Society Game Recap: Episode 9

Society Game Recap: Episode 9
Episode 9: December 11, 2016

Last Week: Lee Byeong-kwan became the new leader of Madong. A second player exchange was announced, and MJ tried to convince Kwon Ah-sol to switch teams to Nodpong. Madong won the lumberjack team challenge due to Kwon Ah-sol and Hyun Kyung-ryul. Lee Byeong-kwan sold the leader’s hint item ( a special revolution key) to Hyun Kyung-ryul. Nopdong’s Chae Ji-won was eliminated.

It’s 9 PM. In Nopdong (Green), Hong Sa-hyuk shares the news with MJ Kim that Park Seo-hyun told him that either she, Lee Hae-sung, or Hyun Kyung-ryul would be coming over in the player exchange tomorrow. They think that Park Seo-hyun is the most likely candidate. 

Hwang In-sun also talks with MJ Kim to warn her of the Yoon Macho – Pharaoh – Hong Sa-hyuk alliance. Little does she know that MJ is the mastermind behind those three. 

The atmosphere is eerie in Nopdong (Green). Or maybe it’s just the mysterious background music making me think that. 

Meanwhile in Madong (Orange), Lee Byeong-kwan asks if anyone has any complaints or questions about the uneven money allotment. (He gave himself 3 million won, Hyun Kyung-ryul 1 million won, Lee Hae-sung 0 won, and everyone else 2 million won.) Lee Hae-sung says, “I really wanted to solve the puzzle, but I stacked dice because Hyun Kyung-ryul wasn’t as good at it. I made the sacrifice for our team, so it’s not fair that I didn’t get any money today.” Hyun Kyung-ryul, “I could have done the dice too.”

Lee Byeong-kwan, “Any other questions?” Park Seo-hyun, “Why did you get the most money?” Lee Byeong-kwan, “I gave everyone 2 million won equally, but got 1 million won from Hyun Kyung-ryul.”

Lee Hae-sung isn’t done complaining, “Then from now on, I’m not going to do dexterity or strength challenges. I’m only going to do what I’m an expert at.”

Jung In-jik is not happy with Lee Hae-sung’s selfish decision, “You should be aiming for the better of our team. That’s why we even sent Ha-el away.” Lee Hae-sung, “Then I’m supposed to work for our team, but get punished individually?” 

Lee Byeong-kwan, “We decided on this in the morning. Learn to sacrifice for the team.” The background music starts to sound creepier and creepier. 

Kwon Ah-sol watches everyone fight. He hopes that Lee Byeong-kwan wrote down Lee Hae-sung for the blacklist. 

*opening credits*

It’s back to Nopdong (Green). Pharaoh decides to send home Hwang In-sun tomorrow if they lose the team challenge, and Hong Sa-hyuk if they win. Pharaoh tells Yoon Macho that he thinks Macho’s hidden talent is dexterity (stacking dice and throwing tennis balls.)

Hwang In-sun asks MJ who she’ll send tomorrow in the player exchange. She tries to rally support for MJ in tomorrow’s election. Hwang In-sun is getting the most screen time she’s ever gotten. Something must be up. 

Macho tells the cameras that MJ is soft. She doesn’t like eliminating people. Yeah . . . sure she doesn’t . . . MJ really is good at playing everyone. 

In Madong (Orange), Lee Byeong-kwan tells the others he wrote someone on the blacklist. Kwon Ah-sol complains. Lee Byeong-kwan responds, “No, I’m not a bad person. I am fair and just wrote down the person who did the worst.” Kwon Ah-sol, “So  . . . you wrote down Lee Hae-sung?” 

Lee Hae-sung and Jung In-jik discuss the upcoming player exchange. They don’t want to send over Hyun Kyung-ryul because then they have to compete against him in the intelligence games. Ah. So they do acknowledge that Hyung Kyung-ryul is useful. I was worried that everyone was just picking on him all the time in Madong. The only one who makes sense for the player exchange is Park Seo-hyeon, but that means they’ll have to risk the wrath of Kwon Ah-sol.

While preparing breakfast the next day, Kwon Ah-sol tells Lee Hae-sung that he’s on the blacklist. Lee Hae-sung had no idea. Kwon Ah-sol tries to get him on his side to send Lee Byeong-kwan over. 

Back in Nopdong (Green), Hong Sa-hyuk wants MJ to be leader no matter what because he trusts that she won’t eliminate him. Right now, it’s looking like they’ll be three votes for Yoon Macho and three votes for MJ Kim. As the current leader, MJ would win if there is a tie. 

As Kwon Ah-sol searches for the leader’s hint. Hyun Kyung-ryul tells Kwon Ah-sol that “someone” already found it. He calls him into the storage room to tell him he has the special revolution key. He gradually reveals that Lee Byeong-kwan found it and he gave him money for it. Hyun Kyung-ryul, “It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone, not even Park Seo-hyeon.”

Lee Hae-sung asks Lee Byeong-kwan about the blacklist. Lee Byeong-kwan lies that he didn’t write his name down. He just told Kwon Ah-sol that to make him feel like he’s being fair. 

Lee Byeong-kwan is thinking about sending Kwon Ah-sol over. He thinks he can handle him in strength games. It’s looking like either Lee Byeong-kwan or Kwon Ah-sol will go to Nodong (Green). 

Next, Kwon Ah-sol tells Park Seo-hyeon and Lee Hae-sung about Lee Byeong-kwan finding the leader’s hint item. 

Nopdong Daily Elections

It’s Yoon Macho versus MJ Kim. Will Queen MJ’s reign finally end? Yoon Macho jokes, “Am I getting zero votes again?”

Pharaoh votes for Macho. Hwang In-sung and Hong Sa-hyuk vote for MJ. Macho of course votes for himself, and so does Jang Hanbyul. The results are

  • MJ: 2 votes
  • Yoon Macho: 4 votes

Huh!?!??! MJ must not have voted for herself. She then tells the cameras that she didn’t want to be the one to send Hwang In-sun away in the player exchange.

Yoon Macho has fun in the leader’s room. He likes the AC. Yoon Macho, “Yaaaay!”

In Madong (Orange), Lee Hae-sung asks Hyun Kyung-ryul about the leader’s hint key. He tells him that he heard from Kwon Ah-sol that he found the item. Lee Hae-sung and Jung In-jik decide to ask Lee Byeong-kwan face to face if he really did find the leader’s hint item and give it the Hyun Kyung-ryul. Lee Byeong-kwan lies to his alliance again. They call Hyun Kyung-ryul over. Eventually, they decide to trust Lee Byeong-kwan over Hyun Kyung-ryul. Poor guy. Always getting picked on.

Hyun Kyung-ryul tells the cameras that he really regrets telling Kwon Ah-sol. It’s like he opened a can of worms. Nobody trusts Hyun Kyung-ryul anymore.

Team Challenge Introduction & Preliminary Mini-Game

As the two teams walk into the Neutral Complex, they notice the dice again. Today’s challenge is called “Mosaic.”

When the game starts, all the players have to stack 10 dice. They have unlimited time to do so. After all players finish stacking, there will be a mosaic shown on the big screen. The mosaic is a combination of orange and green squares on a 10 by 10 grid with 1-10 on the horizontal axis and A-J on the vertical axis.

They have ten seconds to look at the mosaic. Then, they will be given a second mosaic with a few grids changed in color. They will take turns calling out which squares have changed colors.

Every time they make a mistake or take more than 10 seconds to respond, they have to add a die to their stack. Each mosaic round will end when all changes are found or when one person makes three mistakes. Each player will add the appropriate number of dice to their stack at the end of the round. When a stack falls over, that player gets eliminated from the team challenge. The team with the last player standing wins. 

Today’s team challenge is worth 15 million won (~15, 000 USD). 

It looks like this is the first time having more players is a significant advantage.

The mini-game is guessing mosaic differences. It’s Jung In-jik (Madong) versus Hong Sa-hyuk (Nopdong). 

Jung In-jik (Madong) wins because he found more differences.  Hm . . . Hong Sa-hyuk isn’t doing too well at the intelligence games.

The secret prize for winning the mini-game is seaweed. Jung In-jik is disappointed that it isn’t something that will help them in the finals.

Second Player Exchange

There are a few hours left before the actual team challenge. Poor Hyun Kyung-ryul is worried about getting sent over. No one believes him about the leader’s hint item. Well . . . at least nobody believes him openly, but it seems like he’s planted a seed of doubt in Jung In-jik.

Yoon Macho meets with everyone one at a time to talk for thirty minutes each. Most people think Hwang In-sun should go over in the player exchange. Hwang In-sun asks if she’s getting sent over. Yoon Macho tells her the truth. She is. Hwang In-sun says she wants to be eliminated while in Nopdong and cries. 

After thinking about it some more, Hwang In-sun says she’ll go over to Madong if Nopdong decides to throw the team challenge, so that she can survive for another day in Madong. MJ isn’t happy about that. Macho isn’t either, but he lies and just tells Hwang In-sun what she wants to hear. Pharaoh, “What a traitor to Nopdong. Hwang In-sun is pathetic for suggesting that.”

Jung In-jik and Lee Hae-sung are pissed at Lee Byeong-kwan for lying to them about the leader’s hint item. Oh so now they believe Hyun Kyung-ryul?

Jung In-jik rings the revolution gong. He’s followed by Lee Hae-sung .

The rest of the four people of Madong meet to talk about whether to ring the gong or not. Jung In-jik wants to send Hyun Kyung-ryul. The others want to send Lee Byeong-kwan. They don’t reach a consensus. The revolution fails. Lee Byeong-kwan gives the failed revolution key to Lee Hae-sung. Park Seo-hyeon has the other revolution key, so she tries to rally support for a second potential rebellion, but so far she isn’t convincing Lee Hae-sung or Jung In-jik to get behind her. 

Time is ticking. Park Seo-hyeon tells Kwon Ah-sol not to volunteer for the player exchange. She uses all her aegyo to convince him not to. Now, she tries her tears. Now, she’s blocking the door to the Neutral Complex.

Kwon Ah-sol says he wanted to protect Park Seo-hyeon from the big bad wolves at Nopdong. 

Hwang In-sun also volunteers. 

Since exactly one person for each team volunteered for the player exchange, the two switch over. 

Yoon Macho is happy to see Kwon Ah-sol on their team. He says, “Please speak informally to me. I’m one year younger.” Kwon Ah-sol, “Huh? You’re younger?” Pharaoh and Jang Hanbyul are worried that Kwon Ah-sol is going to push them out of the top three. 

On the other side, Hwang In-sun goes to sit next to Lee Byeong-kwan. She tells them she made a deal that Nopdong would throw the team challenge. Lee Hae-sung, “She’s an idiot for believing that.”

Strategizing for the Team Challenge

It’s really windy. It’ll be hard to keep the dice stacks from falling over.

While practicing, MJ’s stacks keeps falling over. Yoon Macho joking says, “Hey J~ Do you want to be eliminated today?” (J is the love interest in a famous Korean song by Lee Sun-hee titled, “To J.”)

There’s not much strategizing shown in this episode other than people stacking dice. 

Team Challenge: Mosaic

Today’s special prize is chicken and beer. 

Everyone is given time to stack 10 dice. After a coin flip, Nopdong (Green) goes first. 

First Round

The first mosaic is shaped like a heart, so it’s not too difficult to memorize. There are 8 changes. 

Hanbyul makes one mistake.

Jung In-jik’s stack falls over due to the wind.

It looks like luck is going to play a huge role. It’s all about where the wind blows.

Second round

There are six differences to find in the second mosaic. Kwon Ah-sol, Lee Byeong-kwan, Pharaoh, Hong Sa-hyuuk, all make a mistake each. 

Third Round

There are five differences in round three. 

The round ends due to three mistakes by Park Seo-hyeon. MJ Kim and Hyun Kyung-ryul make one mistake each. Everyone else made two mistakes. This round must have been really tough.

Yoon Macho’s stack falls over. Lee Hae-sung, Kwon Ah-sol, and Hyun Kyung-ryul are out too.

Fourth round

There are four mistakes here. 

MJ gets the last correct slot. Hwang In-sun notes that she’s trying really hard, “Aren’t you guys supposed to be losing on purpose?”

Hong Sa-hyuk out. Jang Hanbyul out.

Fifth round

Five mistakes. Hwang In-sun’s falls over. 

Sixth Round

Only two people from each team are left. MJ/Pharaoh for Nopdong and Park Seo-hyeon/Lee Byeong-kwan for Madong. 

Pharaoh makes three mistakes. The round ends. 

Lee Byeong-kwan and Park Seo-hyeon’s fall over. 

Nopdong wins. Mostly due to luck. 

Team Challenge Aftermath

Yay! The food looks so delicious. MJ while eating, “This is the happiest moment of the game so far.” Yoon Macho jokes, ‘We won because I’m the leader.”

Everyone praises MJ for having a good memory. She was the MVP. (Well, her and the wind.)

MJ tells the cameras she’ll save Kwon Ah-sol until at least the day before the finals. She doesn’t know about the final three. What happened to your promise MJ? Why you such a liar?!?! I can’t believe I’m starting to like Yoon Macho more than you.

Hwang In-sun tries to lobby for Lee Hae-sung as the leader in return for not eliminating her. I’m pretty sure even Madong knows that she’s the most useless player. 

Lee Hae-sung stupidly tries to rally to get rid of Hyun Kyung-ryul over Lee Byeong-kwan. Jung In-jik is against it. He’s standing firm on his stance to get rid of Hwang In-sun. Jung In-jik chastises Lee Hae-sung for not being able to compete against Hyun Kyung-ryul. 

Park Seo-hyeon yells out, “Steven!” and calls over Lee Byeong-kwan to talk in the jail cell. She tells him that she wants to leave. She doesn’t get along with Lee Byeong-kwan at all, so she can’t stand being in Madong another day.

Lee Byeong-kwan still wants to send Hwang In-sun. Decisions. decisions. 

Money Allotment, Blacklist, and Eliminations

For the money allotment, MJ gets 10 million won out of 15 million. Everyone’s shocked. Yoon Macho, “I just wanted to give her that.” Maybe he has a crush on her?

Yoon Macho heads to the blacklist box. 

Lee Byeong-kwan chooses Park Seo-hyeon for eliminations. He says he wanted to send all the mentally weak players home. I guess that means Lee Hae-sung’s next.

End Narration: The young 22 year old resident didn’t hide her natural colors. In a a cold-hearted society, that is considered immature, but that’s the image that we all are wistful for. 

The blacklist elimination is Hong Sa-hyuk. He said he had no idea because the atmosphere was so good the past few days.  

Second End Narration: The resident who took the lead in the challenges, but not in the politics was eliminated. Democracy gradually becomes extinct through coolness and indifference, and the first victim is the one who is indifferent to it. 

Next Week: the chicken escape . . .




  1. Anonymous

    It looks like Kyung-ryul was never in alliance with Asol. He only thought of “protecting” Seo-Hyun from the player exchange and volunteer himself to leave Madong because he will have no more alliance there once Seo-Hyun is eliminated.

    I hate the fact that the brains were always the one being isolated and given less screentime, except for hanbyul…and hae-song because of his bad leadership.

    I liked Hong Sahyuk initially, but he must have a poor political skill to have been blacklisted twice, and his performances were bad in his last 2 days there.

    I’ve been thinking of Asol-Injik-Kyungrul vs Pharoh-Hanbyul-MJ in the finals.

    But now that Asol in Nopdong instead, Pharoh, MJ and him will compete in the strength/ dexterity to be in the final three.

    MJ is actually very intelligent and she proved to be the mastermind in Nopdong.

    She is actually an all-rounder because she is only marginally good in all 3 areas…including dice stacking for dexterity and solving puzzle pieces for brain.

    But I really disliked her being a liar and hypocrite.

    Macho is cute but he isn’t really good in anything…even though like pharaoh said his “hidden” talent might be dexterity.

    I like Injik for his kindness and fair judgement, even towards his own mistake. But why did he want to send off kyungrul who proved to be good instead of byungkwan?

    To be honest, there’s no single player that I adore in this programme, unlike Jang Dongmin, Hong Jinho, Hyunmin and many other players of the The Genius

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      I noticed that Kwon Ah-sol, Park Seo-hyeon, and Hyun Kyung-ryul all slept in the same room, so I find it odd that Hyun Kyung-ryul was never included in their alliance. You’d think that they would grow fond of each other through some late night talks. Oh well.

      Hyun Kyung-ryul is like the little engine that could. He barely got any screentime in the first few episodes, but he’s proven to be the smartest of the bunch, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the final three.

      I think Macho is funny too. I used to hate him, but now he’s the funnest guy after Lim Dong-hwan.

      • shineebyul

        I think they were in an alliance of sorts or at least had some loyalty to each other. Asol revealing the exchange between Byungkwan and Kyung-ryul was more of a move to weaken the alliance between Byungkwan, Haesung, and Injik (along with revealing that Byungkwan had used the Blacklist). After Injik rang the gong Seohyun asked if she should also ring it so that Byungkwan wouldn’t be able to send her/Asol. Kyung Ryul said that if she rang it Injik would 100% send him over to Nopdong so then Seohyun and Asol agreed not to ring the gong (to help protect Kyung Ryul). Asol and Kyung Ryul were also the only ones from Madong who walked over to the main doors to say goodbye to Seohyun at the end.

  2. KenToufan


  3. Izumi Ito

    Hate MJ all you want. She is the best player so far in playing the game like they are supposed to. Isn’t the whole point of them playing this game is to win it? Society has always been flawed, if you don’t how how to work the system then you’re not going to survive. Naive to think she could have gone the distance doing anything else that what she’s done. Look at Sang Gook, gone and already forgotten. Anyone who has a holier than thou attitude should stay away from playing the game or watching it.


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