Society Game Recap: Episode 6

Society Game Recap: Episode 6
Episode 6: November 20, 2016

Last Week: Nopdong’s (Green) Kim Hee-chul failed at playing dictator. We saw the rise of MJ Kim. Jang Hanbyul came up with a key strategy that helped Nopdong (Green) win the Number Climbing team challenge. Lee Hae-sung led a revolution to become the new leader of Madong (Orange) and swiftly eliminated Choi Seol-hwa.


Shortly after the elimination is announced. Yang Sang-guk apologizes to a crying Kwon Ah-sol.

There is no blacklist elimination today. The booming voice tells the players to return to their complexes.

Park Seo-hyun sobs like a toddler as she and Kwon Ah-sol storm back to the Madong (Orange) Complex. Park Seo-hyun, “I’m so pissed, waah waah.”

Yang Sang-guk confronts Lee Hae-sung for not eliminating him. So he was being honest about that? I was expecting it was all part of a master plan to trick the others into thinking he was just being humble. Lee Hae-sung, “I eliminated according to skills.”


Yang Sang-guk meets separately with Park Seo-hyun and Kwon Ah-sol to explain how he wanted to be eliminated because he didn’t want anyone else on the team to get punished, and he’s sorry for breaking their alliance. It’s a sob fest. Yang Sang-guk, “I’m sorry for harming you guys. I will take care of you now. I’m really sorry.” Lee Hae-sung walks in, and Park Seo-hyun walks out too angry to even look at him. Kwon Ah-sol is pissed at him. Lee Hae-sung, “I will take responsibility for everything, I won’t abandon my babies.”

Did anyone else laugh at how Hyun Kyung-ryul nonchalantly walks into this meeting with his bright pink shirt while the PDs clearly edited the rest of the scene to be serious and dramatic?

Yang Sang-guk, “Who has the revolution keys?”

Kwon Ah-sol, “Lee Byeong-kwan and Jung In-jik.”

The camera closes in on Yang Sang-guk’s face as he ominously orders, “Bring In-jik here.”


Badadumdum Badadumdum, it’s the opening credits. I can’t believe how awesome the editing is for this show. It’s set up just like a scripted drama. I feel like I just watched Yang Sang-guk playing a badass gang leader plotting out his path back to the top.

Back in Nopdong (Green), Macho and MJ Kim talk about how Kim Hee-jun is pissed that no one got eliminated through the blacklist. MJ Kim says she didn’t write anyone’s name on the blacklist. Kim Hee-jun joins them to tell them not to get weak. He wants Hong Sa-hyuk gone.

Yoon Once Macho walks away Kim Hee-jun says, “I don’t trust Macho anymore. He told me that you told him that I was getting too greedy.” MJ Kim, “Yeah, well Macho told me you were getting greedy.” Wow, she really is good at playing everyone. Kim Hee-jun, “Don’t share the leader hints with anyone. Only us two should know.”


In Madong (Orange), Yang Sang-guk meets with Jung In-jik. He tells Jung In-jik that their alliance has no right to rule because they didn’t keep their promise.

Hyun Kyung-ryul finally gets involved with the politics by explaining to Lee Hae-sung exactly why Kwon Ah-sol and company are so pissed. Lee Hae-sung thought that Kwon Ah-sol would have reacted the same way he did, but Hyun Kyung-ryul responds that Kwon Ah-sol was offered the same deal to be the new leader, but was upfront about his intention not to eliminate Yang Sang-guk, unlike Lee Hae-sung who was sneaky about it.

Hyun Kyung-ryul then meets with Kwon Ah-sol and Park Seo-hyun to try to mend the links between the two broken alliances.  Kwon Ah-sol to Hyun Kyung-ryul, “I’m going to go on strike. I’m going to throw the team challenges.”


Back in Nopdong (Green), MJ Kim tattles to Pharaoh about how Kim Hee-jun tattled to her that Macho tattled to him that MJ said that Kim Hee-jun was too greedy, so they should work together to eliminate Macho. All this politicking is getting really confusing to keep track of. Pharaoh tells Macho of Kim Hee-jun’s plan to eliminate him next.

Yoon Macho, “My final four were Pharaoh, Kim Hee-jun, MJ, and me. I regret crying over betraying Kim Hee-jun. Why did I spill such tears over that kind of backstabbing person?” I can’t believe it, but I am actually starting to warm up to Yoon Macho, maybe it’s because Kim Hee-jun has become even more annoying.

MJ Kim then goes back to Kim Hee-jun and tells him she can’t trust Pharaoh. Kim Hee-jun wants to throw tomorrow’s team challenge so that they can use it to eliminate Macho.


In Madong (Orange), Yang Sang-guk says he’ll make his new final three him, Kwon Ah-sol, and Park Seo-hyun. Yang Sang-guk tries to convince Jung In-jik to revolt. “How long do you think Lee Hae-sung will stick with you?” Jung In-jik, “I’ll think about it. Can I be the leader?” WHAT?!?!? How can you betray Lee Hae-sung when he’s certainly plainning on taking you to the finals? All you have to do is lie low and you’ll make it to the end!

The next morning, Kwon Ah-sol sleeps in for the first time instead of getting up early to make breakfast. It looks like he’s already started his strike.

Yang Sang-guk complains to leader Lee Hae-sung, “Why did you cook so few potatoes?”


It’s 8 AM, time to open the leader box. Nopdong’s (Green) MJ Kim gets “R” but doesn’t share the hint with anyone on her team. Madong’s (Orange) hint is “a rectangular parallelepiped.” Lee Hae-sung shares his hints as well as the previous hints with his alliance members and Hyun Kyung-ryul. They search for a set of twelve rectangular parallelepipeds.

Hyun Kyung-ryul looks at the pillows and finds something strange inside the cushions. He tries to walk away with the it, but the others catch on to him and make him give up the pillow. Hyun Kyung-ryul conceeds that there’s one that’s ripped inside. Jung In-jik, “Sometimes these things are ripped. It’s just a factory flaw.” Yang Sang-guk, “There are only 11 pillows anyways.” So much for that theory.


Lim Dong-hwan tries to chase the girls with a grasshopper. He won’t stop chasing MJ until she says, “I like Dong-hwan Oppa.” Is it too late for the Lim Dong-hwan and MJ ship to sail?

The other men on the team comment that there’s something wrong with Lim Dong-hwan. There must be a reason why he’s lived alone for the past ten years. Aw.

Nopdong (Green) Elections 

Who’s going to volunteer for leader? Kim Hee-jun tries to lobby for his leader role back, while MJ Kim half ignores him while doing her makeup.

In the end, no one volunteers for leader, so as the current leader, MJ Kim automatically continues her reign. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if MJ continues to be leader until the end of the two weeks.


Back in Madong (Orange), this time Kwon Ah-sol calls in Lee Byeong-kwan. Lee Byeong-kwan, “You have to admit that it was wisest to eliminate Choi Seol-hwa.” Kwon Ah-sol, “NO NOT AT ALL.” Lee Byeong-kwan, “Then we don’t see eye to eye. Park Ha-el doesn’t really help us, but at least she never hurt us during team challenges like Choi Seol-hwa did.”

Yang Sang-guk, “The condition for transferring leadership was to eliminate me. You guys don’t have a sense of responsibility.”

Kwon Ah-sol, “Don’t judge people by their usefulness!”

Yang Sang-guk, “I convinced Kwon Ah-sol and Park Seo-hyun to not throw the missions. What is your leader doing?”

Lee Byeong-kwan, “He’s learning on the job.”

Yang Sang-guk, “He’s learning on the job?!? Your leader has no right to lead.”


Yang Sang-guk to Lee Hae-sung, “I made you leader in order to eliminate me. You didn’t keep your end of the deal, so you need to make me leader again. All you have are excuses.” *Lots of angry finger pointing*

Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

Today’s challenge is “Foul Ball.” The leader will choose three players to catch balls and one player to throw them at a target. The rest of the players will answer math questions. The math game is a sequence of arithmetic questions, whrtr each player had to say the entire sequence in addition to the given arithmetic problem. They will continue alternating between teams until someone makes a mistake. There is a time limit of five seconds per player.

Once someone makes a mistake, there will be two balls thrown for the team that didn’t make a mistake, and one ball for the team that made a mistake. The ball catchers have to catch it with a basket. This will be repeated for 20 rounds. Then, the teams will throw the balls they’ve caught at a target. The team to get the most marks on the target wins.


This challenge is really complicated. It has so many steps, but basically

  • Part 1: make the fewest arithmetic errors
  • Part 2: catch the most balls
  • Part 3: hit the most marks on the target using those caught ballsociety-game-episode-6-ccccc

For the mini-game, Madong (Orange) chooses Hyun Kyung-ryul and Nopdong (Green) chooses Chae Ji-won to solve arithmetic problems. It harder to remember the sequence than it is to solve it.

Chae Ji-won (Green) misses a number in the middle of the sequence.


Madong (Orange) gets the secret box as an award which is a letter. It says the leader has to send one resident to the prison. The team will get 1 million won (~1,000 USD) per hour, for up to ten hours. The leader will then distribute the money.

Yang Sang-guk to Lee Byeong-kwan, “I convinced Kwon Ah-sol and Park Seo-hyun to not throw the missions. What is your leader doing?” Yang Sang-guk is starting to sound like a broken record.

Lee Byeong-kwan, “What a selfish thing to say.”


Jung In-jik calls his alliance to talk. He wants to revolt and give one of the people on the other teams a key, so they won’t feel so bad. Uh? Why?

Park Ha-el volunteers to go to jail, since she doesn’t want to risk messing up the team challenge. She knows she’s on thin ice already and has to justify being kept from eliminations over Choi Seol-hwa.

Back in Nopdong (Green), Hwang In-sun wants to do math and Hong Sa-hyuk comes up with another terrible strategy. He says to ignore everyone, and just listen to the one person right before.


Jung In-jik talks to Park Seo-hyun, “You can trust oppa.” I really have no idea why he feels the need to help the other alliance. Is it because he has a crush on her? What other reason could there be?

Jung In-jik tries to convince his alliance to make him leader and give a revolution key to the others. He says it’s important to give them hope, so that they won’t throw the missions . . .  I don’t see the logic in this.

It’s time for Ha-el to go to jail. She can’t go to the bathroom for ten hours. 🙁


Meanwhile, Kim Hee-jun shares one of his hints with Jang Hanbyul. He needs to have at least him on his side. It looks like the hints are the English equivalents for Korean on the keyboard. In Korean, the hints spell out three words: storehouse, rice jar, and floor. Kim Hee-jun is on the right path, but he doesn’t have enough clues to figure it out all the way.


Back in Madong (Orange), Hae-sung’s alliance thinks over and over about what to do. They’ve been thinking it over for four to five hours.

Yang Sang-guk, “You guys are so selfish, I always did my best for the team.”

In the end Lee, Hae-sung decides not to give up being leader.

Kwon Ah-sol, ‘You guys aren’t even human. Please eliminate me first, I don’t want to play with you guys anymore.”

Team Challenge: Foul Ball

Today’s winning team gets 10 million won (~10,000 USD) and a special prize which is ramen.


Ball Catchers

  • Madong (Orange) – Lee Byeong-kwan, Yang Sang-guk, Kwon Ah-sol
  • Nopdong (Green) – Yoon Macho, Kim Hee-jun, Jang Hanbyul

Intelligence: Arithmetic Problems

  • Madong (Orange) – Park Seo-hyun, Lee Hae-sung, Han Kyung-ryul
  • Nopdong (Green) – Lim Dong-hwan, MJ Kim, Hwang In-sun, Chae Ji-an, Hong Sa-hyuk

Ball Throwers

  • Madong (Orange) – Jung In-jik
  • Nopdong (Green) – Pharaoh

*Nopdong (Green) has the disadvantage in the intelligence portion because they have more players to potentially make more mistakes.


The first round goes on for a really long time. Eventually, Hwang In-sun misses a number. That means that Nopdong (Green) has a chance to catch one ball, and Madong (Orange) gets two.

Kwon Ah-sol catches a ball. We then speed through a few rounds. This portion is heavily edited, with just random clips of players making mistakes and others catching balls, it’s hard to tell who’s making the most mistakes.


We do however at least get a tally at the end of the game. At the end Nopdong (Green) caught 18 balls and Madong (Orange) got 22.

Number of errors:

Madong (Orange)

  • Lee Hae-sung – 2
  • Park Seo-hyun – 2
  • Han Kyung-ryul – 1

Nopdong (Green)

  • Lim Dong-hwan – 3
  • MJ Kim – 2
  • Hwang In-sun – 7
  • Chae Ji-won – 2
  • Hong Sa-hyuk – 1


It’s time to throw the balls at a target with marks. The are 16 marks on each target. The team to knock off more marks wins the team challenge.

Madong’s Jung In-jik goes first. He misses. Then, Nopdong’s Pharaoh hits the board so hard that he gets one mark down and two marks fall half way down. It only counts if the marks fall off completely, but at least those two will fall down more easily now.

Pharaoh is doing really well, he keeps getting multiple marks with one ball. It’s Pharaoh 10 to Jung In-jik 4 now.


Cue melancholy music. It sounds like a funeral. Jung In-jik throws again and again while missing. This is juxtaposed with the green team’s pieces disappearing one by one and scenes of the Madong players fighting with each other. Ha-el looks out her jail cell. It’s a pitiful montage for Madong. This is really brutal watching Jung In-jik throwing the balls so hard and missing so much.

In the end, Nopdong (Green) wins 13 to 6.


Jung In-jik, “We started with an advantage of four balls, but we lost because of me.”

Lee Byeong-kwan, “Jung In-jik, you’re good at throwing, you were just mentally stressed today from all the fighting between alliances.”


Nopdong (Green) cheers for their fourth victory in a row.

MJ Kim, “We’ve never lost while I was leader.”

Pharaoh teases Yoon Macho for being useless during the ball catching. Jang Hanbyul even yelled at him to stay in the back. He’s not too hung up about it though, because they have delicious ramen to look forward to.


Yang Sang-guk got several injuries from falling during the team challenge while trying to catch the balls, and has to leave to get treated. When Yang Sang-guk comes back, he has his hand and wrist taped up. He tells Lee Hae-sung that they need to acknowlege that they all worked their hardest today. None of them threw the mission.

Jung In-jik wants to be eliminated. He feels too guilty.

Lee Hae-sung tells him to think about it for 20 more minutes.

Lee Byeong-kwan, “Up until now, we’ve never eliminated anyone for doing poorly on a team challenge.” (Huh? Didn’t he say that was why they oh so fairly decided to kick out Choi Seol-hwa?)

Jung In-jik writes a letter to Park Ha-el who’s still stuck in jail, “I’m leaving today.” She shows it to Lee Hae-sung. society-game-episode-6-fff

MJ Kim tells her minions one by one, “I’ll go according to the plan.” Are we finally going to see a blacklist elimination?

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

MJ allots the money equally with 1 million won to each player except Pharaoh who gets 2 million for securing their win in the team challenge.

Kwon Ah-sol, “Wow they are so democratic (and fair).”

MJ walks into the blacklist booth. She can choose to write down a name or not. So far both Hong Sa-hyuk and Lim Dong-hwan have been written once. Players get eliminated after being written on the blacklist twice.


As for the eliminations, Lee Hae-sung chooses Yang Sang-guk.

Yang Sang-guk says that he feels apologetic for not protecting his babies. He hugs everyone before he leaves, even Lee Hae-sung.

End Narration: In order to create the ideal society, one leader must have countless talents. However, one thing the leader must not have is weakness.


The booming voice suddenly announces that there is another elimination today. The blacklist elimination is Kim Hee-jun. Huh? That came out of nowhere. It’s revealed that MJ also blacklisted him on the day before.

MJ Kim, “He tried too much to be the president.”

Kim Hee-jun, “I think I was too greedy and that had a negative effect.” He’s pretty calm with it though, and even leaves a post-it for his teammates saying, “Good Luck!”


Macho sobs while hugging Kim Hee-jun. Jang Hanbyul cries too.

Second End Narration: There was a great leader who took care of his teammates’ food and loved his community. However, he was the only one who considered himself a perfect leader, and he wanted to be a leader forever. Thus, history called him a dictator.”

Next Week: treadmills



  1. donutcoolio

    I can’t wait to see what will happen to Madong after Yang Sang-guk’s elimination. Whether they would continue their losing streak or the time will come for Nopdong to lose :I I think Nopdong has more advantage to win (for now) because the situation in Madong is still unstable.. We’ll see how it goes ^^’

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I can’t believe how quickly things fell apart in Madong, and you’re right that things will only get worse now that Yang Sang-guk is gone.

  2. momo_elf96

    Fortunes have really turned for both sides, as we see a freaking meltdown in Madong over the fight of power. Sangguk should have never gave Haesung the key, and now the final 3 for Madong are as good as locked. So I won’t be surprised if Kwon Ahsol and the rest start throwing games. If Injik really wanted to help the other alliance, he could have tried a rebellion and have them ring the gong. But his place is good as secured, even though Haesung looks like a lost puppy as leader unlike Sangguk. With Sangguk gone, things aren’t looking bright in Madong at all.

    Things will start to get interesting in Nopdong when MJ is forced to start eliminating people. Macho and Insun have proved to be useless, so it will be interesting if MJ will want to bring them to the final 3. The ideal final 3 for Nopdong for now is MJ, Pharoh and Hanbyul; and I don’t see MJ losing her leader position unless something out of the ordinary happens.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      That’s a good point about MJ. Hwang In-sun & Chae Ji-an expect her to take them to the finals, but so do Yoon Macho & Pharaoh. You’re right that both alliances contain one useless member, so I doubt either of those alliances will make it to the end.

      My ideal teams are

      MJ (Strength)
      Lim Dong-hwan (Strength & Intelligence)
      Pharaoh (Strength & Dexterity)

      Hyun Kyung-ryul (Intelligence)
      Jung In-jik (Intelligence and Dexterity)
      Lee Byeong-kwan (Strength)

      I left out Lee Hae-sung because he’s been surprisingly bad at intelligence games so far.

  3. Coffeeclimber

    Well, I just got a life lesson from this episode and the last.

    Don’t be weak.

    As a leader, once you’ve capitulated to a position of self-pity and self-sacrifice, it will be those around you who will suffer the most. Unfortunately, it was a mess that Sanggok had created himself.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Yang Sang-guk’s role was really surprisingly anti-climatic. I remember watching a pre-show interview where he said he felt like everyone was expecting him to be the next Jang Dong-min, so he would do his best to fill in those shoes. So much for that.

  4. Christine

    Things seem to have turned really bad for Madong. I’m not surprised that there wasn’t really a master plan behind Sangguk’s emotional breakdown. He seems to genuinely be a nice person who really wants to look out for everyone–which obviously is not a great thing for this show. I was surprised that Yang Sangguk was eliminated though, because despite his behavior in this episode, Lee Hae-Sung and him seemed to genuinely get along. In my opinion, he should have eliminated Ha-el, who was flakey about her alliances and didn’t ever contribute to the games. That way, he has some justification of why he eliminated Seol-hwa, and could perhaps gain some trust from Sang-guk’s faction, especially Kyung-ryul who is relatively neutral and seems to just want to play the games properly. I’m kinda annoyed at Kwon Ah-sol and Seohyun for wanting to throw the game, because despite the betrayal they should have tried to regroup and hopefully change some alliances around like Sangguk did.

    Over at Nopdong, it seems like Queen MJ will rule forever, though as momo_elf96 pointed out MJ will have to start eliminating people. At this point, she should start blacklisting everyone at least once so she can easily eliminate them if she needs to. I’m glad she got rid of Hee-jun, he was starting to be really creepy, always lurking around and trying to grab power. Not to mention, he never really contributed much to the team, despite believing he did. It will be interesting how things will shake up, especially in regards to who can easily be blamed for causing strife in the community–no more Oliver or Heejun. I hope Hanbyul starts joining in the on the politics, it’ll be interesting to see which alliance/s he can join.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I doubt he could have eliminated Ha-el without losing the trust of his alliance. Also, Hae-sung and Ha-el seem really close just with the way they talk to each other. Nevertheless, I’m also surprised that he chose to eliminate Yang Sang-guk. He had that long conversation with Kwon Ah-sol and Park Seo-hyeon on not giving up and how he was going to take care of them. So much for that.

      Unlike you, I thought Yang Sang-guk had some master plan thought out. Guess I was wrong.

  5. The Genius... 's fan

    This episode marks the end of the first half of the game with the departure of two prominent ex-leaders from both societies alongside the rise to the top by MJ Kim and Lee Haesung.

    Sangguk seemed to have developed a defeatist mentality last episode and this week he is full-on rage mode. I am slightly disappointed that he is acting this way because he was one of advocates for the “this is just a game”.

    Hee-jun didn’t seem too surprised at his eviction, maybe he saw the writing on the wall with the changing tide to MJ. (maybe he is just hiding it well)

    Not quite sure about the winner’s edit for anyone in Nop-dong other than MJ.

    I want Hwang Insun and Macho to be eliminated soon purely based on their lack of skills, though my fear is that she will float to top 5 as they are so malleable and susceptible to MJ’s ideas that they are just blind votes for MJ at this point (although I feel like this is the same for everyone since they all trust MJ so much).

    I’m looking through the list of remaining players in Nop-dong and I predict that Sahyuk and Donghwan (maybe Hanbyul?) are the likely evictees in the future episodes. I feel like the future episodes in Nop-dong would basically be everyone colluding to keep the one targeted person in the dark, and when that person is gone, the same thing repeats again unles something drastic happens, which probably won’t.

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I hadn’t noticed that, but now that you mention it, it’s pretty fitting that Yang Sang-guk and Kim Hee-jun got eliminated on the same day. They couldn’t have written a more shocking elimination. It just goes to show how awesome the PDs were in creating the proper set up.

      Kim Hee-jun enjoys being the center of attention, but he is genuinely kind and has strong social skills, so that’s probably why he didn’t take the elimination too seriously. Also his wife does pretty well financially, so he wouldn’t be too hung up on not getting the prize money. I think he just got really caught up in the game, but once he got eliminated, he realized again that it’s all just a game.

      I agree that Hwang Insun should get eliminated, but Macho has strangely really grown on me. He’s such a liability in games, but I just get so much entertainment seeing him interact with the Nopdong players. haha.

      • The Genius... 's fan

        I agree with your opinion of Kim Hee-jun. It is just that comparing his eviction to the recent ones, like Sangguk’s blowout, Seolhwa’s tearful exit, he’s is surprisingly calm in comparison (lack of drama pre-eviction and during eviction).

        Also, I doubt anyone is in the game needing the prize. They all seem genuinely interested in the experience and partaking in a social experiment.


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