-jun (Nopdong). Question 7: “List all numbers between 1 and 20 in ascending order.” Correct. Finally!


Kwon Ah-sol (Madong). Question 9: “List all numbers that contain 2 in ascending order.” Incorrect.

Jang Han-byul (Nopdong). Question 8: “List all numbers in ascending order.” Correct

Park Ha-el (Madong). Question 10: “List all odd numbers in ascending order.” Correct.

Hong Sa-hyuk (Nopdong) is the last one up. Question 9: “List all numbers that contain 2 in ascending order.” Incorrect. He didn’t do it in ascending order.

Hyun Kyung-ryul (Madong). Question 11: “List all numbers that don’t contain 1 in ascending order.” Correct

Kwon Ah-sol: (Madong). Question 12: “List all numbers where the sum of the two digits is less than four in ascending order.”

Hong Sa-hyuk (Nopdong). Question ?: “State the total of all multiples of 6 and 7.” Correct.


Nopdong (Green) wins! They’re on a roll. Does this mean we’ll see the first blacklist elimination today?

Everyone compliments Jang Hanbyul for his tallying strategy. They wonder why such a useful player got kicked out of the other team.

Yang Sang-guk meets with everyone on the team one by one. He keeps telling everyone that they need to make the team stronger and asks each person for their goal for the final three.


Nopdong (Green) has kimchi fried rice and kimchi stew. Honestly both of these are very plain foods, but they are of course all really excited. Except for Lim Dong-hwan, “Actually, it was just so-so. There was no cooking oil to cook it properly. I only had three bowls.” LOL

While doing the dishes, Pharaoh at first tries to convince MJ to not blacklist anyone yet, but ultimately agrees with MJ’s decision to blacklist someone. On the other hand, Hwang In-sun advises MJ that they need both Hong Sa-hyuk and Lim Dong-hwan for the team challenges.

Interestingly, it seems like the fewer players you have, the more advantageous it is. During today’s team challenge there would have been fewer people to have to pass the questions. In the previous team challenge, there would have been fewer people to make mistakes.


In Madong (Orange), to ring the gong, or not to ring the gong. That is the question.

Yang Sang-guk tells Kwon Ah-sol to be the leader and eliminate him. Kwon Ah-sol obeys him about the gong, but will he obey him about the elimination?

Kwon Ah-sol rings the gong followed by Choi Seol-hwa, Hyun Kyung-ryul, and Park Seo-hyeon. Now there are only the members of Lee Hae-sung’s four person alliance left. Park Ha-el wants to ring it because she knows she’s the biggest target for elimination. The rest of her alliance tries to stop her. Lee Hae-sung and company try to convince her not to rebel while Choi Seol-hwa and Park Seo-hyeon almost start a fight trying to get her to rebel.

Yang Sang-guk tells the cameras that he realized today that he’s not skilled enough to make it to the top three.


Yang Sang-guk tells Lee Hae-sung’s four person alliance not to ring the gong. After the revolution fails, Yang Sang-guk will reassign the keys to one of them and they can do a second revolution to eliminate Yang Sang-guk. In return, they have to promise him not to play politics, but just keep the team strong by eliminating weak players.

The first revolution fails. Yang Sang-guk gives the keys to Lee Hae-sung who uses it to ring the gong right away.

Lee Hae-sung’s second revolution is followed by Jung In-jik, Lee Byeong-kwan, Park Ha-el, and Yang Sang-guk himself. Lee Hae-sung gives the keys to Jung In-jik and Lee Byeong-kwan. Lee Hae-sung also tells the cameras that he’s losing trust in Park Ha-el because she was wishy-washy during the revolution.

Choi Seol-hwa is pissed at Yang Sang-guk. What’s going on?

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

For the money allotment, MJ gives everyone an equal 1 million won, except for Jang Hanbyul who gets 2 million won for his key strategy.

Everyone in Madong is shocked to see the Nopdong totals with Yoon Macho way in the lead with 9 million won. They don’t know about the lottery. society-game-episode-5-i

For the blacklist, MJ decides to ??? We don’t find out just yet.

The booming voice calls for eliminations. Lee Hae-sung is like, “I haven’t decided yet,” and stares down a few teammates.

We flashback to the relationship between Lee Hae-sung and Yang Sang-guk, but in the end, Lee Hae-sung decides to eliminate Choi Seol-hwa. She’s sobbing and Kwon Ah-sol is the first to go to comfort her. It’s ironic that she kept saying how she couldn’t trust him. It looks like Park Ha-el avoids eye contact. So much for besties.


Choi Seol-hwa is pissed, “I hope they lose everything, I hope they don’t get any money.”

End Narration: The happiness of victory makes conflicts and irregularities difficult to see. They only appear in loss. Like a war, they cause everything to topple over.”

Next Week: Lots of cursing and finally some dexterity challenges.




  1. Coffeeclimber

    Damn, Yang Ji An on ep.3 was right all along. Yang Sang Guk is a two-faced monster. Too bad for Seol Hwa and Ah Sol; they realized it far too late.

    But the player I’m most pissed at was Park Ha el. That girl had no sense of loyalty whatsoever. Did she just decided to forget how hard Seol Hwa fought for her not to be eliminated?

    I couldn’t imagine how Seol Hwa would feel, I even cursed myself watching this ep. Her elimination was too tragic.

    • The Genius... 's fan

      I wonder who the ex-“Sang gook” alliance will be angry at? Sang-gook? Ha-el? Has-sung?

      Regardless, it will be an awkward atmosphere in Ma-dong from now on, the lines are clearly drawn in the sand.

      However, I don’t understand why Sang-gook didn’t go along with his 4:4 plan. He was ready to eliminate himself?? I don’t get it. Someone please explain it to me.

      • Coffeeclimber

        So, here’s what I think about the situation at Madong. At ep 1, YSG already had Ah-sol but needed the girls vote for rebellion. Seol-hwa was the pin-up girl to make it happen. Thus Sanggook gave his keys to Ah-sol and Seol-hwa. But he never believed in this alliance.

        Somehow, it seemed that Sanggook had already envisioned the finals. He knew, he couldn’t take Seol-hwa to the finals. He wanted Ah-sol and Hae-sung. But Sanggook can not gave Seol-hwa’s key to Hae-sung just like that. So I believe he devised a plan to lure Seol-hwa (or Ah-sol) to a failed rebellion so he can give one of the keys to Hae-sung. As we’ve seen in this ep, it worked.

        Sanggook simply believes that he could enter Hae-sung’s bulky men alliance to have a shot at going to the final. Pity poor Park Ha-el; she’s the next dispensable cat at Sanggook and Haesung’s grand plan.

  2. Korean Variety Recaps

    I also found it annoying how Park Ha-el’s only “strength” is that she weighs 30 something kgs, as the only time she’s an asset is during challenges where someone has to carry her. She’s even more useless than Yoon Macho.

    I was surprised to read netizen comments online criticizing Seol-hwa for being cold after being eliminated, since I too was pissed at Park Ha-el for her lack of loyalty. At least though, Lee Hae-sung is smart enough not to trust her anymore, and it seems like Seo-hyeon is going to be mad at Ha-el on behalf of Seol-hwa.

    • Coffeeclimber

      Pfftt, those who criticized Seol-hwa has forgotten that she had her dignity just taken away by her ‘friend’. In real life or even in games, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

      I just couldn’t believe how things turned so sour so quickly at Madong. I knew from the start that the hidden politics and hidden allegiances at Madong was a ticking time bomb, but I didn’t expected to blow up so soon. I don’t know how they would pick up from that. I mean, Lee Hae-sung wasn’t even a greater leader than Sang-gook was. He even sucked at recent games.

      At Nopdong, I just love the chemistry between the girls. They look so solid and so charming together.

  3. The Genius... 's fan

    Omg, I am a Dr. Hong and Lim Dong-Hwan bias, so I am rooting for them (partially because they are underdogs), I was so happy when neither of them got eliminated. I hope MJ Kim wrote Kim Hee-jun’s name, that would be dae-bak.

    I am also slightly annoyed how lucky Yoon Macho is, I just didn’t want him out of everyone to win that top prize and he does. Now, it’s more difficult to get rid of him and his prize money.

    This episode has all the drama that made it a good episode. There were no filler moments at all. Nop-dong got me on edge the entire time just because of Dr. Hong and Lim Dong-Hwan, but Ma-dong was crazy!

    I was a bit disappointed that Ha-el was so wishy-washy but honestly, Seol-hwa has no one to blame but herself for the eviction. She literally had all the chances in the world to rebel (not saying that would change much assuming she gives a key to Hae-sung most likely). Also, she was not doing to great in challenges recently, therefore, it was appropriate to choose her out of the “other” alliance. (A-Sol would’ve been a defendable choice too). I’m just scared of Sang-gook right now, he has all the right ideas I.e. 4:4 split. Hae-sung’s decision to do him a favour and keep him might come back and bite him in the butt.

    Also, I don’t know how effective Hae-sung is as a leader. I feel like In-Jik is the mvp of Ma-dong, he has the brains, the strength, and the skills and is fairly consistent.

    On the other hand, I called it that MJ is sneakier than she lets off. That MJ sequence was awesome, I hope she will become the queen of manipulation and keep Dr Hong to the finals while she is at it 🙂 Kim Hee-jun is being set up as the anti hero right now, which I don’t mind. He is going down the Oliver path to elimination. I just hope Pharoh, Hee-Jun, and Macho get evicted one by one soon enough, at least I want Dr Hong to outlast them.

    They give me the alpha male “I know what is best and you all should listen” style of personality (maybe due to edits) or maybe dong-Hwan and Sa-Hyuk will be the same if they got power. But for now, I don’t like the trio’s vibe.

    Anyways, this was an awesome episode and everything I wanted to see happen happened, including a double rebellion, a member of Sang gook’s alliance eliminated, power shift to Hae-sung, Dr. Hong lives for another day, and a pending fall out (I want big brother style drama)!

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I used to be an Oliver Jang fan, but now my bias is Lim Dong-hwan. I like to root for the underdogs. Just wondering, why do you like Dr. Hong so much? Unlike Oliver and Dong-hwan, he hasn’t really been an asset in any of the team challenges yet. Even though Nopdong seems to like putting him in charge of assigning player roles for team challenges, like Kim Hee-jun said, he’s been doing a poor job of it.

      I was pretty shocked at how sly MJ was. I had no idea because it just seemed like she was obediently going along with what the alpha males Kim Hee-jun and Pharaoh were telling her to do, and just thought she was just lucky that the other two women bonded with her, but it seems like it was all part of her master plan. I can’t believe she even played Yoon Macho so easily.

      I too really liked the double rebellion! It was my favorite part of the episode.

      • The Genius... 's fan

        I would actually argue that Sa-Hyuk has contributed to the team by not screwing up, which is more than I can say for most people unfortunately. He won 2 games in the first team challenge, he got all the questions correct for the second team challenge, he had the right idea for the five-legged race, he had the least incorrect answers for the Floor Removal. I won’t say he’s the mvp player or has a defining “eureka” crowning moment in the five episodes (as in Hanbyul’s game hack-type moment), but he has been consistently doing well in a game standpoint.

        His moments, or lack of, is also the reason why it baffles me to think hoe Hee-jun wants him gone so desperately. He didn’t do anything out of line persay yet he is targeted. And the sad part is that he doesn’t seem to know it.

        I guess I’m rooting for him partially because he is so oblivious to all the scheming and I just want him to go far into the game. Plus, you have you have a person you root for and I guess he just happened to be the one.

        I’m just worried that by normal standard, the editing that he gets tells me he won’t make it to the end (as in not a lot of scenes and how he is not involved in the main “storyline” of Nop-dong). But it is The Genius PD so I won’t put anything past him, plus, besides MJ, Pharoh, Macho, and Hee-jun’s power struggle, I don’t think there is any scheming going on and maybe there is just nothing to be shown.

        • Korean Variety Recaps

          That’s a fair point about Hong Sa-hyuk. I suppose that losing battles is important too. I think because of the editing, I just didn’t really pay much attention to him.

          Nopdong’s Hwang In-sun & Chae Ji-an and Madong’s Hyun Kyung-ryul have barely gotten any screen time. I wonder if that means that they won’t be making it to the finals.

    • Coffeeclimber

      LoL, a great take on Dr.Hong, we barely heard from him since Oliver was sent away. From the preview, things might spice up a bit for him for the next episode.

      If I have one underdog favorite at the moment, it would be Han Byul. Love how he snapped at Sang gook when evicted from Madong, love how he did everything to have his revenge. It felt soo good to see that Nopdong defeated Madong thanks enormously by him.

      He’s such a great asset and a cool character too.

  4. Ardini Idris

    I have a feeling that Ha-el is going to be the ‘Choi Jungmoon’ of Society Game hahah

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Ha-el’s been getting more and more screen time. Perhaps she will indeed play such a key role. 🙂

  5. snowwhite

    ‘Except for Lim Byeong-kwan, “Actually, it was just so-so. There was no cooking oil to cook it properly. I only had three bowls.”

    I think that’s meant to be Lim Dong Hwan 🙂

    But besides that, I love your recaps. It helps to fill in any parts that I didn’t quite pay attention and helpful since this show is subbed by only Bumdi and therefore takes some time.

    Also, I’m so happy Han Byul changed teams. I’m from Australia so I automatically am rooting for him haha 😀

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Thank you for the correction :). I also like Hanbyul. I think he has a good chance of making it to the finals


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