Society Game Recap: Episode 7

Society Game Recap: Episode 7
Episode 7: November 27, 2016

Last Week: MJ Kim became leader of Nopdong (Green) for the third day in a row. Madong (Orange) became divided under leader Lee Hae-sung’s rule. Nopdong (Green) won the Foul Ball team mission, and Yang Sang-guk was eliminated.


It’s 9 PM in Nopdong (Green). Yoon Macho says he was hurt when Kim Hee-jun hugged him after being eliminated and asked, “Why did you betray me?” MJ consoles him saying, “It wasn’t betrayal. This is no time to be sad. This is just the start.” Start of what? More betrayals?

While the two continue their plotting, Hwang In-sun and Pharaoh do lunges across the courtyard, passing back and forth in front of MJ and Yoon Macho. LOL at the PD’s choice of BG music. It goes from eerie to comical to eerie to comical.


With the eerie music in the background, MJ whispers to Yoon Macho that there are three brains left. (Hong Sa-huk, Jang Han-byul, and Chae Ji-an.) Which one should they take to the finals?

Then it’s the comical BG music, as the focus shifts back to Hwang In-sun and Pharaoh lunging. Pharaoh, “You’re gonna be supper skinny if you keep doing this.”


In Madong (Orange), Leader Lee Hae-sung announces, “Let’s all gather for a meeting.” He’s trying to do his best Yang Sang-guk impersonation. Lee Hae-sung, “Jung In-jik performed the worst in the team challenge, but Yang Sang-guk asked me to eliminate him, especially since he had an injury. It’s my fault for making things confusing. Starting tomorrow, there will be no more alliances.”

*Opening credits scene*

Kwon Ah-sol is still pissed. “What a coward,” he says. Park Seo-hyeon goes up to him and sobs. She’s like a little kid seeking out her big brother.


Lee Hae-sung continues his attempts to get Kwon Ah-sol on his side. Lee Hae-sung admits that he has no right to be leader. Kwon Ah-sol says they should be kicking out those who don’t help out their society. That’s why Yang Ji-an and Park Ha-el should be eliminated (and not Park Seo-hyeon or Yang Sang-guk.) Kwon Ah-sol conceeds though that he and Park Seo-hyeon will work hard from now on and ends the talk with words of encouragement and a pat on the back, ” You’re the leader now, don’t take things so hard.”

NOOOOOO! I was so looking forward to the drama. All that conflict is just going to end peacefully like that?

Kwon Ah-sol tells the cameras that now that he’s the oldest, he feels a sense of responsibility to fill in for Yang Sang-guk.

Lee Byeong-kwan and Hyun Kyung-rul look on as Lee Hae-sung and Kwon Ah-sol talk. Lee Byeong-kwan says he can’t tell who’s the leader between Lee Hae-sung and Kwon Ah-sol. Lee Hae-sung looks like a kid getting scolded by his big brother. Lee Byeong-kwan tells the cameras that he hates being under such a mentally weak leader. He and Hyun Kyung-ryul plot to overthrow Lee Hae-sung. Wow, you really can’t trust anyone in Madong.


Pharaoh of Nopdong (Green) notices the post-it that the recently eliminated Kim Hee-jun left behind. He also left an envelope with all the past leader hints. How kind.


Meanwhile, it’s been 8 hours since Park Ha-el’s been in jail. She finally gets out. That’s 8 million won accrued for the team (~8,000 USD). She says it was mentally draining being in there, especailly during the elinination ceremony when she could only hear what was going on.

After letting Park Ha-el out, Lee Hae-sung then calls in Jung In-jik and tells him he was lying about “no more alliances.” Jung In-jik is against it and disappointed in Lee Hae-sung for lying to the group.

Kwon Ah-sol stays up all night thinking. How is he going to get back on top?

I rooted for Lee Hae-sung when he was in the minority, but now I feel more for Kwon Ah-sol. PD Jeong Jong-yeon is really good at making you want to root for the underdogs. I feel like by the end of this show, I will have rooted for almost everyone at some point.


The next morning in Madong , everyone works together to make breakfast. They’re all getting along so well. Even Park Ha-el approaches Park Seo-hyeon to talk, and now they’re suddenly besties. Park Seo-hyeon sounds like a little kid. It’s too bad that she and Chae Ji-an almost never interact. It’d be interesting to see the dynamics between the two babies of the teams.


In Nopdong (Green), Lim Dong-hwan goes to the storage room to get ingredients to make breakfast and chastises the production team for spilling rice and putting trash in their rice. He tells Yoon Macho to shake his fingers and yell at the cameras. Omg that’s not trash, it’s the key to the leader’s hints. We found out last week that the hints added up to three words; storage, rice, and floor.


It’s 8 AM which means there is another set of leader hints. This time, MJ Kim gets “R” with the number “7” in the corner. MJ continues to try to figure out the leader hints. She’s focusing on the numbers.

Madong’s (Orange) hint contains three words. inside, eet (잇), and head. I don’t know what “eet” means, and neither does Lee Hae-sung, so he shares the eet clue with the other Madong players to try to figure it out. He lies and tells them that the leader’s hint only had one word on it. They guess that eet might mean “it” in English.

Nopdong Daily Elections

Everyone’s sure that MJ will be leader again, but Yoon Macho volunteers for leader for fun. It’s just wishful thinking though.


  • Mj Kim → 8 votes
  • Yoon Macho → 0 votes

Macho is a bit disappointed. He was hoping for at least one vote.


In Madong (Orange), Kwon Ah-sol calls Jung In-jik to talk about Lee Hae-sung. Kwon Ah-sol wants them three to go to the finals, with Park Seo-hyeon being in the final four. Lee Hae-sung then comes over to confirm the deal. Lee Hae-sung asks him point blank, “Do you have any plans to betray me?” Kwon Ah-sol, “Not at all.”

He doesn’t blink an eye. Well, actually he does blink literally, but I mean figuratiely, he doesnt. Lee Hae-sung asks him for an hour to think it over. He wants to make an alliance with Kwon Ah-sol since he’s the strongest by far, but is a little hesitant about keeping Park Seo-hyeon.


Kwon Ah-sol tells the cameras that he’s loyal to Park Seo-hyeon and wants to get rid of Lee Hae-sung. Zoom in on Kwon Ah-sol’s face. Yes! There will be drama! It’s just that we’ll have to wait a little longer.


Nopdong (Green) is busy trying to figure out the leader hints. MJ shares all of hers with her teammates. They finally figure out that the hints are the equivalents of Korean letters on the English keyboard. They figure out “storage” is one of the words and Yoon Macho reminds them about Lim Dong-hwan finding a mess in the rice storage that morning. Pharaoh and Lim Dong-hwan go back to the rice pot and empty it out.

There, they find the “leader’s nameplate.” The holder of the leader’s nameplate can be the leader whenever he/she wants except for on the final day. It can only be used once. MJ gives it to Pharaoh since he’s the one who found it.

Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

Today’s challenge is titled, “Iron Will Runner.”


Three people per team will run on a treadmill and the team with the last runner running wins. The catch though is that the rest of the team members will take turns throwing balls at marks on a target. Every time they knock off a mark, they can choose one treadmill to go up in speed by one level.

  • Level 1: 8 km/hr
  • Level 2: 10 km/hr
  • Level 3: 12 km/hr
  • Level 4: 13 km/hr
  • Level 5: 14 km/hr
  • Level 6: 15 km/hr
  • Level 7: 16 km/hr


For the mini-game, one person from each team will throw balls at the targets. There are 16 marks on each target, just like in the previous team challenge, and the first to get an entire row of four marks knocked off first wins. It’s like bingo.

Madong (Orange) chooses Kwon Ah-sol, and Nopdong (Green) goes with Lim Dong-hwan.

Kwon Ah-sol gets a ton of marks knocked off, but there’s no complete row yet. Lim Dong-hwan takes some time to get his first mark.

Despite getting fewer marks overall, Lim Dong-hwan gets a bingo first. Nopdong (Green) wins!


The secret box from winning the mini-game contains a set of die. Two team challenges and the final challenge will contain a “dice stacking” component. Nopdong (Green) has been doing really well throwing tennis balls at marks due to getting that help from a previous secret box, so these secret boxes are a huge advantage.

Strategizing for the Team Challenge

The main task at hand is to figure out who’ll be running and who’ll be throwing. In Nopdong (Green), Hwang In-sun wants to run during the team challenge, but the others are against it. I’m a bit worried about her too because she’s obviously shorter than the men, so her legs are shorter too.


Madong’s (Orange) strategy is to attack everyone early on, even if it means that they won’t be able to send them to the faster levels because if they attack early, then the runners will get tired faster anyways. Their plan is to send everyone to 12 km/hr which is the third level. With three runners, that means they need nine marks. Lee Hae-sung wants to run. “I’m confident. I’m going to run until I throw up.”

Hyun Kyung-ryul is surprisingly good at throwing.

Also, Lee Hae-sung distributes the money earned from the prison mission.

Special Auction

The booming voice interrupts both teams and says there will be a special auction for food starting at 1 million won. The food up for auction is half and half black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles. It’s worth like 7 thousand won (~7 USD) in the real world, but the bet starts at 1 million won (~1, ooo USD). Both Yoon Macho and Hong Sa-hyuk take up the bet at a million. Yoon Macho wins the bet at 2 million won. He has money to burn because he won the lottery in a previous episode.


Yoon Macho has to go to the Neutral Complex for his special meal. It’s funny though how he eats all by himself surrounded by guards so that he can’t share the food with his teammates. Pharaoh looks on hungrily. The first bite is delicious, but then Yoon Macho screams out, “Who put potatoes in the black bean noodles?!?!” They’ve been eating almost nothing but rice and potatoes this whole time. Yoon Macho tries to sneak in a few bites to his teammates, but the guard says no. At least he tried.

There’s a little bit more time left until the team challenge starts.


Yoon Macho and MJ scheme to get the leader’s nameplate back from Pharaoh. Hong Sa-hyuk asks Pharaoh if he wants to create an alliance. He responds, “We’ll see.” Poor guy. He’s lost without Oliver Jang.

Team Challenge: Iron Will Runner

So far, Nopdong (Green) has won 4 team challenges, and Madong (Orange) has won 2.


Today’s special prize is a mini-fridge filled with Trevi sparkling water. Everyone cheers because even after they drink all the Trevi water, they can use the fridge to keep their plain water cool.

The challenge starts. The runners are

  • Nopdong (Green): Pharaoh, Hwang In-sun, MJ Kim
  • Madong (Orange): Kwon Ah-sol, Lee Hae-sung, Lee Byeong-kwan


After winning a coin toss. Madong gets to throw first.

Park Seo-hyeon says to Park Ha-el, “Angel Unnie Hwaiting!” I can’t believe how quickly these two went from enemies to friends.

Nopdong (Green) predictably attacks Kwon Ah-sol first.

Hwang In-sun is doing well because no one attacks her. She’s just standing still at 0 km/hr. At this rate, she might just outlast everyone else.

The running belt on Kwon Ah-sol’s thredmill breaks, so everyone takes a short break. It’s probably because he’s so heavy.

Kwon Ah-sol is at 15 km/hr now. He’s almost maxed out.


LOL at Hwang In-sun still being at 0 km/hr. This may end up being their best unintention strategy. Everyon on the other team underestimates her so much that she gets to conserve her energy. It’s rough for everyone else though. More shirts are coming off now.

It’s been 50 minutes since the team challenge started. Everyone running looks like a zombie except Hwang In-sun. No facial expressions. Lee Hae-sung quits. (So much for running until he throws up.) Pharaoh falls off. Then Kwon Ah-sol gives up too.

It’s been 1 hour and 20 minutes now. There are just three players left. Lee Byeong-kwan for Madong and MJ/Hwang In-sun for Nopdong.

MJ Kim’s gone. It’s Hwang In-sun vs Lee Byeong-kwan.

Lee Byeong-kwan’s slapping his face to keep himself focused. He’s about to give out. Hwang In-sun just might have a chance, because she got a lot of rest in the beginning.


1 hour 30 minutes. It’s 30 degrees Celcius outside. Kwon Ah-sol tries to fan Lee Byeong-kwan. Poor guy. He falls off onto the mat behind him, and in slow motion to boot.


Holy moly can’t believe Hwang In-sun outlasted everyone.

Everyone on Madong looks so deflated. This is their fifth loss in a row. Lee Byeong-kwan looks like he’s going to pass out. Lee Hae-sung’s face is still as red as a tomato even though he stopped running long ago.

Team Challenge Aftermath

Everyone’s mad at Lee Hae-sung for doing such a poor job. If he had lasted just a little longer, some of the attacks would have been deflected to him, so that Lee Byeong-kwan could have run longer.

Hyun Kyung-ryul is dissapointed, “Lee Hae-sung only ran because he sucks at throwing.”

Lee Byeong-kwan tells the cameras, “I think he is talented at being a terrible leader.”

Park Ha-el is also dissapointed in herself for throwing poorly.


MJ Kim is thinking about herself, Yoon Macho, Pharaoh, and Jang Hanbyul for the final four. OoOoh. I wonder what the other women think about that.

While everyone’s eating, Lee Hae-sung talks about his intention to eliminate himself, but Jung In-jik calls him over to try to convince him that they should eliminate Park Ha-el instead.


Lee Byeong-kwan isn’t happy with this and tattles to Park Ha-el to let her know about their alliance breaking up. They both then go to confront the others. Jung In-jik is honest and tells her it’s because she’s the weakest link.

Park Ha-el says she was angry at first, but she accepts that it’s the truth.

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

Now it’s time for everyone to go to the Neutral Complex for eliminations.

MJ allots the team challenge winnings evenly except to Pharaoh and Hwang In-sun who get an extra million each. We also get a look at Madong’s accumulated totals which includes the money alloted from the jail mission.



MJ goes to the blacklist booth. Who will be gone this time?


It’s time for eliminations. Leader Lee Hae-sung decides to eliminate Park Ha-el. She cries but says she understands and decided to yield for the better good of the team.


End Narration: For the first time, Madong chose to eliminate someone for a reason other than politics. Inside the war like conflict and the unending losses, Madong finally found the wisdom to make a rational decision. 

The booming voice announces that there is also a blacklist elimination today. It’s Lim Dong-hwan. He laughs in shock and at first doesn’t even interact with anyone on his team as he walks away to collect his belongings. (He gives them a hug later though.)

Lim Dong-hwan questions himself for not playing politics enough.

MJ, “I didn’t trust him. He might have tried to rally again me later.”

Pharaoh is shocked that MJ kept this secret from him. He didn’t know she way going to blacklist someone.


Second End Narration: The day after the presidential elections in the United States, President Obama said, “The path that this country has taken has never been a straight line. We zig and zag and sometimes we move in ways that some people think is forward and others think is moving back. That’s the way politics works sometimes.”


Next Week: Another player exchange



  1. The Genius... 's fan

    I’m sad about the elimination of Lim Dong-hwan, especially when he is such a valuable player who has proven himself again and again. Also, I really do not understand why MJ Kim likes Yoon Macho that much, I personally do not share the same level of empathy for him.

    MJ Kim is sneaky, although I believe she should be in the final 3, I want Pharoh to shake things up by using the Leader’s nameplate or whatever it is called. It is unfortunate that Hwang Insun and Chae Jiwon are being played so thoroughly by MJ right now.

    Lee Hae-sung is disappointing this episode. He is definitely not a strong leader. I am, however, surprised by the amount of silent dissent running beneath the surface in Ma-dong.

    Also, MJ is slowly turning, if not already, into a dictator. I wonder why she did not tell Pharoh about Lim Donghwan’s elimination. It seems like she is gambling the fact that Pharoh will still be loyal to her despite this betrayal of trust by leaving him in the dark. (Although I don’t see how Pharoh will “rebel” against MJ’s rule even if he wants to. MJ essentially has a lock on Nop-dong at this point.)

    • killerhawk2000

      Why MJ keep Yoon Macho around is because she has him wrapped around her finger. He like a loyal dog and his presence himself is creating a subtle tension because is suck so much. If need be he can be the sacrificial lamb when or if MJ mess up.

      • The Genius... 's fan

        I do agree with you. That was more of a rhetorical question. But I just cannot stand the idea that Macho will outlast everyone else. I guess this is politics, it’s never always the best player that will survive to the end.

        • Korean Variety Recaps

          I’m also sad about Lim Dong-hwan since he was my favorite Nopdong player for being so well-rounded. He’s good at strength/dexterity and decent in intelligence. Also, it was hilarious watching him when he got angry at Macho, the PD, etc.

          Macho, on the other hand is the worst . . . it’ll be interesting to see what happens as time goes on. I can’t imagine MJ wanting to take him all the way to the finals when Pharaoh, Hanbyul, Hong Sa-hyuk, and Chae Ji-an are so much more useful. Basically everyone except Hwang In-sun. Maybe MJ will drop him after the final four.

  2. momo_elf96

    All I can say is that… WHAT AN EPISODE! I’ll split my thoughts into different parts

    For this round, it focused on the dexterity (throwing) and physical (running) components. Kyung-rul surprised me with his good throwing but omg Haesung has proved to be a black hole not only in his leadership, but also his abilities. 10km/h isn’t even that fast for a guy and he gave up in less than an hour, which is really disappointing.

    I didn’t like how Madong focused everything on Pharoh, and should have split some marks to Insun. I believed she would get uncomfortable at a 12km/h pace, and you can see her still smiling while running despite being under the intense heat. Byeong-kwan was a beast lasting so long but having to run against someone who started 40 minutes later than him was not a fair fight.

    Being the weak link, Haesung eliminating Hael was no surprise, even though she belonged to the original alliance of 5 with Haesung.

    Donghwan’s elimination… WOW MJ girl wtf are you doing?!! Even the people at Madong are flabbergasted at that elimination. Donghwan has proved to be an all rounder in games (his throwing and physical skills are definitely top 3 in Nopdong) and a huge asset to the team, so it is shocking that MJ wouldn’t want to keep him for at least 1 more round. MJ must really feel that Donghwan is a threat, but again living in an enclosed area for 14 days can make you not think straight. I feel that this decision might come back to haunt her when Nopdong loses next time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a revolt in Madong soon, as Haesung has proved to be an incapable leader. With Hael’s exit, Seohyeon will seem likely to be the next target but she is someone Asol wants to protect. If a revolt is going to happen, it surely will be from Byeong-kwan as he has shown his dissatisfaction at Haesung being leader. It will be interesting when the 2 key holders will strike, given how there are 6 of them remaining, so essentially the key holders will just require the support of Asol, Seohyeon and Kyungrul.

    MJ’s leadership is starting to show cracks as people will start to doubt whether they are truly safe. I don’t think anyone expected Donghwan’s elimination, so it will be very interesting to see how Pharoh uses his leader’s plate. MJ and Macho wanting to get the leader’s plate just shows that she doesn’t fully trust Pharoh. I have no idea why MJ would want to bring in Macho into the final 3. MJ will cover physical while Pharoh will cover the dexterity, so the question is who will she bring in for intelligence, something which Macho sucks at. Indeed, you can trust no one in the game.

    Thank you KVR for the very fast recap!! Looking forward to more Society Game because things will truly be more interesting in the upcoming episodes!

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Madong was kind of boring for a while, but now I’m excited again to see how things turn out with Haesung as leader. I definitely think they’ll be another rebellion whether it’s through Lee Byeong-kwan & Hyun Kyung-rung or Kwon Ah-sol & Park Seo-hyun.

      You’re right that MJ’s leadership is showing cracks too. The PD is so good at editing that I doubt the ending with Pharaoh giving his shocked comments about the blacklist elimination was a throwaway. That combined with the screen time given to MJ plotting to take the leader’s nametag back from Pharaoh, I bet he’s going to try to do something in the upcoming episodes.

      Also, great review of the episode. I learn more reading from the comments, and it’s amazing how much more perceptive everyone is than I am.

  3. Dorothy (@dotloveskpop)

    Liked MJ at the start, but I can’t deal with her anymore! Just when I start to like Oliver, MJ chooses him to go to Madong, and now she eliminates such a peace-loving, valuable player Donghwan? :((

  4. rikamayaz

    A lot of people seems to be questioning about MJ’s decision, but I think what she did is the right thing

    In the end, the goal of each player is to be in the Final 3 to participate in the final stage. The best way for MJ to be in the final stage is if she is the only STR (I use this term to explain players that utilized their brawn as their main power) player in the village. As a female, she is totally at a disadvantaged condition if Donghwan is still in the village until the game before the final stage.Why? The leader at that time might prevent her from participating the final stage because they might prefer Donghwan, as a male, to participate the final game because generally males are stronger physically than females. If MJ managed to kick Pharaoh, then she could easily sneak into the final stage.

    Now, the problem is that how many villager exchange will occur? If someone like Byungkwan, Injik, and Asol decided to move to Nopdong, then her position as a STR player will be greatly threatened. There are currently so many conflict in Madong and I think that the three of them will be much more eager to move to the other village, so she needs to step really-really carefully.


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