Society Game Recap: Episode 8

Society Game Recap: Episode 8
Episode 8: December 4, 2016

Last Week: Pharaoh found the leader’s nameplate. Madong lost the team challenge after a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful effort by Lee Byeong-kwan. Lee Hae-sung eliminated Park Ha-el for being the weakest link, and Lim Dong-hwan also got eliminated through the blacklist.

As usual, the episode picks up right after last week’s elimination ceremony.


In Nopdong (Green), Pharaoh tells the cameras that he feels very sorry to Lim Dong-hwan. The two of them were in the middle of making mashed potatoes when they got called into the eliminations ceremony. After putting in all that work, poor Lim Dong-hwan never got to taste their food.

Pharaoh and MJ talk privately. MJ is weepy and apologizes to Pharaoh for not telling him beforehand about blacklisting Lim Dong-hwan. She says she didn’t know how to tell him because she knew that he’d be sad about it, but it was necessary for the game. Pharaoh asks her if she’s going to be leader again tomorrow. MJ, “It doesn’t matter. You can be the leader.” She’s so good at playing the innocent kid who just goes along with what the oppas tell her to do. Pharaoh encourages her not to feel too guilty.

Meanwhile, to the cameras, MJ says that she’s happy that Lim Dong-hwan’s gone. She can relax now and continue playing dictator in peace.


Yoon Macho tells Hanbyul to follow him and not tell anyone about their alliance. Jang Hanbyul is a well-rounded player, but we haven’t seem much of him politicking, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of his interactions with Yoon Macho.

In Madong (Orange), Lee Hae-sung and Lee Byeong-kwan talk about how the others have been complaining about Lee Hae-sung’s lack of leadership. Lee Byeong-kwan wants to be the next leader, but the problem is that there isn’t anyone trustworthy to give the revolution keys. He says he definitely doesn’t want to give them to Kwon Ah-sol, maybe Park Seo-hyeon.

Lee Byeong-kwan tells the cameras that it’s really difficult to be as bad a leader as Lee Hae-sung is. Lee Byeong-kwan tells the remaining three members from Yang Sang-guk’s allianace that he has no faith in Lee Hae-sung. Which alliance is this guy in again?


Back in Nopdong (Green), MJ talks with Hwang In-sun. MJ says, “Unnie, you look so much prettier without makeup.” What a sly, sly fox. Hwang In-sun is worried about how there are still five games left, so they shouldn’t be blacklisting people just yet. They needed Lim Dong-hwan for the team challenges. MJ just ignores her opinion and whispers to her that they can’t trust “Chae Ji-won.” What now!? I thought all the women of Nopdong were in this together.


In Madong (Orange), Jung In-jik and Lee Byeong-kwan realize that they need to win the next games, otherwise, even if they get to the finals, they’re not going to get much money. Currently, Madong is divided into two three-member alliances. Lee Hae-sung, Jung In-jik, and Lee Byeong-kwan versus Kwon Ah-sol, Park Seo-hyeon, and Hyun Kyung-ryul. They know they need to give a revolution key to the other alliance to keep them happy and working hard in the team challenges.

Lee Byeong-kwan goes to ring the gong while Lee Hae-sung is busy doing an interview. Lee Byeong-kwan takes the wrong key to the locked revolution room. Is this a sign of things to come? He goes to grab the correct key. Jing!

*Opening Credits*


They only need four people to successfully revolt. Lee Byeong-kwan, Hyun Kyung-ryul, Park Seo-hyeon, and Lee Hae-sung himself is the last to ring the gong.

Lee Byeong-kwan is the new leader of Madong (Orange). He gives the revolution keys to Jung In-jik and Park Seo-hyeon. The mood in Madong is instantaneously better.

Hyun Kyung-ryul is the only one who’s not optimistic. He doesn’t know what to make of the new leader. He thinks that Lee Byeong-kwan has been too self-cenetered so far to make a good leader.


The next morning, only Hyun Kyung-ryul wakes up early to make breakfast. He washes the rice, peels potatoes, cleans the chicken coop, etc. He tells the cameras that Lee Byeong-kwan is the laziest on their team.

Now that Lee Byeong-kwan is the leader, no one’s really helping with the housework. Lee Byeong-kwan explains to the cameras that he doesn’t really feel the need to do housework, he’ll just focus on the leadership aspects. What a difference in attitude from Yang Sang-guk.


It’s morning, so MJ opens the daily leader’s hint which is the letter “D” with a 3 in the top right corner. It’s meaningless though since they already figured it out. “D” refers to the Korean character “ㅇ” which is used to spell out “창고/storage”

In Madong (Orange), lazy Lee Byeong-kwan wakes up late, so everyone’s antsy about opening up the leader’s hint. Lee Byeong-kwan shows the card to Lee Hae-sung first, and then the rest of the group after taking some time to think it over by himself. The Madong hint is “arm, knee.”

They wonder if it really is the pillows since pillows can be used for arms and knees. Also, the hint from the previous day, “eet’ might have referred to pillow covers. Hyun Kyung-ryul reminds his teammates that he’s already looked at all of the pillows, but they take another look and gather all the pillows. There’s nothing there, so they wonder if Jang Hanbyul took a pillow to the other complex during the player exchange.

Nopdong Daily Elections

It time again for the daily elections in Nopdong (Green). No one volunteers, so MJ is automatically the leader again.


Since they have 30 minutes to kill while they wait for the elections to end, the Nopdong (Green) players gossip about appearances. Pharaoh can lower his eyebrows really low. Dr. Hong Sa-hyuk recommends that he gets some Botox. Yoon Macho says that MJ looks like the the singer Tei. MJ, “Who’s that? Is it a man or a woman?” Tei is a man LOL.

MJ says if she had met Macho on the outside, she’d put him in the hospital for about 8 weeks.


Lee Byeong-kwan has an announcement for everyone. He wants to create some tension so that everyone will work harder in the team challenges.

  1. Keep in mind that even the revolution key holders can be eliminated.
  2. The worst player during the team challenge will get 0 won.
  3. He will warn the top two elimination candidates before the elimination ceremony, so they can prepare mentally .
Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

Today’s challenge is titled Lumberjack. There are three stages.


The first is physical, where two people will break logs into small enough pieces to fit through a narrow pipe. They have to place log pieces in the pipe until they can knock out a round container on the other end. No putting fingers in the pipe.


The second stage is intelligence. One player will solve a puzzle that is contained in the round container and use that to open a chest containing several sets of dice.


The third stage is dexterity, where the remaining team members each have to stack 15 dice. When everyone’s done, they can raise their flag. The first team to do so wins.

The pre-team challenge mini-game is stacking dice. One player from each team will take turns stacking dice, the first to knock over a dice loses.


It’s Hong Sa-hyuk (Nopdong) versus Park Seo-hyeon (Madong). Park Seo-hyeon’s hands are shaking. Hong Sa-hyuk is pretty steady. He’s must have been practicing with the dice they got in their secret box. Park Seo-hyon’s fall over first.

Nopdong wins another mini-game. They get yet another secret box.


The secret box contains a note that says they can go visit Madong (Orange) where snacks await.

The booming voice tells Madong’s leader to check the leader box for a letter. The letter tells them that Nopdong will visit them soon. They need to use to following ingredients to cook them something. The box contains ingredients and a recipe for chive pancakes.

Lee Byeong-kwan starts mixing the batter for the pancakes. Everyone’s skeptical of his cooking skills. He puts a whole container of pepper in the batter and way too much water.


Nopdong has one hour to visit. They note that the complexes look different. Madong’s is made of concrete bricks while Nopdong is wood. Hanbyul doesn’t really care about visiting Madong since he’s seen it before. The other members though are excited to check out the revolution room and the gong.

Booming voice, “Tomorrow, at the same time, there will be a player exchange. Use today’s time wisely.”

I can’t believe there’s another one! These player exchanges are such huge game changers, and it’ll make an even bigger impact this late in the game. A few people joke about sending Hanbyul back to his “home.”

Yoon Macho wants MJ to coax Kwon Ah-sol to come over. Unfortunately, Kwon Ah-sol tells Macho, “I’d rather leave than switch teams. I don’t want to hurt my team.”

MJ continues the attempt to convince Kwon Ah-sol. They small talk about MMA. She says that if he comes to Nopdong, she’ll take him to the final three.


The food doesn’t look terrible, but it’s also not round. Pancakes are supposed to be round. Silly Lee Byeong-kwan. Hwang In-sun doesn’t mind though. She thinks Lee Byeong-kwan is good looking and a good cook.

Hwang In-sun asks everyone for their ages, but it’s really just a ploy to get to know how old Lee Byeong-kwan is. “1988? “You’re only one year younger than me!”

Chae Ji-won likes the food. She must not be a picky eater, but Pharaoh says he felt sick eating so much oil. Seems like the pancakes had too much water, too much pepper, and too much oil.


While everyone else is talking and eating, MJ tells Kwon Ah-sol about their leader’s hints and shows him the location in the warehouse. Poor Hyun Kyung-ryul just looks on as the two talk. How come nobody wants to form an alliance with Hyun Kyung-ryul? I’d like to see him in the finals. My favorite player seems to change every week, but he’s currently my new bias.

Time’s up. Nopdong needs to go back home now.

After Nopdong returns, the Madong players are curious what MJ said to Kwon Ah-sol. He tells them the truth about how she tried to recruit them. Everyone’s impressed with MJ’s politiking skills. He tells the team he doesn’t want to go, but Yoon Macho and MJ kept insisting.

Park Seo-hyeon,” Oppa won’t go.”


Lee Byeong-kwan wants to send Park Seo-hyeon because she’s useless. Kwon Ah-sol protects her by saying that if they keep threatening to send her, he’ll volunteer to go over first. Lee Byeong-kwan jokes about eliminating Kwon Ah-sol so that he can’t go to the other team. He’s too strong an opponent.

Strategizing for the Team Challenge

Pharaoh and MJ practice splitting logs. Now that Lim Dong-hwan’s gone, these two are the only ones in Nopdong (Green) who can do strength missions.

Although Hong Sa-hyuk is the best at stacking dice, he wants to do the puzzle. He says he can solve it within 10 seconds. He wants to use this opportunity to prove his worth and leverage being the leader tomorrow.


In Madong (Orange) during practice, Lee Hae-sung does pretty well with stacking the dice. Hyun Kyung-ryul says he’ll do well at the puzzle because he goes to a lot of escape room cafes. LOL. It seems like something he would do in his free time.

Before the challenge starts, Yoon Macho and Pharaoh get in some last minute discussions about who to eliminate next. Hong Sa-hyuk or Chae Ji-won? Pharaoh tells Yoon Macho to go for leader tomorrow. Pharaoh tells him he’ll vote for him. Yoon Macho tries to get Hanbyul’s vote too. This looks promising.

Team Challenge: Lumberjack

Time for the team challenge. The special prize for winning the team challenge is hamburger and onion ring sets.



  • Nopdong: Pharaoh and MJ
  • Madong: Kwon Ah-sol and Jung In-jik

Lock Pickers

  • Nopdong: Hong Sa-hyuk
  • Madong: Hyun Kyung-ryul

Dice Stackers

  • Nopdong: Hwang In-sun, Jang Hanbyul, Yoon Macho, Chae Ji-an
  • Madong: Lee Hae-sung, Lee Byeong-kwan, and Park Seo-hyeon


Splitting logs is super hard. They actually have to get it cut pretty small to fit through the pipes. MJ tries to throw a piece through the pipe but it doesn’t make it all the way to the end. I guess she’ll just have to add the log pieces bit by bit. Kwon Ah-sol uses a wooden piece as a bat to smack another piece of wood and slide it all the way across the pipe. He gets the box out quickly.


That means that Hyun Kyung-ryul can start on his puzzle now. The puzzle is a combination of pictures, numbers, and words. It’s the same puzzle for both teams.

The answer is GESE.  Hyun Kyung-ryul gets it fairly quickly while Nopdong is still in the cutting logs stage.

All Madong (Orange) needs now is to stack their dice. Hong Sa-hyuk better hurry up with his puzzle.

Park Seo-hyeon and Lee Hae-sung’s stacks fall over and over. Maybe Nopdong can catch up.


Hong Sa-hyuk is having trouble with the puzzle. It takes him a long time. He finally gets it open, and scrambles to throw the bag of dice to his teammates, but by that time Lee Byeong-kwan and Park Seo-hyeon have already finished stacking their dice. It’s just Lee Hae-sung left who keeps having to restack his over and over. He can’t get his dice to balance. His hands are shaking quite a bit.

Lee Hae-sung has just one dice left. The scene goes into slow-mo.

Lee Hae-sung finishes stacking his. All three players raise their flags. The stacks have to stay put for at least five seconds. Madong wins! It’s their first win in a long time.


So much for Hong Sa-hyuk being the leader tomorrow.

Team Challenge Aftermath


Madong (Orange) is excited about the win. They only have six people left, so they have probably gotten really close, and now they’ve bonded even more over this win. Once again they remark on how sweet the food is. Yes, victory does taste sweet.


In Nopdong (Green), the mood is predictably sour. Chae Ji-won asks Hong Sa-hyuk about the puzzle. He still has the note in his pocket and shows her. Chae Ji-won, “Oh, so ABCD was just 1234? Yeah, you were probably slow cause you got nervous. It’s okay.”

Hong Sa-hyuk is pissed about losing to Hyun Kyung-ryul again. He’s also pissed about Chae Ji-won talking like the puzzle was so easy.

Back in Madong (Orange), Hyun Kyung-ryul finally gets his day in the sun. Everyone praises him and Kwon Ah-sol for being the MVPs.

Lee Byeong-kwan says he doesn’t trust Lee Hae-sung anymore, and prefers Hyun Kyung-ryul for intelligence.

Lee Hae-sung tries to appeal to Lee Byeong-kwan not to eliminate him, “If you send me, there’s no brain.”

Hyun Kyung-ryul, “Uh hello?”


Meanwhile, Hong Sa-hyuk knows he’s on thin ice, so he goes around trying to convince MJ not to eliminate him, “I’ll go to the end with you and Macho.” MJ, “So your final three are you, me, and Macho?!” Hong Sa-hyuk, “No, of course not. Macho can’t be in the final three. Just final four.” He tells her that Chae Ji-won should be eliminated instead. He then goes to talk to Pharaoh to lobby some more.

Unfortunately for Dr. Hong, Pharaoh tells Yoon Macho he’s pissed at Hong Sa-hyuk for doing so poorly on the puzzle.

Hwang In-sun tells MJ to eliminate Yoon Macho. The men are gaining too much power.


MJ then talks to Hanbyul and tells him that Hwang In-sun, Chae Ji-won, and Yoon Macho are useless. She wants them two and Pharaoh in the finals.


In Madong (Orange), Park Seo-hyeon goes to the revolution room to look for the item from the leader’s clues. Lee Byeong-kwan takes away the gong, so that she isn’t tempted to ring it.

She and Kwon Ah-sol go through the whole complex looking for what it could be. They are getting desperate.

Lee Byeong-kwan then calls in Hyun Kyung-ryul secretly to tell him that he has the item from the leader’s clues. It’s a special revolution key that can be used at any time. He found it in a pillow.

No wonder he told Hyun Kyung-ryul a few days ago that the tear in the pillow was just due to a factory flaw. He was hiding the prize the whole time.


Lee Byeong-kwan offers to give the special revolution key to Hyun Kyung-ryul for 2 million won in prize money. They decide not to tell others about the special key and to tell the others that that Hyun Kyung-ryul decided to take less prize money in return for not getting blacklisted.

As soon as Hyun Kyung-ryul takes up the offer, he realizes that there is no use for the key. He doesn’t have much to gain from being the leader.

Lee Byeong-kwan, Jung In-jik, and Lee Hae-sung make fun of how pitiful Hyun Kyung-ryul for “begging” Lee Byeong-kwan not to blacklist him. He’s so desperate that he even offered a bribe. Poor Hyun Kyung-ryul. Why does everyone make fun of him so much?

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

It’s time for the elimination ceremony. First, Lee Byeong-kwan decides to allot the money his way, as opposed to evenly as all the other leaders before him have done.

  • Kwon Ah-sol: 2,000,000
  • Lee Byeong-kwan: 3,000,000
  • Jung In-jik: 2,000,000
  • Lee Hae-sung: 0
  • Hyun Kyul-ryul: 1,000,000
  • Park Seo-hyeon: 2,000,000


Lee Hae-sung is pissed about getting nothing. No one seems happy with the allotment other than Lee Byeong-kwan.

For the blacklist, Lee Byeong-kwan writes Lee Hae-sung. The Madong players can tell he wrote down a name by the way he acts so shifty after coming out of the blacklist booth. Hyun Kyung ryul jokes, ” I gave you 1 million won!” Lee Hae-sung looks nervous.

As for the eliminations, MJ eliminates according to majority opinion which is  . . . we flashback between Hong Sa-hyuk’s and Chae Ji-won’s time so far in the game.

It’s Chae Ji-won. OOH. How’s Hwang In-sun going to feel about that? MJ cries again. “I was sadder than every else, but I had to pick in order to win.”


Chae Ji-won doesn’t seem too upset. She must have suspected that it was coming. Her only regret is not being able to do the puzzle today, so that she could have had a chance to prove herself.

End Narration: “The leader who had absolute power made a difficult decision in order to secure victory. There will be many more difficult decisions. If theses decisions weren’t difficult, if the tears weren’t hot, then victory wouldn’t be sweet.


Next Week: Lee Hae-sung gets pissed. Hyun Kyung-ryul gets more screen time.




  1. peach

    Thanks for the update! I didn’t have the motivation to watch the show after Sang-guk left 🙁 But I might now, now that Kyungryul is getting more screen time. He is a hidden gem in Madong but his lack of presence and social skills made him so unnoticeable… Idk whether it’s the editing or what, but it’s quite upsetting that he is always the one getting ignored when he has actually time and time again proved that he can take up the role of “intelligence” in the finals. Byeong-kwan is quite unlikeable here, feels like he is becoming a dictator and I feel that he is too self-centred. I actually hope Ah-sol can be the leader, just to see how Madong will turn out under his lead. I had high expectations for Hae-sung initially, was expecting he would bring out something really huge, but well, disappointed…

    I liked MJ in the beginning, but well, never really judge a person just from initial impressions. She is proving herself to be quite sly and intelligent at manipulating people. But at least she knows what she wants and is doing everything (in a really smart way) to reach her goal, kudos to her!

  2. Encik Iskandar

    Its official with this EP, MJ is too manipulative. Its a great trait to win this type of game, but just not my cup of tea.
    I hope pharoh will retaliate against MJ in next ep.

    Look like im gonna root for Asol all the way~~

  3. Yuju

    I don’t really understand what happens to the prize money at the end. There will be 3 winners right? And is the money the money the accumulated among the 3 winners or the whole team? And will it be split evenly among them?

    • pac

      From my understanding it won’t be split evenly. Whatever money you have to your name is what you win should you make it to the finals. That’s why although splitting evenly is good for team morale, it’s kind of detrimental as it restricts/limits the winner’s total prize money.

      • Yuju

        Yeah I got so confused when Haesung gave Hael the most money last week but eliminated her like why would you do that

        • pac

          it’s probably because initially he didn’t want to eliminate her, and possible there was a deadline to allocate the money (probably before the challenge, but they didnt air or mention it). So he gave her more money. After the challenge, with Injik’s (the person he wants to take to the final) ultimate, he had no other choice but to let her go.

          • Yuju

            Yeah that it possible. There is another thing though, I think in ep 4 heejun said something like he wants to keep all the prize money to himself so others can’t eliminate him but that doesn’t make sense unless the money will be split evenly? Like if everyone only got their share, wouldn’t people want to eliminate him for being selfish? If he kept all the money to himself I would eliminate him so he doesn’t get the money either

            • Korean Variety Recaps

              That confused me too because what Hee-jun said didn’t make sense. My speculations on why he said that are

              Theory 1: Hee-jun was confused and didn’t properly understand how the final monetary winnings worked out

              Theory 2: Hee-jun thought the others would just feel wasteful about throwing away so much money regardless of who gets it.

              Anyone else have thoughts on this?

              • pac

                probably the primary one LUL.
                It doesnt make sense if he said that tbh.
                If he takes all the money, it doesnt matter if they eliminate him or not, they’ll receive nothing if he distributed all to himself.
                I guess if the team, wants to “win”, then they’ll “win” (team perspective) but individually, heejun will take all of the prize money and the other two players will “win” $0 xD

  4. donutcoolio

    I just can’t understand why MJ decided to eliminate Chae Ji Won T-T she’s better than Hong Sa Hyuk at intelligence T-T

  5. ssgxolvr

    anw i think that the answer for the question is GESE instead of HIJK.

    K – 4 = G
    I – 4 = E
    W – 4 = S
    I – 4 = E

  6. Korean Variety Recaps

    Ah! That makes sense. I couldn’t figure out why the answer was HIJK. I guess I need to start triple checking my posts, but at least I have all my awesome readers helping me out. 🙂

  7. Yuju

    Agh byungkwan is so unikeabe, I hope someone rebels. So lazy and selfish
    And why eliminate jiwon 🙁 I get she isn’t the most useful person but definetly more useful than insun and macho

  8. intuitionth

    Lee byeongkwan was good when he wasn’t a leader
    At this moment, root for Hanbyul, Pharoah, Seohyeon or Byeongkwan was winner

  9. Joy

    I wish they could bring donghwan back. It was so much more fun when he was there

  10. KenToufan

    im rooting for asol since the beginning. hope he can go to final!


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